Donald Trump was speechless when he saw a new poll from this key swing state

The battleground states in the 2020 Presidential Election are quickly coming into focus.

The ground beneath the candidates’ feet is quickly shifting.

And Donald Trump was speechless when he saw a new poll from this key swing state.

Arizona’s 11 Electoral College votes routinely fell into the Republican column.

Democrats only won the state once in 1996.

But in 2018, Democrats captured a Senate seat, and a brand new poll from Bendixen and Amandi International shows Donald Trump statistically tied with Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.

Politico reports:

But Trump’s approval rating is underwater, with 45 percent of Arizona voters holding a favorable impression of him and 53 percent having an unfavorable view — the overwhelming majority of whom hold a “very unfavorable view,” according to a survey of 520 Arizona registered voters by Bendixen & Amandi International. The firm, which typically surveys for Democrats and was paid to conduct this poll by SMART Local 359, the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, conducted the poll from September 9-12.

Trump is tied dead even with Warren at 42 percent in a general election match-up and is essentially tied with Biden 43-42 percent, a lead well within the poll’s margin of error of plus/minus 4.3 points.

McSally is tied at 42 percent with Kelly, a former astronaut and husband of former Arizona Congresswoman and mass-shooting survivor Gabby Giffords.
“Contrary to the conventional wisdom that the presidential race is down to only four swing states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida — this poll makes it clear that Arizona is wide open,” said pollster Fernand Amandi. “Arizona is emerging as the new battleground.”

Democrats have long believed Arizona’s changing Demographics – a growing Hispanic population and migration of white liberals from states like California – would eventually put the state into play.

And it looks like 2020 will be the year both parties have to duke it out over Arizona’s Electoral College votes.


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92 Responses

  1. Mama says:

    ‘Polls’ Are akin to ‘Sad Sack’ Comic books.
    Remember those. ? (probably not, But ‘i’ Do)
    (Dad -was AirForce WWll) & had ‘Sad Sack’
    laying around the house. )
    ANYWAY- Rasmussen poll = 52% POTUS
    &&& THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE ‘the Silent’.

  2. Don Juan says:

    I hate reading about these polls. They are so misleading in so many ways. Here we have 45% of the people in Arizona in favor of Trump and 53% not in favor him. Usually these poll solicitors randomly contact 500 to 1000 people in their state and ask them tilted or obscure questions that can so easily harm or improve on a candidate’s popularity. 500 to 1000 people are not the voices of the rest of the population in the State, but the pollsters make it sound like it is. This is the reason why the polls were blown out of the water when Trump won his first term. The questions were setup more in favor of Crooked Hillary then it was for Trump. This is why everyone was so shocked because of the final results. The best poll rating that any candidate can have us if he or she can draw tens of thousands of people to one area so they can speak to the people with one voice. Donald Trump has it hands down.

  3. White Beard says:

    Been trying to find some data to ram those polls down j.d.’s throat, but having very little luck. I started with Fox and then went to Rasmussen, known to be some of the better conservative-leaning polls, but I have not found Trump doing very well in any. Does anyone have a good poll results that shows our president doing well ?

    All I have found is that Trump’s support goes up and down, but never rises past 45%. Any clues out there?

    • Ed says:

      I dont have any good polls to support your position!! But just as a suggestion you could show polls from 2015 to support that the polls dont mean much and that if the polling stays consistent with polls from 2015 Trump is actually winning.

    • Jack Handy says:

      This may be helpful. Internal Dem poll.
      > after internal polling shows stunning public opinion on impeachment.” Are you ready? This is from Glenn Beck’s website, And here is the pull quote.

      “He claims that other freshman Democrats agree with him that the agenda of the party does not match the voters’ concerns. And their internal polling supports that opinion.” I don’t know who the “he” is. Doesn’t matter. What matters here is the internal, not ABC, CBS, NBC polling data. This is internal Democrat Party polling data.

