Donald Trump will be red with rage when he finds out the sick thing the FBI just did

The FBI spent four years trying to undermine Donald Trump and stage a coup to overthrow him.

But what the FBI just did crossed a major line.

And Donald Trump will be red with rage when he finds out the sick thing the FBI just did.

Back in 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe after an Inspector General found McCabe lied to investigators in a leak investigation.

McCabe was one of the Deep State coup plotters who tried to undo American democracy by fueling the Russian collusion hoax.

Sessions fired McCabe hours before McCabe was set to collect his government pension and live high on the hog off the back of taxpayers.

McCabe then sued, and the Biden Justice Department and the FBI restored McCabe’s full taxpayer-funded pension.

Fox News reported:

In a settlement deal disclosed Thursday, fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has had his government pension fully restored.

McCabe, 53, who has been a CNN contributor since 2019, had filed a lawsuit that year, claiming his firing was an effort by the Trump administration to rid the FBI of officials who were seen as disloyal to the then-president. Nearly a year before McCabe was ousted in March 2018, the Trump administration had terminated James Comey, who was the bureau’s director.

In McCabe’s case, the inspector general for the U.S. Justice Department, which oversees the FBI, concluded McCabe had OK’d the release of information to a newspaper reporter and then misled investigators who were seeking information about his role in the alleged leak, The Associated Press reported.

The Department of Justice restoring McCabe’s pension – and McCabe not facing criminal charges for lying to investigators – stuck out to Trump supporters as another example of a two-tiered Justice System.

Robert Mueller, the FBI, and DOJ pursued false statement charges against a number of Trump associates in the course of the Russian collusion hoax.

But because McCabe was anti-Trump, he faced no legal exposure for his potential criminal conduct.

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