Donald Trump shut down the globalist U.N. with two words

President Trump gave his annual address to the United Nations.

The globalists at the U.N. tried to mock him.

But his two-word response shut them up for good.

In his U.N. speech, President Trump outlined his accomplishments so far as president.

Trump stated, “My administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.

The globalists hate nothing more than to give Trump credit for the state of our economy.

So they laughed at his statement, knowing the media would pick it up.

But Trump shut them down with the two words they didn’t want to hear:

“So true.”

Globalists don’t want to admit that President Trump is doing a good job.

But they can’t dispute the facts. The American economy is the strongest it’s been in years.

And countries that are moving toward socialism are falling behind.

Of course, that didn’t stop the fake news media from piling on.

CNN reported “the world laughs at President Trump.”

The New York Times wrote a scathing op-ed titled: “President Trump Addresses the United Nations (laughter)” saying how embarrassed they are to have Trump as president.

These low blows reveal just how bitter the fake news media is.

They hate the fact that President Trump is presiding over a booming economy.

They’d rather America fail than Trump succeed.

Just consider earlier this year when late-night talk show host Bill Maher called for a recession to hurt Trump’s chances at re-election.

Of course, the millionaire TV show host and liberals in Hollywood could weather a recession just fine.

But leftists have revealed their true colors – actively rooting against their own country.


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95 Responses

  1. Gary says:

    Roman, you misunderstand. I have absolutely no desire to have any discussion with you.

    Instead, I refer you to Ms Navritilova’s comments as she makes a cogent, heartfelt description of excellent results from Trump and his policies.

    It is time for America to be for Americans, not the alleged elite who feel they know what is best for the rest of us.

    You are correct in your belief that those of us who actually make a positive difference in a real world that is not protected by an ivory tower feel you have nothing to add to the conversation..

  2. Mary Navratilova says:

    I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family, relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay at home on Election Day. I will vote on this Election Day on November 6th, too. I don’t vote for pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party in every election. I’m going to vote and will vote just only for pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra left Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra left Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party of the U.S.A., because this so-called Democratic Party is actually a new U. S. PRO-ABORTION AND PRO-SODOMY COMMUNIST PARTY and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. The Democratic Party and so-called Democrats want to stand for anything that will harm the country in their efforts to transform the United States into a totalitarian Communist state. President Donald Trump is doing a wonderful job in trying to do his best to clean up the mess of the previous administration! Remember this: a vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for ultra left pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism. Go Trump! Vote Trump! Vote pro-life and pro-family Republicans!! The Democratic Party and so-called Democrats want to control your life, tell you what you want to hear, what to do and tell you how to live. Most of our young people have no idea about our government, the history of our country because the history books have been changed to fit the ultra left and their Communist ideas. Unfortunately some people are just too stupid to know the truth and their ignorant gullable minds are of the sheep nature, being more than willing to be led to a slaughter by the filthy dirty ultra left wing, ultra liberal Neomarxist dogs. Please everybody, vote Republican and save this good country! God bless America, the American people, the pro-life and pro-family Republicans! God bless President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for doing always what is best for the American people!

    • Anita Timmons says:

      It’s time for women to take their rightful place, not in a parade of lesbians that don’t want them there anyway, but in a parade of REAL, family women, who believe in God, family and America! Voting for Trump too…God bless America!

  3. Gary says:

    Roman, it is not an insult for someone to state the truth. You and almost all the libtards are indeed idiots, no matter how much education you may have.

    I fought for this country and have one of the best educations in the country from the Air Force Academy. I earned everything I have and it has been substantial. I hired people and developed a successful business while helping many people to success.

    Can you say the same?

    You are simply, indeed, an educated, elitist, idiot. I do (and did) not expect an answer because you have nothing of value to respond with.

    • Roman says:

      Gary: You obviously have never learnt how to respect other people’s point of view. Discussing anything with you would be a waste of my time.

      • Bama Bill says:

        I “LEARNED” how to respect where it was due. Discussing is a two way communication, you seem to have “learnt” that your stating propaganda is a “Discussion”.