      “Polling for the Democratic Party found that 54 percent of voters said that Democrats were more focused on impeachment than any other policy. But only 10 percent of voters believed that impeachment should be their focus.”
      It’s a Democrat Party internal poll. Ninety percent think the Democrats are way off and on the wrong track.

      • Jack Handy says:

        An Aside: Please ___ Do Not worry/fret re Polls.
        Perhaps Don’t bother At ALL. &
        ” Let Your Heart
        Not Be Troubled” ___ THE ONLY ‘poll’
        THAT MATTERS IS NOV. Election. Period.
        (even tho’ Google /FB etc. Has Vowed to ‘block’
        2020 to Current President’. )
        > Talk to ppl That will Listen. ‘ie ‘fence riding Dems,
        & there ARE PLENTY ‘waking up’/ + Independents etc.
        Show them ‘The LIST’ Below. for starters.
        Good Luck? To All. God Bless. & IGNORE this jd ‘stuff’.

        • Jack Handy says:

          Here Is your ‘starter’ List.

          Jack Handy September 19, 2019 at 9:35 pm
          To jd. You serve ‘yourself’ well , in teaching (w /ph.d) Course on
          “HOW TO LIE W/ STATISTICS”___
          President Trump HAS & WILL CONTINUE Major Accomplishments
          for USA. Kudos. MORE ‘comp’d 3yrs Than ANY Pres.
          Economy %
          Unemployment %
          Food Stamp %
          Paris Accord.
          Leveling TRADE.
          2nd A. Preserve.
          150 + Judges Appointed.
          USA Energy %. No more Dependence.
          Rescind BAN on Incandescent Lite Bulbs.
          Strengthen Military.
          ABORTION/ ‘killing AFTER BIRTH’/ w/
          Tissue/0rgan ‘harvesting’.
          Shall i go 0n ?

    • SweetOlBob says:

      Show he President doing well ? Hell no ! These are the same dufos that assured us that “our Hilly” would win !

  4. Will Penny says:

    Patriot Pulse , I don’t believe you are , more like a Google censored BS liberal site is more like it , whatever , come 2020 after the election , we true Americans will have to listen to another 4 years of bitching n sneviling , from all you butt hurt snowflakeys once again , that’s just fine with me , bitch all you want to ,. Go Trump , steam rolling the liberal BS machine flat as a pancake , just a greasy spot left in the middle of the road , is all that will be left after the election come 2020 , MAGA

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      The psychotic whiners need to be eradicated so us genuinely cognizant patriots do not have to suffer through their pissing and moaning, basically most of Brown County, WI voted for Donald yet I know of 2 people who criticize his entire agenda all his policies and still claim that the only reason he won was because Putin and him conspired to steal the 2016 election away from Hildabeast.

  5. Garry McCollom says:

    I like when the Democrats are going to cancel all the education debts and the medical debts too. Why not due it right and cancel the national debt and all American citizen debts as well. Let the illegals in and let them pay for it. We will soon see how long they stay. The Democrat proposals are like a fart in a space suit. It smells bad and they can not change without dying in space! They change their proposals twice as often as they change their clothes. Still nothing they do is working. Mentally speaking their proposals are as accurate as Joe Biden’s speech! Their party is broken and there is not enough intelligence between them to fix it. I do believe Arizona will go Trump otherwise it will be 49 states to 1 state pro Trump. Right now, America can not survive a Democratic rule!!!

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      All of the democrats running for president are lying to the American people. They all know they can’t deliver on their promises of FREE stuff to everyone. It’s monetarily impossible. It’s all a ruse.

  6. Elmer Fudd says:

    We are going to have to rewrite the entire Constitution And Bill Of Rights once we get this POS Mafia Crook Out Of Office.
    ——————TRUE FACT —————–


  8. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Well ain’t something

    If any1 has ever witness a TRUMP rally

    then they’d know that all the hateful liberal mediias fake deceptive pollings are exactly

    that fake pollings, NOW their maybe just a smidgen of truth to those fake deceptive

    liberal media pollings when it comes to just how many liberals whether they be

    ??US citizens?? or not!?

