Donald Trump was just stabbed in the back by the last person he ever expected

As President of the United States, Donald Trump has done everything in his power to put in place his “Make America Great Again” agenda.

But President Trump is facing traitors and saboteurs at every turn.

And now Donald Trump was just stabbed in the back by the last person he ever expected.

One of the Fake News Media and Washington, D.C. Swamp’s favorite talking points is that Donald Trump will destroy NATO by refusing to support America’s allies.

Those are lies.

President Trump demanded NATO allies meet their agreed-upon spending levels on national defense so America can stop subsidizing Europe’s security.

In truth, it is European countries that take advantage of the United States.

President Trump is trying to avoid a war with Iran.

But Iran is attacking oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz to cause chaos and to force the United States to re-enter Barack Obama’s disastrous nuclear agreement.

President Trump asked NATO allies like Germany to assist with Naval missions in the Strait to protect tankers from Iranian aggression, but supposed NATO “ally” Germany refused.

Breitbart reports:

The U.S. has requested naval cooperation from Germany in the Strait of Hormuz as tensions with Iran escalate, but the political leaders of the European nation have refused to assist their NATO allies.

The German Federal Foreign Office said that Washington has approached them to contribute to a new surveillance mission in the Persian Gulf but had rejected the appeal saying there was no prospect of a contribution, German tabloid Bild reports.

Germany’s allies, including the U.S. and the UK, have been attacked in the Persian Gulf by Iran in recent months. and under the doctrine of collective defence guaranteed by the NATO alliance, Germany is duty-bound to come to the aid of its allies if asked. Yet senior members of Angela Merkel’s left-centrist coalition government have made clear working with the U.S. is out of the question.

European countries like Germany aren’t loyal allies of the United States in this situation.

They want to see President Trump fail so he will be forced to re-enter Obama’s nuclear deal and lift the sanctions on Iran.


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76 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    Fair Weather Krouts – never help them again.

  2. Hanna Byrd says:

    The Nazi strain is still alive and well in Germany

  3. Duane Dean says:

    I hope President Trump is a student of history. Germany started both world wars and will probably start WWIII.
    The world leaders pledged to not allow Germany to rearm after WWII, BUT Germany has!!!
    Watch out the end is near.

  4. ROBERTW says:

    Merkel is a Nazi.

  5. Hate to say it, but if Germany doesn’t want to be a part of the team, we should pull all troops and ordinance from within their borders and demand repayment of all the money we’ve forgiven over the last 75 years. Why we paid to rebuild their country in the first place is beyond me. You start a war and loose, as far as I’m concerned, you can suck hind tit.

  6. Bill says:

    In this situation, Germany reminds me of the welfare queens we have in this country. They want us to support them, but then turn around and bite the hand that feeds them.

  7. Mike says:

    Most of you are playing right into the hands of Moscow Mitch, Trump the Chump, and their puppeteer Putin with your talk of pulling out of NATO.
    The US should pay only their obligated fees, then when funds run low and Europe’s security is in jeopardy they will pay their fair share. We should get out of the Straits of Hormuz and let the countries that are dependent on their oil defend and protect their tankers.

  8. William Swift says:

    President Trump should Move all Troops and All medical to POLAND and tell germany to go to HELL

  9. Severa says:

    Germany and Merkle have taken a lot from the Americans tax dollars. They want everything given to them, they want something for nothing ! Well, well, well, Trump is a man of righteousness and was elected to protect the American people from these something for nothing and wanting more. If they do not co-operate with the USA, then do not expect the USA TO HELP YOU ANY MORE PERIOD. This ABUSE has to stop ! Trump asked to be fair and pay their fair share of the money to NATO. EVERYONE SHOULD BE EQUAL ! If they think Obama is still president they need to wake up cause Trump is fully awake and will not allow anyone country take advantage of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Merkle is a COWARD for not standing up for what is right ! BEGGARS CAN’T BE CHOOSERS. NATO IS GONE, DEAD, NO CO-OPERATION AT ALL ! The USA cannot help you at all anymore cause you all do not help the USA. IT WORKS BOTH WAYS.! You countries in NATO, make your choice the BUCK STOPS HERE. TRUMP 2020 ! We love our president ! SH.

  10. Very Honest Republican says:

    Vicki Ross may be right! It is time for there to be a meeting with the UN Secretary General. Perhaps Germany is ready to go it on their own, that could be arranged. Germany has become untrustworthy as can be. They are full of Muslims now, I predict their whole governmental foundations will evolve. We whipped Germany’s ass before, could happen again … in a sense. So very very sad.