    • Bama Bill says:

      Gary, you can’t educate these “College Indoctrinated” people. I learned in a good school in Ohio, and allways picked talented people to be my mentors. I learned much from them. My industrial arts teacher taught welding, electrical wiring, furniture making, and many other skills the four years I was in high school. U.S. Navy taught many skills you can’t learn in civilian life, as a radioman and cryptographer, I learned much. Went to school to learn programming design and writing, ended up a Systems Analyst and Project Manager.
      From what I see talking to friends kids going to college, main subjects are lying, cheating, sex, and alcoholism. Local “Watering hole” has five buses that transport students to and from the local university! Friend’s daughter showed me videos online of the sex orgies that go on at the college!
      Yet her mother paid here expenses to “Study” there until she was age 38! NUTS!

  4. Gary says:

    It is ironic that the dim/iibs want to shut down ICE and start over. My vote is to shut down ALL foreign aid including the UN and RESET. We can pay for all of our own needs (border security) easily with the savings.

    That would get our supposed allies attention in a big way.

    A little cold water in their faces would be an excellent way to start.


    • Archie Cogollos says:

      Absolutely ..pull their ticket…they of course will say it’s dollar diplomacy…well hell yeah…and we ain’t getting our dollars worth..we have 6,000 in LAX and 6,000 in SFO living in the street. We have i don’t know how many homeless Vet’s infra structure than needs major repair and replacement…soooo let’s take our ball and play at home……we pay more than our share at the U.N. and NATO…….no more need to throw good money after bad…opinions will vary…

  5. I am proud to say that I love the Kavanaugh family and hope he is confirmed soon. He is decent, clean, loves his family and I lLOVE THEM. SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN LIGHT UP THIS LIST TODAY. THEN SAY A PRAYER FOR THEM.

  6. Gary says:

    All truthistruth has to do is look at the total denial by the so called press of the facts in the Kavanaugh case to see the TRUTH.

    Who is really ignoring the facts?

  7. Warren says:

    Cutting All US Funding to the UN would Cut the Funny Bone out of all Laughing.
    Followed up by the USA dropping Out of the Bilderberg Group Front United Nations…!!!
    Other Fronts: CIA CFR EU NAFTA FEMA Federal Reserve Democratic Party Antifa BLM and hundreds more…!!!

  8. Roman says:

    sheldon Nadler: One should never close one’s mind to obtaining information from diverse sources or doing some personal research. Your attitude seems to me to be – that I don’t want to read or consider even anything that may conflict with my stereotypes and my biases. One should always make one’s judgement on the basis of the merits of the case. Alternative information sources are not necessarily “fake news” and right wing sources can also create “fake news” by providing misleading information, or omitting information or taking information out of context or exaggerating certain information. Otherwise, you would just be an ideologue cheering for one’s team – despite what may be their errors or false/misleading statements. I would advise you not to suspend your judgement – but to form it on the basis of fulsome facts.

  9. GARY ARFORD says:

    Roman, yes, you and the doctor are both articulate idiots.

    Consider the outright lies and fabrications on the leftist sites. The truth is to be manipulated as far as they are concerned.

    I am an economist and so, instead of platitudes of us all ‘getting along” and our being raped by the globalists to support this, I tend to look at what actually works.

    What works is national sovereignty and taking care of ourselves first. Paupers do not give charity because they cannot afford it.

    The US must care for itself and those few of our alleged allies who are actually on our side.

    For instance, we can place Finland (since they actually paid back their WW II debt) under our nuclear umbrella and let the other nations fend for themselves.

    Take care of our friends and let the rest go hang.

    Many of us are very tired of being taken advantage of.

    At the end of the day, many of us are articulate, but, at the end of the day, an idiot is still an idiot.

    I did not start out as a Trump supporter, but “Go Trump!”

    • Roman says:

      Gary Arford, You started your message by insulting me and calling me an idiot. You obviously do not respect people who think differently. I will not dignify you by replying – until you apologize for your offensive comments. You need to first learn courtesy and manners befoire you can hold a discussion.

  10. Mr. Trump gave the finest speech of his career at the UN as President of the US. It was inspiring and showed just what a great leader and diplomat he truly is. Who could not have watched and felt pride in their President and their country.