    BUT their 2 acknowledging truths to adhere

    (1 Truth) President TRUMP’s rally rathers are OVERWHELMINGLY successful

    with a GREAT many people, much mainly his supporters, if not all

    (2 Truth) the liberal demoncratic left knows & acknowledges that truth of President TRUMP’s rallies

    and there’s absolutely nothing they can/will do about changing any outcome about

    deterring any US TRUMP supporting citizens who wants to/will show up at

    his US Patriotic rallies to give there proud US support for him

    SO when the hateful liberal medias puts up their fake deceptive pollings against our

    US President TRUMP, then their pollings are just a fart in the wind

    they stink extremely but last for only 2nd’s and then they are forever gone

    Thank God

    ????❤????TRUMPence2020????❤???? successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly
    Amen & Amen!!!

    • Margie Moore says:

      Except for the touch of profanity, I agree totally.
      To show Trump’s supporters, BEFORE the election when Trump came to Baton Rouge for a rally, he was two hours late because of the traffic jam of all the folks who came to see him and hear him speak!

  9. Steve Scoutaris says:

    All of these democrat candidates are saying that healthcare is a right. But nobody can explain to me how something can be a right if it infringes on the rights of others? How can anybody have a right to something that costs money? Do we all have a right to other people’s money? If one person can’t afford to pay for their right does that mean you’re obligated to pay for their right for them? That would mean you just lost your right to your own money you earned. We have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We can’t have a right to medical care, food, clothes, education, or housing. You can’t have a right to a commodity because that means you have a right to other people’s property.

  10. Tony says:

    A poll by Dem’s for Dem’s. It, like every other tactic they try, will not work to their advantage. Lying is there standard operating procedure. People are aware.

  11. PHIL says:

    The only way Trump will lose if the conservatives don’t watch out for the cheatin scumbag, lying POS DEMORATS STUFFING THE BALLOT BOX

    • Cranky Independent says:

      I’ve often thought that instead of a recount of VOTES, I would demand a verification of each and every VOTER who supposedly cast a ballot. When you read stuff about Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and others having more votes cast than there are registered voters, you know it’s the dead and the illegals doing all the voting.

  12. manuel govea says:

    Dont belive the stupid polls Trump will win by a landslide how can anybody be so stupid to vote otherwise and go back to the way we were when Obama the worst president in history send us backward to more welfare and unemployment and the world did not respect America. The mob will lose and that’s for sure….

    • Wicked Woman says:

      manuel govea……the answer is that yes, many people in America are that stupid to vote Democrat. The majority of people in my family are those people. They hate Trump for the dumbest reasons and do not recognize any of the good he has done and is doing. They scare the hell out of me. I can only pray and hope they come to their senses and vote Trump in 2020…..and let us not forget all the illegals, felons, and dead people that will be voting Democrat too!

    • 2004done says:

      manuel goves (polls are stupid): Well, I asked my former senator, our former sec-state, if polls were accurate in Chappaqua, NY and she said “STFUYA,” which I assume is leftist for “Yes, very.” So look forward to biden=warren repeat of 2016, unless we get too cocky.

  13. Rick McGeeney says:

    Oh, I love it! Couldn’t have said it better! Right on the mark!!!

  14. Scott says:

    And Hillary is polling at 98% winning!!!! YAHOO!! Oh….wait…..

  15. Alan says:

    Ah, the Californication of Arizona has become a factor, among other things.

  16. John Galt says:

    Monkey wrench the polls. Lie to the pollsters. It’s fun.

  17. I Know … The LEFT still believes MOST OF AMERICA IS “STUPID” … and we will blinly VOTe for anyone who will give us something for FREE! … They are dead wrong baby! Most of us do not even bother to take their lame polls. And half of the ones who do? Don’t answer honestly! LOL … That’s why we are called “THE SILENT MAJORITY” … Or as our President likes to say: “THE FORGOTTEN MAN/WOMAN” … yep, we are the ones showing up at the VOTING BOOTHS PULLING THE LEVER ever so quitely for PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! …. And any other Conservative Constitutional Loving American Running FOR POLITICAL OFFICE! Bet your Bippy on that baby.

