Dr. Fauci just got called out by the one person he never thought would turn on him

Dr. Fauci is in hot water.

Fauci admitted to The New York Times that he has been lying to the public for months about the true amount of immunity necessary to achieve herd immunity.

And Dr. Fauci just got called out by the one person he never thought would turn on him.

CNN acts like the Church of Dr. Fauci.

Anchor Wolf Blitzer offered up a homily to Dr. Fauci’s supposed “greatness” in a pre-Christmas broadcast and urged Americans to thank Fauci for allegedly saving lives.

So on Sunday, when Dr. Fauci appeared on CNN, he expected another softball session with his fan club.

But guest host Dana Bash surprised Fauci by pressing him on comments made to The New York Times where Fauci admitted he lied when he said 60 to 70 percent of the population achieving immunity to the coronavirus would bring about herd immunity.

Instead, Fauci admitted the real number was closer to 90 percent.

When pressed by Bash, Fauci falsely claimed he was just estimating.

“The calculations that I made 70, 75 percent, it’s a range. The range is going to be somewhere between 70 and 85 percent. The reason I started saying 70, 75 percent, I brought it up to 85. That’s not a big leap. It was based on calculation and pure extrapolations from measles. Measles is about 90 percent effective vaccine. The covid-19 vaccine is about 90, 95 percent,” Dr. Fauci stated.

“I think we all have to be honest and humble,” he said. “Nobody really knows for sure, but I think 70 to 85 percent for herd immunity for Covid-19 is a reasonable estimate,” Dr. Fauci added.

This is simply a lie.

In The New York Times’ interview, Dr. Fauci explained that public opinion data on the willingness of Americans to receive the vaccine influenced his thinking.

Dr. Fauci was not used to being challenged on CNN of all places and resorted to another lie to cover up for his previous falsehood.

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