    Oh, by the way. Those gentlemen of the German UN diplomatic corp who found Mr. Trumps statements funny…We’ll see who’s laughing out of the other side of their face, when Russia decides its had enough of the good people of Germany and closes the oil tap on the pipeline. I hope to live to see that day.

  11. Mike says:

    foreign aid ?????????

  12. GARY ARFORD says:

    Truer words were never spoken about divesting ourselves of Puerto Rico. Teddy Roosevelt was my hero but getting PR from the Spanish was a big mistake. It has been nothing but a cash drain ever since. We should give them their independence.

  13. Warren Hahn says:

    I watched the speech and thought it was very good and he actually sounded presidential and his presentation was better than ever. Now to get pissed off I went to MSNBC then CNN and watched them tear it apart, most of what they said was flat out wrong (lies) so I shut off the TV went back to work being glad I switched parties in 2007 and encourage people to vote and vote red

    • Carl says:

      Right on Warren Hahn!! Someone ought to remind these other countries and the fake media that many other great men were laughed at during their lifetime. Copernicus, Columbus, Franklin, Lindberg, Edison, Ford, and the list is endless. All of these people were at one time or another scorned for their ideas but were proven true.

    • Richard Knoch says:

      Wonder how the “Den of Thieves” (UN) will laugh when they find American funding going down, down, down . . . . . and they have to start stealing from themselves?

      • Roman says:

        Richard Knoch: Now, if the UN was indeed a “Den of Thieves” what was Trump doing there? Is he also a thief who wanted to mix with his fellow thieves or is he just an ignoramus who did not know where he was going for the second time as President? Obviously, I am confused about the logic behind your comment.

      • Rxtek says:

        The UN needs to be shut down. Use it as a home for disable American vets.

    • Rxtek says:

      Most people base their opinion of President Trump on a reality show. There is not a single “reality show” with an ounce of reality. They are all scripted complete with out-takes and the whole she-bang.

      • Larry PO1 says:

        Well I’m one that doesn’t! I’ve never watched Trump ever before he ran for president. I saw video clips of him dating back to when he was a lot younger and I liked his patriotic attitude and way of thinking. Now I don’t agree with the way he says things but I happy with his results and agree in his mission.

  14. john says:

    The 40+ million illegal wet backs think he is doing a GREAT job, they are living high off the hog with no worries, while they continue to rape the American people.

  15. GARY ARFORD says:

    The UN is one of the most corrupt organizations in history. They waste money at a rate that makes the US Government look like they are disciplined.

    The USA would be far better off to negotiate and help our real allies and keep more of our funds at home.

    Let the rest of the world collapse without our umbrella to protect them.

    We still have the oceans to protect us. We will be far better off to call North and South America an American protectorate an d use our resources more effectively.

    We will find out very quickly who our real allies are.

  16. Daniel Mount says:

    Mr President, we the people that voted for you all know how much good you have done for us the real American people. We must not let you down. All of you true American patriots must get out and vote and Vote with intelligent on who is the best Politician that will support President Trump.

  17. Joann Cooper says:

    Maybe people should get their story straight inc. u., before making a judgement or comment. According to our U.N. ambassador, Niki Haley, in attendance in the hall, with standing room only for the first time, the laughter was with the President, not in mocking him & the attendees could hardly wait to get a picture with him at the end. In her own words, “they loved him, his honesty, & the fact that he spoke TO them, not reading a speech from a piece of paper.

  18. N says:

    Take a vote on Kavanaugh already! Spineless GOP at work here! If it were the Demoncrats they would of told the GOP that elections have consequences! So f**k off GOP girly men! Freaking Deep State RINOs!!!!

    • truthistruth says:

      Thank you for clarifying, once again that you Trumpettes don’t even get along with the members of your own party. I mean those terrible Republicans who don’t agree with you . . . and so you attack their character and their manhood. N, this was not even a discussion of the hearing, it was about Trump’s U.N. speech, but it shows how people like you have little to no control over yourself. It is no wonder the popularity of Trump and his cult-like followers is going down so quickly.

  19. Audie Jordan says:

    UN needs to go. Headquarters need to move to Patagonia.