  18. NOBODY says:

    I’m in AZ, he’s got a whole lot more then the two votes here.

    I’m 62yrs old, Mr. Trump and my leader!

    As long as I can remember voting this is the First time I didn’t have to pick between the LESSER of TWO EVILS:

    Thank you Mr. Trump


      I haven’t a clue were the left got those to vote against the President; but, if someone wants to make a wager I’ll be glad to take your money!!!

      • 2004done says:

        ENRIQUE IGLESIAS: I’ll take that two-bit wager, because next to my divorce, BEST money I ever spent losing. Where should I happily send the two-bits?

  19. Greg says:

    The Arizona polling numbers are proof positive positive that there should be a border well around California protecting America from the Gavin Newsome, open border, S-hole and all the “ever so enlightened” nut cases that currently inhabit it. It would save money on the California section of the border well, and once California is declared their own sovereign country, we won’t have to bear the consequences of their ridiculous governance OR their pesky electoral dedelegates. Hopefully that edge of the country will indeed break off under the weight if their own stupidity,

    • marleen davis says:

      You said it!!!!!!! Gavin Nuisance is a Satanic Evil Entity. I live in California and we are trying to impeach that slimeball. Unfortunately the Republicans and all Conservative causes are bombarding us Registered Republicans with constant mail begging for funding. I get 6 + a day! I have donated to the impeach Newsome and please, everyone reading this, please do the same—we cannot change California without ridding ourselves of these dishonest, horrid people in Sacramento!

  20. helene says:

    the Democratsimmoral and te trash media do everything to manipulate te result but president Trump we are not corrupted or stupidto vote fo te corrupted party supportedObama the muslim to destroy this country, you are te best presiden working for the American,. not like all rhe Democrtas candidates, ty are bunch of liars jus want to make money ar any occasion. sestroyed America, and this time where they get the money to give everything free to all te crimina from around te world. finally if they winn, we the American have to work to death to pay for the liars immoral.

  21. TexanForever says:

    I voted “NO” in the question about Trump winning in AZ just to throw crap into the polling game. … Keep the Left confused and overconfident by polls. … Actually, the commie Leftists are going to get stomped into oblivion. … Their defective candidates will win it for Trump. … Warren talks so much crap she’s probably a Yaqui, if anything. … MAGA

  22. Inday Brady says:

    I never believed the polls. There are many who are quiet Trump supporters. The polls can be manipulated and biased. Trump in 2020. Trump US president FOREVER.

  23. N says:

    ‪Under President Trump, best economy in decades, lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks,Hispanics,Asians EVER (women in 15years)lowest unemployment ever, The list goes on. Best president ever, President Trump!‬

  24. N says:

    Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too! Now that America is great again, let’s keep it that way! Trump 2020!

  25. Gizmoed says:

    These idiots flee California and Democrat policies, just to vote the same way, and live under the same policies.

    • John Galt says:

      and ruin the states that they flee too!!

    • Cranky Independent says:

      Yeah, I don’t get it. Like you said, they flee California and once they get somewhere like Texas or Arizona they immediately start voting for the dim-witted liberals with their high taxes, control of everyone’s life, ridiculous rules and regulations. Isn’t that what they supposedly couldn’t stand in California? Why ruin decent states by turning them into California (or Oregon and Washington state)? And once these states are ruined, where will they run to next and start ruining another state?

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        The Muslims do the same thing. The all flee their crap-hole countries and move to Europe or the U.S. and then immediately start trying to change those place to match where they left.
        Go figure.

