Donald Trump was just stabbed in the back on the caravan by one shocking traitor

Donald Trump is considering declaring a national emergency and ordering the military to build the border wall.

It may be his only chance to stop the migrant invasion.

But he was just stabbed in the back by the last person he ever suspected.

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano wrote an op-ed claiming Trump’s proposed executive action to build the wall is unconstitutional.

Napolitano wrote on Fox News:

We know from the plain wording of the Constitution and from history that all expenditures of money from the federal treasury and all federal use of private property must first be approved by Congress. In 1952, the Supreme Court ruled on this when President Harry Truman seized American steel mills during a labor strike and directed the secretary of commerce to hire folks to operate the mills, pursuant to his own emergency declaration that steel was vital to the war effort in Korea. The court held that only Congress could authorize the seizure or adverse government occupancy of private property and the expenditure of money needed to operate the mills.

Then, in 1976, Congress provided a definition — which, shortly thereafter, the courts refined — of a national emergency: the existence of events truly beyond the ordinary, wherein there is a palpable and immediate threat to lives, safety or property that cannot be addressed by the employment of ordinary government assets or the exercise of ordinary governmental powers. That is hardly the case today with the former Central American caravan in Mexico now settled in and housed by the Mexican government away from the border.

Trump supporters were stunned.

There were rumors floating in 2017 around that Napolitano was considered for a Supreme Court nomination.

But now conservatives breathed a sigh of relief knowing the President passed on Napolitano for Neil Gorsuch.


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329 Responses

  1. Ray Copeland says:

    I would like to know how all these none Americans got into the USA office

  2. Bill says:

    I did vote in favor of Trump because i do believe in him, but I do think Judger Napilitano is honesxt in the way he interpets the law and Trump should listen to him as well as other jurists

  3. Jan says:

    The one an only reason the communists do not want the Wall….. Is it will effect their votes. They do not care about the safety of the American people….. Only power. Trump could give 20 million illegals amnesty and Democrats would turn it down, because it’s proposed by Republicans and not the Communist party.

  4. Victor Smith says:

    please unsubscribe me

  5. Don says:

    Any money donated freely to a cause, no matter the cause, is not the business of Congress. We can give as we please to anything we wish as is OUR right, judge. So shut up.

  6. john furlong says:

    Another maggot who calls himself an American! We need to clean out our courts and place Americans in office

  7. john furlong says:

    Another maggot who calls himself an American!

  8. Ernst says:

    Napolitano might be correct; it seems a matter of interpretation and opinion. But for sure Napolitano must not care about American lives and American quality of life to side with the open borders leftists and let in more murderers and rapists. Napolitano is a rat!

    • Laura Goodridge says:

      So the Judge giving his legal analysis , as he has done on air for years, which is not favorable for we who support #45 and #BuildTheWall, that makes “the messenger” the rat! NO!

  9. Harry says:

    Napoli tank was told to go liberal months ago or be fired! Traitor!

    • Stella says:

      I really don’t understand why Fox have him on there. He is a Liberal Tratior, he thinks he knows it all

    • Stephanie says:

      Harry, You are correct Napolitano has been compromised possibly by Dem? Rupert M’s sons? That is why Conservatives are finding other outlets & U-Tube Videos for the truth. Fox is also trying to demonize Laura Ingraham bcuz she is a Christian.

  10. Tom says:

    but i guess it’s not unconstitutional that there are Dumbocrats that want to abolish the constitution altogether.

  11. RTC says:

    Just build the wall already!!! That judge is WRONG & needs to be terminated. The wall is long OVERDUE & better get built or otherwise there’ll be RIOTS & possibly WAR

    • PatrioTEA says:

      And, why do you think that Trump hasn’t declared an emergency? If he could, he would have already. We’re screwed, that’s all!

  12. Nancy Smith says:

    I have thought all along that Napalitano was not supporting Trump. Why is he on Fox. Dersowitz is fair and yet he is a Demo. I would like to see him in the WH as something.

  13. That’s why he was asked to retire.
    That being said, research McCarrin-Walter Act 1952 8 USC Ch. 12.

  14. The emergency act of 1976 declares that in unusual cases where the lives and safety of Americans are threatened, the president can declare a national emergency. Caravan after caravan have been forming to illegally enter the country and along with these caravans comes much crime, disease and possible death. These are caravans are to be considered unusual and therefore a national emergency can be declared.

  15. Jon Darmes says:

    No shock, the judge is never Trumper Trash. Always was. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  16. Pat says:

    Judge Napolitano veered to a decidedly liberal commentary immediately AFTER he was rejected by Trump for POTUS. Gee wonder why he now attacks Trump at every turn?

    • Jean-Jacques Vitrac says:

      Very interesting comment since Judge Napolitano seems to have turned against President Trump since he was not proposed to the Supreme Court.

      • Mack H Cain says:

        Mack Cain—–Jan. 20. Judge Napolitano, how do you explain the fact that Obama gave $1.7 BILLION to Iran, without any notification or request to any congressional body, apparently just called the Secretary of the Treasury, and told him to ship the funds. And $400 MILLION was in cash, on pallets, shipped in a C-130 US Airforce aircraft? He just stated that he had his phone, and his pen, and did not need the House nor the Senate. He had no more legal right to do that than I have. Can anyone name just ONE Democrat that objected to that action ???

  17. Barbara says:

    Under5stand this with the judge and FOX news —- The people behind fox are not really conservatives. Remember they have given Hannity warnings. The same thing is being used on the judge. These people get paid to speak . So when the judge told the truth they have slammed him a couple of times. So the poore judge is riding the fence .

    • Carol says:

      I wonder…it is so sad to see how much respect he has lost and what kind of person he truly is…I had him pegged all wrong…I thought he was better than this…what a disappointment. What kind of person rides the fence for a paycheck?
      He is no different than Judas…where are his principles?

    • MSPS says:

      Barbara, The judge has been increasingly unsupportive of Trump. I have no idea what is behiind his comments lately but they are definitlely growing more and more negative which surprises me.
      There is only one judge that I trust when it comes to constitutional law and it is Mark Levin. Are yoou familiar with him? He is amazing and he disagrees with Nappy most of the time. Try giving him a listen.

  18. William J Vital says:

    Why doesn’t anyone point out how much money EACH illegal costs the taxpayers every month or all the disease they bring into our country. A high percentage of those diseases were eradicated from America many decades ago.

  19. Dr. J.D. says:

    From Fox News: “A Quinnipiac University poll released Monday found that 63 percent of voters agree with the Democratic proposal to reopen parts of the government that do not involve border security, with 30 percent opposed. The same poll found 63 percent also oppose using the shutdown to force wall funding, with just 32 percent supporting.

    “The poll found that 56 percent of American voters blame Trump and Republicans in Congress for the partial shutdown, compared with 36 percent who say Democrats are responsible.

    “An earlier Washington Post-ABC News poll also found more Americans blame Trump and the Republicans than the Democrats over the stalemate.”

    • Bob in GA says:

      Yes, those polls indicate those results and we know how accurate they’ve been over the years by skewing the populations interviewed, truthfulness of the respondents (if they bothered at all), and basis on actual journalism and research rather than opinionated camera trolls. This is a big assumption on this end – if you’re a real doc or scientist and understand statistics, given the current environment where GOP voters are silenced on media platforms by Californicated geeks and editorializing, “spew vs review” buffoons rule the airwaves (on both sides), how precise a measurement of the legal voting populace are these daily daliances in the public realm?

    • Diane L Revard says:

      Are they blind. Can’t people see that the President is trying to give the dummy’s what they want. Special aide for the illegals. Extensions,.etc

    • BigJoe says:

      And Hillary Clinton was favored to clobber Trump in those same polls. I guess a poll and wishful thinking is all you have.

    • Randall M says:

      Waaa!shingoton Post=ABC News Poll? You still listening to Fake News?

    • Stella says:

      Dr. J.D. of course your information on the poll results will right, they only interviewed liberals, daw!!!!!!!

