Donald Trump was just betrayed by this one key Republican on impeachment

There is no turning back now for both Democrats and President Trump.

The next few weeks will decide Donald Trump’s political fate.

And Donald Trump was just betrayed by this one key Republican on impeachment.

Former Trump Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert appeared on ABC’s “This Week” with former Clinton political hack George Stephanopoulos.

During the interview, Bossert claimed he was “disturbed” by President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President.

Bossert also asserted that this had been a “bad day and a bad week” for President Trump.

ABC reports:

President Donald Trump’s first Homeland Security and counterterrorism adviser, who resigned after a year in the office, said on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday that he is “deeply disturbed” and “frustrated” by the “entire mess” that began in July with Trump’s phone call with a young Ukrainian president and suddenly this week sparked a firestorm of calls in Congress to impeach the president following the disclosure of an extraordinary whistleblower complaint.

“I’m deeply disturbed by this as well, and this entire mess has me frustrated,” said former Homeland Security advisor Tom Bossert, now an ABC News contributor. . .

…But Bossert described the allegations against Trump as extremely serious.

“That said, it is a bad day and a bad week for this president and this country — if he is asking for political dirt on an opponent,” said Bossert.

Bossert’s comments allowed the Fake News Media to claim the concern over President Trump’s phone call was bipartisan and that his own allies were beginning to abandon him.

This was — of course — a lie.

Bossert also noted in the interview that he didn’t see any abuse of power in the call and that the case for impeachment was far from proven.


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98 Responses

  1. an says:

    C’MON NOW…………WAKE UP AMERICA………..We know that DEMs are “notorious for spying”………………Do we not realize that these GOP TRAITORS are nothing more than Democrats in GOP clothing. TROJAN HORSES!………………………FURTHERMORE, all these subpoenas to a non-specific crime, while the search for a possibility of crime, are NOT LEGITIMATE SUBPOENAS!………………….WE THE PEOPLE, SHOULD FILE A CLASS-ACTION SUIT FOR DEMS “ATTACK ON OUR VOTE”.

  2. Barry says:

    F_ _ _ him and the rest of the communist p.o.s.!!!

  3. Ernst says:

    There is a good reason why Tom Bossert is the FORMER Trump Homeland Security Advisor. Bossert is not very astute and not a strategic thinker. He should fit in well as a MSNBC “analyst.”

    • 2004done says:

      I have a favorite slug in my garden that would fit in well as an MSNBC “analyst,” but bossert wouldn’t need dubbing to spew the party agenda and my slug would. So I’ll concede that career to bossert

  4. Eliot says:

    Who is Tom Bossert?????????????? I never heard of him, thus he has no credibility! If it was a GOP Senator, then President Trump would have something to worry about, but Bossert is a no-name non-entity, so relax, the President doesn’t have anything to worry about!

    • Bob says:

      Eliot, we do have a Senate Republican who talks exactly like Bossert and his name is Mitt Romney. The ungrateful idiot who ran for president against Obama and let him wipe the floor with him. This was after Romney had won the debate, but turned all wimpy and stopped attacking Obama for his radical views. Of course, when your name is Mitt Romney, you have the very same radical left-wing views. Utah surely must be sorry for ever electing him and I predict, Romney will be a one term Senator or maybe even less than one term. They need to recall him.

  5. Merlin Wood says:

    Treason demands hanging

  6. Sam R says:

    Regarding your poll question “Is the Ukraine scandal a witch hunt?” Does an affirmative answer mean you regard the Biden corruption investigation to be a witch hunt? Or, does an affirmative answer mean you believe the investigation of the Presidents phone call a witch hunt? I answered yes because Trump was doing what the President is supposed to do. I believe the Biden corruption will just disappear.

    • URopinions NE Myfacts says:

      The Biden “corruption” will disappear because there is no proof of corruption except what Trumpian blogs post through misleading statements. We have needed investigation of this President because of his actions. Long history of corruption in the Trump family with plenty of witches flying about!

      • Sam R says:

        Have you not heard the statement made, on video, at the Council on Foreign Relations. Biden: “I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money,’” He was talking about the $1 BILLION in foreign aid to Ukraine and the prosecutor that was investigating Hunter Biden for corruption!!!!

