Donald Trump went nuclear on Fox News and you won’t believe why

The relationship between Donald Trump and Fox News Channel reached a new low.

That’s because Donald Trump was not happy.

And Donald Trump went nuclear on Fox News and you won’t believe why.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News Channel, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post.

The day after Republicans suffered disappointing losses in the Midterm elections, Murdoch made it clear that he was done with Donald Trump.

Fox News Channel, the Post, and the Journal all featured editorial commentary slamming Trump and blaming him for the GOP’s lackluster showing despite Joe Biden’s low approval ratings, open borders, and 40 year-high inflation.

The Murdoch media empire decided the blame for the GOP failing to win back both houses of Congress lay with Trump for endorsing poor candidates who lost winnable races like Dr. Mehmet Oz.

All three outlets promoted Governor Ron DeSantis – who ran up a landslide 19-point win – for turning Florida into a bright red state on the strength of his conservative record of accomplishment.

The New York Post’s cover page featured a picture of DeSantis and his family on stage after delivering a victory speech in an image that looked strikingly like a Presidential candidate accepting the nomination at his Party’s convention.

DeSantis was already rumored to be running for President in 2024, but that talk accelerated – especially on Fox News and in the pages of the Journal and the Post – after his crushing win over Charlie Crist.

Trump – who is set to announce a re-election bid on Tuesday – unleashed his fury on Fox News, the Journal, and the Post for what he saw as going in the tank for DeSantis’ looming 2024 Presidential campaign.

For nearly ten years, Donald Trump has been the dominant figure on Fox News and in the larger Murdoch empire.

Tuesday’s election results changed that.

And if Donald Trump is to win the 2024 GOP nomination, he will have to defeat the Murdoch outlets as well as his other Republican challengers.

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