Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 campaign launch was ruined with one hilarious question

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign launch is an outright disaster.

Even the leftwing media is criticizing her.

To make matters worse, Elizabeth Warren’s first campaign stop was ruined with this hilarious question.

On one of Warren’s first official campaign stops in Iowa, the Senator was asked a question by one of her own supporters.

She was asked why she released the DNA test results proving her lack of a Native American history.

It was an embarrassing question that the media was forced to cover.

USA Today reports:

Elizabeth Warren is making her first campaign tour around Iowa, a crucial state for the probable 2020 competitor, but was quickly forced to address an issue that’s likely to hurt her in the race for the White House.

During a Saturday morning event in Sioux City, audience members were given the chance to ask the Massachusetts senator questions. The first? A query about her decision to take a DNA test and release the results on her Native American ancestry.

“Why did you undergo the DNA testing and give Donald Trump more fodder to be a bully?” an audience member asked the Democrat…

The test results were widely mocked because they only showed that her Native American ancestry went back six to 10 generations. The test, which showed she was at least 1/1024th Native American, was also denounced by the Cherokee nation that said using “a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong.”

The audience member was correct.

Warren dug her own grave when she released the results.

She gave President Trump all the ammunition he needed to turn her into a laughingstock.

Releasing the DNA test results totally backfired on Warren’s campaign.

Even many Democratic pundits are questioning why she even bothered to launch a presidential exploratory committee after that disaster.

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87 Responses

  1. Phillip Vivas says:

    She should drop out of thinking to run against Donald J. Trump in 2020. She will lose worse than Killary klinton lost against President Trump!!

  2. David says:

    As a voter in Massachusetts, I must apologize to the American Voting Public for allowing her to win over the candidate that was really for the people of Massachusetts, Geoff Diehl. She promised during her campaign that she would serve her term as Senator. She has done nothing for this state… NOTHING. She has been so quite on anything related to political matters, or assisting the many issues affecting this state, but boy does she show up when she can be a mouthpiece for a disaster. Parroting what everyone else says, A “Captain Obvious”
    Check out her tenure, as she worked for the government, keeping an eye on Wall Street big wigs so they didn’t screw the little people/Middle Class. She was being paid by the people she was supposed to be watching!!! When a position of Power opened up at the agency she worked for, She was NOT EVEN CONSIDERED for the position. at the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, due to her CLOSE affiliation with the companies she was keeping an eye on in Wall Street. Obama installed Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray in 2012. She ran against Scott Brown, a great Republican who won Kennedy’s seat after his death. She shows up at disasters, and roams around the state, and expresses her “deepest concerns”, (YECH)but she always had her eye one the White House. She has not been sworn in yet for another term as Senator , and she is already campaigning for the Big Chair. The Left here in Massachusetts are so twisted and out of joint, it was and is funny to listen to them try to come up with a cognitive argument about why President Trump should be Impeached. AND I AGREE WITH ALL OF YOU…. Betty, get a Life. Reeducate your self before you come on this site again. You really are a clueless lady.

    • Harry Meyer says:

      Elizabeth Warren is a lyre and a joke she should crawl back into her deep state hideout and never be seen again what a joke she is running for president come on America do you really want to live in a communist country that takes all of your rights away that so many Americans has fought for and spilled their blood for so you can have the freedom you enjoy today this is a disgrace to even think about voting this women in as our president!living under communist government means the military and the government controll runs your life you have no recourse in how you are going to live your life you will be told what to do and when you can do it and you must obey that rule or you and your family will be put in prison or killed wake up you leftist Americans before it is to late!

      • Randall M says:

        Harry, while I agree with your statement, don’t forget. Punctuation helps people understand your message more clearly. For instance you could say “Let’s eat grandma”. Or you could say “Let’s eat, Grandma” Capish?

  3. laura says:

    I love how, even when they’re questioning one of their own about her ridiculous claims, they can’t help but throw in a jab at Trump. He lives in their heads 24/7, rent free

  4. JC says:

    It was ruined when her name was added. Perhaps they should have just said…The Ex-Indian Candidate!

  5. john furlong says:

    As I read this article and look at the picture of the candidate in waiting, it makes me realize how far America has digressed, 20 years ago this silly bitch would have been ridden off on a rail!

