Elizabeth Warren was just caught in a big lie that could end her Presidential campaign

Senator Warren’s false claims that she has a rich Native American ancestry have blown up in her face.

Since releasing her DNA test results, she has been unable to escape the relentless attacks from not only Republicans, but voters in her own party.

Now a new document turned up that revealed Elizabeth Warren’s lie was bigger than anyone realized.

Senator Warren has consistently stated that she never used her “Native American ancestry” to give her an advantage while applying for a job or for a University.

But her registration form from the Texas State bar just turned up and proved otherwise.

In her own handwriting, Warren claimed her race as “American Indian.”

Fox News reports:

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren indicated that her race was “American Indian” in a handwritten registration form filed in 1986 with the Texas State Bar, according to a new report on Tuesday that documents the presidential hopeful’s efforts to identify as a minority during her earliest days as a law professor.

The revelation, initially reported by The Washington Post, is the first known instance of Warren claiming Native American ancestry in an official document or in her own handwriting. It threatened to add more ammunition to already-frequent attacks by Republicans, including President Trump, deriding Warren for claiming such ancestry to bolster her academic career.

Warren’s office, questioned by The Post, did not dispute the authenticity of the bar card.

Elizabeth Warren continues to pay the price for her lies.

She used her fake Native American ancestry to get a leg up for law school and a job.

But President Trump has not allowed her to get away with it.

He ridiculed her false claims and forced her hand to release the DNA test results.

It does not take a seasoned campaign veteran to see that Senator Warren’s presidential campaign rollout has been an utter disaster.

She’ll never be able to recover from being labeled “Pocahontas.”

And it’s only getting worse.

The field of Democrats running for President continues to grow while Warren’s chances plummet.

Warren may be out of the race before the first primary.


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54 Responses

  1. Richard Pierce says:

    Warren needs to resign from the Senate. It’s reported she attended a college party in “Paleface “

  2. Porkus says:

    EW needs another nickname. The name of Pocahontas is more important to our history than to be used to insult this liar and thief of native American culture.

    • Jan says:

      You are a absolutely right, besides that, Pochahontas was beautiful????????????

    • Rick says:

      I lies a bit Warren fits

    • calvin lacy says:

      Warren is probably trying to get ahead of the accusations that she’s actually a half breed black woman more than trying to claim Cherokee ancestry. She looks more like the Malungions of of western North Carolina than Indian or Louisiana Cajun. At times she looks like an outback Australian Aborigines . What ever she is she’s definitely not a white woman. I’m not even certain if she’s a woman. When you see here in a fast walk she has the movements and structure of a man. If she want’s to be honest she should have a genetic test run on her that’ll determine without a doubt who and what she is but that would be quite risky, wouldn’t it?

  3. Jan says:

    Great suggestion Lisalles, I hope someone with the ability to accomplish it – Does it! She is an absolute embarrassment… and certainly does owe restitution to the appropriate tribe. Stupid person, didn’t even bother to.contact the Indian council in OK for validation before she applied for her degrees. Come to think of it, perhaps she paid someone to create her certificates of accomplishments. Hmmmmm… I encourage her to cancel her citizenship as an American!

  4. Ken says:

    The entire life of fauxcahontas has been a lie. By theft of culture, she has gotten benefits for herself that should have gone to others.

  5. Mike says:

    I hope she runs for president. Can you even fathom what President Trump will do to her. She has been caught in so many lies. Being an Indian is minor compared to the others. When she’s on stage talking with her antics she looks like a puppet and somebody playing with the strings and not getting them right.

  6. Ron Hunter says:

    If she got special consideration monetarily, then make her pay it back, and also void her law degree. I think perjury on an application is just cause.

  7. Marie says:

    Did she get money from grants to attend college or law school?

  8. Ric says:

    Warren is a pathological liar; however, being a pathological liar with a heavy dose of corruption and perfidy is essential for one’s becoming a Democrat. Warren has a bevy of such pathological, Democratic comrades; there are too many to list, but the names are well known.

  9. Pete West says:

    Faucahontas also lied to get the job at Harvard. They paid her a reported $350k for a part-time job. They really must have needed a supposed native American on their faculty. The entire party is a joke.

  10. lisalles says:

    When you think about what warren cost Native Americans with her lie, it is absolutely unconscionable. There is a native American that is approx her age who did NOT go to that college because of her lie. They did NOT become a lawyer because of her LIE. They did not represent the native Americans because of her LIE. She took their career, their future away from them. She STOLE it. She should be prosecuted, disbarred, fined, made to sponsor Native Americans thru college and beyond. She should be impeached and made to return all of her past paychecks that she received due to defrauding the BAR, THE GOVERNMENT, THE NATIVE AMERICANS. The Native Americans should file a lawsuit against her simultaneously with the government.

  11. Nancy says:

    Elizabeth, I am an Oklahoman…have lived in Oklahoma City all my life! In fact a very good friend, just happened to have gone to the same High school you attended! Hmm!
    I am so angry that you have just outright lied about being Indian! I don’t believe any of your stories about your family saying you are Indian..or about some wedding!
    You should have to repay the Colleges to whom you received an illegal degree! Also, you pushed others out of positions because of your lying? YOU ARE SO PHONY..A LIAR & NOW YOU ARE A PATHETIC NOTHING! AND YOU THINK THIS ISN’T GOING TO COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU. YOU ARE WRONG !
    OH, Oklahomans are not proud of you…sending out pictures of you drinking your beer? Do you think we care & you think that was cute? NOT!! Disgusting…when we are trying to encourage this…& drugs? You are pathetic & we in Oklahoma are not proud of you…pathetic representation of our ‘Great State of Oklahoma’’!
    Just get over your greed of yourself..find another State to claim you represent!

