Donald Trump was blindsided by what these military veterans said about impeachment

Democrats sense they are on the cusp of impeaching the President.

That effort just received its biggest boost yet.

And Donald Trump was blindsided by what these military veterans said about impeachment.

On Monday, seven Democrat freshmen who served in the military or national security positions signed a letter that inched right up the line of calling for an impeachment inquiry without doing so.

The Journal Sentinel reports:

Trump’s order was first reported by The Washington Post and was confirmed to The Associated Press by two people familiar with but not authorized to discuss private conversations. They spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Late Monday, an influential group of freshmen Democrats who served in the military and national security before winning office said Trump’s actions cut to the core of the country’s defenses. Their views, as centrist lawmakers from previously Republican-held districts where Trump has been popular, hold sway with party leadership.

At issue is a summer phone call with Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelenskiy, in which Trump is said to have pushed for investigations into Biden. In the days before that call, Trump ordered the aid to Ukraine frozen.

Trump has insisted he did nothing wrong and has denied that any requests for help in procuring damaging information about Biden were tied to the aid freeze.

With seven veterans from swing districts moving closer toward impeachment, the momentum behind trying to remove the President from office may seem unstoppable.

But like most Trump scandals, this one is a figment of the Fake News Media’s imagination.

The supposed “whistleblower” didn’t have firsthand knowledge of the phone call in question and no evidence has emerged that Donald Trump made investigating Joe Biden a prerequisite for Ukraine receiving military aid.

This entire affair looks and smells like the sequel to the Russian Collusion Hoax.

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380 Responses

  1. Max Grimes says:

    Yes they are! I am so sick and tired of the demoncrats and the republican backstabbers.

  2. Will Triebel says:

    I really doubt that he’s old enough to have been in Nam. His posts are, at best, about middle school level.

  3. Suze says:

    Let me guess. You learned all this on MSNBC, right? Most of what you just described would fit any Politicean. All of it would fit some. Look into the life of some democrats. Oh, wait. You can’t because they are all top secret. Trump is transparent. I noticed you described all of the character assassinations about him but no policie or none of his achievements. Put your crime magazines down and pay attention to the real world.

  4. Suze says:

    Sounds as though you, Racists for Trump, have no idea what goes on in the real world. You are so busy polishing your medals that you can’t see what Trump has done for the real military. I’m not sure what you say is true. You were probably never in the military or saw any action. If so, you would know what Trump has done for the military.

  5. Tony says:

    I guess, fake “bone spurs” is showing his true colors . . . since Trump is more concerned about protecting his twin properties in Turkey than honoring our allies who fought side-by-side with Kurds to defeat the radical Islamists groups in Syria. Isn’t it interesting that Trump always backs down from strong leaders like PUTIN, Kim Jong Un, the Crowned Prince MAS of Saudi Arabia, and now the President of Turkey?!?


  6. Amen says:

    R for T – – what do your think, as a honorable veteran, about Trump’s BETRAYAL of our allies, the KURDS, and allowing them to be slaughter by the troops of Turkey?!?!

  7. Amen says:

    Well, today (10/9/19), I guess those military veterans knew what they were talking about since THIS “President” BETRAYED the allies, THE hard-fighting and courageous KURDS, and are letting them be attacked and slaughtered by troops from Turkey!!! And Trump did this without consulting our joint cheifs of staff or Defense Department, just from one phone call from Turkey’s president. Even Lindsay Graham, normally a kisss*ss, has spoken up against Trump’s actions – – – > BETRAYING our allies! Who will come fight with us in future conflicts with radical Islam if this is the way we treat our allies !?!~?!?!!!!!

  8. Mark Hopkins says:

    Well Justifiably insane, this is the last post I’ll waste on your stupid worthless a$$. You’re a venomous, lying, rotten DemonRAT useful moron. You make a good parrot for the communist cabal, but that’s all. We true Patriots are organized and ready and will no longer comply with any anti Constitutional communist “laws”. I hope to meet you someday soon. You need some military training and we can help you with that. This is OUR country and we mean to relieve ourselves of you jackbooted anti American communist Nazis. Your lion mouthes are just about to override your hummingbird a$$e$.