    • T-pac says:

      YEP ???????? THESE FREE LOADERS NEEDS TO GO SOMEWHERE BUT HERE !!! All we do is pay ???? and all they do is HATE US!
      Get the hell out

    • madmemere says:

      Agreed – -those beautiful buildings, with that awesome view out over the East River, would make the most fabulous home and medical center for our military veterans; top many veterans are homeless- -wouldn’t it be magnificent to see them comfortably housed here? At the same time, all the “private residences” of diplomats, from countries that hate America, could be turned into additional housing for homeless and elderly US citizens!!

      • madmemere says:

        Sorry for typo-end of second line in first sentence should read “too many veterans are homeless”.

      • Branon Fontaine says:

        I’m sorry, but were being sarcastic when you typed “awesome view” about the East River in New York, or were you being serious? Because the sarcasm I can totally understand, but the other is laughable.

    • steel magnolia says:

      Absolutely, The UN Headquarters NEEDS OUT of USA.

  20. walter says:

    kick the un out of the usa let them foot their bill elswhere

  21. Secora says:

    Yes and I wish they would all move to China and do there jobs.

  22. Lisa G Goff says:

    All else has failed so to slow down Trumps red hot economy, the so called “Fed” is a going to start raising interest rates! Creeps!

  23. Gary Arford says:

    Roman makes a better case than the vast majority of globalists and I respect the thoughts. However, the truth is that we have no need for any of these expenditures. For instance, we can easily bankrupt China just as we did the USSR. They are a house of cards that will fall down.

    Europe? Why do we need to have our troops there? Answer ; to protect them against Russia because they cannot protect themselves! Our nuclear umbrella protects us whether we are spending our national treasure in Europe or not.

    For example, Germany currently has 4 combat ready tanks. Not 4 tank regiments or 4 battalions, just 4.

    Far better to place a fence around North and South America and tell the rest of the world to go ahead and fend for themselves.

    We do NOT need them.

    We should do business only with true allies who pay their own fair share.

    Trump is right. He who laughs best, laughs last.

    My vote – Drop kick the UN into the Atlantic Ocean.

    • Roman says:

      Gary Arford: Th UN actually plays a useful role – just think of the UN conventions on the Law of the Sea, the need to do something about the plastic pollution in the oceans, endangered species – sharing information about contagious diseases. As well, on the security issues, the US is on the Security and can always veto decisions that are not in the US interest. If the US were not in the UN, then it would have no influence on that organization and the decisions that it would make. The US needs to work with its allies and friends who share similar views and values. Standing alone the US would have no influence on the UN- and the US accounts for only 4.4 % of the world population and at most 20% of the world’s GDP. Isolationism does not work – and the US isolationist policies and experience in the lead up to the Second World War proved it. As well, terrorism is a global threat and the US just has to be involved in world affairs – even fighting al-Queida and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, evil would find its way to the US. The US needs to be engaged .

      • Ladd says:

        SURE. Be engaged one on one. The UN is ridiculous and meaningless, no need AT ALL for that. Why pay for it, just deal with the individual countries.

        • Roman says:

          Ladd: Some issues are regional – and some countries prefer to deal with the US as a group. And environmental issues are not confined to single countries as they straddle many borders. Same thing can be said about pandemics.

          • Roman says:

            The US pays, in membership dues, only about 25% of the total UN budget. The UN headquarters being located in New York, brings in a lot of spending by foreign delegations (food, restaurants,rents, taxi services, translation costs, printing etc.). When heads of state come in to take part in UN deliberations, foreign governments again spend a lot of money, limousins, hotels, security. So, some of the US money spent on membership dues for the UN, in fact comes back to the US in the spending of foreign governments. It is not bad business for the US. It also helps the US intelligence agencies keep an eye out on what foreign governments are doing and planning to do.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Roman, such a shocking post – – so thoughtful, logical and articulate . . . . I had to check if it came from a right-wing post! The U.N. does play a useful role and at a very minor cost for the richest nation in the world. Some reasons for the success of the U.N. may not be known in the news because they were PREVENTED, and never became part of the news.

