Donald Trump told one NFL owner a secret about the anthem protests

The NFL made a big mistake taking on Donald Trump over the anti-American national anthem protests.

Owners rallied behind America-hating players as the President blasted their disrespectful displays.

Now one NFL owner let the cat out of the bag on Trump’s real thoughts on the anthem protests.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was deposed as part of former quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s collusion lawsuit.

Jones revealed he spoke to Trump about the protests and the President told him the issue was a winner for him. reports:

United States President Donald Trump called his criticism of NFL player proests during the national anthem before games a “winning” issue during a phone call with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

On Wednesday, Andrew Beaton of the Wall Street Journal provided sworn testimony Jones made about his conversation with Trump during a deposition for the collusion case involving former San Francisco 49ersquarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“This is a very winning, strong issue for me,” Jones said he was told by Trump. “Tell everybody, you can’t win this one. This one lifts me.”

The Cowboys’ owner added the league couldn’t “piss off a large percentage of your constituency” and downplayed the overall impact of Trump’s comments about the situation, per Beaton.

There is no question Trump soundly defeated the NFL and their America-hating players during this controversy.

Patriotic Americans tuned out the games on TV and refused to show up at the stadiums on Sunday afternoons.

The NFL took a tremendous hit both financially – for having to provide make good ads as well as lost revenue from parking and concessions – and PR wise.

League executives quickly took stock of the situation and realized they needed an escape hatch.

The upshot of Trump taking on the NFL over disrespecting the American flag was that all players who are on the field must now stand for the anthem.

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58 Responses

  1. skyhi says:

    Sue Jackson….Just reading your post, Nauseated Me. GET OFF YOUR REAR END, GO AND READ ALL STANZAS OF THAT ANTHEM . Afterwards, and you still feel the same about the Guys not honoring it, then I have much HARSHER words for you., on telling you WHERE YOU SHOULD GO!!!!!!! and it sure ain’t to Heaven. Your time is up on trying to Tell Black People How To Act. WAKE UP, IT’S A NEW DAY……..

  2. BA says:

    I wish you people would really do your homework. The knee was nothing about disrespecting the flag and check out the 4th verse of the national anthem. When will you folks wake up and smell the coffee. I am a vet and I do not feel that any of those players are disrespecting me or the time I spent in the military. I walked the walk so you guys could talk the talk unlike #45. Do some research first.

    • 2fedup says:

      BA…..AMEN to your saying. They’ve checked it out and don’t give a care. They just want those Black Players to Obey their Slave Master. Still no respect for Black Americans, the Descendants of the slaves who built this Country. They know darn well, them honoring that Anthem is just like making a Mockery of themselves and their Ancestors, because that Anthem was not intended for their Inclusion, Otherwise they would not have been Making a Mockery of the Killed Black Slave Soldiers in that War. No Black should be honoring that, (White Mans) National Anthem, and they know it also. They’re probably laughing on the inside every time they see a Black American Honoring it.

  3. Sue Jackson says:

    My husband suffered a very debilitating illness, which left him unable to return to work. His work involved being on the road traveling and he seldom got to watch the NFL games, which he was an avid fan of. So when the games were on, he would call me and I would keep him updated on the game, plays and winning team. After his recovery from his illness, I made it a priority to get him set up with his very own “man cave”. By the time it was completed, the NFL had allowed the games to become a political event rather than a sporting event. It quickly went from one disgruntled mediocre player on a not so good team and soon spread throughout all the teams and majority of players. The man cave really never got to be used for watching Professional football since we took the actions of Kaepernick and that followed him as an insult to all our military men & women that died protecting the honor of our American Flag and National Anthem. This entire fiasco could have been totally prevented had the owners taken immediate action and set the rules for how the players were suppose to present themselves at the games. We have not and will not ever take up watching NFL football again, even if they try to correct the wrongs they have done. We use the man cave for college sports, NASCAR and actually took in a few reruns of Lawrence Welk. So President Trump has spoken for us and millions of other long time NFL fans, sending the message loud and clear that they are the only persons responsible for destroying their sport and their multimillion dollar careers. We’d rather honor our military and police that put their life on the line every day, protecting our lives and Freedom than waste time watching a bunch of grown ass men disrespect what America means to us just because they can ‘play with a football’. Really, it’s not rocket science people. They even have pee-wee teams of preschoolers that play with a football.