  9. JusticeforTrump says:

    Mysty is one sick, misinformed redneck, check out her posts, full of hatred, and misinformation. She fails to mention Romney, Trump, Gingrich, Cheney, Rove, Tom Delay and many other bigshot Republicans were draft dodgers. The only major Democrat was Clinton.

  10. JusticeforTrump says:

    You’re either a fake military guy or a disgraceful thug without a uniform now. You talk violently and sadistically Ms. Airborne, you rare the sicko with all your words of stupidity and hatred.

  11. JusticeforTrump says:

    Trump has been accused of rape by many women, one is E.J. Carroll, read about her life.

  12. JusticeforTrump says:

    Does that mean violence James, Obama saved the economy, not Trump. Don;t you remember how the economy was going toward s a great depression until he straightened it out his first year, unemployment went from 10% to 4.8 Trump has added mostly minimum wage jobs. Obama saved GM, under Trump they are moving out.

  13. JusticeforTrump says:

    Sharon has been declared legally insane for defending Trump about his lying.

  14. JusticeforTrump says:

    I agree Joe. Are you related to the baseball Hall of Famer Rabbit Maranville, I have never seen his last name anywhere else.

  15. JusticeforTrump says:

    It went from 10% when he took over, but the time Obama left it was 4.8 stupid Kit Kat. Trump is riding the wave of good employment started under Obama. Somehow Trump hasn’t ruined it yet despite his corruption and crazy tariffs.

  16. Racists for Trump says:

    I was in Vietnam, my father was a Torretta Flier and did 50 missions and my only uncle died on a B-17 over Europe, we are and were Democrats, you comment is disgraceful for any vet. I suggest you compare the Vietnam era’s Republicans to Democrats military records, and you will hang your head in shame and if you know anything it is all the Republicans always cutting Veterans’ benefits but the Republicans are good at waving the flag. Draft dodgers, Cheney, Rove, Gingrich, Romney, Trent Lott, Tom Delay and one of the few Democrats Clinton. Trump is the divisive one with his hate speech and countless friendships broken up because of his hateful cultists and their violent talk.

  17. NM says:

    Clyde, I feel the same way as you posted well said

  18. Mark Hopkins says:

    Well jd, there are lies, damn lies and statistics. You appear to be a master of all. Obama had the worst deficit in history and his deficit continued to go up during Trump’s first year in office. The former administration’s deficit carries on for nearly a year after the new president takes office. The unemployment rate that went down “statistically”during Obama’s last years was because people who were grossly underemployed were counted as employed. Then there were the millions that had given up trying to find a job and were no longer on unemployment. Obama’s real unemployment number was between 11 and 15 percent. I also know that many in my family and friends families got little or no raises on their social security checks under Obama. Absolutely no meaningful raises until after Trump took office. The auto manufactures began to be a little more profitable by dropping some of their lines and selling more overseas. I also remember gas prices being 5 to 6 dollars a gallon in most places undoubtedly so Obama could enrich his fellow communists and fund his muslim brothers.So called “Obamacare” was a farcical attempt to collect more money for the government and insurance companies by fining people that couldn’t afford insurance and allowing insurance companies to raise deductibles astronomically. It hurt a lot more than it helped. I know all the communist’s narratives on how much they love and want to help the American people and it’s 100% pure BOVINE EXCREMENT. Your well written but completely false narrative would impress many ignorant people, but those of us who know the truth are not swayed by lies and “statistics”.

  19. JusticeforTrump says:

    Hoppy Toad, you nothing, or you are lying or have dementia. The Trump economy was imploding, 1000 points a day of the Dow, it continued a bit but Bush arranged the bailout with Obama, unfortunately the money went to big business but after 6 months we had the longest peace time recovery which Trump inherited despite his lies and complaints and his insane tariffs and attacks against our allies while sucking off Putin, Kim and other dictators.

  20. ABC says:

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson published an op-ed with Daily Caller co-founder and publisher Neil Patel zinging Trump for his call with Ukraine’s president. “Donald Trump should not have been on the phone with a foreign head of state encouraging another country to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden,” Carlson and Patel wrote. “Some Republicans are trying, but there’s no way to spin this as a good idea.”

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