Dr. Fauci just gave this jaw-dropping answer about when the pandemic ends

Americans are fed up with COVID mandates and restrictions.

The public demands answers about when they can move on with their lives as they were in 2019.

And Dr. Fauci just gave this jaw-dropping answer about when the pandemic ends.

ABC’s Linsey Davis asked White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci about when the virus will move from pandemic to endemic.

“[O]ur country, right now, at least, is still seeing about 147,000 new cases of COVID per day. But what would that threshold be in the future for you to say, okay, the pandemic has passed?” Davis asked.

Despite the fact that cases are drastically down, Dr. Fauci said it was too soon to move back to normal.

Fauci also laid the groundwork for a permanent state of pandemic by claiming there were no metrics the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) could use to justify saying the pandemic phase of the virus ended.

“You know, there’s no magic number. But you want to make sure the trajectory keeps going down and down and down. And I think the important issue, and that relates to one of the questions you asked before about the CDC considering giving more precise metrics for decision making, is that concentrating more on what the rate of severe disease and hospitalization is will determine that. We don’t know what that number is yet. But that will be much more of a determinant than the rate of infection.”

Dr. Fauci made another absurd and unscientific proclamation that it was too soon and too risky to lift mask mandates in schools.

There is no science that supports masking children in schools.

The study out of Arizona that the CDC used to justify the school mask mandate was junk.

Critics contend Dr. Fauci does not want to give up power nor does he want to give up his daily appearances on cable news.

Dr. Fauci clearly loves the fame and power he accumulated during the pandemic.

Even though the government can officially declare the pandemic over, many people believe Fauci keeps pushing the goal posts further because he doesn’t want to return to the life of an anonymous bureaucrat.

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