Donald Trump will be grinning from ear to ear after this Never-Trumper suffered a huge defeat

The RINOs thought they could get rid of Donald Trump.

But the RINOs got some bad news.

And Donald Trump will be grinning from ear to ear after this Never-Trumper suffered a huge defeat.

Speaker of the Arizona State House Rusty Bowers became a hero to the corporate-controlled media and Never-Trump fanatics by testifying in front of the January 6 Committee.

Bowers testified in public about Donald Trump urging him to reject the results in Arizona on the account of voter fraud.

When Bowers said he could not do so, the media celebrated him as a hero.

After his testimony, Bowers went on a corporate-controlled media tour and declared that he could not vote again for Donald Trump under any circumstances.

But him assisting in the Democrats’ show trial of Donald Trump did not sit well with actual Republicans.

The Arizona State Republican Party censured Bowers, declaring that he “has demonstrated he is unfit to serve the platform of the Republican Party of Arizona and the will of the voter of the Republican Party in Arizona.”

The censure urged Republican voters “to expel him permanently from office.”

Trump endorsed Bowers’ opponent, Dan Farnsworth.

In a post on Truth Social on the day before the Primary, Trump urged voters in Bowers’ district to boot him from office in the election.

“Remember Arizona, your so-called ‘Speaker,’ Rusty (an appropriate name because he is Rusty, just like steel gets rusty and weak) Bowers, is absolutely terrible,” Trump wrote.

“Vote him out!” Trump added.

Heading into the Primary, Bowers seemed to know his goose was cooked.

Bowers admitted to the Associated Press that his district was filled with Trump supporters and it would take a miracle to survive their wrath.

“I’m well aware that I’m highly distrusted,” Bowers said in the interview. “My district is a very Trump district, and who knows how this is all going to work out.”

Donald Trump’s endorsement is still the most coveted prize in Republican politics.

Trump supporters use the endorsement as a cue to see which Republicans are establishment RINOs and who is a conservative they can trust.

Bowers’ public embrace of the January 6 Committee found him on the wrong side of Donald Trump and his voters.

And now his career is over.

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