Donald Trump told one truth about Joe Biden’s family that Democrats don’t want to hear

The Biden family businesses dealings are front and center in the Presidential campaign.

Even though social media companies are censoring the story about emails recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop showing corruption involving Ukraine and China the story is breaking through.

And that’s because Donald Trump told one truth about Joe Biden’s family that Democrats don’t want to hear.

At a campaign rally in North Carolina, President Trump blasted Joe and Hunter Biden for Hunter Biden accepting tens of millions of dollars from a Chinese businessman for access to his family.

“Biden is not going to make them pay. No. He’s going to get cash. They paid his son a lot of money. What’s he going to do? … That’s like common sense,” President Trump told the crowd. “Look at the money they’ve taken out of China. I tell you what. He really is, he’s a corrupt politician.”

Trump also ripped Biden for getting caught lying about not knowing about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

“Yesterday, we learned from newly released emails, and I want to thank the New York Post for showing real bravery, that Joe Biden has been blatantly lying about his involvement with his son’s corrupt business dealings,” the President added.

President Trump blasted Facebook and other social media companies for censoring the truth about Biden’s corruption. But the President is making sure the American people know the full story.

“I’m going to say it more and more, and Facebook and all can try and shut us down, but you know what? Everybody knows it. … He’s corrupt as hell, and everybody knows it,” President Trump concluded.

With just weeks to go in the election anything could swing the contest to one side or the other.

Donald Trump successfully ran against Clinton family corruption in 2016 and the President is looking to recreate that magic in 2020.

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