      • Will Penny says:

        Cranky Your exactly right , they move to get away from the liberal BS , but vote the same type of liberal simpleton into office , they’re half brainwashed , that might be worse , the saying goes ,
        ” Stupid Is , As Stupid Does ” that’s the Liberals , I do believe I’ll be keeping my 2nd amendment rights , no matter what , because with fools like all you liberals are , creeping around trying to undermining our Consitution and Bill of Rights , right out from underneath our feet , we damn sure don’t need the enemy beating at the gate , for we have you Idoits in the damn house to keep a eye on 24/7 , in fact we should kick your butts the Hell out of our Country , you bunch of Traitors , keep it up and that’s exactly what’s going to happen , it’ll be our pleasure to send you out to sea on a leaky old ship , Old Davey he’ll be down in his Locker , at the ready for your arrival

  26. Joan Orfanakos says:

    If the democrats win you can be sure it will be illegally. Then America will never be the same again there will be hell to pay. We might as well be dead. And God will not save us this time because the demon????????????????????????s threw Him out????????????????????

    • Amen!!!! Well, we knew it would happen sooner or later. I just don’t know if the whackies are leaving California it’s getting to stupid there or they see the writing on the wall and want to be east of the San Adreas fault. Either way, they are still a bunch of fruits, nuts, & flake I pray there are enough silent Trump supporters to pull Arizona out of stupidville.

  27. Jake says:

    I love these polls. Didn’t the polling show that Clinton, not Trump, was going to win the 2016 election? Anyone who believes the polls is a fool.l

  28. Lisa says:

    If Arizona votes for whoever the democrat candidate just shows they aren’t smart or it’s Californians who moved there to screw it up too.

  29. Barbara Smith says:

    Mine, too! I have always felt Sheriff Joe was railroaded because he was right & wasn’t afraid
    of doing the right thing!!

  30. Sandra Haddock says:

    Just like the 2016 election, when I am polled I usually side with the dems “as if” I was in support! BUT, when I got to vote, I voted for Trump! I’ll do the same this next election. I like to screw with their heads a bit, not enough to make a difference but just enough to give me a giggle!

    • Mama says:

      HAHA. Do ‘it’. as the saying goes:
      “Play it Again, Sam”___

    • TexanForever says:

      Ha Ha !!! … I did the same thing (read my post above). Messing with the commie Libs’ heads is fun. Screw up the polls and make ’em think they will get candy on voting day, but give ’em a $h!* sandwich instead. … MAGA

  31. Jack Handy says:

    To jd. You serve ‘yourself’ well , in teaching (w /ph.d) Course on
    President Trump HAS & WILL CONTINUE Major Accomplishments
    for USA. Kudos. MORE ‘comp’d 3yrs Than ANY Pres.
    Economy %
    Unemployment %
    Food Stamp %
    Paris Accord.
    Leveling TRADE.
    2nd A. Preserve.
    150 + Judges Appointed.
    USA Energy %. No more Dependence.
    Rescind BAN on Incandescent Lite Bulbs.
    Strengthen Military.
    ABORTION/ ‘killing AFTER BIRTH’/ w/
    Tissue/0rgan ‘harvesting’.
    Shall i go 0n ?

  32. Sal says:

    Just the media, they learned nothing from 2016.
    In the era of Trump, polls mean nothing.
    I know, I know these folks have jobs to do, but they fail to report that supporters of Trump would not admit they support Trump, leaving what they will do on election day secret.

  33. Mike Flanagan says:

    The only pole that counts is the one on Tuesday, November 3 2020.

    • Mama says:

      ps. this is like jd. statistic polls.
      Of which he taught is some college
      “HOW To Lie W/ Statistics”.
      Let me repeat. JUNK.

      • Mama says:

        sp. IN ‘some college’ etc.

      • Dr. J. D. says:

        Just like you did in 2018, when confronted with data you don’t like, you deny it. You are like the Jim Jones cult when the evidence of the true man surfaced, most of the cultheads denied it and called it “junk.” You have become the new”flat-earthers,” climate deniers, fools who claimed that bleeding a person with the plague actually helped patients.

        This poll is very consistent with the Fox poll, the Patriot Pulse article about how Texas is now in play and a “toss up” and the national tracking which shows the unfavorability of Trump to be like 55%. But, go ahead, even medical doctors have to put up with the ignorant patients and ideas on folk medicine.

