Donald Trump was smiling from ear to ear when saw the vote totals in this key state

A handful of swing states will decide the winner of the 2020 election.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are within the margin of error in all of the final polls.

And now Donald Trump was smiling from ear to ear when saw the vote totals in this key state.

Since 1992, every candidate who won Florida, won the Presidency.

With Democrats making a massive push in early voting and the Fake News Media hyping coronavirus, Joe Biden and his campaign thought it had a strong chance to carry Florida.

Public polls showing Biden holding a narrow lead bolstered the Left’s confidence.

But after the early voting period ended, it was Republicans feeling more confident.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton led Donald Trump by about 96,000 votes after early voting and Donald Trump won the state by 112,000 votes.

Four years later and Democrats held a similarly narrow 108,000 vote lead after the early vote period concluded.

Breitbart, “The early voting period concluded over the weekend in the Sunshine State. The most recent data, released Monday morning, shows that Republicans vastly outpaced Democrats in early voting, holding a 555,562 edge. With the election just one day away, Democrats continue to hold an advantage in mailed-in ballots, up 663,685. Overall, throughout the early voting period, Republicans reduced the Democrats’ total advantage to 108,123, casting 3,404,088 ballots to the Democrats’ 3,512,211 (when mail-in voting and early voting are combined). Nearly two weeks ago, on October 21, Democrats held a 486,797 overall ballot advantage.”

Republicans in Florida and on the Trump campaign feel confidence about carrying the state’s 29 Electoral College votes.

Any path to a second Trump term begins and ends with Florida.

And as voters head to the polls for Election Day, Republicans believe their traditional advantage with voters who vote in person on Election Day will carry Trump to victory in Florida.

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