        • Bob says:

          Sam R., I commend you for your answer to URopinions NE Myfacts because this guy is a real left-wing Democrat who believes Democrats are above anyone else and can not be charged with committing crimes like Biden has committed. As you described, Biden’s threats to Ukraine was a real quid pro quo and it was recorded on video. We have seen it many time. President Trump’s conversation to the Ukraine president never came close to be a quid pro quo. Democrats are stupid for their Russian Collusion and this telephone call by the president. Nothing here and they should move on because they are stepping on dangerous grounds. One day, there will be a Democrat president and we will have a Republican House. They should remember, “paybacks are hell.”

  7. Patriot says:

    How does one go about reporting Domestic Terrorism you know someone who openly calls for Attacking or Harming innocent men women and children of America.
    Russ Walker, 82nd air borne vet, and even Trump himself are calling for attacking and harming American Citizen’s on a daily basis.
    Freedom of speach has limitations once you call for arms or civil war in America you have crossed that line into insanity.
    These people are armed and should be considered very dangerous they need to be disarmed put in jail for terrorist acts against America including trump.
    If your related to these people in any way or form it is your Constitutional duty to report them to the authorities or be also charged with accessory to possible murder.
    If anyone monitors these sites it’s also your Constitutional duty to report these people to authorities including trump who has repeatedly at rallies or on twitter made referance to attack or harm inocent men women and children, surely we should all remember El Paso Tx Las Vegas Nv and so many more is this what has really happened in America today.
    I myself lay all the blame at the feet of all republicans for creating a powder keg of destruction ready to explode in America !

    • Sam R says:

      You are delusional and are mentally unstable. Someone should report you under the Red Flag rules. There isn’t a shred of truth to anything you have blathered and you should be locked up for your own good. I would wager that you are an antifa terrorist.

    • C W says:

      You are full of crap!

    • Bob says:

      Patriot, Wow, how did you ever come up with this moniker? It is 100 degrees opposite from what you really are. Can you say, fool, delusional, not accurate, unrealistic, full of excrement, and you really have a bad case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)?

  8. Jonathan Conover says:

    Here’s what I can’t figure out. Why does the Chosen One need a lawyer to begin with? What can a mere mortal like Rudy Giuliani do for the Chosen One? Now they tell me that the lawyer to the Chosen One has lawyered up himself. Only in America! And, the Attorney General is planning a world tour. Will his band be with him or is this a solo tour? As far as I know Mr Barr does not play an instrument except for the meat flute.

    • jan says:

      Jonathan, you’re just jealous that the majority of Americans recognize this latest accusation against President Trump is just ANOTHER WITCH HUNT! The demorats know that Attorney Durham’s report is about to surface, and old John Brennan might be in line for an orange jumpsuit in the new future, so he and his cronies had to come up with another witch hunt to deflect from his problems!

      • IH8reps says:

        Your such a Meglomaniac and full of Blatherskite !

        • DrD78 says:

          I don’t think you are right IH8reps. Your ID itself points to you being so bias that you don’t have a chance to see all the BS the demoncrats put out! jan is on the right track here!


      • IH8reps says:

        r BS
        Remember the line in the movie Deliverance- Squeal Piggy Squeal !
        Very soon trump will be hearing that exact same line in jail from BUBBA !
        Squeal Piggy Squeal !

      • Sam R says:

        Please, if you are going to insult someone at least try to make some sense!! You’re pathetic.

      • Jonathan Conover says:

        Rolando, I can’t compete with you on an intellectual level so all I got is Windshield wipers you wear diapers.

    • Jerry says:

      I think you are confused, Obummer left office in 2016

  9. Allan Martin says:

    Comment by VET is very appropriate we must be ready, its coming and the VETS must be the leaders and get us organized as a militia to defend OUR Constitution, our flag and WE THE PEOPLE! The traitors are seen for who they are and if they try to give us the heav ho! WE shall have another shot heard round the world!! An old VET but lover of our Grand Country and history! God continue to bless US! ARM

    • IH8reps says:

      Spoken like a true Traitor attack anyone who wishes for a true and lawfull investigation into a corrupted potus.
      Your such a Meglomaniac !