    • 2fedup says:

      Sue Jackson….Just reading your post, Nauseated Me. GET OFF YOUR REAR END, GO AND READ ALL STANZAS OF THAT ANTHEM . Afterwards, and you still feel the same about the Guys not honoring it, then I have much HARSHER words for you., on telling you WHERE YOU SHOULD GO!!!!!!! and it sure ain’t to Heaven. Your time is up on trying to Tell Black People How To Act. WAKE UP, IT’S A NEW DAY……..

      • Sue Jackson says:

        Hey 2fedup…just reading your post saddened me. You appear to be much to angry and certainly do not understand much about this subject matter. As for telling me where to go, I’ve spent my entire career working in healthcare so I’ve already been told that many times before. Especially working the ER on a weekend when the police and rescue would bring in the belligerent drunks that loved to get into fights. (Did you have one too many prior to writing your rant?) I also do not need to get off my rear to read all the stanza’s of the National Anthem. I was in the high school band and choir so I can not only play the music but sing every last word of the Anthem, with full understanding of each word. As for my time being up on telling black people how to act, where in the name of all things relevant do you get the idea that the National Anthem has even one word or one verse in it that is telling black people how to act. I gotta say that your comment is the MOST racist and insulting rhetoric I have ever heard. BTW, My grandparents were ‘indentured servants’ and I grew up spending my summers out of school working on the farm for the “Land owner” so you can get off your ‘cry me a river cause I’m a bigoted lost soul that thinks everything is about skin color’. GEEZ, some people just have to make everything they see, read, or hear about Race, Skin Color or some Social Injustice. When was the last time you felt proud of your accomplishments in life and thankful that you live in the greatest country on the planet where you have the opportunity to do so? If this response made you nauseous, I’ll offer you the best method for relief of nausea. Take in a deep breath through your nose, hold it in for 3 counts, then slowly blow out through your mouth. Repeat until the nausea subsides. Hope you feel better, Good Luck and God Bless!

  4. trapperwv1 says:

    Why does anyone not actually in the game pay any attention to the NFL and a few their whining players.

  5. Ronald Munson says:

    President Trump spoke up and told it like it is and they attack the president so,YES it is a WIN for President Trump and the American people

    • skyhi says:

      Ronald Munson…….This is just the beginning….Show ain’t over yet. Ya know, It’s like in a ball game, a team can seem like they’re winning the game, but in the end the Other Team WINS, BIG TIME!!!!! DO YOU GET THE PICTURE.

  6. N says:

    It is a horrible shame when a bunch of wife beating idiots think they can make real Americans watch them give up their respect for the country that pays thei ridiculous salaries. And As far as abuse of policemen, quit doing the crimes and the police won’have an reason to pick you up or “harass” you. Teach your dolls to respect the law. Watch who are doing the crimes 90 percent of the time. Get real!!!

  7. Jim says:

    AMRICA won, not Trump. There is just no excuse for showing disrespect for our Flag, National Anthem, of America like they did especially because it was based on the lie that Police Officers were out to kill Blacks for no other reason than they were Black.

    • Gordon says:

      Exactly what I was going to say. NFL fans are, in general, a patriotic group and they aren’t interested in these hippie politics. They were disgusted by the disrespect to the Anthem and the flag, and tuned out at home and stopped coming to the games. I know I didn’t watch a single NFL team last season. It was a populist victory. Trump’s approval rating may benefit from it but it was not his win.

      • Ronald Munson says:

        President Trump spoke up and told it like it is and they attack the president so,YES it is a WIN for President Trump and the American people

  8. Bill Buchholz says:

    I only wish some of these Rich Boys could have spent a few hours in our C123’s in Vietnam while we carried the real heros back to our home field to prep their remains for their final flight home. Sometimes the view was more than some crew members could handle. However, it was always done in a respectful manner. I left Nam in 1969, but the missions are still vivid in the minds of those who were given the honor to bring the men back.

    • Gordon says:

      Thanks for your service, Bill. Vietnam vets were treated very disrespectfully when they came home, and there was no excuse for it. They were not policy-makers, only soldiers (many conscripts) doing what they were told).

    • Jan says:

      THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!! I still have my POW bracelet.
      if you are not getting your VA benefits, there is a place called that has helped some of my friends.

