Elizabeth Warren Just Dropped This Massive News About Her Winning the Presidency

Elizabeth Warren is a progressive darling.

She’s had her eye on the White House for some time.

And she just dropped this massive news about her winning the presidency.

In a crowded field for President, Democrats are trotting out the most radical policy positions to try to stand out from the field.

Which is exactly why Elizabeth Warren pledged to stop all oil and gas production offshore and on federal lands on day one of her presidency.

Warren declared a “total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases including for drilling offshore and on public lands!”

Her desire to protect these sacred “lands under threat” from President Trump’s energy policies no doubt stems from her beliefs, rooted in her supposed Native American heritage.

“We must not allow corporations to pillage our public lands and leave taxpayers to clean up the mess,” Warren wrote. “All of us—local communities and tribes, hunters and anglers, ranchers and weekend backpackers—must work together to manage and protect our shared heritage.”

But Warren’s push to end these practices are nothing more than a ploy to increase gas prices – hurting America’s middle class – to subsidize so-called green energy in America.

Warren also outlined proposals with a goal of achieving 10 percent electricity generation from renewable sources offshore or on public lands.

While Warren may love high gas and electricity prices, middle class Americans will be the ones to suffer. But she doesn’t care.

That’s why she backed the “idea” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal no matter the costs.

As long as it makes her look good on the campaign trail as she seeks her party’s nomination for President, she’ll clench onto it.

Trump’s policies have led to record profits and production of oil and natural gas in the U.S.

In fact, the Interior Department set an all-time record for oil and gas lease sales on federal lands, generating more than $1 billion.

Whoever Trump’s opponent will be on the Democrat side will be going up against Trump and a booming economy with record low unemployment and a growing GDP.

Democrats running on economy-killing policies will find themselves in a difficult sales pitch in a general election.

Trump no doubts hopes it’ll be Elizabeth Warren, whom he routinely calls “Pocahontas” after Warren claimed she was Native American, citing high cheek bones.

A DNA test proved she lied.

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168 Responses

  1. The Real M says:

    Emma, Illegals = votes for Dems = Dems “plan from hell” for America progressed a little further.

    Correct Emma, Dems only want to use illegals votes to complete their agenda. They don’t care about these people, don’t want them in their cities and neighborhoods, they are just “tools” for the Dems to use and discard. It is disgraceful when Dems pretend they are doing the humane thing with their open borders policy, lies all lies! Power, control and our destruction is what they want.
    #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need you, your families and friends.

  2. Emma says:

    Amen !!! Trump is our only hope..
    Democrat’s hate him because he has put America first and made American people top priority..
    He wants to close the border which means no more votes coming across the border for them.. Yet they don’t want these same people in their cities. Isn’t that funny..

  3. HawkMaster. says:

    IN Reality, Warren’s Comments

  4. HawkMaster. says:

    YES. ‘Black Gold’ = Liquid And /0r Solid.

  5. snark says:

    NO ‘Black Gold’ – ‘NO Electrical GRID’.
    Confirmed. ___ Factoid.

  6. Mama says:

    I meant . Liz’s ‘gas farts’. that’s all.
    She ain’t NO ‘mama’, that’s for sure.
    good nite.

  7. snark says:

    Planet Earth ‘supplies’ Plenty ‘Black Gold’
    for ‘sustenance’. ‘ Electrical’ GRID DOES
    NOT— W/OUT ‘black gold’. Capish, no?

  8. Will says:

    She’s completely Insane , makes one wonder just how stupid , the ones who voted her into office really are , that’s the scary part. , So she’s native American , her name must be ” Squaw That’s Speaks With Forked Tongue “

  9. John Sorrell says:

    A couple of things regarding this stupid woman. 1st, the idea of stoping all drilling and present production of fóssil fuels is the height of stupidity. I have to assume she’s ok with importing 12-15 million barrels of oil a day at a $65.00 per barrel. I thought we had all the debt we could never pay for already. 2nd thing is as far as Americans having to clean up the mess is absurd. Warren, Pocahontas, should visit a well site. She will see the environment is returned to that of before the drilling, and possibly more so. Any one advocating the “New Green Deal”, is outright insane. The voters had better ask themselves; is this insane woman good for America? How do you get that much stupid in one head?? I listed three instead of two, there are many, many more, check them out.

  10. Lucille says:


  11. Ernst says:

    Like most of Elizabeth Warren, these too are lies. It would take years to undo these leases even if she tried. She is collecting monumental money from banking and industry and will just betray the American people if elected. Of all Democrats she is the one who would probably do the least damage to America because she is the least honest.
    The programs of Elizabeth Warren will lead to more of the Solyndra scams ($535millions) putting government cash into the pockets of her donors. Warren is a total liar and crook.

  12. dick says:

    This mental midget has less than no chance of winning. I have a better chance of winning and I am not running and nobody knows who I am. I hope that she is running against President Trump which would mean he would not have to campaign. He could stay in florida and play golf.

  13. Mama says:

    Should I ‘drive my car’ On her ‘gas’ ???
    No Indian would be this Dumb.

  14. hotshot111 says:

    She only has one feather in her Chiefess’s headdress and it’s plastic. No self respecting brave will follow her. All the Indians that I’ve met are pretty familiar with liars having dealt with us over the years. Her determination to identify as a Native American is fascinating in it’s own right. LOL

  15. Jay says:

    Mr Barry
    Please get help asap. !! You seem to be constantly repeating yourself!!
    TDS can be seriously debilitating!
    God bless America! ????????????????????????????????????????

  16. Jay says:

    A snowball in hell has a better chance of survival than Elizabeth Warren has of ever becoming President!!
    Trump 2020. Our only hope !!????????????????????????????????

  17. Kookie says:

    I totally agree with you.

  18. Kookie says:

    I’m with you but would Goodwill even want them. LOL ????

  19. Pat says:

    Warren has absolutely no chance of becoming president this woman is mad she will say anything to get elected her whole life is based on a lie you can never know what the truth is

  20. howard buckley says:


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