Elizabeth Warren put jaws on the ground with one 2020 endorsement announcement

Elizabeth Warren ended her Presidential campaign on Thursday.

But that was not the biggest news she made.

That happened when Elizabeth Warren had all hell breaking loose with one 2020 endorsement announcement.

After Elizabeth Warren failed to finish higher than third in any of the 18 primaries or caucuses, Warren finally pulled the plug on her Presidential campaign.

That was to be expected.

But when Warren dropped out, many pundits expected her to throw her support behind Bernie Sanders.

For most of the campaign Warren rarely attacked Sanders and the two were described as friends.

Warren’s supporters also lined up ideologically with Sanders and Sanders desperately needed Waren’s endorsement to try and change the trajectory of the nomination fight after Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday romp firmly entrenched Biden as the likely nominee.

But instead of supporting Sanders, Warren attacked him.

In an interview with Rachel Maddow Warren smeared Sanders for not controlling his online supporters nicknamed “Bernie Bros” that supposedly harassed Warren and other Democrats with sexist and racist attacks.

“We are responsible for the people who claim to be our supporters and do really threatening, ugly, dangerous things for other — to other candidates,” Warren explained to Maddow.

Warren’s behavior confirmed President Trump’s suspicions that Warren was secretly the Democrat Party establishment’s stalking horse against Sanders.

Trump noted that Warren staying in the race until Super Tuesday despite dismal finishes in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina likely cost Bernie Sanders in at least three contests and could have irreparably damaged Sanders chances of winning the nomination.

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, who was going nowhere except into Mini Mike’s head, just dropped out of the Democrat Primary…THREE DAYS TOO LATE. She cost Crazy Bernie, at least, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Texas. Probably cost him the nomination! Came in third in Mass.

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