Donald Trump’s lawyer made a major announcement about evidence of voter fraud

President Trump alleged that widespread voter fraud handed Joe Biden several key states.

The Fake News Media laughed off these claims saying there was no proof.

But Donald Trump’s lawyer made a major announcement about evidence of voter fraud.

Sidney Powell is one of America’s foremost lawyers at fighting back against the Deep State.

Powell represented Lt. General Michael Flynn and successfully fought the Justice Department to withdraw the guilty plea after Powell and Flynn argued Robert Mueller pressured him into agreeing to as part of an unfair and unjust process.

In an interview with Fox News, Powell declared the evidence pouring in alleging voter fraud was like drinking out of a fire hose.

Powell told host Maria Bartiromo that the election was stolen from the President.

“There has been a massive and coordinated effort to steal this election from ‘We the People of the United States of America,’ to delegitimize and destroy votes for Donald Trump, to manufacture votes for Joe Biden,” Powell began.

Powell claimed that Democrats orchestrated a massive voter fraud scheme involving dead people as well as sophisticated computer algorithms to manipulate vote counts.

“They have done it in every way imaginable, from having dead people vote in massive numbers to absolutely, fraudulently, creating ballots that exist only voting for Biden,” Powell added. “They also used an algorithm to calculate the votes they would need to flip, and they used computers to flip those votes from . . . Trump to Biden.”

Powell alleged that Democrats stopped counting votes in the wee hours of the morning following the election to inject illegal ballots into the counties in states where Donald Trump initially led Joe Biden.

“They had this all planned, Maria,” Powell explained. “They had the algorithms. They had the paper ballots waiting to be inserted if and when needed. And notably, President Trump’s vote in the blue states went up enormously. That’s when they had to stop the vote count. They had to go in and replace votes for Biden and take away Trump votes.”

Powell and Trump’s other lawyer Rudy Giuliani have alleged they have proof of systemic voter fraud.

Now they must present their evidence in court.

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