Dr. Oz said four words that are going to land him in hot water with Donald Trump

RINO Senate candidate Dr. Oz could cost Republicans everything this November.

Once again, Dr. Oz stepped on a rake.

And Dr. Oz said four words that are going to land him in hot water with Donald Trump.

Dr. Oz once supported red flag confiscation laws, abortion-on-demand, and transgender surgeries for minor children.

Donald Trump’s endorsement won Dr. Oz the Pennsylvania GOP Senate Primary by less than 1,000 votes over establishment RINO David McCormick.

But conservatives did not trust Dr. Oz.

That’s why polls coming out of the Primary showed 60 percent of Pennsylvania voters held an unfavorable view of the celebrity doctor, who is now trailing socialist Lieutenant Governor Jon Fetterman by nine points.

Dr. Oz tried to close the fundraising and polling gap with Fetterman through a text message sent by his campaign.

But it was the ominous warning that attracted headlines, as Dr. Oz declared Donald Trump’s “MAGA MOVEMENT IS DYING.”

Dr. Oz’s text read:


Liberals are winning the fundraising race, and the America First ProTrump movement feels defeated.

If just 7 MAGA supporters step up right here, right now, we will be able to turn things around. Our nation cannot afford for the MAGA movement to die.

Friend, be a fighter for TRUMP.

Dr. Oz is running a strange campaign.

At first, he could not hype up Donald Trump’s endorsement enough.

During the GOP Primary race, Dr. Oz featured Trump’s endorsement everywhere.

But once Dr. Oz secured the nomination, he scrubbed Trump’s endorsement from his website and all campaign materials.

Now that Dr. Oz is trailing his Democrat opponent in the polls and in fundraising, he is once again unwrapping himself from the MAGA cloak, going so far as to say the Trump movement is dying.

The Pennsylvania Senate seat is critical to control of the Upper Chamber.

Whichever Party wins this race will likely control the majority.

And that is why it is so risky for the Republican Party to run RINOs like Dr. Oz who holds positions at odds with the conservative base on virtually every issue.

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