  11. Vickie Ross says:

    Get out of the UN! Isreal is our only true ally now. If you look to history. One of our president’s said never allow Germany to get a military. Well guess what folks they have a military. Germany is rising again.

    • Ray says:

      Vickie, I don’t think we have to worry about Germany’s military rising again because we have all their Nazi’s here in the good old US of A. Germany would have to come back here to recruit nazis and skin heads, in order for them to fill their military quotas.

  12. Ralph Sinamon says:

    Merkel ain’t no friend and never has been! Look what she has encouraged to move in! Poland would LOVE to have those bases that Germany has!

  13. Ulla Camp says:

    Unfortunately our President should have known “that germany does NOT say yes to anything, unless they know that something is coming their way in return”………
    He should have studied up on who built germany back up again after WWII, and he would have known the answer to his question/request……….
    As far as I have ever heard, germany NEVER paid back any of all the millions of dollars that America pour into building it back up after the war……….

  14. Let’s see, Your lawyer turned on you, after you turned on him How about the man outside of the family who has the most power in his business?

  15. alex says:

    Pull the US military bases out of Germany and move them to Poland and Hungary. Enough supporting these MF-ers.

    • Dee says:

      Totally agree Alex . Germany is buying from Russia too so screw them . We should Not be backing them . I for one don’t want my tax payer dollars helping support Germany ! Enough is enough !

      • Jack says:

        In addition, Germany exported the entire TRUMP/DRUMPF tribe to the US – and now we’re stuck with their bastards!

        • 2004done says:

          Jack: YEAH. Five and a half more, thank goodness! Hasn’t ANYONE ever introduced you to yourself? [It’s obvious you don’t know Jack, Jack]

    • Severa Hill says:

      Totally agree Alex America needs to do exactly that move US MILITARY BASES OUT OF GERMANY ! NO MORE SUPPORT FOR GERMANY !

  16. trapperwv1 says:

    My mom, rest her soul, always said they never should have let Germany re-arm the world did it twice and the Germans again think they have power and will try to run things again. I believe she was right

    • mary brumley says:

      trapperwv1, I agree with your mom! I also think when Ole Merkel allowed the Muslims into Germany that she could use them as her army. How did THAT work out for her?? LOL

  17. jonmac says:

    We should honor the commitment with countries that really are our allies and they pay the proper amount that they swore to years ago. No President has ever pushed the curtain and insist increased payments for our protection…If they don’t want our protection then let them go alone or ask the trustful Russia or Iran for protection….same goes for Turkey…. If Trump wasn’t elected it might have been years before the truth came out (if ever) about under payment by NATO Members and the imbalance of our tariff’s with our supposedly friends…..Trump should be reelected just for the above reasons alone….

  18. tom matt says:

    It would nearly be impossible to drop out of NATO because the Congress would not be able to take the jaunts and vacations on government expense to that part of the world. Forget the history of their use of our help and money for so many years….

  19. Kat says:

    Germany has always had the belief that they are above everyone, so arrogant and self absorbed. The eu on a whole are doing this because of the Democrats telling them not to work with him because he won’t be there after 2020. Scumbag Iranian butt licker kerry You tell me he hasn’t received any money from iran deal. That’s why he lied about meeting them in france. Always lay the cost of these foriegn deals on taxpayer’s. So tired of being the bank for the world.

  20. Larry says:

    Merkel will not take any action against a Muslin country and she is totally against The United States

  21. William says:

    Why don’t we form a coalition of willing nations and forget the ones that don’t want to help. This doesn’t have to be done through. NATO

  22. Kathe says:

    Too bad but then not surprising it is Germany who has reneged on its NATO obligations. Germany and Iran are a lot alike but still does not excuse their behavior.

  23. Sally john says:

    Why isn’t Boris helping agree with us??

  24. Dan Winright says:

    So who’s the backstabber? NATO? The country’s that want our money and protection, but cant help foot the bill?

  25. Deplorable Lanie says:

    I think NATO has totally outlived its usefulness! Especially given Germany’s refusal to lend aid when asked. These countries have done nothing but take advantage of the United States for many, many years. President Trump simply asked that each country pay their fair share, because the US was paying but other countries were not, plus they have been taking advantage of our generosity and our military aid for far too long. If Germany does not want to honor the agreement, then it is time for them to leave NATO or perhaps it is time we leave NATO!