    • Shirley says:

      I don’t know what poll you’re seeing but, the one I’ve seen says democRATS are to blame, I can’t belive this BullS***t because he was elected saying he was going to built the wall. The wall needs to be built, everybody that hold office has security and huge fences around their home ,but they don’t think the American people deserve the same protection, people from other countries needs to understand the difference between legal and illegal, so do the slime balls in Washington. If the think we don’t need it travel to the boarder at night and watch them enter this country like cock roaches. If people didn’t want a boarder wall just how did he get elected.

    • Sharon Voyles says:

      Trump sells out every stadium he books. All tickets free. People waiting in line to get a glimpse. People getting acquainted with each other every where be it stands or standing room only that includes the line waiting outside.

  20. dino says:

    about time someone on fox news told the truth now lock that lyin crook in the white house up!!!! c u later crooked donald your one term is about up!!!!!!

    • BigJoe says:

      Does mental retardation run in your family or are you on some sort of drug induced fantasy trip? My guess is it’s the latter. You don’t have a clue whether Donald Trump lied about anything or not. All you know is what you’ve been told. That means you’re nothing more than a useful idiot. A parrot that repeats what he hears without question. You are a person of little to no substance at all. You might as well be a robot with a programable brain. It doesn’t matter if what you’re programmed to say makes any sense or not. The mainstream media loves fools like you that will go out and make a jackass of yourself and not even know it. They know they can tell you anything and like a good little soldier you’ll go out there and perpetuate the nonsense they spew. Those same people would turn on you in a heartbeat if you ever dared to question what they’re telling you. I know this is how you form your opinions because you don’t know Trump personally, you simply believe what you hear which makes you a gullible idiot.

  21. Lola says:

    The Judge is not a traitor, he is just explaining was is THE LAW.

  22. BILL MARTIN says:


  23. Dorothy says:

    Napolitano used to be fair-minded, but recently, he has taken on the Dimms side for everything. I no longer believe in anything he says. He is only attempting to feed the Dimms in their attack on our President. Napolitano should NEVER be on the Supreme Court.

    • Amen says:

      But the truth is that even Justice Brett “the drunk” Kavanaugh would agree with Napolitano.

    • Bobi says:

      I was so happy when Fox let this jerk, oops, ” judge ” go. Don’t know why on earth they brought him back! He’s never correct in in anything he spews out. We always find out later he was wrong! Wish they would give him and Shep permanent vacations. There are more learned and honest legal experts than this guy. Alan Dershowitz or maybe Mark Levin or even Greg Garrett, all are much more accurate and honest.

  24. Gary says:

    When the congress fails to provide the necessary funds needed to defend the national borders as stated by not just Trump but also by the experts on border security. It is time for citizens to take action to replace those in congress who fail to respond to the crisis. I implore every citizen which congressperson did not vote for the necessary funds should be recalled and replaced. To use this as a political tool to discredit the president is not in the interest of good government and violates their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States for without secure borders our constitution is at risk.

  25. John Fulkerson says:

    One of the main functions of the Federal government stated in the Constitution is to protect it’s citizens from foreign invaders. When I see what happened to Europe and how these well dressed, well funded, well fed, and instructed people in the ‘caravan’ and their arrogant behavior on their way and when they got to the border, throwing rocks at our border patrol officers. I know that this is an invasion. Do I want people like that living in the US, NO WAY! I also regard any of our public servants who are trying to let them in as Treasonous against the citizens of United States. This is common sense not rocket science. The President does have the right in an emergency to do what he is doing. This is an emergency! The whole world is watching to see what we will do, and if our corrupt government gets away with letting them in and not building the wall there will literally be millions of people arrogantly coming across our borders and demanding to be taken care of by our fake money machine. Look at the videos of Europe right now. There are people everywhere living in the streets, if that’s what you want they’re going to be camping in your driveways and raping and murdering your wife and kids. Napolitano you need your head examined. Since when does anyone have a right to come to a sovereign country and demand to be let in and taken care of. Our public servants are not our rulers, we are their rulers. They do not have the right to lie, cheat, and deceive the people. The founding fathers said that when they do that they need to be removed from office by the people.

  26. Bill says:

    This judge is a joke and I believe hes part of the never Trumper crowd

  27. Walter says:

    The Judge needs to review the laws and the differences between Privet interests and Goverment interests.
    The borders of the USA are owned and must be protected from iLLEGAL ALIENS foreign or DOMESTIC at all costs.
    Remember Bengasi when our Secretary of State did not act on our intelligence and a lot of valuable lives were lost and her comments later were “WHAT DOES IT MATTER NOW.
    How comforting that those lives were so meaningless they were from our Government.
    Don’t another disaster occur on your watch

    • GRAMPA DON says:


  28. Judy Stinger says:

    This is a national emergency and President Trump needs to act now especially with caravans, and I mean more than one, building and trying to invade the US. The Democrats have been through the nature and totally betrayed the US and the American people as they always do. Napolitano has never been a fan of President Trump and every chance he gets he continues to stab him in the back.

    • Meadowlands says:

      I believe Nap has an electric fence at his place. I hope some caravan participants make their way to his neighborhood in Newton N.j and set up camp in his yard

  29. Janet says:

    pete: I’ve been thinking this for some time! I have noticed Napolitano becoming more and more to the left. What is the matter with these people?

    • Ric B says:

      They must have a mind and be able to critically THINK! Don’t they know you should leave that at the door like all “good” Trump cult followers?!?

  30. Israel Horowitz says:

    This is a national emergency just by the damage being done by the headlines. The president should go ahead just like Truman did.

  31. WAKE UP says:

    Trump supporters NEED to WAKE UP!
    Trumps boat is sinking at an accelerated rate. It’s only a matter of time before this corrupted compulsive liar is removed from office. My assumption is: you all would prefer to be Russian citizens. Republicans held President Obama to platinum standards. Republicans have held Trump to feces standards. Now all we have is a pile of feces. Trump & McConell will be going to prison. Lock them all up! It’s a shame our country is being destroyed and Trump is preparing and leading the way for Russia to take over the United States of America.

    • Casebolt Shane says:

      Stupid response. Educate yourself and try again.

    • sonny says:

      You’ve embarrassed yourself with your stupidity , I would suggest drinking way less MSM Koolaid especially CNN / Rachael Maddow etc. Our real threat is Islam and Trump is the last Patriot standing to prevent just that

      Your lack of reality is appalling

      • reality check says:

        YOUR reality which is a biased Trump follower. HOW is it that Trump, without listening to his experts and military, talks to the leader of Turkey and decides to abandon our allies in Syria and let ISIS come back again? How is it this WEEK that Trump is doing the will of Putin, including reducing RNC criticism of aggression on Ukraine, Trump justifying Russia’s aggression in both Crimea and Syria, Trump working since Day 1 to get rid of USA sanctions on Russia, successful in dropping the sanctions on Oleg Daripakca (Russia mob leader), defends Putin in Helsinki then on the way home tells a NYTimes reporter that Putin did not interfere (when evidence is clear he did and Putin admitted it), and attacking NATO!!???

        Trump is COMPROMISED AND HAS SHOWN IT ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS – -like when he allowed only Russian delegation to Oval Office (no Americans or USA press there, but Russia press allowed) and he gave away classified information. If you can’t see this, you are deliberately chosen to be BLIND.

    • Hydro says:

      Tonight take some hay to bed with you and feed your nightmare. You need to get use to the fact President Trump will be in the people’s house for 6 more years. By that time the wall will be in place, immigration reform will be completed and a third Supreme Court Justice will have been placed on the high court. Enjoy your day.

    • Carolyn Javaux says:

      Wake up, you are too stupid for words! Maybe you should leave OUR cou Un try!

    • Lynn B says:

      In your Dreams !! Watch out Snow Flake TRUMP TRAIN COMING THROUGH !!

    • Andy says:

      You do not have a single clue as to what you speak of.!!!!!!!! Step away from the debate .

    • Diane L Revard says:

      He’s blinded by hatred. He can’t see the job market is better. All he hears is Pelosi and Schumer and all their lies. He doesn’t realize what a good Nazi he is. Poor WAKEUP. It’s okay.

  32. DSC says:

    He has the right to do it and I wish he would do it. Like the saying goes….GET ‘ER DONE!