      • Henry says:

        You are such a Trump hater that anything that makes it into the news against him is truth for you. He’s the best president since Regan and you just can’t stand it. He’s done more since he’s been in office than any of the presidents in the past 20 years or more and you hate him for it. Grow up, pull up your big girl panties and stop crying.

      • DrD78 says:

        I believe you sir must be talking about ANTIFA and other organizations like them which the demoncrat party loves so well!

        • URopinions NE Myfacts says:

          As an independent progressive, and concerned about the moral decay in this country, I do not support ANTIFA. While I’m against fascism and autocrats, I don’t need ANTIFA to protect me. Their anger, like the foul mouthed, gun threatening Trump supporters, are acting out anger that comes from their past, their inability to turn this energy into something positive for the good of humanity, and their buying into the “victim mentality.” You can’t assume! And assuming is what can get you into trouble.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        ICUMI—corrupt president is being investigated—-OBAMA!!! He’s at the bottom of all the Russian collusion – delusion. They never thought the “QUEEN OF DARKNESS” would lose, Sloppy, now panicking, trying to cover up!! Brennan is really panicking!!! POTUS HAS IT ALL!! ROTFLOL!!! ????

    • Jerry says:

      Thank you for your service Allan, I, too, am a vet. the DemonRats hate our Constitution. We are a well-armed Militia.

  10. h8aliar says:

    There are at least 4 republican senators I think who will vote for impeachment. Romney being the first.

    • IH8reps says:

      Wonderfull-Sorry but that’s what we call a Patriot-Someone willing to stand up for Justice and Crimes Committed Against America.
      Just because your guy’s got caught does not exonerate them.
      No One Is Above The Law !
      If Investigation Turns Up Crimes Against Clinton Or Obama Or Biden So Be It Let All The Crooks Fall Like Dominos Please Allow Them To Squeal On Each Other.

  11. frank yelt says:

    Trump is GUILTY! He has faithfully served the American people such as a good POTUS should do. He is a bad example to the demonrats who can’t handle efficiency, duty, honor, and COMPETENCY! It works against them. They do their activities in the dark and behind closed doors. Trump is the best, most honest, hardest working POTUS in my life and I was born under FDR! I will not vote for any demonrat again. Trump 2020!

    • IH8reps says:

      Your a Meglomaniac and full of Blatherskite!

      • BudP says:

        IH8reps, what, are you 12? Did you just hear the word blatherskite and think it is really cool? Try getting a brain and using it instead of just using hate as an excuse to spout your sophomoric blather. Look, another new word for you. Idiot

  12. Lyudmila says:

    Rats fleeing a sinking ship? An escaping rat appears more and more – a traitor: Amesh, Romney, now – Bossort. Hello rats! – we are not drowning, we will sail, but what will happen to you?

  13. Mike Lee says:

    This site needs to explain to everyone responding with a comment that their comment may or may not get posted. Five times I’ve tried commenting on the betrayal of Donald Trump and used no foul language nor was I purposely being offensive, even though I could have exercised that right because of my Freedom of Speech. Yet none of those 5 got posted. Even if you print this You still haven’t given an explanation for not allowing at least one of the 5 others to get posted

    • IH8reps says:

      Mike Lee
      Because you must never under any circumstances ever speak the truth only lies and deception.
      That’s why so many wild accusations are allowed there nothing more than Blatherskite.
      If your a Meglomaniac feel free.
      If your Mendacious great.
      If your unable to be Myopic even better.
      And don’t forget twitter allows trump to openly tweet for harm and or violence against American Citizens.

  14. J says:

    Hey Bosset, read the transcript phone call. Don’t be stupid, and kill your chances for reelection, when your tome comes

  15. Mike Lee says:

    I’ve responded twice to Trump’s betrayal and for no apparent reason when I go to Post my comments they are not printed. I’ve used no foul language and yet can’t seem to get my comments posted. After the first comment did not go through, I rewrote the comment again to no avail. Should this get posted I need someone to explain why my other comment did not.