    • Jan says:

      Hey Warren — please… do my state a favor DO NOT COME TO OHIO! We have enough problems to deal with… Perhaps your type would be welome
      In another country — leave England alone too!

  12. buckwheat says:

    Guess Warren just does not know how to tell the truth. Sure would never vote for her for any office
    including dog catcher.

  13. Les says:

    Warren is guilty of the same fraud as are noth BHObaba and his wife, Michelle. They all lied about factors that gave them benefits belonging to others who did qualify for these benefits for which these liars applied for and received!!!
    Not only should they be required to return the funding they can well afford to return, but they should do jail/prison time to prove that crime does not pay!!!

  14. FedUP says:

    Caught in a lie!! When do you believe a liar?? You don’t! EXCEPT when you are a demoncrat. Examples: Killery, Warren, Harris & most demoncrats. We need to demand honest in our politicians. Demoncrats demand it of republicans. Republicans do NOT demand it of anybody.

  15. Bill says:

    Bye bye Pocohantas good riddance.

  16. Sharron Surrette says:

    She is a liar now .And she was a liar back when she filled that paper out and signed it Like the old saying goes. (Habits are hard to break!!!)Shes a fraud .And shewilldo what ever to try and come out the winner.Regardless how it affects others. Well we had can add her to the list . Old Liing Hilliary.!! Now we have an Old Liing Elizabeth !! NEXT !!!!

  17. Dewey says:

    Not may end her career but should end her career. This lying sack tried to get over on Harvard and her prosecutor job in Texas by advertising she was of Indian blood. The jerk then realized after her DNA test that every American has more Native American blood than she does. What a moron. She has no morals, or character and doesn’t deserve even being a congressional person.

  18. gunsmoke says:

    Stating false information when requested to provide truthful statements is
    a crime.

    A person can be held criminally liable if they are acting with the intention of
    deceiving or defrauding another party.

    Falsifying documents is a very serious offense and is generally classified as
    a felony. This means that a person charged with falsifying documents
    may be subject to the following legal penalties:
    Having to pay a monetary fine
    Incarceration in a prison facility

    An employer can fire an employee immediately if they lied on an
    A Renter can be evicted immediately if they lied on the contract.
    A borrower may be forced to pay back funds received on an application and
    face legal action.

    In this liar’s case, she HAS to endure the consequences.

    • lisalles says:

      Gunsmoke, a naturalized citizen will be deported if they lie on their app. Any lie will get them deported. Warren cant be deported but she should be prosecuted. There was somebody who did not get a place in college because of her lie. There is one less native American indian who is NOT lawyer because of her lie. She should have her license to practice law REVOKED. She should pay a large monetary penalty to the native American tribe she ripped off.

  19. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Liz claiming she was part native american was just a ploy so she obtain minority status so she could get special treatment when it was found that she had very very little Indian blood after a DNA test was performed on her. I’m originally from Australia and after a DNA test it was found that I had about 1/2048 Aborigine in me. So I could gain minority status as she tried to do couldn’t I?

  20. Art says:

    Yes Elizabeth Warren probably will win the Democratic Nomination.


    Because Democrats love liars.

  21. Carl says:

    Voters who believe that Warren tells the truth are liars themselves.

  22. Fran says:

    Elizabeth Warren is a lying piece of crap, but that’s completely normal if your a Democrat. Listen you stupid Democrats, let President Trump do his job, he’s trying to straighten out the mess you’ve made of this country. So get off his Back once and for all!

  23. Sam Oliva says:

    Now that we all have proof Elizabeth MinneHaHa Warren’s cheek bones
    make her Fauxcahontas she wants to run for president as the first black female.
    Trouble is she can’t find a male relative, dead or alive,
    with a large enough endowment to support that claim.

  24. Jere Crouse says:

    Any American with any sense would NOT vote for a liar anyhow.

  25. Gerald Ladd says:

    LOL…she’s a liar just like her coon buddy Obunghole. That would make her a shoe in.

  26. Patrick Henry says:

    Warren needs to be SCALPED and buried UP to her neck right next to a RED ANT HILL!!!

  27. geprge says:

    her and palaosi are two of a kind , both baby killers, muslim lovers and loves to have the illegals come in to our country, Go Trump 2020,

    if they do not like you post, they tell you it is a duplcate posting, what a crok.

  28. george says:

    she is a disgrace to the American people

  29. Murphy says:

    She should be indicted by the mullet(muller) and sent to prison!!

  30. David Thurston says:

    If Fauxcohantis will lie to increase her chances in law school and to get a teaching gig at Harvard, what else is she willing to lie about??? She doesn’t even belong in Congress, let alone running for president!!! She should be expelled from Congress without any benefits and stand trial for providing false information!!!

  31. Dan says:

    If she lied on her bar registration, application, license or whatever it was doesn’t that mean she will lose her license and anything else connected to it? Assuming she’s held to the same standards as the rest of America.

    • calvin lacy says:

      Right on, Brother. Poko got where she is today on a lie so that means everything she’s done in her professional life is a lie and tainted with lies. Wouldn’t that mean every bit of legislation she’s even been involved in should be called into question? How many laws must be changed because of her lies? How can she sit in judgement and make make laws for others when she won’t obey the laws that we already have?

  32. a says:

    ha, ha, ha, ha karma

  33. Ron C says:

    Lying in the democrat party is a badge of honor….when will the conservatives learn this FACT!

  34. Bill Codner Sr says:

    Elizabeth Warren should be every liberal’s choice for President.
    Truth is not in the DemoKKKRAT dictionary and there would be no lies without liberals.

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