  33. pete says:

    Andrew Napolitano has increasingly become just another political hack who is biased against President Trump! Silly opinions like declaring a National Emergency is unconstitutional is bogus since the action is covered by law duly passed by Congress and signed into law by President Gerald Ford in 1976. The least Napolitano can do is fact check his silly pronouncements!

    • Janet says:

      pete: I’ve been thinking this for some time! I have noticed Napolitano becoming more and more to the left. What is the matter with these people?

  34. Bonnie says:

    First of all Glenn Beck suffered some kind of a mental breakdown or whatever paranoia second of all judge Napolitano has become a Critic of Donald Trump I don’t know what his problem is he’s against everybody nowadays maybe he’s having a mental breakdown too but Levin those the Constitution he has served other presidents before it is Donald Trump given right as Commander in Chief of the United States of America and the citizens there Ian to protect us from and invasion or criminal activity and to protect us from Isis and other things that want to destroy the United States of America that is his job. No one can keep him from the clown it an emergency a national concern if Obama was a piece of junk could do it 12 times President Donald Trump can do it one time to preserve the Safety and Security of our country down and declare a national emergency and F Nancy Pelosi the freaking Democrat and the judge has lost his ever-loving mind

    • Bonnie says:

      I apologize sometimes I get angry but I noticed I had some mistakes within but I hope you get the gist of what I’m trying to say Donald Trump is the commander-in-chief nobody is above him judge try to stop them but the Supreme Court of the United States is the only one that can stop him but I don’t think that you’re not the Supreme Court will go against the Constitution of the United States of America that was set in stone by our forefathers. I’m beginning to think our forefathers were the only one that was smart and how they constructed the Constitution of the United States of America

  35. Craig Murphy says:

    The president can invoke Article 4 , section 4 of the constitution. Screw the statutes, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. All the President has to do is declare there is an invasion of the southern border and declare his finding is indisputable except by Congress. He can then use his Article 2 powers as Commander-in-Chief, order troops to the border ( which he has already done ), issue rules of engagement and advise DHS that this is no longer a civil, but a military matter and have border patrol retreat behind the military line.

  36. Rob says:

    Eddie Munster is full of crap Obama declared National emergency 12 times for a stupid crap.
    Mr. President you do what you have to do if you get no cooperation you declare a national emergency and tell Eddie Munster go to hell

  37. Kara Wright says:

    I wish that Fox NEWS would get rid of Judge Nap. He is nothing more than a spoiler.

  38. Don says:

    Napalitano can’t tell where I can out my money. I want it on the wall even IF it’s given straight to the builder by Kerflage……and it’s NOT government money where Congress has a say stupid.

  39. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Romney,Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio, Sessions, Collins, Flake, Haley, Nap)they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

    • Thomas says:

      I don’t know about the rest but, you’re wrong about Trey Gowdy!

    • reality check says:

      My, M, how many enemies you Trumpers have!! And given how females, the young and how independents voted strongly against you in the mid-terms, and how even Trump support is peeling away due to the Trump shutdown, just HOW do you ever expect Trump to win another election? Even Fox is turning against Trump!

  40. I am going to stand with the Judge on this one. I read that statute authorizing the President to order military construction in the event of a national emergency. That’s 10 USC 2808. It does not state how the national emergency is to be declared, only that, if it is declared, the President can do certain things.

    The President is going to have to assert that he has legal authority to declare a national emergency unilaterally (as opposed to going to Congress and asking the legislature to declare the emergency). Then it will be up to the Supreme Court to decide if he has that power.

    However, if such an emergency is lawfully declared, then the President has authority to build a wall, if that is (in his opinion) militarily necessary.

    Here is the statute:

    10 U.S. Code § 2808 – Construction authority in the event of a declaration of war or national emergency

    (a) In the event of a declaration of war or the declaration by the President of a national emergency in accordance with the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) that requires use of the armed forces, the Secretary of Defense, without regard to any other provision of law, may undertake military construction projects, and may authorize the Secretaries of the military departments to undertake military construction projects, not otherwise authorized by law that are necessary to support such use of the armed forces. Such projects may be undertaken only within the total amount of funds that have been appropriated for military construction, including funds appropriated for family housing, that have not been obligated.

    (b) When a decision is made to undertake military construction projects authorized by this section, the Secretary of Defense shall notify, in an electronic medium pursuant to section 480 of this title, the appropriate committees of Congress of the decision and of the estimated cost of the construction projects, including the cost of any real estate action pertaining to those construction projects.

    (c) The authority described in subsection (a) shall terminate with respect to any war or national emergency at the end of the war or national emergency.

    • And one more point: it is not “treason” as the headline suggests to think that the President’s powers are limited by the Constitution.

      • Joan says:

        Even if the President powers are limited by the Constitution they certainly aren’t limited by the Picgoski/Scummer. Do what you have to do President Trump and ignore anyone that says you can’t do it, including a Fox legal analyst, Napolitano. He is just an so called analyst, and anybody can make statements, even I can be a analyst if I wanted to. No brains required there. BUILD THE WALL NOW AND OPEN THE GOVERNMENT EXCEPT THE SAME SEX BULL S–T.

      • Dr, JD says:

        Kudos, Ralph – – so nice to read someone who looks at the evidence instead of ignoring the constitution and empirical evidence based on their emotive WANTS. People can wish all day for what they desire, but that does not make it part of the law. The constitution was written to develop a form of government to limit the power so that it would NOT be like the European Royalty – – the powers were divided among three equal co-branches of government. It is one reason Nixon could not pull that criminal crap he tried.

    • Hawk says:

      Do NOT be ‘fooled’ by Judge? NAP.
      ALL Expose themselves.
      In a ‘matter’ of Time. boom __ Rough Truth.
      Someone Said: ” PAINFUL PATIENCE” Expose’ ALL.__

    • Gbar says:

      Thank you very much for the clarification . So, without the consent of the Congress, his hands are tied.
      Wish you are wrong, but you’re not.

      GBAR , AZ

      • Randall M says:

        He will find a way to get the wall built. The majority of the American people want it. Including a large portion of the Hispanic population. GBAR, being from AZ, I assume you want it? I am in Chula Vista, CA and most here want the wall.

    • Barry Watkins says:

      You don’t think that there is a war or national emergency
      At the southern border? You haven’t been there. War on drugs, war on murders of American citizens and border officers plus people breaking the law coming our borders. Plus terrorist. What planet do you live on. I am sick of people who don’t give a damn about our country like you.

  41. Michael Boucher says:

    The Democrats are no more serious about border security today than they were when they falsely promised Ronald Reagan in 1986 that they’d secure the border in exchange for amnesty for some 3 million illegal immigrants.

  42. SusanL says:

    The Democrats Political bias is standing in the way of building the Wall on the Southern border. This Wall is a must have for the safety of our Citizens and the Sovereignty of our Country. It is a win for the United States of America.

  43. SuLig says:

    When is it not an NATIONAL EMERGENCY when terrorist and people have no respect for life come into our country. The way of their country is not anything like ours. People are getting murder now. People are dying so so much from the drugs coming through. There is terrorist here now. The WALL has to go up!!!Our President has the right to bypass Congress if he has to. We the People have Spoken!!! Underground needs to stop because we will not have our President impeached!!! So stop now you are wasting your time!!! We want the wall up!! NOW!!!!

    • Silvereagle says:

      Well said. The deep state are the ” BROWN SHIRTS ” and need to be dragged to a GRAND JURY , then all sent to ALCATRAZ. Tourist will then have something to visit . Ob’s deep state has been exposed as the rogues they were and are to this day. WHY ARE THEY NOT IN jail NOW , MR MUELLER?????
      The news media are a bunch of lap dogs controlled by the back room elitists . These people are lower than the Banana Republics .

      • reality check says:

        The reason they are not in jail is that it is made up garbage by the right wing to make excuses for themselves. There is no substantial evidence of a Deep State. Rather, the BELIEF in a Deep State is one’s brain is hooked on conspiracies and/or damaged by a Deep State of dementia.

      • Diane L Revard says:

        Pelosi won’t even meet with the Angel moms. The have been at her office begging to see her. But she won’t even talk with them. Pelosi doesn’t care about the truth. She’s in her Trump hating world. No logic just blind hatred.