  16. 82nd Airborne vet says:

    And people please please I beg you tell your friends your family members the truth in what you see happening because this election is so very Important I don’t care if you even have to tell them will no longer be friends if you vote democratic you have to vote 100% Republican or I no longer need you in my life because that’s what I’m doing to everyone in my family and everyone of my friends. Does I tell them ice for and almost died for this nation on several occasion’s and if I can defend it I can say what I need to say and I could choose who I want my life whether you be a family a friend member or a fow. But make no mistake I’m telling everyone in my life what I’ve just said

    • ABC says:

      Then your friendship is not a big loss if you cut them out . . . as you are a person who does not respect the freedom to vote as one believes. It is called a “controlling” and “conditional” friend or family member, unless they do as you tell them to do. You really rate high on authoritarianism and fascism 82. Did you serve so as to disrespect the basic rights of freedom of speech and to worship and believe as one chooses?!?

    • IH8reps says:

      Spoken like a true communist hate anyone or everyone that believes in freedom and justice.
      Chapter 1 in the MANIFESTO!

    • URopinions NE Myfacts says:

      Sad. Do you only feel secure if everyone in your life thinks and feels the same? Democracy, as understood by our Founders, demands much more of its true Patriots. They saw us as debating with each other until the very end and then some!

  17. Zaw Soe says:


    • Lola says:

      Everyone is out of step and lying, except you, is that so, Zaw Soe! That is sure perfect Stepford cult mentality – – – in a parade when one person is not in step with a column of people, it might not make sense to blame the whole column instead of that one person.

    • IH8reps says:

      See Saw
      Your such a Meglomaniac !
      And don’t forget Mendacious !
      And full of Blatherskite !
      Your incapable of being Myopic !
      I’m sorry too many big words for simpletons.
      How about one you can understand your a MORON IDIOT NINCOMPOOP BAFOON !

  18. 82nd Airborne vet says:

    People you’re very so intelligent you really are and I mean this whole heartedly because you can see the truth you can see the writing on the wall what you don’t see is the democrats are willing to destroy our country for their gain we could not let this happen. And believe me when I tell you this there a role in it comes to doing this in New York you can not say illegal alien. Well there goes the 1st amendment. They fund and are funded by arms dealers in the Ukraine But they want to destroy our 2nd amendment they’re really on a roll. Without our 1st and 2nd amendment. They will control us and call for a curfew where we can even leave our homes. And that’s checkmate. And this will not happen on my watch. I’ll stand a post in my neighborhood I’ll patrol my city I’ll protect my home my children my family my friends. The one thing I won’t do is protect or defend a Democrat and I was sworn to protect all those that are either incapable or unable to protect themselves. So being that you’re on your own dems. To me you are now considered enemies of the state domestic terrace and a disgrace to our nation.

    • Russ Walker says:

      Thank you for serving…and I really mean that! I love our military! Always have.
      A call to military Veteran leaders! One thing I have noticed amongst those that have not served in the military is a resolve to go to arms and fight the traitors and domestic enemies to our nation. It is becoming obvious that there is only 1 way to rid the ship of the RATS! However, we need leaders to organize citizen patriot warriors and lead us to the fight. That is where vets come in. We need our veterans to lead us in battle. It is time!

      • IH8reps says:

        It says in the Bible if you could take time to read it.
        Brother Shalt K### Brother !
        If you believed in God or our saviour Jesus Christ you and 82nd would never utter those words.
        To follow Satan is not Christian.

    • IH8reps says:

      And once again the COMMIE speaks bring it on you COMMIE bring it on !

    • URopinions NE Myfacts says:

      Too bad. Sounds like you can’t rise above your belief system which you can’t even question how much truth it is based upon. You have a right to your opinions and belief systems, of course. You have just let us know that your comfort zone is only with like-minded people. Do you really think that this is how the Founders wanted us to solve problems for our multi-faceted country for which they wrote the Constitution?

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      82nd Thanks for your service to our great country. Be careful patrolling your city with a rifle though, the police might shoot first and ask questions later.

  19. Chris says:

    This is what happens when you take all prayer, truth,
    honestly and respect from our government and nation. Let’s pray for our President for a Victory now and in 2020! The traders will chock on it. Their all running scared now why do you think they are in such a hurry trying to remove him!

    • Patriot says:

      To pray for Satan’s Deciple trump is not being Christian you have just sinned before our Lord Jesus you must repent your sins and ask for forgivness before its too late.

