Dr. Oz just insulted Donald Trump in this terrible way

Dr. Oz owes his political career to President Trump.

But Dr. Oz has a funny way of showing gratitude.

And now Dr. Oz just insulted Donald Trump in this terrible way.

Dr. Oz won the GOP nomination for Senate in Pennsylvania by 1,000 votes.

Donald Trump literally dragged Dr. Oz across the finish line, as he never would have been competitive without the former President’s endorsement.

Since he supported red flag confiscation laws, abortion-on-demand, and promoted transgender surgeries for young children, President Trump took a risk endorsing Dr. Oz.

All Dr. Oz had going for him with conservatives was Donald Trump’s backing, which he proudly displayed during the campaign.

During the Primary, Axios reported Dr. Oz’s website and social media accounts displayed the following:

After the endorsement, Trump was a near-ubiquitous fixture in Oz’s spots — even a series of six-second issue ads on guns, abortion and energy began with “endorsed by President Trump.”

Oz’s Twitter account mentioned Trump more than 70 times between the endorsement on April 9 and primary day, May 17.

On Google and Facebook, Oz’s campaign bought a barrage of Trump-focused ads during the primary.

Both his Facebook and Twitter accounts were emblazoned during the primary with a cover photo of Trump and Oz with the words “endorsed by Trump,” and his website had a pop-up to let visitors know he was “Trump-endorsed.”

But now that the Primary is over, Dr. Oz’s website and social media accounts make no mention of President Trump.

Axios reports:

Oz’s social media banners now say “Thank you, Pennsylvania,” and feature a solo photo of him without Trump. His website no longer has a pop-up fundraiser appeal touting his Trump endorsement.

Oz’s Twitter bio no longer advertises him as the “Trump Endorsed Candidate for U.S. Senate,” and he hasn’t tweeted about Trump since May 17.

Oz’s campaign hasn’t run Facebook ads since the primary, and on Google his only general election ad reads, “⁦The PA Senate Race will determine who has the majority. Donate to take back the US Senate!⁩”

Even on the Trump-run social media site Truth Social, Oz hasn’t posted about Trump since the primary — though he still touts his Trump endorsement in his bio.

Conservatives do not trust Dr. Oz.

The only reason about one-third of GOP Primary voters backed Dr. Oz – enough to win the nomination in a multi-candidate field – was because conservatives trust Donald Trump.

But now Dr. Oz is spitting in Donald Trump’s face by pretending like he doesn’t exist.

Donald Trump is more popular in Pennsylvania than Dr. Oz.

And Dr. Oz could be making a massive mistake in disassociating himself from Donald Trump at the behest of his Swamp-aligned consultants.

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