        • Roman says:

          Dr. J.D. Thank you for your posts. I found them full of merit – also, thoughtful, logical and articulate.l, Like you, I believe in looking at merits of each issue – and not pandering to some ideological predetermined bias As well, one should always turn to experienced professionals. When I have a medical issue, I go to a good medical doctor – and not some sort of a quack that pretends to be an authority. Unfortunately, many commentators on right-wing sites have the attitude of “do not confuse me with facts”. Therefore, I appreciate your insightful postings – which may help to educate some people.

      • Larry PO1 says:

        I don’t know where you have been hiding in a cave? Because as of yesterday Trumps ratings have continually been on the way up NOT DOWN like in your dreams.

      • PO1 larry says:

        Then the US should only have to pay the UN 4.4 percent of their cost. Everybody needs to pay their share.

    • gus raney says:

      How are you going to square that line of thinking with Israel , By the time Netan and his wife steal from their own country , their in the red zone. Check what we send to them versus what they put in the pot.

  24. bagster53 says:

    what do you expect from a bunch of 3rd world leaches , they live high on the hog , while their citizens live in squaller , only given enough to let them barley live day by day , just as bad as slavery , if not worse , protest or create civil disobediance and you are either killed or locked up , in prisons that ain’t fit for pigs

  25. Gerry says:

    I watched that speech and I didn’t think they were really laughing at him — it was how he put it when he winged it for a little. I laughed also. I do believe the lame sewer dwelling media is trying to make something out of nothing. I guarantee you that every single person in that room knew he was speaking the TRUTH which is something the demoTRASH and media know very little about. The world is actually laughing hysterically over the
    libtards/demoTRASH/rinos childish behavior, the doj,fbi,cia corruption and the disgusting – appauling attempt by the demoSCUM to stall the confirmation of a Supreme Court Judge. They see how pathetic and pitiful the demoTRASH party has become.

    • Larry PO1 says:

      Your right about the demorats not only did they try and stall the Kavanaugh appointment but they also schemed to ruin a decent judge and family with false witness. Mrs Ford accused Kavanaugh of rape in high school but two days ago confessed it was all a big lie. Hopefully the DOJ will put her in jail for perjury under oath.

  26. Claire says:

    The U.S. should do like France. Kick the U.N. out of our country.

    • Diana says:

      Agree but France is not what a American,wants to be they have turned their back on God and it shows, as far as the U.N. goes get it off American soil, they are not what they were to be when Founded so shut it down

    • Roman says:

      Claire: France never kicked the UN out of their country. The UN was never there. They kicked NATO, under de Gaulle, out of France and NATO had to relocate to Brussels. France hosts and has hosted UNESCO, a UN agency, in Paris.

  27. Rodger Shull says:

    Well if they think what you say is funny, Then Mr President, see how funny they think it is , when you tell them they have 48 hours to leave USA SOIL and put them under a armed guard of SECRET SERVICE AGENTS . Watch the smile leave their faces.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Rodger, Trump is not (yet) a dictator, and we have THREE branches of government, and I am sure congress would have a say in something as stupid as that, something as undiplomatic as that. And even if the Republicans are again too spineless to stand up to this dictatorial president who can’t control himself (can’t seem to stop BRAGGING about himself at all occasions), and the U.N. is tossed out, we will bring it back when future elections bring us back into power again. Hopefully, that will be soon.

  28. Don Baker says:

    The words President Trump should have said to the US is no more US dollars to this corrupt organization period.

    • DENNIS WOLLEN says:

      they very quickly lost their smiles and levity when PRESIDENT TRUMP said the USA would not give more than 25% for the UN and that he was cancelling all monies to countries that hate us……..

      I LOVED IT…

  29. sheldon Nadler says:

    These will be the same countries that come crawling back to be forgiven when the faucet to their FOREIGN AID is shut OFF!

