Donald Trump was just betrayed by this one key Republican on impeachment

There is no turning back now for both Democrats and President Trump.

The next few weeks will decide Donald Trump’s political fate.

And Donald Trump was just betrayed by this one key Republican on impeachment.

Former Trump Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert appeared on ABC’s “This Week” with former Clinton political hack George Stephanopoulos.

During the interview, Bossert claimed he was “disturbed” by President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President.

Bossert also asserted that this had been a “bad day and a bad week” for President Trump.

ABC reports:

President Donald Trump’s first Homeland Security and counterterrorism adviser, who resigned after a year in the office, said on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday that he is “deeply disturbed” and “frustrated” by the “entire mess” that began in July with Trump’s phone call with a young Ukrainian president and suddenly this week sparked a firestorm of calls in Congress to impeach the president following the disclosure of an extraordinary whistleblower complaint.

“I’m deeply disturbed by this as well, and this entire mess has me frustrated,” said former Homeland Security advisor Tom Bossert, now an ABC News contributor. . .

…But Bossert described the allegations against Trump as extremely serious.

“That said, it is a bad day and a bad week for this president and this country — if he is asking for political dirt on an opponent,” said Bossert.

Bossert’s comments allowed the Fake News Media to claim the concern over President Trump’s phone call was bipartisan and that his own allies were beginning to abandon him.

This was — of course — a lie.

Bossert also noted in the interview that he didn’t see any abuse of power in the call and that the case for impeachment was far from proven.

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98 Responses

  1. Sam R says:

    Please, if you are going to insult someone at least try to make some sense!! You’re pathetic.

  2. Sam R says:

    You are delusional and are mentally unstable. Someone should report you under the Red Flag rules. There isn’t a shred of truth to anything you have blathered and you should be locked up for your own good. I would wager that you are an antifa terrorist.

  3. URopinions NE Myfacts says:

    Well finally the Democrats are putting the Constitution above Party!!!

  4. URopinions NE Myfacts says:

    Too bad. Sounds like you can’t rise above your belief system which you can’t even question how much truth it is based upon. You have a right to your opinions and belief systems, of course. You have just let us know that your comfort zone is only with like-minded people. Do you really think that this is how the Founders wanted us to solve problems for our multi-faceted country for which they wrote the Constitution?

  5. URopinions NE Myfacts says:

    Sad. Do you only feel secure if everyone in your life thinks and feels the same? Democracy, as understood by our Founders, demands much more of its true Patriots. They saw us as debating with each other until the very end and then some!

  6. URopinions NE Myfacts says:

    The Biden “corruption” will disappear because there is no proof of corruption except what Trumpian blogs post through misleading statements. We have needed investigation of this President because of his actions. Long history of corruption in the Trump family with plenty of witches flying about!

  7. URopinions NE Myfacts says:

    As an independent progressive, and concerned about the moral decay in this country, I do not support ANTIFA. While I’m against fascism and autocrats, I don’t need ANTIFA to protect me. Their anger, like the foul mouthed, gun threatening Trump supporters, are acting out anger that comes from their past, their inability to turn this energy into something positive for the good of humanity, and their buying into the “victim mentality.” You can’t assume! And assuming is what can get you into trouble.

  8. Sam R says:

    Regarding your poll question “Is the Ukraine scandal a witch hunt?” Does an affirmative answer mean you regard the Biden corruption investigation to be a witch hunt? Or, does an affirmative answer mean you believe the investigation of the Presidents phone call a witch hunt? I answered yes because Trump was doing what the President is supposed to do. I believe the Biden corruption will just disappear.

  9. Patriot says:

    How does one go about reporting Domestic Terrorism you know someone who openly calls for Attacking or Harming innocent men women and children of America.
    Russ Walker, 82nd air borne vet, and even Trump himself are calling for attacking and harming American Citizen’s on a daily basis.
    Freedom of speach has limitations once you call for arms or civil war in America you have crossed that line into insanity.
    These people are armed and should be considered very dangerous they need to be disarmed put in jail for terrorist acts against America including trump.
    If your related to these people in any way or form it is your Constitutional duty to report them to the authorities or be also charged with accessory to possible murder.
    If anyone monitors these sites it’s also your Constitutional duty to report these people to authorities including trump who has repeatedly at rallies or on twitter made referance to attack or harm inocent men women and children, surely we should all remember El Paso Tx Las Vegas Nv and so many more is this what has really happened in America today.
    I myself lay all the blame at the feet of all republicans for creating a powder keg of destruction ready to explode in America !

  10. Jerry says:

    Thank you for your service Allan, I, too, am a vet. the DemonRats hate our Constitution. We are a well-armed Militia.

  11. Jerry says:

    I think you are confused, Obummer left office in 2016

  12. BudP says:

    IH8reps, what, are you 12? Did you just hear the word blatherskite and think it is really cool? Try getting a brain and using it instead of just using hate as an excuse to spout your sophomoric blather. Look, another new word for you. Idiot

  13. DrD78 says:

    I believe you sir must be talking about ANTIFA and other organizations like them which the demoncrat party loves so well!

  14. Henry says:

    You are such a Trump hater that anything that makes it into the news against him is truth for you. He’s the best president since Regan and you just can’t stand it. He’s done more since he’s been in office than any of the presidents in the past 20 years or more and you hate him for it. Grow up, pull up your big girl panties and stop crying.

  15. DrD78 says:

    I don’t think you are right IH8reps. Your ID itself points to you being so bias that you don’t have a chance to see all the BS the demoncrats put out! jan is on the right track here!

  16. Mike Lee says:

    Spoken like a Liberal. Keep watching CNN they need the ratings.

  17. Mike Lee says:

    I H8reps you say no one is above the Law. Try selling that bag of BULLSH _T to Killary and Mr. Legacy Nobama!

  18. IH8reps says:

    The Emuluments Clause has already been broken hundreds of times you can’t make that any more clear.
    To Deny this your Myopic !

  19. Patriot says:

    Blind man 57
    Oh i don’t know what about the Emuluments Clause for starters.
    Stop ignoring the truth embrace it you’ll feel so much better about yourself.

  20. Mike Lee says:

    I H8reps you sound like a man with a paper A_ _Hole

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