These Eagles players just snubbed Trump with this publicity stunt

The NFL faced backlash from fans all season long for becoming more political in the wake of the players protesting our national anthem.

Traditionally, the team that wins the Super Bowl is invited to the White House for a celebration.

But these Eagles players are refusing to go and now they’ve hit the media circuit to bash Trump.

After his team’s win, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins took to CNN to rip Trump and announce he would not attend the White House celebration.

Jenkins held a fist in the air as a symbol of “black power” during the national anthem before each game.

He gave away one of the two tickets players were allotted for the Super Bowl to a convicted murderer, Kempis Songster.

Sports Illustrated reports:

Defensive end Chris Long said he planned to skip the trip last week on Pardon My Take. Long also skipped the visit last year when he was a member of the Patriots. On the Wednesday before the Super Bowl wide receiver Torrey Smith told reporters that he would skip the trip if the Eagles came up victorious in the game. On Monday, safety Malcolm Jenkins joined those two when he announced he would boycott the trip during an interview on CNN’s New Day.

This is not much of a surprise considering the actions and comments these men have made in the past when it comes to social justice and Trump. Jenkins and Smith were part of a group of four that sent a memo to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in 2017 asking for the league to take a more active approach in supporting players’ social activism. Long donated his entire salary this season to various educational causes including funding a scholarship in his hometown Charlottesville, Va., and has been critical of Trump at various times throughout his presidency. Jenkins also spent most of the season raising a fist during the national anthem as a sign of protest against police brutality and racial injustice, and Long placed a hand on Jenkins’ shoulder as a sign of support.

This has been a year to forget for the NFL.

Fans turned off the games in droves.

TV ratings for the Super Bowl were at their lowest levels since 2010.

And it looks like players are going to continue to disrespect our country going forward.

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65 Responses

  1. Mikki says:

    Why treat them like royalty on TAXPAYER money? Stop inviting teams to the WH. I agree with another writer. Invite veterans.

  2. Opie Taylor says:

    Why have a celebration at all? They are no better than anyone else.
    Why don’t you invite some Medal of Honor winners instead of those over paid loosers.

  3. Carton says:

    It’s just like the old cliché…..”.you can always count on a bunch of blacks to screwup a rock fight”. You just can’t fix stupid!!!

  4. Michael says:

    The NFL players wayyyyyy over estimate there importance…but crap news outlets like CNN are grasping for ratings. .someone tell CNN there ratings suck…just like those over paid, over rated, over inflated egos of the NFL…I too didn’t watch a game year…take away the NFLs tax breaks…teach them they aren’t the hottest item on American Soil

  5. David Schiller says:

    I remember the days when professional athletes were respected and served as role models to young and old alike. Athletes like Butkus, Sayers, Payton, Unitas, and the list can go on forever, but today it’s drugs, rape, murder, thug mentality. Like this Jenkins gives a ticket to a murderer. This is the kind of people that athletes associate themselves with?! Not to mention disrespecting the country and fans who provide them with the opportunity for the lifestyle they are living.

  6. JayCee Scott says:

    We as a strong nation have already sent the only message that the nfl is going to receive. The nfl is a corpse and is beginning to stink, it’s just too bad that Roger Goodell hasn’t gotten the memo and begun burial proceedings. The nation knows that even CPR can’t revive this anti-American band of criminals that decided to set themselves above the rest of America. God bless their miserable souls because even a false diety such as their allah would only perform necrophilia on that smelly body.

  7. Robert says:

    Why bother. They are ignorant so who cares. The truth will set them free if they listen.

    • Anne says:

      When a kid throws a tantrum you put him in a safe place. When he stops you take him into the company of his parents and ask him if he is teady to apoligize for his behavior . If he isn’t then take his favorite toy and tell him he will not be playing with it until he does. These overgrown thugs will not be missed and no sensible person would be upset if 4 criminals didn’t visit their home.

      • Michael says:

        Just like that fat slob Al Gore when he didn’t win the presidency…remember he reminded me of a little kid who said I’m going to hold my breath until mommy says I can be president….lol… didn’t do honest Al Gore any good…he never went to the Whitehouse after that either

  8. Paul says:

    Who cares!! Don’t make a Bigger deal of it, that’s what they want more publicity an something else to say Our President is being petty… SO WHAT, WHO CARES!!

