Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 campaign launch was ruined with one hilarious question

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign launch is an outright disaster.

Even the leftwing media is criticizing her.

To make matters worse, Elizabeth Warren’s first campaign stop was ruined with this hilarious question.

On one of Warren’s first official campaign stops in Iowa, the Senator was asked a question by one of her own supporters.

She was asked why she released the DNA test results proving her lack of a Native American history.

It was an embarrassing question that the media was forced to cover.

USA Today reports:

Elizabeth Warren is making her first campaign tour around Iowa, a crucial state for the probable 2020 competitor, but was quickly forced to address an issue that’s likely to hurt her in the race for the White House.

During a Saturday morning event in Sioux City, audience members were given the chance to ask the Massachusetts senator questions. The first? A query about her decision to take a DNA test and release the results on her Native American ancestry.

“Why did you undergo the DNA testing and give Donald Trump more fodder to be a bully?” an audience member asked the Democrat…

The test results were widely mocked because they only showed that her Native American ancestry went back six to 10 generations. The test, which showed she was at least 1/1024th Native American, was also denounced by the Cherokee nation that said using “a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong.”

The audience member was correct.

Warren dug her own grave when she released the results.

She gave President Trump all the ammunition he needed to turn her into a laughingstock.

Releasing the DNA test results totally backfired on Warren’s campaign.

Even many Democratic pundits are questioning why she even bothered to launch a presidential exploratory committee after that disaster.

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85 Responses

  1. Andre says:

    To think, I donated $25.00 to her campaign funds! What a fool I was!

  2. Phillip Vivas says:

    She should drop out of thinking to run against Donald J. Trump in 2020. She will lose worse than Killary klinton lost against President Trump!!

  3. Randall M says:

    Harry, while I agree with your statement, don’t forget. Punctuation helps people understand your message more clearly. For instance you could say “Let’s eat grandma”. Or you could say “Let’s eat, Grandma” Capish?

  4. Harry Meyer says:

    Elizabeth Warren is a lyre and a joke she should crawl back into her deep state hideout and never be seen again what a joke she is running for president come on America do you really want to live in a communist country that takes all of your rights away that so many Americans has fought for and spilled their blood for so you can have the freedom you enjoy today this is a disgrace to even think about voting this women in as our president!living under communist government means the military and the government controll runs your life you have no recourse in how you are going to live your life you will be told what to do and when you can do it and you must obey that rule or you and your family will be put in prison or killed wake up you leftist Americans before it is to late!

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