Donald Trump’s last-minute endorsement just enraged his supporters in this key swing state

Donald Trump’s endorsement has had quite the impact this primary season.

But it hasn’t always come without controversy.

And Trump’s last-minute endorsement just enraged his supporters in this key swing state.

Just days before the Republican Primary, former President Donald Trump caused a political earthquake in Michigan after he announced his support for a candidate for Governor to run against current Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

His supporters are furious after asking him to stay out of the primary.

But Trump ended up throwing his support behind Tudor Dixon, a former steel industry executive and conservative commentator, who garnered the support of the powerful and wealthy DeVos family.

Chaos in Michigan

The Michigan Republican primary for Governor was thrown into chaos earlier this year after half of the candidates running for office were thrown off the ballot for failing to obtain enough valid signatures.

Several of the campaigns allowed themselves to fall victim to a signature forgery ring that led to the campaigns submitting thousands upon thousands of obviously fraudulent signatures.

While this was enough of a black eye for the Michigan Republican Party, the lack of a major name entering the primary against Gretchen Whitmer, who is perceived as being quite vulnerable this fall, left the field wide open for who would be selected to be the Republican candidate and left President Trump on the sidelines until the final days of the campaign.

War for the soul of the Michigan Republican Party

Trump supporters successfully mounted a takeover of the Michigan Republican Party earlier this year when Trump-backed candidates for Attorney General and Secretary of State won at a nomination convention.

Since then the political establishment, largely funded by the wealthy and powerful DeVos family, has been waging all-out war against Trump-endorsed candidates for State House and State Senate.

Political observers will quickly recognize the name DeVos since it was Betsy DeVos who Trump appointed to be Secretary of Education, only to have her resign in the waning days of his administration on January 7, 2021.

The DeVos family, rightly or wrongly, has been accused of being Never-Trumpers, which of course is only further established as a valid moniker after their open financing of candidates running against Trump-endorsed candidates.

So why endorse Tudor Dixon?

Michigan political insiders report that the DeVos political world leaned hard on Trump to jump in the Republican Primary in support of Dixon, while Trump supporters were encouraging him to wait after the primary.

Who knows the actual reason for his final decision to get involved in the primary, but the real question now is, “Can she beat Whitmer?”

Can Whitmer be stopped?

Political observers believe that Trump’s endorsement of Tudor Dixon as well as the political establishment’s support of her may be enough to unite a very fractured Michigan Republican Party, and they really need to unite if they have a chance of beating Whitmer with her massive nearly $20 million dollar war chest.

Michigan has never seen an incumbent Democrat lose re-election in a Midterm election with a Democrat in the White House, but with Biden’s tanking approval numbers and the economy entering a recession, it’s going to be a tough political environment for Whitmer to get re-election, especially with her own liabilities.

But Republicans must actually put in the work and run a campaign exposing Whitmer.

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