Elizabeth Warren embarrassed herself in front of the whole world after being forced to admit one fact

Elizabeth Warren is rapidly climbing in the polls.

She is now a frontrunner for the presidency.

But all of that could come to an end after she embarrassed herself in front of the whole world by admitting one fact.

Since taking office, President Trump has been feuding with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whom he calls “Pocahontas.”

This is due to Warren’s claim that she is Native American, when in reality she is not.

Months ago, she released DNA results showing she is 1/1024 Native American, which is less than most Americans.

Despite this, she tried to play off the results to get back at Trump.

But finally, she is giving up on the charade, and at a candidate forum in New Hampshire she officially apologized, saying she is “not a person of color,” and “not a citizen of a tribe.”

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) participated in a candidate forum in New Hampshire Thursday, where she ultimately apologized for identifying as a Native American and admitted that she is “not a person of color” and “not a citizen of a tribe.”

The presidential candidate participated in a “Conversation with the Candidate” event in the Granite State Thursday and faced a question on her past Native American ancestry claims, which have been the subject of widespread controversy.

A mother of black twins asked Warren how she can “overcome the bridge with voters” who question her past decision to claim Native American heritage, which she seemingly used to elevate herself in years past.

Warren told the woman that she simply believed the story her parents told about her family history and argued that it did not play any role in her career.

Warren identified as a minority professor at both the University of Pennsylvania Law School and Harvard Law School, and she claimed Native American heritage on her Texas Bar registration card, it was revealed in February.

Warren continues to embarrass herself.

In recent days she changed her profile on Twitter to contain her preferred gender pronouns, which of course are “she/her.”

This is what transgender people do when people might not be able to tell what gender they are pretending to be.

But Warren seems to be doing it just to show how hip and trendy she is.

In reality, all of this is turning off voters who are clearly beginning to see how fake she is.

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