        The reason it is like the data I give you, is simply because it is true, and reliable.

        • Mama says:

          I liked the ‘Reliable data ‘ in 2016 ! LOL
          You got no place to Go?jd. Soros/Dems WILL
          pay you for your ‘spew’. Why you here?
          Got no place else to Go ?
          You’re 0n ‘chatty talk ‘ junk’ & ‘we Know___
          You’re a sad ‘puppy’. Got No ‘friends?
          Take a hike. I could Debate YOU ANYTIME.
          You lose.

        • Mama says:

          I ‘baited’ YOU for a response. LOL
          You ARE ‘gullible’.
          >btw: Adults Here Do Not NEED ‘your’ news.

        • Elmer Fudd says:

          Dr J D. You can see the desperation in their post’s 2018 was a referendum on the losses their going to have in 2020.
          This ORANGE ORANGUTAN MONSTER is a rebirth of HITLER !!!
          No body has ever imbraced COMMUNISUM like this IDIOT !!!
          Just watch The Family On Net Flix see who these people realy are!!!
          He WILL start a WAR very soon he’s a desperate MONSTER for re-election!!

          • Steve Scoutaris says:

            You don’t know anything about Hitler or communism. Maybe you should stop watching Netflix and start doing some actual research on Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Learn something. Learning is fun. You should try it.

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            Just the data, now time for the great Trumper game of denial, Latest ABC/WaPo poll of “head-to-head competition of Trump with top 5 Democratic leaders:

            Biden…………55%…(plus 15%)……………….40%
            Sanders………52%…(plus 9%)………………..43%
            Warren………51%…(plus 7%)…………………44%
            Harris…………50%…(plus 7%)………………..43%
            Buttigieg…….47%…(plus 4%)…………………43%

        • Steve Scoutaris says:

          Do you honestly believe Biden could beat Trump in a debate?
          Biden can’t even string two sentences together without a gaffe.
          He bumbles around on stage and rambles about record players and stuff.
          He’s an embarrassment, and even Obama tried to talk him out of running.

    • Kate says:

      Totally agree…definitely a democrat article…

  34. Will Penny says:

    It’s simple , either your a American citizen with proper ID or your here illegally and not a citizen , how much clearer can it be , you damn liberal crooks can take your stupid camel sucking ways and stick them up where the Sun don’t Shine , Up Yours SIMPLETONS

  35. John King says:

    Considering the the number of ‘Never Trumpers’ out there, and the DNC candidates as of now . . . the polls reflect exactly what they did when Hillary ran, WISHFUL THINKING AND MEDIA SLANT ON THE FACTS . . . we are watching Fake news in action!!

    The only real chance the democrats had was in Tulsi Gabbard . . . and she’s not Left enough for them!!!

  36. Robert Ratto says:

    Arizona a few years ago during the obama administration passed a law requiring everyone to proof of ID. before you vote. The demacrates took it to court saying it was racial profiling. They won. I often wondered how can it be racial profilig when everyone has to do it. In my state we have to do it. The dems. just wanted the illegal vote. The Dems can’t win with out it. Can Trump can win or not depends on the illegal vote.

    • old man coyote says:

      Look at Joe Arpaio. Tent City was a success and the inmates said they preferred the outdoors. The so-called Female Chain Gang was a success as the gals loved being out in the fresh air clearing litter and weeds. I was a typewriter repairman for the county and often got to see the inside of the prisons. Overheard a gal declare doing time for drugs was her version of a Summer Vacation – got her in out of the heat.
      But refugees from the West Coast are changing all that. They’re fleeing their ball busting stated and telling US how to live. It was only the Demoncraps that declared Joe a racist profiler. Protesters were bused in from California whenever there was flak over Jan Brewer’s policies. But all that, as well as the license plates, is changing now. Something wicked this way comes.
      By the way, Joe is trying to make a comeback – he and Trump have my votes

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