    • Roman says:

      Sheldon Nader: actually the amount of foreign aid that the US gives is fairly limited. As a percentage of GDP – the US foreign aid is much lower than that of most Western countries. The leading countries as donors of foreign aid, as measured by percentage of the GDP, are Norway, Sweden, who spend about 4 times more per capita on foreign aid than the US. As well, much of US foreign aid aid goes to Israel and Egypt [in exchange for signing the Camp David peace agreement of 1979]. US military aid – which has a political purpose, such as fighting terrorism, is also counted as foreign assistance. Many of the countries in the UN, whose delegates may have laughed at Trump do not receive at all any foreign aid from the US. So, American leverage with foreign aid is overstated and highly limited. In addition, if there is a major famine or disaster or refugees fleeing from a military conflict- would it make sense to cut off humanitarian assistance to people in dire need in countries whose governments are un-democratic and who are not responsible for their bad government’s bad behavior? These are hard questions – and there are no easy or simple answers.

      • sheldon Nadler says:

        Roman, let me put it a little differently for you. US foreign aid goes through the US Development Aid Agency and at one time many of the UN’s aid agency’s. Well, that has been changed. Palestinian refugee aid is down quite a bit. You have also forgotten US Farm Aid, Educational Aid, and many other agency’s that make up US aid to foreign groups. I for one glad that the US in not a Foreign Aid station to the world.

        • Roman says:

          Sheldon Nader – with due respect, the figures that I mentioned were for total US aid – as measured intentionally. I is one of the myths – that the US has been very generous. In addition, some of the “aid” that was given was to advance US objectives – such as to get rid of surplus agricultural products in order that agricultural prices not be depressed, etc. In fact, the EU, the UK, the Nordics, Canada. Australia, Japan have been doing quite a lot and have even been more generous – but of course that is not covered in the US media

          • sheldon Nadler says:

            Roman, I for one have stopped looking and listening to the fake media for anything of substance and I would that you also stop!

      • Joseph Hughey says:

        Maybe but we send more money to these American hating countries then any other country in the world. We should stop sending any money to any country and put our vets and homeless children first.

      • Francisco Machado says:

        How much foreign aid do any other countries give to the United States? What keeps these foreign countries in need of aid – their own governments? The benefit to a country in receipt of aid is measured by how much aid they receive, not by what percentage of the donor’s GDP it represents. Disaster aid must also be evaluated in terms of the cost of U.S. navy ships with generating capacity and on board hospitals, the cost of shipping in relief supplies. There’s also the cost of our military bases and defense capacity in a number of foreign countries, considered by them so desirable some even defray our cost for being there.

      • Mona Norris says:

        You are wrong! The US provides more aid than any other country, most of the time more than the majority of countries combined. Just because we are a wealthier nation does not mean we should supply more than our fair share, which is what has been happening. That does not even count all of the charitable organizations that help out in these other countries.

        • Roman says:

          Mona Norris: The point that I was making was based on per capita spending. Of course, as the US is so much bigger in terms of population and the size of its economy than Norway or Sweden – it has a greater total GDP than either of those countries. But, based on per capita spending the US is not the most generous and does not pay proportionally as much as many other Western developed counties. Yes, charitable organizations do also help out – but the charitable organizations also do help out. Again, proportionally to its size, on a per capita basis, the US is not the most generous foreign aid giver.

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            Roman, you are clearly a well educated person with a gifted mind. I would like to draw attention to one of the best things you said – – is that their are few easy and simple answers. And I would add, scientists have discovered that things are rarely as they seem – – that at times what APPEARS to be common sense, can be horribly wrong and unproductive. That is why it is best to LISTEN to experts, which is, of course, one of the greatest weaknesses of this president, who did not even listen to his professors at Wharton. That is why his professor at Wharton said “Trump was the worst goddamn students I had in 30 years.” It was not that Trump lacks capacity, it is his continual ARROGANCE and narcissism.

    • russell says:

      sheldon Nadler you are so right why do we stay with the un what does it do for us besides begging for money and support

  30. Mike says:

    The truth has come out at the U.N. the world thinks Trump is a bafoon and joke to the world. God help us!!!

    • Andrew Doherty says:

      No. God help them — nothing is more harmful than underestimating an adversary.