  9. John Ruckman says:

    These temper tantrum 4 year old players just don’t get it. We watch games to escape the stupidity of politics. They are there ONLY to entertain the fans. Playing a game is a privilege not a right. You are there ONLY IF the owner hires you. You can be fired just as easily.
    If you are missing from the field during the anthem then you are disrespectful to the team, the fans, the country, and the flag (though they should change it from that military war flag to the peace flag with vertical stripes), and you should not be allowed to play. We the fans will turn our back on you and find another form of entertainment. Without us, you cannot get paid one red cent.
    If you want to play politics leave the game and go to the right venue for it. Don’t bring that crap to a game. We don’t want to hear it and you are NOT going to ram it down our throats. We do politics elsewhere and so should you. We want a separation of politics and entertainment, and if you don’t like it, too bad, we don’t care. So it’s our way or the highway, take your choice.

  10. Colin Kaepernick did me a great service. He single-handedly got me to stop watching the nfl. He single-handedly got me to stop supporting professional football. He single-handedly got me to stop spending money on anything nfl related. He can’t stand for my flag, I can’t stand him. Simple.

  11. Don Gorum says:

    I do believe that President Trump, and the American Fans won this one. Like a dear Senator from Louisiana, “If you don’t like America, GET YOUR HAPPY A** OUT”!

  12. William L. Horvath says:

    I could never understand watching these ridiculously high paid “professionals” while working really hard for a paltry salary or a just above minimum wage. While American style football is a rough sport and permanent physical injury is always a possibility, our combat veterans have faced horrible injuries and death. These people are not paid enough to endure the horrors on the battlefield, and then face even more horror back in the States dealing with permanent physical injuries and the mental trauma that goes with it.

  13. Beachbum13 says:

    “This is a very winning, strong issue for me,” Jones said he was told by Trump. “Tell everybody, you can’t win this one. This one lifts me.”

    As usual, he makes the story all about himself, while twisting the players actual message (racial bias by law enforcement) into a complete falsehood (anti-flag/anthem/country) that plays well to “the base”.
    It’s really amazing on so many levels.

  14. judith faurie says:

    Football cry babies should find another job. Then they will know who really paid their salaries. US Stop watching football.

  15. Paula Hamilton says:

    The players still won and will continue to disrespect our flag and country. All they have to do is stay in the locker room and they still get to play and no fine. If they don’t respect our country enough to stand with hat off and hand over their hearts, they shouldn’t be allowed to play.

    • The players can claim a victory, however, the NFL can not. They have already taken a substantial hit in the $$$ and I expect it to be even more so in the coming season. I pray that I am correct.

    • Jan says:

      YES!!! They need to be hit where it hurts them, as all they care about is their big salaries. If they care about “injustice”, they can GIVE some of their salary to help other people.

  16. JHW says:

    They have no respect for our flag. We should have no respect for them. I can’t believe people still watch them. Everyone should put country and flag first and tune them out. They need us more then we need them,

  17. Rivahmitch says:

    Sorry, but my feeling is that the scum won. Goodell and the league officially ignored/permitted a significant breech of contract by the players who started this crap. Then, by paying this same group $90 million in extortion money for their leftist causes, they took a stand in the domestic culture wars on the side opposite that of most of their (former) fans and supporters (the ones who pay) and endorsed a leftist agenda. NOW, still allowing breech of contract, they will allow their communist players to stay in the locker room. The NFL has permanently placed itself on the far left of politics in the country. I don’t see this as a “win” for Trump and, at this point, only the ruin of the NFL will be a win for the country.

  18. Ronald Reed says:

    Those who do not go on the field for the National Anthem or those on the field who do not face the flag or
    put their hand over their heart should not be allowed to play and be fined. If military members display same behavior they should also be given a dishonorable discharge. Same goes for NFL players..

    • zap says:

      Just stop going to games or watching TV games. They’ll all be unemployed and they can try to do something else.
      We could tax their ridiculous salaries and pay teachers more.

  19. Rodney is right. Its a political stunt pushed by the left, which are mostly Democrats with a few RINO’s in the mix. They want to do away with law and order. Vote for Conservative Republicans.

  20. Ronald Reed says:

    Those who do not go on the field for the National Anthem or those on the field who do not face the flag or put
    their hand over their heart should not be allowed to play and be fined. Repeated cases of this disgraceful behavior should be heavily fined or not be allowed to play the rest of the season without pay. If military members display same behavior they should be given a dishonorable discharge. Same goes for NFL players., they should be disbarred from the NFL.

