Elizabeth Warren made one horrible demand that instantly blew up in her face

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren flew off the handle.

That led to the worst mistake of her career.

And Elizabeth Warren made one horrible demand that instantly blew up in her face.

Elizabeth Warren was one of the many Democrats raging about the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Warren is also one of the many Democrats looking to run for President in 2024 in the likely event that Joe Biden passes on re-election.

And abortion is one issue where every Democrat is racing Left.

During her temper tantrum, Warren attacked crisis pregnancy centers, which seek to offer emotional, medical, and financial support to women who think their only option is abortion.

Warren ranted that the government needed to “shut down” crisis pregnancy centers.

“In Massachusetts right now, those crisis pregnancy centers that are there to fool people who are looking for pregnancy termination help outnumber true abortion clinics by 3 to 1. We need to shut them down here in Massachusetts, and we need to shut them down all around the country. You should not be able to torture a pregnant person like that,” Warren fumed.

Warren’s remarks came during the middle of a summer of rage on the Left, where left-wing domestic terrorists attacked at least 13 crisis pregnancy centers as part of a nationwide campaign of terror.

During an interview with Fox News, Heidi Matzke, who works with Alternatives Pregnancy Center in Sacramento, explained the dangers that violent and inciting rhetoric like Warren’s poses to crisis pregnancy centers and the people who work there.

“We have had to stop operations of our mobile clinic. We’ve had to hire 24-hour onsite security. We’ve had to add cameras. We’ve had to arm our staff with pepper spray,” Matzke told Fox News.

Matzke also explained how crisis pregnancy centers don’t just talk women out of undergoing an abortion, but also offer significant resources to ensure that women who go through with their pregnancies are not abandoned.

“Pregnancy centers give away $266 million of free medical services and resources to communities all over this incredible country. And her words are just incredibly hurtful,” Matzke added.

Democrats initially thought the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade would serve as a massive political winner and reset the Midterm election environment.

But the Democrats’ extremism on the issue is proving to be a turnoff to voters.

And whatever bump in the generic ballot polls received by Democrats has quickly subsided.

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