Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear when heard this good news about a key state

The 2020 Presidential is heading toward a bitter conclusion.

President Trump and his team contend Democrats are trying to steal the election.

But Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear when heard this good news about a key state.

One of the most controversial decisions on election night was Fox News calling Arizona for Joe Biden with just 73 percent of the vote in and hundreds of thousands of ballots yet to be counted.

The Trump campaign – as well as many election analysts – saw the remaining vote as friendly to Trump and likely to narrow and eventually erase Joe Biden’s lead in the state.
Arizona Republicans also agree.

Congressman Andy Biggs released a statement predicting Donald Trump would eventually win Arizona’s 11 Electoral College votes.

“I am still optimistic about President Trump’s chances to capture Arizona’s electoral votes when all legal ballots have been processed and tabulated,” Biggs declared.

Biggs ripped Fox News for calling the race in Arizona with so much vote outstanding.

“This race NEVER should have been called last night – before a single Election Day vote had been tabulated,” Biggs added. “Those who have called Arizona for Biden must retract that prediction until all legal votes have been processed and tabulated.”

Unfortunately, the head of Fox News Decision Desk Arnon Mishkin is a Democrat who donated to the Obama-Biden campaign and who also supported Hillary Clinton.

But despite Mishkin’s interference in the election, Biggs predicted that Donald Trump would carry the state of Arizona and eventually win re-election.

“I believe President Trump will win Arizona, giving him the pathway to a second term as our Commander in Chief,” added Biggs.

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