  44. Ron says:

    I hate to say it but the judge is beginning to sound like his new limo wrister friend Shepard Smith

    • Bob says:

      Ron, Napolitano hates President Trump. Ever since he was elected Napolitano has been on his case about everything he says and does. Your assessment of him being another Shepard Smith is 100% correct. I use to like Napolitano, but not anymore because he has drank the Democrat cool aid and loves it. I will turn my TV to another station whenever he comes on.

    • Hydro says:

      This judge has fought against President Trump just like Shepherd Smith and Wallace. None of them speak the truth – they only express their personal opinions. All of them should move to CNN or MSNBC – why FOX lets this happen is it reflects the owner of the cable networks thoughts. They are Democrats thru and thru. Everyone of them think they know everything about everything. One day they will meet The One that does – they will be held accountable for their words.

    • Debra Tanner says:

      Ditto RON…… Fox needs to be rid of both

  45. Karin says:

    Judge Napolitano, you are not listening to the voices of the American people. Just like all of our political “Representatives” (in name only). We have a crisis, that just does not cover MS13-illegal access; overrun borders, broken immigration laws, and power hungry leftists. But with the show of diseases that were eradicated in the U.S. long ago we may be looking at an epidemic, or pandemic disease carrying bunch of people who can infect us all even more than drugs. If the left is not of any ilk to protect and preserve our nation, then I thank God that we have a president who does.

  46. Jersey Prophet says:

    “Hell hath no fury like a judge scorned.”

    Forgive me for desecrating a universal adage about women, but when a judge had his lust for a Supreme Court appointment spurned by a president whom said judge once supported, woe be the president who did the spurning!

    DJT was wise not to give Mitt Romney a Cabinet position. He is NO friend of the president. President Trump had better not give Napolitano any consolation prize judgeship, or the knife of this latter-day Brutus will soon be felt by our president not just in words, but in DEEDS!

  47. Meith W says:


  48. john furlong says:

    Our country, our wall, our President, support him!

    • Joy says:

      We are the people who have needed a great president to do what is right! .president Trump has been elected but rejected . I find it very disrespectable how he has been treated. I feel he came into years of neglect and we have been the ones to suffer . Let him do his job. Stop the petty game playing, Blessing ‘s to him and family. . Let’s be kind, be nice and unite. This he said she said is not working. Build the protecting wall or what is needed to keep our country and. People secure .

  49. john furlong says:

    It is America’s wall , we voted for it in 2016, build it NOW, Mr. Trump!

  50. john furlong says:

    Build the wall strong, high and electrify it; use solar panels to save costs1

  51. Robert says:

    The problem in our country today is the mindset of many of our judges! Don’t they know that they are Americans working under the constitution itself? They are the ones that our country that was built under the authority of God, a Christian nation, protecting the citizens of this great nation, inside our boundaries. Our chosen leader, the President of the U.S.A., is a position of honor and respect, he is sworn to the people, which judges are too! The military is not a private entity, nor would the land the wall being built on be, so I don’t understand what Judge Napolitano is truely talking about. I’m sure our President has approval to use federal funds for the protection against illegal invaders into the USA.

    • Joan Workman says:

      No Robert, they do not know they are Americans. They think they are Democrats that run the world. Don’t know who is making all the payments under the desk but we know or at least, there is one or two judges that is honest, loves the Freedom of America, thanks to all the military and brave young men that lost their lives for us, and I don’t even think they know what the constitution says.

  52. ELAINE says:

    That is hardly the case today with the former Central American caravan in Mexico now settled in and housed by the Mexican government away from the border….Napolitano said. This IS NOT just about the caravan! It’s about ALL the INCREASING problems CAUSED by ILLEGAL aliens. Is Napolitano losing his mind?

  53. Tom Edwards says:

    They keep saying this Trumps wall! The SOB. Is the American taxpayers wall. Get the Damn thing Built! The Democrats have two things in mind to take our Country down and Hate Trump! But they hate the whole Country!

    • Joy says:

      People are people. So sad our society is. There use to be respect for man kind. I say build our protection. . America is not free. Our freedom is getting worse.. thank our president for carin

  54. Lena says:

    What has happened to Napolitano ever since he was in trouble in 2017 than came back all he does is bash Trump. Who has paid him off. Oh did he become a liberal all of the sudden? Oh wait he must of switched sides. I got it another Rino or Mueller secret little lap dog. He said he is a friend of Giuliani wow friends like that I rather loose them.

    • TeresaV says:

      His is just one Justice’s Opinion. As a retired Judge he was asked his opinion, he speaks for himself, not the President nor the Executive Branch. That is why he is free to offer his personal opinion. That’s all it is, an opinion. We all know the 9th circuit is frothing at the mouth to make a ruling, which will carry much more weight. Judge Put to has her opinion, it carry the same weight as his an opinion, not a ruling. Judge Judy doesn’t render court rulings, she offers her opinion, here carry weight Only Because The Parties Agreed To Allow Her To Act As A Mediator. Her opinion works only as long as the parties abide by her opinion. Understand the weight of the person offering a opinion , a binding meditation, and a court ruling. Once you know the weight then get upset, he is like Don Lemonhead, vs Sean Hannity they offer Opinions. Not full journalistic weight. Hannity is just same and knows he is an opinionator, Leningrad thinks he is a real journalist.
      Stupidly he simply doesn’t understand his place and no I don’t say that with a racist view…just look at Lemongrass record he points and stomps off stage too much for him to try to call himself a Real Journalist…Winchell would be spinning in his grave…

      • Teresa V says:

        Judge J Pirro, please forgive my kindle auto spell correction and calling you Judge Put…
        You are highly regarded as a commentator and as a fan I meant no disrespect.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

      Exactly! He’s been Zombieized. Money talks!

    • Pat says:

      Absolutely, he has been bashing our president for quiet a while I have noticed. Glad you noticed it to, Lena. Pres. Trump, be aware of Napolitano’s change over toward the left, please do not elect him for supreme court judge nor any gov. office. thank you.

  55. zee says:

    Painful Patience Exposes the Real Snakes.
    Now ‘we’ Know.

  56. Dash says:

    Napolitano was in the running for a Supreme Court slot? That’s why he turned against Trump! He didn’t deserve it anyway! He is unjustifiably full of himself. He is a TRAITOR RINO from our corrupt legal system!!!!

    • Anniedawn says:

      Obama’s Border Patrol Chief, Mark Morgan(?), who was an FBI agent for 20 years then BPC who ACTUALLY was at the border said he totally disagrees with those who deny we need a secure border. He was very emphatic about his stance and had good reasons why we need border security. Also people who have served as government attorneys, judges. governors, ex-fbi, cia agents, you name it they have agreed we need a secure border. The ONE thing Democrats ignore are Americans killed by illegals.

    • TeresaV says:

      Napolitano was a viewer’s hope for High Court.. Seriously never considered as On Trumps list of Judges.. So calm down, and think of the Beatles.. And let it be..

  57. Brian Richard Allen says:

    Mr Nappy does indeed put on his pants a leg at a time but because his legs are so short, even that doesn’t make a whole man of him. And he’s a mental dwarf.

  58. manuel says:

    This judge is full of crap he is just another Trump hater we are being invaded by this caravans of criminals that want to harm the American people and this liberals dont give a damn.

    • Sarah says:

      But strangely, he was SO PRO Trump during the election and after – during the time Trump was interviewing for future positions. Then ALL OF A SUDDEN – his attitude changed very noticeably!!! WHY WAS THAT??

  59. Judy Stinger says:

    Napolitano continues to prove that he is anti-Trumo. Every expert, including judges and lawyers, agree that the President of the US Is authorized and has the legal right to declare and proclaim a national emergency. One wonders why Napolitano doesn’t get it that the crisis at the border, and our safety, is a national emergency.

  60. Tom Curry says:

    This judge is full of for Trump shouldn’t listen to this wack ass judge!!! Trump does have the right to call for an emergency and he doesn’t need the Congress to pass anything when their is and invasion on our country, and that is what the difference is from what the case this judge was talking about !!! This judge better go back and read up on it period!!!