    • George Kehl says:

      John, 20 years ago the whole entire DEMONRAT Party (COMMIE PARTY) would have been run off on a Rail after they were TARRED AND FEATHERED if they acted like they are now and all those LIPTURD HOOLYWEIRDO COMMIES also would have been BLCK LISTED , THEN TARRED AND FEATHEREDAND RUN OUT OF HOLLYWEIRD ON A RAIL>>

  6. Mark says:

    Stupid doesn’t begin to describe this bozette. Her “Campaign Kickoff” was a reflection of how badly it will go for her in the coming months. She drinking a beer and having that Moron of a Husband come in with the deer in the headlights look was as phony as her Native American Claim.

    • Jimi Belton says:

      I would like to hear her comment on how she is going to pay back all that college money that she stole by lying thur her teeth….And if there can be prison time added for this charge of lying and stealing…

    • Rich says:

      I watched that also on the Greg Gutfeld show along with some friends and we all agreed pocahontas couldn’t get anymore phony. I can’t believe this nitwit would make a run for president. What an embarrassment.

  7. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Only a MORON would vote Dem. Unfortunately there are many MORONS infesting this country.
    Leftists MUST DIE.

  8. SLIGH says:

    The people on other sites have been saying Trump plans on shutting the crooked Fed down.Starting United States over from zero with gold backed currency and paying off all consumer debts such as home mortgages,college debt and any outstanding loans.Eliminating Income Tax.Setting a Federal Tax between 14%-18% on non-essentials only.Many other countries will follow suit at the same time.There is enough Gold and Palladium world wide for every person to be backed for $1000,000.

  9. Proud vet says:

    Democrat parties got a barrel for not jobs, or just one of the many they just added another 40 to their collection I think frankly all of us should be lined up by the American people and given the firing squad for their attack against this nation by violation of their oath of office and attacks against conservatives verbally and physically, which Lincoln says everyone of them that does such thing using taxpayer dollars should be given the firing squad and I frankly agree with Lincoln

  10. Richard Ledbetter says:

    Screw you S.O.B.’s at P.P. I am a disabled Veteran and probably more of a patriot than all your staff put together. But U Bastards wont let my statements be known. So go to hell, all of your mail is in my spam and trash bin from now on.

  11. Mike says:

    If that air head is Indian .Then we are all Indians.

  12. ARJAY says:

    Pocahontas on Firewater now on the WARPATH!!

    WATCH YOUR SCALPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Harry says:

    still can’t find out how many people came to see her! Seems it’s top secret.

  14. Bossmomma says:

    If love to see Warren spar off against TRUMP.He’d chew her up in the first five.She can’t take care of her own drinking problem.She’s a known lier and a nut case.No one is stupid enough to vote for her.

    • Steve says:

      Not true democrats would vote for her they are stupid enough.

      • daniel58 says:

        The exploratory committee truly cannot find any way to explain the ways she could make a lucid and rationale contribution as potential presidential candidate; except of course for the supposed controversial DNA testing for her Indian ancestry heritage; another wannabe politician clearly not ready for prime time and the real world; what is the political world coming to nowadays when one starts using DNA testing to validate and confirm exactly nothing at all!!!

      • Thomas Taylor says:

        The biggest problem this country currently faces is too many ignorant voters.

    • Rich says:

      People in Gagachusetts fit that order.

  15. Chief K says:

    Pocahontas can be useful. I’ll invite her to my tribe and show her the Native American ways.
    Chief Kickabitch from the Slap A Hoe Tribe

  16. Bill says:

    Frankly I think at 1/1124th Native American she is 1000 times more Native American then she is capable at being in the Senate.
    The next two years will be the Donald and Nancy sitcom with the occasional recital by Pocahontas Warren.

  17. Frank says:

    Come on, Who in there right mind voted yes in that poll that asked “Does Elizabeth Warren qualifies as Native American?” They are either Drunk, Stupid or think they are a comedian

    • Joan Lynch says:

      Indeed they are as stupid as she is!!!!!

    • Frank you hit the nail on the head, the question was as stupid as Warren claiming to be Indian. You only had to look at my father to know he was part Indian and was named as a honorary Chief in the Cherokee Indian Nation. His Grandmother was a Cherokee named Tennessee Kennedy after the State.

      • Cath says:

        If she was so proud & claimed to be Native American, WHY did she NOT belong to a tribe? Guess she just wasn’t interested enough. I have lived in DC & known several amazing Cherokee friends and as I understand and believe if one is indeed part American Indian they should be proud enough to be a tribal member and be active in the tribe. Warren is just pitiful in her claims and actions here! Thank all Native Americans for all they have contributed to the US.