  9. John Rodriguez says:

    Those arrogant, ignorant ass hole players should lose everything they own, disrespecting the national anthem for what they are just spoiled black jerks who need to be taught a lesson their momma’s sperm donors couldn’t, the only legacy they will leave is one of disrespect, what a butch of sorry bastards they are, MEN AND WOMEN fight for their right to get paid that much money, President Donald J Trump pull the plug on the sports industries that allow this and the advertisers who allow it, cancel broadcast licenses of all media, charge the team’s a $1000.00 per square foot of land use changes to build the facilities they play in. That tax payers paid for ( I for one want my money back close to $100,000.00 would be close ) I hold no punches when I talk,text or write, All those black agitator’s should be thrown in jail horse whipped every day, now that’s punishment for a bunch of in my opinion disrespectful NIGGETS. If the players don’t like what I say come and do something about it just remember you only have a handful I have the backing of the veterans of this country I’m proud of my DAD and his fellow veterans ( rest in peace dad ) my fight has just begun, because I know those cowards can’t back up their actions, I can because the way you raised me get respect when you earn and give it. FLY HIGH and watch.

  10. Dale says:

    If he did not invite the winning team, all of them, he would be no better than they were. I think he did the right thing honoring them. Just because there being like they are is no reason for Trump to be like a little kid and throw back more BS to them. That’s what they want.

    • Karen Lynn carr says:

      trashy,unamerican scum and the very reason i’ve stopped supporting ALL types of sports . They would go see the muslim illegal cockroach muslim that was supporting isis but not our REAL President that is fighting for America. Stop any and all money going to all ball programs ! They have their own money and don’t need mine. I think the whole bunch stinks and all sorts should be stopped permanently from now on.

    • Cp123 says:

      Seriously does anybody care if 3 guys don’t show up at the White House? Will there attendance or not attending change anything. trump has bigger fish to fry.

  11. karen zawack says:

    I think all the Eagles should not be invited. Time to stop this “photo” op for Men playing a boys game acting like girls. The NFL as a whole, and the Pennsylvania Governor and Mayor of Philadelphia, disrespect our President from the get go. Time to put away childish games, and time to get tough. We the People have a lot more pressing problems than making sure men get their picture with the President. I read that the President already tweeted his congratulations to the Superbowl winners after the game. So glad to see that the Superbowl had a low turnout, and hoping this was truly because of the Boycott for OUR VETERANS, OUR Military. Grown men, making lots of money disrespecting those brave men who fought for THEIR freedoms with less money and health care, to play a boys game and make lots of money doing it. Not important at all.

    • Alan Kilduff says:

      Hi Karen, The low turnout probably had more to do with the low temperatures than anything else. And then there is the high price of tickets, of course. With most people living from one paycheck to next most families simply cannot afford to attend???Regards

      • julia says:

        Alan, I am not sure that weather had much to do with low turn out. If, like you point out, the tickets are so expensive , it doesn’t make sense to not use them if they were purchased in advance. As for others who purchase when they arrive…perhaps they are tired of paying so much to see players disrespect the United States.

    • Anne says:

      It would have been much lower if those specific teams had not been playing . The playoff game was amazing and football lovers could not pass it up. No matter it still cost the NFL. No more football for me. I think these felons will do the same thing or pull some other anti american garbage or weep and wail over the condition of our oh so downtrodden misfits.

  12. Ronald Vollmann says:

    When I first read the poll my instant reaction was to agree with the majority of the folks voting for disinvited however I stopped to think a second Just because these players are disrespecting our President,Country,Military, and everything GREAT about the U.S.A. is that a good reason to resort to their mentality? I am a vet as well and love this COUNTRY but lets be the BETTER MAN

  13. Jarhead says:

    All AMERICAN’S want to keep garbage out of any FED/GOV building, especially the White House, Congress, etc. The oppressed, unhappy millionaire NLF players should have been fired by the NFL. Let the BOYCOTT of everything/everybody that smells like the NFL garbage continue.

  14. barney says:

    I don’t know why you all make such a big deal out of this, I don’t, and the game was good one

  15. Al says:

    These scum bags are just proving how disrespectful and childish they are. Trump should leave the invitation as is and ignore them, to address or recognize their behavior would just result in acknowledging there senseless ignorant actions

    • gene smith says:

      Pathetic low lifes with no respect even for their own worthless lives….Our President should not have to lower himself or The Peoples’ House by inviting the scum to visit.

