Elizabeth Warren said something about law enforcement that she instantly regretted

Many Democrats thought Elizabeth Warren could do in 2020 what Hillary Clinton couldn’t do in 2016: defeat Trump.

But she continues to stick her foot in her mouth.

And her latest outrageous attack on all law enforcement blew up in her face.

Democrats used to conceal their hatred for law enforcement, but they’ve outed themselves since President Trump’s election.

So it was no surprise when one of their 2020 frontrunners, Elizabeth Warren tried to pander to the leftist Democrat base by calling the criminal justice system “racist” in a recent campaign-style speech.

She did not expect to receive this major backlash in her home state.

Chief Frank Frederickson of the Yarmouth Police Department called out Elizabeth Warren for her disgusting comments.

Daily Caller reports:

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is facing backlash from local police departments following her comments labeling the judicial system as “racist.”

Warren told a crowd at Dillard University, a historically black college in New Orleans, what she considered to be “the hard truth about our criminal justice system: It’s racist … I mean front to back.” Shockingly, the comments followed a speech she gave at the progressive Netroots Nation conference a day earlier where she condemned divisiveness in politics.

In an open letter on Facebook, Chief Frank Frederickson of Yarmouth Police Department called Warren’s statement “an insult” to many law enforcement officers and other members of the criminal justice system that she “slapped in the face.”…

“Sen. Warren’s recent statement tarnished us all and dimished [sic] the sincerty [sic] of her condolence efforts. I now cannot trust her actions or words are real” Fredrerickson wrote…

Our justice system may not be perfect, but to call it blatantly “racist” excuses the violent criminals that are locked up and slanders law enforcement officers.

Police officers and members of the criminal justice system have been under assault from the media, Black Lives Matter activists, and Democrats.

Democrats have consistently taken the side of so-called “peaceful” protestors over police officers in nearly every single high-profile case involving a dispute between a law enforcement member and a suspect.

Police officers are beginning to learn that they cannot trust or count on the support of elected Democrat officials.

And every Democrat who wants to earn the support of their radical base in the the party’s 2020 presidential primary race will continue to stake out even more extreme positions.

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125 Responses

  1. Ed Noe says:

    she slandered all the good cops i know and have worked with as a defense attorney for the last 25 years. she also slandered my son, who is a cop, is not a racist, is not only a good cop, but a fantastic Dad, and works hard doing community service in his city’s schools and at his Church , coaching sports teams and chairing many events including the main festival event for several years running. so Ms. Warren stop spouting the nonsense crap you know not to be true.

  2. David Rose says:

    Democrats: Elizabeth Warnout, Nancy Pignosey, Harry Greed, Chucky Puewmer, and Mad Maxine Farters.
    RINOS: Cooky Corker, Flukey Flake, Lindsay Graham Cracker, John I’m a hero because I got caught McCan’t.
    These people have a lot of problems, most of which can be fixed with plastic surgery. But they have one problem you can’t fix … you can’t fix STUPID.
    Go TRUMP/ PENCE 2020 and Go Republicans in the midterms 2018

  3. gator1246 says:

    What will she do if police officer’s refuse to help her, it seems these people are starting to show their true colors . police officers are human , they make mistakes just as the rest of us do , most of them are good people , not all but most . If you put your self in their shoe’s you would know why some of them find it hard to trust people . every day you go to work you meet people who lie to you , who disrespect you ,call you a pig , a racist , and want to do you harm , it makes it dam hard to be nice . if you see an officer coming you usually know who he is , if he see’s you most of the time he doe’s not know you , or what to expect from you . So give them a break and be glad we have them .

  4. Jayne Dough says:

    bendecido: you are also describing the anti- 2nd Amendment crowd who wants to make guns illegal for all of us but they get to be surrounded by armed guards 24 X 7.

  5. Jayne Dough says:

    Good post, Sue Jackson!! I like your nickname; I just call her “Lying Lizzie”.

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