    • Joseph Hughey says:

      You are a stupid libturd and should get the hell out of my country. I have to many brothers and sisters laying dead on the battlefield and in jungles and in the desert to listen to asshloes like you bashing the greatest President this country has had in modern times. So stick that in your ass and smoke it

      • truthistruth says:

        Joseph, it is NOT YOUR country, it is OUR country. And as long as it is based on our constitution, then all citizens have rights of freedom of speech. For you to wish A N Y O N E to get out of the country because they express a statement you do not like is one of the most unpatriotic things you can do. Many of those who died defending America, fought to defend the right you wish to take away from others.

  31. Roman says:

    The reaction within the UN was due to the fact that most countries’ delegations do not believe Trump. They believe that he is unhinged, boastful and prone to tremendous exaggerations. They therefore laughed at him. They do not believe the opinions put out by right-wing sites in the US – but that of mainstream US and other international media. They “the globalists” believe that Trump has weakened US credibility in the world and harmed the international community with his policies. As well, they believe in globalization – believing that you can’t halt the process, in the same way that you could not hold back the agricultural revolution, industrialization and modernization. The world is now too complicated with modern communications and computerization to go into an isolationist policies. Moreover, environmental questions, pollution cross international borders – and international cooperation is therefore necessary. So, most of the countries at the UN are now just ignoring Trump, laughing at him – and moving on, despite the policies and positions of the US. After all, they note, the US only represents 4.4% of the world’s population and at most only 20% of the world’s GDP. The ‘globalists” believe that sooner or later there will be a regime change in Washington – and a new more responsible, respectful and cooperative Administration will come to power and play a helpful international role addressing the many difficult issues affecting humanity.

    • Francisco Machado says:

      So the Progressive Globalists are unhappy because what the United States is doing to improve its economy and its global status is outstripping their ability to prevent its success and is interfering with the achievement of their utopian goal, centralizing control over the planet in the global Elite while homogenizing Marx’s “Working Class” into a Feudal state of equality ? Not surprising. Competition stimulates progress. They can’t compete with us so they want to handicap us. To make it “fair.”

      • Roman says:

        Francisco Machado: No, you are ascribing motivations to other countries – that are not based on fact. Some countries in the world are doing better than the US – not only the oil-rich Gulf countries, but also countries such as Singapore, Luxembourg, Ireland, Norway, etc. You also ascribing intentions to other countries -especially Western countries that share similar values and economic policies to those of the US. So, your conspiracy theory, being motivated by envy is not accurate.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Francisco, you are ascribing your paranoia and conspiracy garbage to other countries and are not understanding how the global marketplace enriches the entire world, it is not a zero-sum game.
        After WWII, with the Marshall Plan, instead of vengeance, the USA helped Germany and Japan recover – – and they became not only our trading partners, but also our ALLIES and helped make America economically richer. If you look at the movie,, A Beautiful Mind, he saw early on that often cooperation, rather than competition, in certain circumstances, stimulates progress. Your thinking, besides being laced with conspiratorial BS, is also very outdated.

    • Larry PO1 says:

      Well when President Trump finishes his second term barring impeachment by the radical liberals, Ben Shapiro will be elected and he won’t take any feces from the liberals either. And Soros and his team may just have to wait longer than they expected because when Ruth vacates her seat we will have another conservative to replace her.

  32. James P Hutchins says:

    The un does not run the United States of America our President Donald Trump is running this country not the so called un.

  33. James P Hutchins says:

    The UN can get out of the United States of America Defund the UN.

  34. Gfay says:

    Hooray for OUR PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP!! The truth hurts and none of them can stand it. The UN consists of Tyrants and Miscreants. We, the Americans, are sick to death of them ALL. Including the media, never Trumpers and the DC swamp creatures.

    • truthistruth says:

      Now that makes sense – – – you Trumpers find fault with everyone else, look for what you don’t like and rarely see the good in other countries or other people. When the media has the audacity to report on things you don’t like to hear, you blame media. When RINOs choose to not follow your cult leader, Trump, you attack them and level the vilest of character attacks. Information from the RNC polls show that the only group of people that support Trump are males over 45. Seems from reading your posts, it is predominantly the complaining, whiney old white males.

      • Mikeyman says:

        I am one of those complaining, whiney old white males you mentioned. All I want to say is “We got your attention didn’t we”. Now go crawl back in to your hole and slobber some more.

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