  21. LARRY YAKLICH says:

    In my day, players played the game for the LOVE of the game. Now it’s to get rich. They are over played thugs. Some have charities, but most of them are for tax write offs. I’d rather be fishing than watch wife beaters.

  22. JHW says:

    Staying in the locker room is the same as kneeling

    • Amen! But the real issue is they want law enforcement to give them a free pass. How law enforcement works, and how to get on their good side should be taught in school.

      • JHW says:

        Your right. All they have to do is not resist the law officer and problem solved.

      • Chris Dobrowolski says:

        kneeling was in place for the protest of Police Killing Black People for no reason and they not get punished which is NOT RIGHT!!!

    • Robert L Smith says:

      SJHW I agree staying in the locker room is nothing but a big Pacifire to get the cash rolling in again. It is no longer a game it is a battle of the rich and the elite so they think. We proved they are not irreplaceable.

  23. Grayfox says:

    The NFL – legalized assault and battery with a hint of sportsmanship and athleticism. Why would any intelligent, rational person waste 4 hours of their life being marinated in overpriced commercials interspersed with irrelevant ramblings of sportscasters, poor officiating and apes trying to render physicial injury on each other. Now that these idiots and their owners have tested the patriotism of their fans, they are trying to shine a different light on their true values, not because they have changed but because they have killed the goose that laid their golden egg. For many of us, the damage is irrepairable.

    • Amen Grayfox. The Flag, the Anthem, were just something they could insult in order to get attention. The Democrats were using these geniuses for political purposes. The main thing was they get arrested a lot and when they resist…they get hurt. If they want better treatment they might try honoring and respecting law enforcement. Have classes in school and teach the students how to interact with law enforcement personnel!

    • True Believer says:

      The NFL has always reminded me of the Circus in Rome and the people watching. However, with that said, we did watch (my husband) until the Colin effect took place. My husbands brother however, still watches. As I have said before, people who do not take a stand, will fall for anything.

  24. Leo says:

    I don’t care what the big baby’s do anymore! Tought football was a tough game! Not for cry babies! Me my family, friends will definitely not watch NFL no more it’s history! They can’t respect my country! We really don’t respect them at all.

    • Chris Dobrowolski says:

      They do not respect the country since they hate it when BLACK PEOPLE GET KILLED BY POLICE AND THE POLICE GO SCOUT FREE WHICH IS NOT RIGHT!!!

      • Nancy says:

        They need to find a better format for their protests. They have plenty of money. They could do a commercial, or go on a speaking tour. People watch football for fun, not to see a bunch of athletes on their knees dishonoring our flag and National Anthem.

      • Pat Orr III says:

        If you believe that, you are a total moronic fool!!!

  25. Cp123 says:

    It strikes me as pathetic that the loser players think they can still win. They disgrace this game, won’t watch these losers any longer.

  26. Mike says:

    I’m past the point of caring if the idiots stand or sit on their hands during the national anthem!
    I’m not watching, buying or attending another NFL again.. EVER!!! I don’t need them. They need me!

  27. True Believer says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to have a President to say what he thinks and back our True Blue American Boys and Girls in uniform ? Like they say it is the soldier that guarantees our rights.

  28. David Taylor says:

    This Locker Room is a B S way to escape not standing for ourFlag. Either you go out and Stand For The Flag Of The United States of America or you don’t play . 1 Chance and that’s it. Or I will Not Watch Another Game.

    • Rivahmitch says:

      I’ve already given up watching the games and gave away or destroyed 50 years worth of NFL Team gear. As a ‘Nam vet, I feel that the loss of a source of enjoyment is a small price to pay to express my patriotism and support for those who daily risk their lives to “insure domestic tranquility” and it’s freed up my Sunday afternoons;-)

      • Nancy says:

        You did your part for this country, and you honor it by being a Vet. Those players show NO HONOR, no respect, and very little brain power. We won’t be watching it ever again. I don’t care what they do now, it’s no interest to us anymore.

      • Jan says:

        We have also given up NFL football watching. My husband,
        Korean vet.

  29. This is another political stunt gone bad pushed by the left, and there’s no low they will go to push there agenda, from using kids to the so called Pros., but they prey on the weak minded !!

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