Donald Trump was grinning from ear-to-ear after what CNN just reported about 2024

Donald Trump looks ready to jump into the 2024 Presidential campaign.

Even CNN was forced to admit Democrats are in huge trouble.

And Donald Trump was grinning from ear-to-ear after what CNN just reported about 2024.

The latest inflation report showed that prices rose 6.2 percent from October 2020 to October 2021 – the biggest jump in prices since 1991.

CNN is trying to help Joe Biden recover his political footing by claiming that Joe Biden’s $1.75 trillion socialist spending bill will ease inflation by creating new welfare entitlements.

Johns Hopkins University Economics Professor Steve Hanke debunked Biden and CNN’s nonsense by pointing out that inflation is a monetary crisis that is caused by the Federal Reserve continually printing money to fund Joe Biden’s socialist spending agenda.

Professor Hanke called CNN and Biden’s spin “utter rubbish” and predicted that inflation would hover at six percent through 2024.

“This is utter rubbish what you’ve just played. Inflation is always a monetary phenomenon. It’s how much money the Federal Reserve and the commercial banking system is creating. And they’ve got so much money excess in the monetary bathtub right now that no matter what they do, if they completely cut the spigot off and didn’t put anything in, we’d still have a big inflation problem that will last through 2024,” Professor Hanke stated.

The economy is always the top issue for voters every election.

Inflation is one of the biggest drags on Joe Biden’s sinking approval ratings – which some polls show are now in the 30s – and if inflation continues to sit at six percent, Biden’s job approval will not recover.

If inflation – as Professor Hanke predicts – is at six percent in 2024, it could create a similar political environment that Jimmy Carter faced when Carter ran for re-election during a time of hyperinflation and Ronald Reagan swept the nation in a landslide victory in 1980.

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