Dr. Fauci went on CNN and admitted something about Trump that will leave you speechless

Donald Trump and Dr. Fauci have never been fans of one another.

Now with Dr. Fauci’s emails out in the open the truth is laid bare for all to see.

In response, Dr. Fauci went on CNN and admitted something about Trump that will leave you speechless.

CNN’s John Berman set up Dr. Fauci for a softball interview to allow Fauci to save face now that thousands of pages of his emails are public.

The emails created trouble for Dr. Fauci by exposing the fact that he doubted the effectiveness of masks and was aware of the fact that other scientists thought COVID-19 contained elements that were engineered in a lab.

But the interview took an unexpected turn when Berman asked Fauci about Joe Biden crediting the Trump administration for the success of Operation Warp Speed.

“It’s well deserved,” Fauci responded. “I’ve said that all along.”

Fauci tried to falsely claim he never criticized Trump, citing the fact that Fauci did not rip Trump in his emails.

But Fauci has made public comments attacking Trump after Trump left office.

However, now that Fauci’s emails were made public, Fauci tried to appeal to Trump supporters by praising Trump for the success of Operation Warp Speed.

“The idea of Operation Warp Speed, and the investment of that amount of money to get that amount of vaccines ready to go, clearly is something that should be given as credit to the Trump administration,” Fauci exclaimed. “There’s no doubt about that.”

It’s unlikely this will buy Fauci much goodwill from conservatives.

Rand Paul responded to the releases of Fauci’s emails by calling again for Fauci to be fired.

Tucker Carlson restated his support for criminally prosecuting Fauci.

And Trump himself responded to Fauci’s emails by blasting Fauci as an incompetent and demanding to know what Fauci knew about gain of function research being performed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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