    • Charlton Kaneff says:

      I absolutely agree!!! Which is why I voted ‘No’ on the little survey just before getting to these comments.
      If these disrespectful, multi-millionaire, spoiled brats want to protest social injustice, maybe they should actually study Martin Luther King Jr. and his message of peace!!! He never once advocated violence or derision, nor did he ever say that there was any reason to disrespect and dishonor the American Flag!
      These over paid, eliteist, whining babies, are getting millions of our hard earned dollars to ENTERTAIN us!!!
      Not stand on social platforms and protest the very public and county that pays them their exuberant salaries, not to mention the men AND women who have sacrificed all to make DAMN sure that these “athletes” get to play their games and get paid exhorbitantly BY the very people fighting to be sure that the NOT FOR LOYALTY players have their names plastered all over the media and ignorant sheepeople raising them up like hero’s and gods in society!!!
      These players are not gods and most of them would not dare sign their name on a line and say to the American people, “I’m writing you a blank check, stating that I will give everything, including my life, so that you can enjoy you lives as you see fit!”

      Forget Trump!!! He has nothing to do with their problems!!! They have only their Islamic “brother in the White House” to thank for 85% of the “social injustice” they claim to be protesting against!!!
      Obama did EVERYTHING THAT HE POSSIBLY COULD DO to destroy this country by dividing its citizens along social AND racial lines at the same time that he is selling out every Veteran, Border Patrol Agent, and Law Enforcment Officer to whomever he could to further his racial and social divisional agenda!!!
      In that effort, Obama was extremely successful!!! He was also extremely successful at making America look weak to every middle eastern country and any other country that already held hateful and distrustful feelings towards America!!!!
      He was a very accomplished Circus Ringmaster!!! He succeeded, in just 8 short years, in turning every citizen in this country against each other in more ways than at the beginning of the War Between The States!!!! Also known as the Civil War!!!
      The casualties of this new Civil War is freedom of speech(it fell in the face of Political Correctness and White Privelege), the right to vote for your choice of candidates( just look back at the blockade protests where people were blocking roads and other access to polling places and Presidential rally meetings. Almost every one had violence involved), now lets go back to the “white privilege”; anytime someone with pale skin tones started to object to how they were being portrayed in the media, public, and on TV, they were told to shut up, their voice no longer matters!!! All of these things are social and led to economic casualties on every side of every issue!!!
      So,…… please educate me on white privilege.
      I’d love to know what I’m missing out on!!!
      Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that my voice no longer matters!!!

  16. John says:

    The President should Tweet something along the lines of “I’m not surprised that these players wont be coming to the White House. I don’t recall extending an invitation”.

  17. Kathleen Thompson says:

    Scum bags every one of them. I pulled against the Patriots because their low life quarterback did the same thing last year. I hate I even watched the stupid game. Not accepting an invitation to the White House is just as bad as taking a knee during the anthem. Where do these idiot get off? I won’t allow the games in my home anymore. Every player is nothing more than a street thug. I love Donald Trump. I hope he gets another term. This country is coming back to life.

    Thank you God and thank you President Trump.

  18. Floyd Lehman says:

    I think it should be now called FAG BALL

  19. tc says:

    These disrespectful NFL players are complete dirt bag’s. The NFL suck’s Big Time!

  20. Lev Cavin says:

    I’d like to buy these nfl protesters for what they are worth & sell them for what they think they are worth. Yes I said sell.

    • Christiann says:

      I wouldn’t buy them for a penny to hand pick cotton on our farm!

    • Gary says:

      I wish the eagles would have lost. I pray they loose every game next year. Pĺease to all American service members shut this disgrace down. You stupid people get your money from this country. Go play football in Iran and protest the government, and when they cut your heads off I will stand and cheer.

  21. Harold says:

    These high priced individuals have nothing to fear; when they no longer can play, because the NFL, no longer exist; they can find a good minimum wage job ,left over when ICE roust out all the illegals: they can train to do all the menial tasks that no one else wants( that is what the Politicians say)! It should be educational expierence!

  22. James Stamulis says:

    Most of these morons would be seeping floors if not for fans paying for games and to watch them on TV. Time to teach these racist idiots a lesson and make the NFL go bye bye!

  23. John says:

    This is a case where the biggest winners are the biggest losers ! They are not just disrespecting the flag; they are disrespecting the office of the President , the White House and the country ! They give them numbers because most of them can’t spell their name ! Their team bus must be a short bus !