    • Lunchladie says:

      Agreed Trump does have the power in light of the current border situation and the threat of another caravan expected to head north. “Then, in 1976, Congress provided a definition — which, shortly thereafter, the courts refined — of a national emergency: the existence of events truly beyond the ordinary, wherein there is a palpable and immediate threat to lives, safety or property that cannot be addressed by the employment of ordinary government assets or the exercise of ordinary governmental powers. That is hardly the case today with” Members of the caravan are NOT all housed in Mexico so I think the action would be appropriate.

  61. Carl Smith says:

    Ex-Judge Nappy is just another man who was fortunate enough to be elected or appointed to be a JUDGE. He still puts his pants on one leg at a time unless he is now also Omnipotent like the Gender Selection Crowd. I would Love for him to explain Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution? How many millions INVADING our country ILLEGALLY will it take before it rises to the level the judge considers it NOT A NATIONAL EMERGENCY????

    • Brian Richard Allen says:

      Mr Nappy does indeed put on his pants a leg at a time but because his legs are so short, even that doesn’t make a whole man of him. And he’s a mental dwarf.

  62. Linda says:

    I’m so sick of everyone thinking they are president. WE VOTED FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP, NOT CHUCK, NANCY OR ANYONE ELSE. I’m just going to stop there. If I don’t y’all will be reading into next week. Napalitono sucks and has become a back biter.

    • Frank says:

      Thank you, Linda, for writing out my comment.

    • Carabec says:

      It has been obvious for weeks that ‘Judge’ Napolitano has been BackStabbing the President of the United States when he appears on FNC. Now he has put it in writing! He disgusts me.

    • Carabec says:

      It has been obvious for weeks that ‘Judge’ Napolitano has been BackStabbing the President of the United States when he appears on FNC. Now he has put it in writing! He disgusts me.

    • theolddog says:

      You radical, rabid, racist righties voted for a POTUS, not a King, an Emperor, or a god.
      Our Constitution is based on Checks and Balances, or have you forgotten your 8th Grade history lessons (if you made it that far).
      This Judge did exactly what the Constitution demands he do – keep the other ranches from exceeding the powers granted to them under our Constitution.

      • Jersey Prophet says:

        The Constitution names the President as Commander in Chief. As such, if it is his judgment that the nation he took an oath to protect against enemies foreign and domestic is under peril of invasion by a hostile force, it is within the president’s purview to deploy whatever means necessary to protect Americans. Do you read that? AMERICANS – not foreigners!

  63. Keepyourpower says:

    IMO Judge Nap is a never-Trumper. Been one, for a long time.

    • pete Kennedy says:

      Absolutely, true. Remember the Judge was the one who claimed the
      Muller was the BEST. Failed to check Mueller’s corrupt
      past history especially the disaster in his FBI tenure in Boston.

    • MARK says:


  64. Douglas Day says:

    It would do fox good to dump judge nap, then dump shepherd. Much better tv

  65. David Anthony Lelli says:

    Napolitano is an idiot. It is not a crisis when millions of laws are being broken by illegal immigrants coming to this country every year? It’s not a crisis when there is an epidemic of drugs flooding over our border from Mexico? It is not a crisis when human traficking and violent gang members are excorting these migrants in to our country unchecked? It is the president’s perrogative as the chief executive officer to enforce the laws of the country. He has wide latitute in determining what is a crisis for that reason BY THE CONSTITUTION. When laws are being broken on a widespread scale as they are at our border, he has the absolute right to act.

    • James A Langham says:

      So, you believe in a dictatorship.

    • Judge nap. is lower than dirt. I have been concerned for while. Now we know. No more cheering for the fake judge.

    • Michael says:

      Agree 100%. The open-borders Marxist Democrats are obstructing the wall thereby preventing border security and NATIONAL security. They are also PREVENTING the use of “ordinary government assets and ordinary governmental powers” as well as preventing “the approval of congress”. The border is being overrun by illegal migrants, promoted by a major political party, and these ARE “events truly beyond the ordinary”. Judge Nap is wrong on all counts and President Trump is totally justified in using executive action to build the wall.

      • Carl Smith says:

        Good Post! What the Progressive [Lenin’s “Useful Idiots”] don’t understand is America shed blood and treasure to ATTEMPT to have a Government that allowed the “WE the People” to SELF-GOVERN and our Founders recognized that “This Republic was meant for a MORAL & RELIGIOUS People and totally unfit for any other”. They were also intelligent enough to add the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights. I will join Patrick Henry in declaring ” Give me Liberty or Give me Death” and YES I’m a Deplorable, Sexist, Racist, Misogynist, homophobic, dreg of society that clings to my guns and my Religion. MOLON LABE–Any Questions???

  66. WZT says:

    I have been listening to Judge Nap since he has been the so called judicial authority on FOX and found him to be wrong more often than right. I see him as nothing more than a bag of hot air mixed in with his huge ego. The shame is he has nothing to be egotistical about. There are 3 people on FOX that need to go, judge nap, Shepherder Smith, and Charlie Gasparino who is, I think, on the same level as judge nap on Fox Business News.

  67. WZT says:

    I have been following Judge Nap since he has been the so called judicial authority on FOX and found him to be wrong more often than right. I see him as nothing more than a bag of hot air mixed in with his huge ego. The shame is he has nothing to be egotistical about. There are 3 people on FOX that need to go, judge nap, Shepherder Smith, and Charlie Gasparino who is, I think, on the same level as judge nap on Fox Business News.

  68. jim says:

    Just another weasel lawyer. This guy is a real POS he needs to be a man but he is a low life A&&hole trying to act like a conservative.Fox should fire this lousy bastard.

  69. Daniel Mount says:

    All I can say is Judge you are wrong! “Unconstitutional?” The President Has every right and it is his responsibility to make sure all Americans are safe and that all of our borders are secure. Where in the hell did you go to school? Oh! wait so now you’re on the Democrats side and maybe you always were?

    • Cath says:

      what don’t they understand about “the existence of events truly beyond the ordinary, wherein there is a palpable and immediate threat to lives, safety or property that cannot be addressed by the employment of ordinary government assets or the exercise of ordinary governmental powers. ” IMMEDIATE..THREAT, SAFETY/PROPERTY, CANNOT be ADDRESSED…
      Are these judges THAT stupid or do they REALLY think WE are that stupid?


    • Richard says:

      I will agree with you that the President has every right if it is a means of curbing the over flow of people crossing the border especially illegally and if it is a means to drastically slow down the drug trafficking. It also is the responsibility for us as citizens of the United States to express our concerns in this matter. I don’t see a way that could be as affective as the wall to curb over 75 percent of the illegal crossing. That would free up the border patrol agents and allow them to work at controlling the other percentage. The percentage is only one I fell would be fairly accurate. It could even be higher but I don’t see it as being lower.

    • Walter says:

      Well the Judge just showed how informed he is.
      He is Comparing apples to oranges.
      He specifically compared this to the steel problem.
      If the judge would reinvestigate ther is NO correlation at all!!!!
      The president is securing government property and governmentployees.
      The boarder belong to the government and must be secured at all costs.
      The democrats showed their interest of Security through their Secretary of State when she ignored, as the dems, are doing
      then blame everybody around especially the POTUS when overturned at the borders and Americans are killed defending.
      People need to rise up get in the face of every Democrat and give them no peace wether at a restaurant, gas station or where ever they may be and tell them to build the wall and reread the constitution that they swore to.
      Place a lot of emphasis on the new ones who we changed the standard to allow them to tear down OUR Country

  70. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    After hearing Andy along with a couple of what very few law abiding federal judges and yes these couple maybe 3 in all besides Napolitano all denied that anything as an Activist/Legislating judge does not exist I would not agree with Drew on much always wondering if he had an ulterior motive for his viewpoint.

    Now that we have my personal opinion of the dear former federal judge out of the way let me say that a steel slat fence, or is it chain link, it certainly is not the concrete wall us patriots were promised, any way not even a wall was going to hinder Cartel business for long they would have brought in state of the art mining equipment to tunnel down underneath.

    Only an army of armed troops patrolling the border will keep that scum out because to me keeping out 30 or even 40 percent which I believe is the optimistic projections is not good enough for me.

