Donald Trump was blindsided by what these military veterans said about impeachment

Democrats sense they are on the cusp of impeaching the President.

That effort just received its biggest boost yet.

And Donald Trump was blindsided by what these military veterans said about impeachment.

On Monday, seven Democrat freshmen who served in the military or national security positions signed a letter that inched right up the line of calling for an impeachment inquiry without doing so.

The Journal Sentinel reports:

Trump’s order was first reported by The Washington Post and was confirmed to The Associated Press by two people familiar with but not authorized to discuss private conversations. They spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Late Monday, an influential group of freshmen Democrats who served in the military and national security before winning office said Trump’s actions cut to the core of the country’s defenses. Their views, as centrist lawmakers from previously Republican-held districts where Trump has been popular, hold sway with party leadership.

At issue is a summer phone call with Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelenskiy, in which Trump is said to have pushed for investigations into Biden. In the days before that call, Trump ordered the aid to Ukraine frozen.

Trump has insisted he did nothing wrong and has denied that any requests for help in procuring damaging information about Biden were tied to the aid freeze.

With seven veterans from swing districts moving closer toward impeachment, the momentum behind trying to remove the President from office may seem unstoppable.

But like most Trump scandals, this one is a figment of the Fake News Media’s imagination.

The supposed “whistleblower” didn’t have firsthand knowledge of the phone call in question and no evidence has emerged that Donald Trump made investigating Joe Biden a prerequisite for Ukraine receiving military aid.

This entire affair looks and smells like the sequel to the Russian Collusion Hoax.

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