Donald Trump was just stabbed in the back on the caravan by one shocking traitor

Donald Trump is considering declaring a national emergency and ordering the military to build the border wall.

It may be his only chance to stop the migrant invasion.

But he was just stabbed in the back by the last person he ever suspected.

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano wrote an op-ed claiming Trump’s proposed executive action to build the wall is unconstitutional.

Napolitano wrote on Fox News:

We know from the plain wording of the Constitution and from history that all expenditures of money from the federal treasury and all federal use of private property must first be approved by Congress. In 1952, the Supreme Court ruled on this when President Harry Truman seized American steel mills during a labor strike and directed the secretary of commerce to hire folks to operate the mills, pursuant to his own emergency declaration that steel was vital to the war effort in Korea. The court held that only Congress could authorize the seizure or adverse government occupancy of private property and the expenditure of money needed to operate the mills.

Then, in 1976, Congress provided a definition — which, shortly thereafter, the courts refined — of a national emergency: the existence of events truly beyond the ordinary, wherein there is a palpable and immediate threat to lives, safety or property that cannot be addressed by the employment of ordinary government assets or the exercise of ordinary governmental powers. That is hardly the case today with the former Central American caravan in Mexico now settled in and housed by the Mexican government away from the border.

Trump supporters were stunned.

There were rumors floating in 2017 around that Napolitano was considered for a Supreme Court nomination.

But now conservatives breathed a sigh of relief knowing the President passed on Napolitano for Neil Gorsuch.

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329 Responses

  1. Shirley says:

    Right on. I give to no organization until I’m sure it is one I support.

  2. Sarah Vinson says:

    So would I!!!!

  3. Ken says:

    M’ Son’s Wives might be to blame.

  4. Ray Copeland says:

    I would like to know how all these none Americans got into the USA office

  5. Bill says:

    I did vote in favor of Trump because i do believe in him, but I do think Judger Napilitano is honesxt in the way he interpets the law and Trump should listen to him as well as other jurists

  6. Judy says:

    Good response – thanks – saved me the trouble.

  7. MSPS says:

    Barbara, The judge has been increasingly unsupportive of Trump. I have no idea what is behiind his comments lately but they are definitlely growing more and more negative which surprises me.
    There is only one judge that I trust when it comes to constitutional law and it is Mark Levin. Are yoou familiar with him? He is amazing and he disagrees with Nappy most of the time. Try giving him a listen.

  8. MSPS says:

    Wow! Betty what bit you on the ass? I suppose you are of the opinion that the “first lady always” big mike obama is the most beautiful lady? in the world . S/he is called big mike for a reason, it’s because of her big dangly s/he can’t quit groping.
    Why on earth would you call Melania a whore? Do you have personal knowledge that she is? And what makes her worthless? You have made some pretty nasty allegations about her. She is a beautiful, classy, educated, intelligent, loving, hard working woman who speaks five languages or more while your vile hatred indicates that you are none of those things and from your post it is easy to see that you have not yet mastered one language.
    Your words suggest that you are a bitter, hateful, intolerant, judgmental, nasty prune. I suspect you are also jealous of our magnificent first lady as well. How does it feel to live with all of that ugliness inside of you?

  9. Retta Brown says:

    I have for sometime. I refuse to listen to him. He is deep state in my opinion

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