  24. Roy says:

    They need to fire them, hit them in the back pocket

  25. Frances Leard says:

    All they do is protest and should be kicked off the field for such disrespect to our country. Take away their millions and let them stand in the food line. They don’t deserve this amount of money to be such brainless clueless idiots.

    • Alan Kilduff says:

      Actually they are not disrespectful of their country. Just the idiot leading the country. This actually proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are not brainless!!! I have admiration for those who are actually willing to make a statement for what they really stand for. You don’t have to agree, but it still takes courage. This we all should recognize and acknowledge. Have a nice day….

      • Bob Fox says:

        Hey Alan, are you oblivious to what brought us to this time in history when a successful, transparent businessman became president. The idiot, as you call him, is going to make you look like an idiot after he accomplishes most of what he wants to Make America Great Again in spite of obstructions coming at him in all directions. If you have all the money you need and aren’t getting paid for the job and you have power in your own business world, what other reason would Trump want to be president if it wasn’t for wanting to Make America Great Again. The only thing idiotic about Trump is he took the job while knowing he had to deal with resisting obstructionists like Democrats.

      • Patriot says:

        You ever call that hater obama and idiot or lier? For he’s the reason our country is divided from all his lies! Are you even seeing what that pos has done to the government? Almost everything he’s done was unconstitutional and destructive to this country to the point we would have trouble fighting off an invasion from any number of countries, but o guess you dumbass libtards would welcome them? Or help them? Smh so you agree with why they’re protesting? Even knowing it’s false information put out by racist blm terrorists! That I wish them Orr antifuk step on my land! Your just another useful idiot!

      • William Atkinson says:

        Get a “LIFE ” IDIOT!!! From a Vietnam Veteran with over 20 years of service,keeping “IDOITS “LIKE You and the rest of the NFL Players safe & Free!!

  26. Cliff says:

    Blacks wonder why they are still where they are socially, these are the kind of people they look up to

  27. Steven says:

    These players are the reason our Country is like it is. Their millionaire babies could care less about the problems they left in their communities and I will NEVER support the NFL again.

  28. Dan Softcheck says:

    Howie Long should be embarrassed for raising such a fool

  29. Robert Pavlick says:

    To hell with them ! Boycott the White House if you like and go have dinner at KFC instead !!!!!

  30. Ron says:

    They won a game but in life they’re brainwashed losers

    • Christiann says:

      Make that brain washed knuckle dragging losers that must be shipped back to Africa so they can’t complain about perceived social injustice which doesn’t exist!

      • Anne says:

        Why punish the Africans. They hate American blacks and would change places with them if they could. Those who have come here legally become good citizrns, work hard, and prosper.They also tell American blacks that the problems are of their own making. 85 % of blacks work hard and have to pay for the losers just like every other American.

  31. Bill says:

    Screw those a holes they are to stupid to even know what they are protesting.

  32. Rick says:

    Their not attending is no big deal. I didn’t watch NFL since these idiots started their BS

  33. Michele says:

    I have made several attempts to post this and it has been blocked…Somebody or Somebodies said this was to offensive…by the way the Tweet was posted…go figure…

  34. Bob Fox says:

    We have enough game players in Washington DC. We don’t need anymore nor do we need to give them a platform to disrespect our country. Maybe the winning Superbowl team has visited the Whitehouse traditionally. In light of the political division in this country it would not be unusual to waive that tradition since there are so many more things to overcome. I don’t have a problem with someone’s freedom to protest but not respecting our flag and the National Anthem is the wrong venue for a protest. Would you wear a Speedo to a Sunday morning church service? No, its the wrong venue.

    • Patriot says:

      There’s nothing written that says President Trump has to see any of them, what Trump should do is go golfing on the day these whining brats are to show, maybe take a couple that wants to go and make a great day of it. That sounds better than putting up with leftards,

  35. Gerald says:

    LOL…blacks in football. How bright do you have to be, to be used as a battering ram. Without foot ball, they’d all be on welfare!

    • Patriot says:

      IMO them millionaires bitches don’t play football anymore with the sissy rules they play by now. You can’t hit the quarterback and now you can’t hit the receivers, apparently the more they make the more delicate they become.

  36. Phoebe Isley says:

    And the President should care because????????????? Not even WE THE PEOPLE care…go on your merry racist way and fade into the nothingness that you and so many others have done to the NFL and that is make it nothing worth watching anymore!

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