  20. Loyd says:

    It is sad that when elections come before the citizens of this country we see so much dishonest acts of both Democrats and Republicans both want power and wealth no matter what. The American dream is slowly being strangled. Power and money is destroying our culture.

  21. Robert Glade says:

    How is an ABC (fake news) commentator who has not been a part of the Trump Administration or homeland security for two years, a “key?” Republican?

  22. Bent Kjolby says:

    How about not being so fanatical partisan

  23. Dan Winright says:

    Dumbocraps are pushing for civil war

    • Amazement says:

      That is what the rumor is and also 62 million are ready.. But lets look at what will happen in 2020 when Trump is reelected. There will be mass riots and violence like we have never seen. The Powder Keg the Democrats and MSM Media will excite

      • veritas says:

        Then it is very great news that Trump will not be reelected! His support is dropping faster than a box of cheeseburgers and Coka Cola tossed off the Trump Tower. Americans don’t tend to like people who continually violate our laws . . . does that Amaze you?

        • jreb57 says:

          What law did Trump violate? Be specific.

          • Patriot says:

            Blind man 57
            Oh i don’t know what about the Emuluments Clause for starters.
            Stop ignoring the truth embrace it you’ll feel so much better about yourself.

        • Mike Lee says:

          veritas according to you Americans don’t tend to like people who continually violate our laws. Please be more specific on what these law’s are that Trump has violated. I for one am very interested to know what these violations are. I admit that as an American I don’t like people that break laws. I wasn’t aware Trump had continually violated laws. You obviously have first hand knowledge so please enlighten me.

        • Mike Lee says:

          By the way do you have a crystal ball, how else could you possibly know Trump won’t be re-elected?

      • Patriot says:

        You can’t be potus from JAIL!

    • The Redhawk says:

      the DUMBASSED LOONS are all HYPERactive in their UNDERWEAR because BARR is getting CLOSE to Unravelling the OBAMA ERA CORRUPTION,,ILLEGAL activities and it got them all going SUPER STUPID in their SOILED PANTIES

  24. Gerry Johnson says:

    DEM PARTY LEADERS are destroying many long term reputations & careers of THEIIR OWN & their victims are being foolish to accept this party self-serving insanity.

  25. ROBERT says:

    We must fight fire with fire! Witnesses brought before congress must testify “under oath”, while those in congress who ask the questions are free to ask any question and make any statement regardless of how preposterous it may be. They may lie, make statements whose only basis is their imagination and in asking the question pontificate on the character of the witness and any other subject they wish! The republican party , with the ag, Barr at it’s head , must subpoena the liars in congress : Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and Chuck Shumer for starters! Then we must pass a resolute law which states, all business carried out in congress must be conducted with those involved, to be considered “UNDER OATH” Failure to question, respond, or make statements in a forthright and honest manor, shall be met with a clearly stated jail sentence and or fine!

  26. I don’t know how Trump holds his head up after beaten around the hesd for three plus years because he won an election against the criminal Clinton. They had the media in Toto, TV, newspapers, e tc. And she still lost. She was a poor, lazy candidate that reflected her attitude that “it’s my turn,” and she thought she had it in the bag. She didn’t, and for three plus years she has used every excuse imaginable why she lost. The true reason she lost was Trump’s 304 Elecoral College votes to her 233 EC votes. The popular vote was won by Hillary because of illegal immigrants’ votes. The bottom line is this: she lost, we won! Stick it where the Sun does not shine!

  27. libra says:

    Igor Pasternak an Ukrainian arms dealer and a great friend of Adam Schiff of CA. “pencil neck?” had 2 fund raisers hosted by Pasternak for 1000 to2500 dollars a plate in 2013. Schiff also accepts funding from George Soros. Adam Schiff has no problem with getting a speech he made into the Congressional record and it was a parody(BIG LIE) about President Trump’s phone call to the Pres. of the Ukraine. Schiff did this even though a copy of the REAL phone call was available. Nancy Pelosi is also a buddy with IGOR THE ARMS DEALER. Were Nancy and Pencil Neck colluding in this fake impeachment scenario?

