Donald Trump told the American people one truth about Fox News that no one could believe

Liberal media critics routinely savage Fox News as “state TV.”

But these Fox News detractors are overlooking one big reality about Fox.

And Donald Trump let the cat out of the bag when he told the American people one truth about Fox News that no one could believe.

On Monday night, President Trump held a rally in North Carolina to eat into the Democrats’ free media cycle before the crucial Super Tuesday contests.

During the rally, President Trump took a shot at Fox News for airing a town hall with struggling Democrat Party Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg.

“Mini Mike. He’s being interview tonight on Fox, can you believe it? Fox,” Trump told the crowd at his rally. “They want to, you know, be politically correct. They end up interviewing more Democrats than Republicans. I don’t know what’s going on with Fox.”

The President’s attack on Fox News for turning over their network to the Democrats was the second time in a matter of hours that Trump blasted Fox News for turning their back on its audience.

After Democrats denied Fox News the right to televise a Presidential debate, Fox News began hosting town hall events with Democrat Presidential contenders to convince the party that Fox News could play ball and provide a setting similar to CNN and the rest of the Fake News Media where Democrats would never get asked any difficult questions.

Fox News hopes their bending over backwards to soften their coverage of Democrats will pay dividends down the road by convincing Democrats that Fox News can be trusted to go in the tank for the Left and get rewarded with the right to televise a highly rated Presidential debate.

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