  71. Rod says:

    The man is a f en loser as well as a sleazy liberal prick. Fox needs to dump him like a smelly trash truck dumps its load. Horrable

  72. Tom says:

    I assume that you all know that Napolitano has been threatened that the Dems would release extremely sensitive info on him from the NSA unless he followed their direction.

    • Linda says:

      No I’ve not heard about that. I’m surprised because I am usually on top of that. It could be because of Fox’s new mgmt as well. Now that really ticks me off. Now I hear that damn Castro from San Antonio is running for president. Those guys are a bunch of crooks.

  73. Ed says:

    Point of fact. Thank God for Rush Hannity Levin Savage Pags Malkin Carr. They clarify goings-on thru the noise created by the left.

  74. Penny Stute says:

    I have learned through this entire process that there is only one authority on the constitution that I trust-Mark Levine. I am sure all of you know of him and if you don’t you are missing an education and a treat! He is a frequent guest on Hannity and has his own radio program.
    On the other hand, time has exposed both Napolitanio and Dershowitz’s grasp of the law to be lacking and in Nappy’s case he has become a political weeble wobble, depending on which way the winds shift.
    Levine opines that Trump has the authority to do what he says he is going to do, including declaring a national emergency and that he already has congressional authority to build the wall but you need to listen to Levine for the specifics because my short term memory is lost, never to be found again! Listen to Levine if you want to know the truth, and don’t get dizzy from weeble wobbles~*~

  75. John Leach says:

    With Congress being as pathetic as they have been in January of 2019, I am not sure they would be able to come to any decision that would benefit this country.

  76. MRSGUNNUT10 says:

    Napolitano seems to be doing the Liberal Left talk thingy again. He does that sometimes to stay on the ” Right ” side of both ( Left and Right ) Political Groups. He has even been throwing in some of his own ” I THINK ” Personal Opinions also and you can tell when he is doing that by checking the Camera. He knows when he is getting Publicity and loves to be on the Camera , an when he talks, he does keep glancing at the Camera , once in a while , to make sure he is still being shown full figure. As they say ” Once a Federal Judge – Always a Federal Judge” . TSgt., USAF Vietnam Vet. & Systems Analyst, Retired.

    • Patricia says:

      Did you know in Arizona that damn idiot has relatives in the Arizona mafia?! Hes an idiot that doesn’t know what hes talking about!

    • Jim says:

      Has always looked like Eddie Munster and for some time now he sounds about as intelligent. Munster, er the judge, never ever says anything supportive of President Trump or agrees with anything the President says. The judge constantly tells us why Trump is wrong or why Trump cannot do whatever the President proposes. Napolitano is getting to be a nuisance and is a pain in the ass.

  77. bagster53 says:

    i think betty is on the wrong web page , go to aol betty , i get deleted over the n word , so why don’t she get deleted for her volgarity

  78. So called Judge nap was only a state judge in NJ. Fox news and other stations treat this person like he is all knowing on all laws. I question his ability to supposedly know all there is to know about Constitution , Federal laws, and decisions from various courts from across America. His bias since Trump put in 2 other good Supreme Court justices,( and not nap, ) his opinions have changed to the left on all things Trump. Used to like him but I am now convinced his train is off the tracks, and he does not deserve credibility from the real factual news outlets.

  79. Betty says:

    Any “traitor”? to mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE, is just a true Patriot trying to save the real American people, from that Oval Office republican Retard & everyone of his bunch of republican Retards

    • OriginalAnna says:

      You talk like a radical democrat. Look in the mirror and say those words and you will see your face so filled with anger it is eating you up inside. Gees jealous much.

    • Edna says:

      Boy Betty you are one of the haters. Calling our First Lady a whore. Someone should shut your dirty mouth up

    • Betty- people who have to express their opinion by using insulting names toward those that they might disagree with is called an illiterate cripple . By calling the 1st Lady that awful name you are showing everyone on both sides that you have no respect for any members of your own gender and that you are off your Prozac again. Slow down and try to express yourself in a more civil manner. The statements that you made show that you have some serious anger issues. Try to slow down and think things through before demeaning yourself and making any more disgusting comments. Good luck.

    • Thomas says:

      Betty,Betty shame on you! It would appear that you know a lot about “WHORES”, speaking from experience are you?

    • Patricia says:

      Did you know in Arizona that damn idiot has relatives in the Arizona mafia?! Hes an idiot that doesn’t know what hes talking about!

    • Patricia says:

      Hey Betty, our first lady really is a lady and not a damn tranny like that michael posing as a lady And maybe one of your family members will become a victim of these democrat nazis and illegals!

    • Owen M Wolf says:

      Betty just how far up your ass did you stick your head ?? OR- Are you just running for poster child of the you cant fix stupid movement.

    • Bill says:

      Betty I wish a 2,000 lb asteroid would land squarely on top of your filthy no good head; maybe it would knock some sense into your evil brain. By the way you are the nasty slut not Melania.

    • Keepyourpower says:

      Betty, Aren’t YOU the lady! Your words show you have no room to write, on this thread!

    • Celia says:

      Who are you in real life? Hillary? You sound just like her!

    • Sarah Penny says:

      Betty I am not exactly following you, but if you are talking about the illiterate idiot, traitor in the white house at this time. I agree with you. I put a post above but so far it has not shown up. Guess you better not tell it the way it is with Trump if you want it posted. I believe that Trump has worked with and probably continues to work with the Russians to cause a collapse of our democratic government as we know it. He aspires to be Pres. for life and people likely see him as he sees himself. I was amazed at the legitimate report of the assessment that Trump can only read or comprehend on a 4th grade level. We need to get him a more suited job. Too many people evaluate Trump on his money. 6 bankruptcsy’s must pay well for him. No Trump is not a blessing from God, likely a curse.

      • Thomas says:

        You folks are “MENTAL MIDGETS” when it comes to your evaluation of our President. The House and Senate are overflowing with lawyers and very well educated liars and traitors! I wouldn’t care if Donald Trump was not educated, at all. He’s doing his best to undo the mess that’s been made by all those well educated liars and traitors in our government! Those are the very people that Trump is referring to when he mentioned, “draining the swamp”. It doesn’t take an education to make a person a loyal American Patriot, all it takes is honesty, determination and loyalty!

    • MSPS says:

      Wow! Betty what bit you on the ass? I suppose you are of the opinion that the “first lady always” big mike obama is the most beautiful lady? in the world . S/he is called big mike for a reason, it’s because of her big dangly s/he can’t quit groping.
      Why on earth would you call Melania a whore? Do you have personal knowledge that she is? And what makes her worthless? You have made some pretty nasty allegations about her. She is a beautiful, classy, educated, intelligent, loving, hard working woman who speaks five languages or more while your vile hatred indicates that you are none of those things and from your post it is easy to see that you have not yet mastered one language.
      Your words suggest that you are a bitter, hateful, intolerant, judgmental, nasty prune. I suspect you are also jealous of our magnificent first lady as well. How does it feel to live with all of that ugliness inside of you?

  80. Dan says:

    The Judge is showing signs of old age with his babble

  81. Diane says:

    Since the Judge (Napolitano) found himself in trouble in March of 2017 over wiretap claims, his views of President Trump has drastically have changed since. Napolitano now has his nose up Shep Smiths ass. I have lost all respect for the man.

  82. LES says:

    Think there are more Constitutional lawyers and judges that would be willing to
    challenge this TV celebrity judge who is on the semi-left FOX payroll!!!

    Seriously doubt Trump is losing any sleep over the opinion of this one “tainted” judge. Many have watched this guy turn into a parrot and KNOW who he is!!!

  83. Deb says:

    Judge Nap has become the turd in the punchbowl. I listen to & believe in what Mark Levin has had to say! The man is a genius!

  84. eric siverson says:

    I suspect the judge is right Trump probably can’t do it legally . The democrats will keep Trump in court to long . But Trump maybe could go back and offer the Mexican’s a much better trade deal than he has already negotiated with them . More than enough better so that Mexico will gladly pay and even build the border fence with Mexican labor and material . . Trump is smart the Mexicans are smart it is only the democrats that hate Trump so much they are stupid .

  85. Larry Gaines says:

    Napolitano is a asshole Democrat now. He is no Constitution judge and doesn’t know what he is talking about. Napolitano needs to STFU.

