Elizabeth Warren was just caught in a big lie that could end her Presidential campaign

Senator Warren’s false claims that she has a rich Native American ancestry have blown up in her face.

Since releasing her DNA test results, she has been unable to escape the relentless attacks from not only Republicans, but voters in her own party.

Now a new document turned up that revealed Elizabeth Warren’s lie was bigger than anyone realized.

Senator Warren has consistently stated that she never used her “Native American ancestry” to give her an advantage while applying for a job or for a University.

But her registration form from the Texas State bar just turned up and proved otherwise.

In her own handwriting, Warren claimed her race as “American Indian.”

Fox News reports:

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren indicated that her race was “American Indian” in a handwritten registration form filed in 1986 with the Texas State Bar, according to a new report on Tuesday that documents the presidential hopeful’s efforts to identify as a minority during her earliest days as a law professor.

The revelation, initially reported by The Washington Post, is the first known instance of Warren claiming Native American ancestry in an official document or in her own handwriting. It threatened to add more ammunition to already-frequent attacks by Republicans, including President Trump, deriding Warren for claiming such ancestry to bolster her academic career.

Warren’s office, questioned by The Post, did not dispute the authenticity of the bar card.

Elizabeth Warren continues to pay the price for her lies.

She used her fake Native American ancestry to get a leg up for law school and a job.

But President Trump has not allowed her to get away with it.

He ridiculed her false claims and forced her hand to release the DNA test results.

It does not take a seasoned campaign veteran to see that Senator Warren’s presidential campaign rollout has been an utter disaster.

She’ll never be able to recover from being labeled “Pocahontas.”

And it’s only getting worse.

The field of Democrats running for President continues to grow while Warren’s chances plummet.

Warren may be out of the race before the first primary.

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