Elon Musk just brutally trolled Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and left-wing journalists

The Left is beside themselves over Elon Musk purchasing Twitter.

AOC led the latest attacks on the African American businessman.

But Musk just brutally trolled Ocasio-Cortez and left-wing journalists.

The radical leftists just don’t know what to do about Elon Musk.

On the one hand, he is certainly no conservative.

But on the other hand, Elon Musk supports the one thing today’s socialist Left can’t stand – free speech and open dialogue.

That’s because leftists know they lose if their ideas are actually debated.

And they also know that most of their spokesmen are people like AOC who don’t even understand basic economics and government.

It’s a no-win situation for them.

That’s why they have gone out of their way to shut down free speech and debate at every turn.
Today, many colleges won’t even allow conservative speakers on campus.

And anyone who dares challenge the unscientific programs of the Left, like abortion, transgender surgeries for underage minors, and climate change, are branded racists and enemies of the state.

Over the last couple of years, the Left took control of social media and began shutting down and shadow banning the accounts of anyone on the Right who dared speak out against their views.

They even banned a sitting President, Donald Trump, as well as a number of Congressmen and state elected officials.

Thousands of conservative and liberty activist accounts were also shut down or suspended.
Well, the Left may have gone too far.

Elon Musk purchased Twitter and began making changes immediately.

Donald Trump is back, as are thousands of conservative activists and spokesmen who were previously banned from the platform.

Musk even dared tell his new Twitter employees that they could either work harder or leave the company.

The world’s richest man and successful business owner was lambasted by the radical Left for daring to ask Twitter employees to work harder.

In some cases, this literally meant working more than 4 hours per week. And for some employees, it simply meant that they had to learn how to actually do their jobs.

Musk asked his new employees to commit to an “extremely hardcore” work ethic for the company or be forced out with a very generous severance package.

That prompted many to Tweet out that this was too cruel and that Twitter under his new management was a “hellscape.”

Musk, never one to shy away from a good Twitter war, began leaving snarky remarks on some of these negative posts.

He took a great shot at Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet of solidarity to the workers of Twitter, who she claimed “deserved better” than to deal with their new CEO.

Ocasio-Cortez responded to Musk’s email to employees by tweeting, “Shout out to all the workers at Twitter. You all built a vital place for connection and deserved so much better. Millions of people appreciate the space you built and the hard work that went into it. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Musk sarcastically replied.

Conservative Twitter influencer “Catturd” also roasted AOC by tweeting, “AOC pretending to know about hard work.”

This is a big problem for the Left and why they try so hard to simply silence their political opponents.

AOC only costs the Left support every time she opens her mouth or sends out a tweet.

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