  26. Hal Lemoyne says:

    NATO has never had any usefulness to save innocent human lives

    wherever globally except for islamic nations

    and our USofA ISN’T a islamic nation

    WE are a Christian Nation under God
    Amen & Amen!!!

  27. Margaret Harks says:

    I originally voted no but upon further deliberation, I realize that the NATO Alliance is not viable in light of Germany’s refusal to provide help protection for shipping activities in the Strait or Hormuz.

    If the NATO members do not reach total consensus on important security issues under the terms of the Agreement, then the Agreement has in essence been nullified.

  28. Any oil tanker bound for Germany should be sent back to the port of origin or sent to the U.S. Germany has no oil of it’s own and it would not take long for them to change their minds. And for you people who are soooo stupid as to take every word LITERALLY”stabbed in the back” does NOT have to be with a knife!!! A so-called Ally has refused to HELP us.!! Germany has never been ANYONE’S friend. They have been stabbing other countries in the back for HUNDREDS of years. This is nothing new. But the headline got peoples’ attention.

  29. Marcia Martin says:

    I doubt that President Trump is surprised.

    • Alan Wright says:

      Surprised or not, I want to see what Trump does now. I’ve never been a fan of his and now I want to see what he’s made of. Will he change my mind? Somehow I don’t think so. I’m reasonably sure, I’ll be looking for a new President next year.

      If the game isn’t over, it dame well should be. It’s over as far as I’m concerned.

  30. Marilyn Steimle says:

    Delete me from your site no Of no interest to m T/y

  31. Robert W says:

    The Germans need to re-think their NATO obligations or stand the chance of losing all our military currently stationed there. Change in their government might be beneficial to both countries as well as NATO.

  32. Randy131 says:

    This just proves that East Germany has won the unification of the two Germanies, as the previously East Germany policies and agendas are now running the unified Germany. What happened to the responsible West Germany politicians, were they not tuff enough on what the west gave them in a unified heritage of freedom and rights for the German people?

    • jreb57 says:

      Like the RINOs in this country, they did not stand up to the lies of the left. That is why Trump was elected. He is exposing the lies of the left

  33. They will be asking us as they have in the past for help. America has always been on our own. If it hadn`t been for America the entire European nations would be speaking german.

    • Alan Wright says:

      …..and/or Russian!

      I was a Captain (Retired, 1963) with the 82nd Airborne in ‘Nam, and there is nothing about the so-called U.S. allies that I would trust to take out the garbage.

  34. James says:

    Dump NATO, make Germany pay the U.S. back for ww2.

  35. Buddy says:

    I do not think this surprised Donald Trump AT ALL.

    • Alan Wright says:

      Indeed, Buddy, I doubt it as well!

      BTW; my old “nickname” was/is “Buddy”. My father hung it on me when I was a 3 year old kid in Miami, Fla. back in 1943 and it stuck.

      Good to hear from you.

  36. Blue says:

    To Hell with nato!

  37. Melody says:

    When I took the poll it read 100% that Nato has outlived its usefulness! If you have allies that should have your back, and they have given their word, then there should be no hesitation. It looks like Germany has renigged!!! What good is NATO with partners like this?????

  38. Sandra Haddock says:

    Get out of nato, ignore germany and all european countries, and stop any and all funding to those countries who defend nato. AMERICAN FIRST!

  39. Colleen La Rose says:

    I didn’t feel like reading this…who was it this time that “stabbed President Trump ” in the back?

    • David Custodio says:

      No knives i the article. No stabbing. Fake News!

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Who is it that runs this site anyways? Sometimes I find them a bit questionable. …

        • BJK/jhd says:


        • Alan Wright says:

          “Questionable” Colleen? You can’t be serious. Your merely being kind, as we both know there is no “question”! And neither of us would turn our backs on them.

          Good to hear from you again.

        • Douglas Cooke says:

          The Germanss had Hitler who tried to screw upppp the. Whole world .Now they have Merkle hell let’s send Pelosi over there and the two dumb bitches can destroy that country and all becoume moslems. terrorist tthen we will know where to drop the bombs

      • Ww says:

        Getting stabbed in the back is just another way of saying he was betrayed. But I’m sure you know that, moron.

    • Dennis C. says:

      No knives. Germany just refused to honor their NATO commitment to help with Iran capturing ships illegally.

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Oh, well no matter, as President Trump will always do good for America regardless of whether Germany or any other country backs him.

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