  86. Emilio says:

    Let’s follow Trump, He is the only one who will not betray us ..!

  87. sonny says:

    Judas SOB! The Judge has turncoated and everytime he appears on FOX or anywhere hit the mute button. What a POS he turned out to be. He’s just a bitter old FK.
    How many hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer monies have the ILLEGALS Stolen? Free Housing , Health Care , Food Stamps , Welfare , Social Security , SSI , Impacted all Social Services – Local – County – State – Federal . Child Molesters , Rapists, Child Traffickers , GangBangers, Drug Pushers , Thieves , Assault , Murderers etc all cross the border and impact and prey on our citizens. If we had real news reporting they would show the crimes that have been committed on citizens , show the families who have lost loved ones to an illegal.

    Illegals cause wages to remain low , working conditions to remain poor in many industries. Lots of America’s workers lack education and only qualify for low paying jobs – well the illegals swarm to them jobs also and by doing so they keep wages at poverty level. Get the illegal out – Get our Workers off Welfare – Pay them a DAM Living Wage and watch what happens – crime disappears , hard drug use goes way down and life is just better for all

  88. Kathleen says:

    I Stand With My President Trump !

    Judge Napolitano has proven himself he is fake news …yesterday listening to Cavuto talking the way he did to Jan Brewer was disgusting…Thank You Jan Brewer for everything you fought for in Arizona…Your the Best…

  89. Howard Roberts says:

    Napoliano is a turn coat. Lately all he does is try to involve President Trump in collusion. He should;d retire and get off the air or go to CNN where he belongs

  90. Thomas says:

    American lives are being lost, American women are being raped and brutalized, Americans are being threatened and intimidated out of their property ownership, Human Trafficking is rampant and drugs are pouring into our Country! I should also mention that Gangs and Terrorists are taking advantage of our inadequate Border Security. Now, if that’s not a National Emergency, someone tell me what is?

    • john says:

      The National Emergency is Trump, a spy for Russia…”Lock him up!”

    • Michael KARASINSKI says:

      no I didn’t and I don’t like being censored

    • George says:

      The Democrats don’t have a leg to stand on, they strain out a gnat and swallow the whole camel, how soon they forget Elion Gonzales, taken from relatives in the middle of the night out of his bed and deported back to Cuba. Hypocrites! I don’t give a damn right now about the non-essential personnel in the government, they work for us, I’m so damn mad that after our forefathers fought and died for the luxuries we Americans enjoy, it is being given away to anyone who can outrun a border agent. Keep the government shut down. I wish we could fire the non-essential Congress worthless POS in Washington DC! Thank God for Trump, I hope he keeps the government shut down until 2020! Our forefathers are probably spinning in their graves! Wake up people! It is not compassionate to allow criminals to invade our borders!

  91. Dannykeys says:

    Judge Nap needs to take a loooong nap. Mark Levin knows the Constitution better than most lawyers and judges and he agrees that Trump absolutely has the authority in this case.

  92. Jack says:

    I hate to say it, this still remind me the democrats are acting like that paper hanger and his followers and fake news to take over the Country, like the paper hanger did Germany in the 30’s & early 40’s. Read your History.

    • john says:

      The liar and purveyor of fake news is Trump and his administration…Wait until it is proven that the fake news is the TRUTH…

      • Bob I says:

        John you really are a Trump hating Dumbocrat that has delusional ideas. How big is your welfare check and all the other bennies you are sucking on?


          • Joy says:

            Good for you. I was always Democrat . No longer that! They are poisoning their own. I have Faith in our President Trump. I wonder what is everyone afraid of. .?

  93. Henry Narcisi. says:

    Most of the media today and the reporters are exactly compareable to the media in Nazi Germany. The only difference is in Nazi German the reporters were forced on pain of death to follow Hitler line. the reporters today have sold their self’s for 30 pieces of gold. How do they face their families?

  94. Raymond A Martucci says:

    Just like all other judges today are all weak and rather take bribes to look the other way, than do what they all swore to do. Guess it’s in his nature to join the rest of the fake judges to go against the laws of this country and backstab trump just like what Brett did. These judges are all talk they us their title to bully and get away with their bad decisions

  95. Kara Wright says:

    Judge Nap needs to retire and keep his opinions to himself. He is wanting revenge for the Justice position being taken away and given to Neil Gorsech. He is assured that if there become a 3rd position available he will not get any chance at it. He is a walking bully an I always leave the TV when he is on. I know that if President Trump needs to choose someone it won’t be Judge Nap.

  96. Joan says:

    Napolitano is becoming more and more obsessive in his hatred of anything Trump.
    Bye bye Fox. I have had enough.

  97. Terry Stephens says:

    Kudos to all of you! Right on target about Judge Napolitano!

  98. Randall M says:

    Judge Nap is like a fish on the dock. Flipping back and forth trying to find relevance and acceptance. NO integrity!

  99. Ernest Lane says:

    I think Napolitano is completely wrong. In that 1976 law, Congress gave all the approvals necessary. And as far as the money, really, money expended under a national emergency is in the same category as any kind of money that can be spent “as the Secretary man direct” or in some contingency fund. And, of course, Truman wasn’t allowed to seize those steel mills because he didn’t have that 1976 law authorizing him to do just that.

  100. Just1Saddletramp says:

    The case that Napolitano is referring to is totally different from the issue today. Truman tried to seize private property and money in 1952. Trump is talking about using property that belongs to the government

  101. Bonnie says:

    I once thought Judge Nap was interesting in discussions but I no longer have much respect to his anti-Trump views. He has left his bias standards get in the way of truth, I think. Sometimes I may do the same but he is out to try to make a name for himself and certainly wouldn’t want him as a judge. We the people need to search ourselves to see how it effects our people and I believe Trump is looking at both sides and is realistic about it and leaders can’t be led by sheep and our emotional biases. We have laws to live by and one of them isn’t coming into our country illegally by groves. That in itself effects the culture of our country, as well as dealing with the diseases, crimes, ability to once again have a “progressive” ability for protection, security and living standards for our nation.

  102. James says:

    The judge like before, making calls with out having all the facts and knowing all the laws involved. Sometimes I wonder if he got his law degree from a Cracker Jack box.

  103. Robert Ewing says:

    The Judge has last all credibility. i will not be watching or listening to him again. Bye Judge.

    • Carrie says:

      I think he’s auditioning for a top spot on CNN! He sure has lost all credibility on FOX. My wish is that he and Juan and Sheppard all go to MSNBC or CNN.

  104. John P Catalano Sr says:

    I’m sorry to this about supposed Judge Nap, I think he’s a frustrated old man who lives thru controversy. Does anyone know about his credentials? What area of law did he study?

  105. Betty says:

    I’d always had the feeling there was something I didn’t like about that guy. I would tune him out whenever he appears on FOXNEWS and I wish they stop having him on!!

  106. Navy PO2 says:

    I just regurgitated on my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Ed says:

    Kind of sensed the Judge was a conservative in name only. He’s a never Trumper, lefties deep state. We won.. get out of the way.

  108. The Real M says:

    I cannot imagine why anyone, including DJT, was surprised that Judge Napolitano disagrees with President Trump on declaring a national emergency at the southern border to build the wall. Judge Napolitano is a Democrat who spoke and gave fair opinions until the liberal Murdoch brothers were put in charge of Fox News. The Judge and all the other liberals at Fox, Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto, etc. are growing bolder with each passing day in speaking out against President Trump, whether they are right or wrong. I would not be surprised if at any time they join the league of the MSM with lies and fake news against Republicans as well as DJT! I am so disappointed that Fox News has chosen to go the way of the rest of the MSM since they were the only conservative representation we had on TV. I believe the new Newsmax channel (spelling ?) is conservative but I have not gotten into watching them.
    It is such a shame that the news media has lost its way in reporting. We should be able to watch the news without the journalists having chosen sides and do nothing except demonize people with opposing views. We should not be able to guess whether a journalist is Democrat or Republican if they just report the real actual factual true news. Today’s young people are not aware that is the way the news was at one time, it has just been a long time ago.