  28. A S K says:

    Why would a former Homeland official be troubled by a call investigating corruption? Curious, isn’t it? One would think the opposite. Let’s investigate and clear up the matter. More important the issue of security and leaking a confidential top secret phone conversation between President Trump and the president of Ukraine. That’s a huge security issue. But no he’s concerned? Exactly why? What is he hiding? What is his background, and his connections? That has me extremely concerned. Does this alarm anyone else? Reminds me of when Willy met Loretta on the tarmac. Who leaked that meeting? An investigation would answer why this former official is so neurotically nervous and concerned. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find his name connected with a Biden Obama scandal.

  29. T. Bell says:


    • Bernice says:

      He was paid off to do this! All the democraps that cave are only hearing what they want to hear. You would think he would know betterthan to listen to fake news and not listen to FOX where real news comes out. He is a dumb assDemocrap!

    • Mike Lee says:

      T. Bell I’m not disagreeing with your comment. Your having fun while exercising your freedom of speech.

  30. Rob says:

    is “deeply disturbed” and “frustrated” by the “entire mess” that began in July with Trump’s phone call with a young Ukrainian president

    Bossert described the allegations against Trump as extremely serious.

    “That said, it is a bad day and a bad week for this president and this country — if he is asking for political dirt on an opponent,” said Bossert.

    Bossert’s comments allowed the Fake News Media to claim the concern over President Trump’s phone call was bipartisan and that his own allies were beginning to abandon him.

    This was — of course — a lie.

    Bossert also noted in the interview that he didn’t see any abuse of power in the call and that the case for impeachment was far from proven.
    So let’s get this sorted out. First it’s “extremely serious” and “a bad day for the president and the country.” But at the end it’s no abuse of power and a case for impeachment is not proven. So which is it?

  31. Dave /Fiorini says:

    AG Barr is getting to the truth about the Dems. When he gets all the info from other countries the dems, including obama are in trouble. Enough is enoough. The President will only get stronger after this joke of an investigation.

  32. Frank Gonzales says:

    We, the Conservative party, is led by a once in a lifetime leader, President Donald Trump, Will Be victorious because, we the people are supporting him, and we will prevail as winners of the traitor left wing party…..mainly because “cheaters and criminals “ will be the losers they are!! …this is not a duplicate!! Post it!!

  33. Frank Gonzales says:

    We, the Conservative party, is led by a once in a lifetime leader, President Donald Trump, Will Be victorious because, we the people are supporting him, and we will prevail as winners of the traitor left wing party…..mainly because “cheaters and criminals “ will be the losers they are!!

  34. FedUp says:

    SAD! We have EVIL, Hate loving Dems destroying many lives across America. Then there are Rino republicans joining them in their hate. America is being destroyed before our eyes. We have a President fixing what the evil dems have done & are doing. The eyes & ears of many Americans have been closed to the destruction. SAD!!

    • carol oguin says:

      There was a book out maybe in late 70’s or early 80’s . main point we would destroy our country within, not outsiders. it sure looks like that today.

    • facts says:

      Those like most of the Trumpers, can;’t handle the message and proof that Trump has violated the law several times on this matter, . . . . so they take out all their hostility on the messengers!!! If Trump killed someone in broad daylight on 5th avenue, you would blame the victim for tossing him/herself into Trump’s bullet. Yes, FedUP, it is SAD that you are such sheeple, without brains or morality. Just party.

      • Mike Lee says:

        Ok Mr. facts you say Trumpers can’t handle the message and proof that Trump has violated the laws several times so therefore we take our hostility out on the messenger.
        I promise to not take any hostility out on you or any other Democrat. What are these laws that President Trump Violated and out of these laws he’s violated how many of these laws and which of these laws were Violated several times? I guess I’ve been kept in the dark here and need you to specifically name all of his Violations. Would you please clear this up for me?

        • IH8reps says:

          The Emuluments Clause has already been broken hundreds of times you can’t make that any more clear.
          To Deny this your Myopic !

          • Mike Lee says:

            I H8reps it’s time for you to come clean. You got something on Trump then go ahead and spell it out. Your the one that mouthed off about this Presidents violations and I’m still waiting on your explanations on what these violations were. It’s time to stop mouthing off and back up your claims. Now it’s time to present your facts and remember according to you Trump violated these Laws several times so I figure this will take a while for you to list all his infractions but you’ll be happy to know that I’m a patient Man so please enlighten me.

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