Donald Trump spoke one truth that will drive the left-wing media insane

Donald Trump and the corporate-controlled press waged war for years.

Activists in the Fake News Media made it their mission to defeat Trump.

But Donald Trump spoke one truth that will drive the left-wing media insane.

Left-wing Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank set off a kerfuffle on social media with a column falsely claiming Joe Biden received more negative coverage in the first ten months of the Biden administration than Donald Trump.

Milbank presented some easily debunked junk science to claim Biden got the rotten end of the media stick.

Donald Trump also laughed at this nonsensical claim.

“They are treating him [Biden] with kid gloves,” Trump told Breitbart in an exclusive interview.

Trump then proceeded to tick off a series of accomplishments including the booming pre-COVID economy, the Abrams Accords that helped deliver peace to the Middle East, rebuilding the military and cutting taxes that the media regularly ignored to hype up fake scandals like the Russian collusion hoax and the Ukraine impeachment hoax.

“We’ve done things that nobody has ever done,” Trump added. “Peace in the Middle East—we would have had that also, but we had four countries sign. We would have had peace—the Abraham Accords, it’s called. So many different things. I will say, at the end, people are starting to see we did a massive amount of work, whether it was military or taxes or all the different things we did. We had a great economy with no inflation. I did it twice because I had to rebuild it after COVID hit the world. The world was hit actually relatively harder than us. I think it’s not even a contest. I think they’re treating him with kid gloves. You know why? There’s so much damage that has been done to our country, and this new bill, this Build Back Worse bill, is just a disaster – a disaster for the country.”

One of the biggest legacies of Donald Trump’s Presidency will be exposing the corporate-controlled media for being unhinged left-wing partisans.

No one can look at the coverage of Trump and Biden with a straight face and seriously contend Donald Trump got more positive coverage than Joe Biden.

The fact that some in the corporate-controlled media actually make that claim shows why so few Americans trust the press.

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