  18. Marsha says:

    The middle class/working class is being eliminated mainly through illegal immigration-a takeover of jobs, change in our living standards-depleting resources paid for by American taxpayers. Now they’re required on several jobs to speak Spanish, which are the type of jobs they’ve been performing all along-IN ENGLISH! Many require specialized skills and knowledge that are grossly underpaid and given to illegals that they can’t perform even on an elementary level. We’re beginning to have to leave our neighborhoods and standard way of life. Many residents in Texas live near a border opening. They’re saying they all have guns and are fearful. The border residents are already in fear and have many complaints. When is Warren going to vote for the wall for the United States security and protection. What about the money used for illegals free homes, food clothing,healthcare and medication? WHAT ABOUT THE MIDDLE CLASS THEY CAN’T AFFORD MEDICATION AND DIE. When illegals bring their sick children illegally across the border DEMS are outraged if they die! Is that helping the middle class/working class? Warren now says for her campaign that she will help the middle class/working class. The campaign is 2020: however she is willingly helping the Democrats to wipe us out. Who with a stable mind and logic would trust that? The time is now! I hope voters will have enough common sense to know better. She is already proving herself along with the other Democrats. Vote for the Warren if you’re NOT concerned about the middle class/working class.

    • Randall M says:

      Marsha. I, too, live in a border town. Chula Vista, Ca. And I completely agree with every thing you wrote. People need to wake T F up and see what is really happening. Babylonian slaves is all the Dem’s are aiming for.

    • Joan Lynch says:


  19. Amy says:

    What would be fun is if Elizabeth Warren had Rachael Dolezal run as her Vice President. You remember Dolezal, she was the woman who lied for years by saying she was black until her white parents outed her. They can run their campaign on how we should be honest. and you know the sad thing is these crazy, insane democrats would vote for them. TDS

    • Randall M says:

      Did I read somewhere that Rachael changed her name? Guess she wants to start over with a new ID. Just like the border jumpers.

      • Pat says:

        Rachel will probably be spending some time in prison. During the time she was collecting welfare and claiming she only had $300 per month to live on, she deposited $80,000 into her bank account from sales of her book. Charges are being filed against her.

  20. Susie says:

    Warren thinks WAY TOO HIGH OF HERSELF, She insulted professionals who were in senior positions to ber.. She has intensely annoying habits with her speaking ability. Someone please send her to the WALL.

    • Joan Lynch says:

      Let’s send her OVER the Wall – in the opposite direction – but to be kind, we’ll give her a beer to try to guggle down on her trip!

  21. Susie says:

    Warren thinks WAY TOO HIGH OF HERSELF, She insulted professionals who were in senior positions to ber, thinking herself to them. She has intensely annoying habits with her speaking ability. Someone please send her to the WALL.

    • Randall M says:

      Make her a part of the wall. That alone would scare away any one who wanted to cross.

      • FRANK says:

        LOL…You just knocked it out of the park. The only change is that I would dress her as Poke-a-hauntas and let the MS13 Gang Bangers have their way with her. Then she could justly claim that she HAD SOME INDIAN BLOOD in her NOW…

  22. Martha says:

    I don’t think she has a chance – maybe one in a million. She has NO appeal to the average voter, and her lies about her heritage will do her in. It would be fun to hear Trump debate her!

  23. Betty says:

    Hey, Joan. At least she’s not the Washington D.C. republican Retard & Lying Lunatic Currently in Charge of running, (RUINING) this country,

    • nhind says:

      ……YOU RIGHT…..shes worse!

    • JBD says:

      You’re at it again, Betty. The only problem is that you said the EXACT same thing on another thread. That’s all you have, Betty, and that is really sad. You truly have a very low level of intelligence.

    • Lee Martinsen says:

      OK Bitty, please explain how Trump is ruining this country! Could it be that he has created millions of jobs that The Muslim terrorist Osama said were gone forever. Could it be because Trump has single handedly reduced the unemployment to the lowest point in decades, or that he has reduced unemployment among Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, to the lowest EVER recorded, or womens unemployment levels to the lowest point in 5 decades? Could it be that he eliminated the terrorist organization that was founded and funded by Buhrahk Osama? Could it be that he has brought peace to the Korean peninsula? Could it be that he has reduced the conflict in the Middle East? OR Biddy, could it be that you are just a hateful, brain dead liberal ASSHAT, with no sense if decency, integrity, or morality?