    • Michael Dennewitz says:

      There are far more trairors in the repooplican party than anyone can imagine.. soreass pays ’em all!😠😡

    • Eva12 says:

      We ared in need of a new, True News network on TV. I find the same FOX personalities as you have sold outplus Martha McCallum, orf whatever, a lady on late night sometimes, of course, Juan Willuams and a few others have sold their ntegrity.

      • The Real M says:

        Eva12, I believe Martha McCallum is a conservative. She is on at 7:00 p.m. Martha scraps with liberals a lot and takes no guff from them.
        Laura Ingram is on at 10:00 p.m. and she is not liberal.
        Shannon Bream is on at 11:00 p.m. and does a really good job. I honestly can’t say whether Shannon is GOP or Dem which is as it should be in doing the news. I really think she is conservative because she is so fair to DJT and GOP. Not many liberals, if any, can manage to do that.
        Juan Williams is and always has been a bleeding heart ultra and irredeemable dumba$$ liberal!
        Jeraldo Rivera is same as Juan. Jeraldo has “lucid” moments but can’t help but revert back to his liberal roots.

        • Zeke says:

          So, you get all your propaganda from Fox – – tell us, M, do you even venture out of the right wing Kool-Aid or just pollute your mind with right-wing cult ideology?

    • Judy says:

      Totally agree. Fox is still tops with viewership. We need to notify them that if they do not dump this judge, Sheppard and the others we are done watching. If enough people did this they would react. As for Newsmax, they are not true conservatives they try hard to attract both sides, and fail. I cancelled their email newsletter as it was often taking the Dem side. CRTV – or at least some of it like Levin seem to be good (not Beck he is a total fraud – never Trumper too).

      • The Real M says:

        Judy, Levin is wonderful and brilliant. He is an expert on the Constitution and a good and conservative man but, is a little quirky or different and that may turn some people off if they don’t understand what he is about.
        Glenn Beck, I did not know he was a never Trumper. There has always been something about him I felt was kind of off. Maybe my gut was telling me he was a fraud. I think he is more of an entertainer than a journalist so I really don’t care for what he offers.

        • zee says:

          Real M. ‘bingo bongo’ re Beck. 1st x i heard
          his ‘voice’, I ‘knew’. the dude is V. savvy &
          fools Many. Remember his ‘tremendous HATE
          campaign, aligning w/Cruz Against DJT. It Was
          Awful & shocking. Anyway, how ya doin’ ?

    • Betty Walker says:

      Watch OANN TV, Directv.Now, Diect TV or stream for $4.99 per month. I was a Fox fan until I found OAN, FOX can’t hold a candle to the. CONSERVATIVE, FAIR, BALANCED, HONEST Network!!

    • sonny says:

      Majority of the people do not understand what is at stake – The Sovereignty of the entire United States , our way of life as we know it. The plan was for Hillary to win , (but thank God Divine Intervention Happened ) Millions of Muslims where to be resettled all across America , Syria was to be bombed Relentlessly, the Southern Border was to be left wide open. Utter chaos would of been the eventual result and False Flags Galore causing what’s left of our freedoms to be no more

      Trump is it, anything happens to him and it is all over and No I don’t agree with everything he does or says – quite the contrary – but I see what’s really happening and Trump is the last hope to stop it – he wins in 2020 and a true MAGA is possible

    • Dan says:

      Perhaps Napolitano got his degree from Trump University. the fake university Trump used to scam people out of their money…Oh, that was fake news?

  109. LarryR says:

    Judge, you are nothing more then another anti-Trump hack. I can’t believe that I once thought you had integrity and staunch constitutionalist background. Was I ever wrong.

    Try reading up on the unused funds of any agency, they do not have to be returned if that entity can justify the use under other conditions, especially in an emergency situation. USDA is a perfect place for you to start your search. Each year monies allocated by congress is ear marked for specific projects and specific items, but once peek fire season hits, and more fire then anticipated occur, all of those funds are frozen by the entities using them, the projects they were being used for are suspended and those contracts are halted. Then all of those funds are diverted to the National Emergency of the fire entity of the Agency. Try and educate yourself for a change.
    And for the record, my post is not some hyperbolic anti-Trump rant like yours is, as I am a current USFS employee and have lived through 6 construction seasons where this HAS happened.
    National Emergency’s take precedent over any and all expenditures, no congressional approval needed, just Washington DC declaring it and bingo, your funds are gone and the place that was declared in need has lots of money.

    • Richard Paul says:

      Totally agree with you and I too had a lot of respect with the judges support of Trump and the Republican Party.
      Fox news needs to part ways with him.

    • John says:

      Probably not as big as your stupidity … This is not a National Emergency…This is a manufactured hoax by Trump who had supporters echoing chants that Mexico was gonna pay…Just another lie that supporters believe…Sad!

  110. LarryR says:

    He is not seizing property to do what he plans on doing, he is utilizing monies already allocated to the military in unused funds. Big difference. These funds sit in a dormant state for an additional 2 years prior to being turned over to the Treasury, and until that time they can and have been reallocated within agency’s for use on things that are similar in nature of what the original intent of the money was allocated for. But in the case of Military expenditures, they are very broad in scope as they do not want to restrct the military from utilizing the funds in the event of a National Emergency. So you lose Judge.

  111. Mona Pardew says:

    Screw that idiot judge who’s always on tv getting attention he’s part of deep state

  112. STEVE FLOWERS says:


  113. Janet Hall says:

    I used to have just a modicum of respect for this little pip squeak….but that day is long gone. This jerk has verbally abused our
    President since the day he was elected. He got appointed to ZERO!!!! And for good reason. This is his pay back. I feel sorry for you ANDY,!!!

  114. Michael Boucher says:

    Okay no wall money, then it is time President Trump moves our soldiers to border permanently to create a wall to protect American lives. This is the workaround to the wall issue and will solve the problem. He is bring home the troups from fighting in foreign countries now to protect this one.

  115. Denis says:

    Ask this babbling brook of a Judicial Joker if he disputes having locks on all doors save for his own!

  116. David L Dean says:

    David Dean So Napolitano spouts off on the “National Emergency” issue and says is fails “his” litmus test. What the judge fails on is his own explanation wherein he provides the very basis as follows: ” the courts refined — of a national emergency: the existence of events truly beyond the ordinary, wherein there is a palpable and immediate threat to lives, safety or property that cannot be addressed by the employment of ordinary government assets or the exercise of ordinary governmental powers. ” One need only look at his own words and we see there are several components in play from his definition. One is the beyond the ordinary; which is met by virtue of estimated 20+ million “illegal aliens” that by even by both sides may be an underestimate. Second, it has cost this country by all estimates in excess of $200 billion dollars for this issue from estimates made by the Government Accounting Office (GAO). Third, and very importantly is that “our” Congress collectively has not dealt with this issue going back at least as far as when President Reagan and Carter were in office. So even a cursory review of the judge’s assessment provides more than adequate foundation and reason for President Trump to declare a National Emergency. Maybe the judge should actually take a moment or two to do a far better analysis of his less than astute evaluation of what is “Constitutional.”

  117. Rodney says:

    While I respect Judge Nap, I have to disagree with him on his point. Trump is not desirous of occupying Steel Mills or any physical structures. He is authorized to proclaim a National Emergency and take defense funds and the Amry Corp of Engineers to contruct the wall.

    • Jerrie MILLER says:

      I couldn’t say that any better. Here here!!

    • Sarah Penny says:

      Such action by the Pres. is the beginning of a despot rule and a dictatorship. What is it that Trump is really up to? He creates a disaster then goes to create another disaster. Our disaster was his secret meetings with Putin. Total of 5 in number with sworn secrecy of the content of their discussions. What should we think? Does America love a traitor?

    • Sarah Penny says:

      Such action by the Pres. is the beginning of a despot rule and a dictatorship. What is it that Trump is really up to? He creates a disaster then goes to create another disaster. Our disaster was his secret meetings with Putin. Total of 5 in number with sworn secrecy of the content of their discussions.

      • john says:

        “Secret” meeting? You can’t be serious. ALL presidents have had PRIVATE meetings with other foreign leaders. Did YOU have an concerns about Obama said he’d “be more flexible after the election.” Flexible my posterior!

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