    • Cath says:

      Betty, you obviously are only reading and listening to WA PO and the twisted fake newsers…WAKE UP WOMAN…THIS POTUS has done more for issues in the two years than Clinton, BO did TOGETHER that HELPS the US – LEGAL citizens…but maybe THAT is your problem – are YOU a LEGAL??? Seems to me that the ones who dislike Trump so much are those who are involved in illegal activities and are afraid of being CAUGHT – usually with THEIR hand in the till!!!

    • Steve says:

      No Obama already did that.

    • Rich says:

      Wake up Betty and go back to sleep like a good lib.

  24. DENNIS WOLLEN says:

    she’s following hillary……..

    ‘STUPID’ cannot be fixed………..

  25. Lola Collins says:

    Hmmm, maybe warren thought the DNA number WAS a good number, and that made her a lot more Native American, possibly even more than a lot of Native Americans are. Seems logical with her other attempts at being intelligent. Like……in her beer commercial. And her ”bobsy twin” campaign with hillary……in their matching bright blue costumes?

  26. Sleerost says:

    The real issue is with the Massholes who keep voting her in office. Was reading about Nancy Piglosi and Schmuck Schumer spending two years to create a law that would force our POTUS to turn over 10 years of tax returns. It’s never going to pass, it’s a waster of taxpayers money while they didn’t do thir jobs. OUT, OUT!

    • Jerry Rockwell says:

      I would be open to President Trump opening up his tax returns for the past 10 years as soon a every congress person does so also. In fact I think we should find out how a poor senator like Barack Obama came out a multimillionaire after receiving just a presidential salary? And I’d like to know how all of these congress people amassed great fortunes while serving the American people.

      • Marty Farrell says:

        Ahhh, but Jerry then they would reveal that they have been stealing from the American Tax PAYER for years …..

      • Patricia Woods says:

        Also where are BHO’s school records, his college transcripts, his Social Security Number, his birth certificate (without copy errors) his passports??? If he can’t release them , why is he hiding them?

      • John Lyle says:

        The corruption by these phony smiling faces in Washington DC, is so bad that you can smell the stench on the San Diego beaches that are furthest from the border. I can’t agree more with Jerry’s statement, these people are only in this game for one thing and that’s themselves and the get rich process. Everyone of these asses should require to be FBI/ IRS checked to see where/ what and how these elites made all their money while working for the People, how sad., and despicable are these folks, power hungry, childish,petty, self indulged individuals who talk the talk but can’t even crawl it .
        American politicians, most probably regarded by the rest of the world as the dumbest asses in world politics.

  27. Francisco Machado says:

    Why she even bothered to launch a presidential exploratory committee after that disaster? Not a difficult question. Give it a thought: Who else is going to be running as a Democrat? Remember: They nominated Hillary Clinton. And Nancy Pelosi is the best they could do for Speaker of the House. Now do you understand why Dizzy Lizzy is opening a campaign? That beer shot was priceless!

  28. Mikey says:

    Let the democrats nominate her. It will be if not a repeat of 1972 then pretty close.

  29. Ezra says:

    I think a four-letter term (begins with ‘c’) best describes this blond bombshell (no I don’t mean hot, just bombed).

    It doesn’t even need a bully to slam this crap pie in her stupid face. MAGA and send her packing.

  30. Randall M says:

    Her parents must have praised her too much as a child. “Oh, honey you are so pretty and so smart”. It went to her head. Arrogance, plain and simple. The truth is, she is to stupid to know she is stupid.

  31. Stephen says:

    As always follow the money. I think she did the DNA test Because Trump opined that he would put up a million dollars for the deal. Warren stupidly took the bait, did the test, and then publicly asked for the million dollar payment! There were strings attached which she ignored. Not too bright.

  32. MARK says:


  33. Can you really image her trying to run this country…………We need a strong men like TRUMP
    that will stand up to the DEMS .They are sooooo silly

  34. Warren needs to pay for her college education no matter how it FAILED her. I paid for mine. And now my daughter is paying college tuition for her son and daughter.

  35. Joan says:

    She is not very bright. She is not smart enough to run a country let alone her own life.

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