Donald Trump shut down Nancy Pelosi’s attempted coup with this one letter

Donald Trump has finally had enough.

The President and his team are fighting back against the Democrats’ scheme to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

And Donald Trump shut down Nancy Pelosi’s attempted coup with this one letter.

On Tuesday night, White House counsel Pat Cipollone fired off a letter to Nancy Pelosi informing the Speaker that the White House would not cooperate with the kangaroo court fake impeachment process she and Adam Schiff were running.

Breitbart reports:

The White House on Tuesday sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denouncing the impeachment inquiry begun in the House of Representatives as “illegitimate.”

“President Trump and his administration reject your baseless, unconstitutional efforts to overturn the democratic process,” the letter read.

The eight-page letter was released by the White House to reporters on Tuesday evening.

White House counsel Pat Cipollone authored the letter, which directly challenged the Democrats in Congress.

The letter read:

Your unprecedented actions have left the president with no choice. In order to fulfill his duties to the American people, the Constitution, the Executive Branch, and all future occupants of the Office of the Presidency, President Trump and his administration cannot participate in your partisan and unconstitutional inquiry under these circumstances.

The Democrats refuse to hold a vote to open an official impeachment inquiry which would allow the Republicans to call witnesses, enter evidence, and obtain the power of subpoena.

Instead, Pelosi and Schiff are holding secret hearings where testimony is kept from the public and Donald Trump cannot see who is accusing him or the evidence against him.

The scam Pelosi and her lackeys are running is grossly un-American and the White House is calling the Democrats out.


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124 Responses

  1. Nifongnation says:

    Assassinate all card carrying Communists in USA.

  2. URopinions NE Myfacts says:

    As the thuggery of this administration becomes more apparent with each day, I’m hoping that those who really believe(d) that Donald Trump was the answer for the future they wanted, will reflect and question as to how they could have been so misled and deceived by this Pied Piper President. What will you be telling your children and your grandchildren as to why you were on the wrong side of history?

    • Rob says:

      Trump is doing everything that he promised the American people that he would do and much more. “Thuggery”? PLEASE define your conception. Trump is standing in their way of the corruption and lining of politicians pockets with taxpayer dollars. “Pay to play” foreign favors like the Clintons and Bidens and the list goes on forever. I have watched every Presidency since JFK. We need 4 more years to clean up the swamp

    • Jim C says:

      After watching the Trump rally and the lefts reaction outside the rally, my question to you my friend would be who are the thugs. You don’t see folks from the “right” out there throwing things at police and trying to intimidate people. Only from the left do we get this kind of thuggery.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        The antifa mob were also hurling objects at the horses upon which the police were. Where’s PETA when u need them? Trying to injure innocent animals says all u need to know about the SOROS bought THUGS!! LOL!!MAGA!!!

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      The only thuggery is with the rioters outside the Trump rallies that HATE free speech and opposing view points and the 1st ammendment. We should all call you “bubble boy ” because that’s where you live.

    • Shut that a..h..e of. yours. Keep your communist remarks to your self. America will never become a communist country. We will fight for our country till our last dying breath, and you will have to suffer the rest of your life living in a free country. But if you don’t want to then move to Venezuela!!!

  3. Mb says:

    Call it KARMA but there is a always a payback when they push the the voted Prez by the screaming impeachment…it will backfire horrible on the whole kaboozos in the antiTrumpers and the Those who hate
    Hate gives a very hard burning lesson to those who cannot stop henpecking those who really are behind Trump in fact none of the politicos EVER KEPT THEIR PROMISES MADE TO THE TACPAYERS

  4. Judy Smith says:

    He has hit on the exact problem that makes this a kangaroo court, a court in which the verdict is predetermined and is already rigged. As Speaker of the House, she should have neither called for the impeachment to begin nor should she already have an opinion of guilt or innocence. The leader of any group such as the House of Representatives should have no opinion as to whether the President should be impeached or not. It is up to others in the House. Her position calls for her impartiality.

  5. Dianna says:

    God bless President Trump! America needs Donald Trump for “such a time as this”! God bless America! I love America & I’m PROUD to be an AMERICAN! I’m PROUD to say I LOVE & SUPPORT AMERICA’S PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Democrats coup of a sitting president amounts to treason and charges should be filed. Maybe it’s time for Pres Trump to declare Martial Law, complete the border wall, increase funds for infrastructure, reduce deficit by 10%, increase fair trade agreements, deport all illegals, and drain the ideology of the swamp.

      • Lock the communist congress up for treason and operating a coup and never let them out of prison till they are hung. And we should witness their demise on tv.
        And Trump should make an executive order that whistle blowers must give their name and expose their identity. And that they must answer all questions addressed to them in person. Go get them President Trump. He will be able to kill the BS impeachment and get rid of the swamp in one fell swoop!

  6. Mark says:

    The Democratic Coup attempts are criminal and TREASON!! Arrest them all!

  7. wesley thomas says:

    Pelosi and Schiff should be tried for treason. The entire democap party is corrupt and is going down. It`s a sad day in America when the Law Makers are the one breaking all laws. Thank God Almighty evidence is coming out proving their corruption.

  8. Bill says:

    I highly recommend anyone who considers them self an American Patriot, weather Rebublican or Dem, watch the documentary “AGENDA Grinding America Down”. It shows what has been going on in this country for the last 100+ years. The documentary was made in 2012 and has been pushed into overdrive in the last short 7 years. This country can be saved, but it’s going to take us all to wake up and unite together. Trump like Reagan is just a “speed bump” in this driven agenda. I pray for this country all all of it’s people. BTW, I’ve not been able to find this doc on any of the liberal leaning streaming services, guess they are censoring us all. TRUMP 2020! ????????

  9. Cg says:

    The demon crats have lost their minds and all future elections.????????????????????????????????

  10. Paul J Fishman says:

    As I have said before the impeachment of the President is a Coup and disaster for our country. The leftist Democrats anger doesn’t stop with deposing President Trump but continues with their rage against the American people to Destroy the Constitution and impose fascist Tyranny, Slavery and Marshall Law on 350 millions.

  11. Annw says:

    someone should take Nancy and schiff yp court and sue them for their action….

  12. Tut Mosas says:

    Stiffler & grandma Pee lousee are nothing butt ass gas released from the ass of Satin himself. All they do is ???????????????? stink up any space they occupy. As they have sold their souls to try to take absolute power in are country. But it’s too late. The angels of righteousness are in it to win it for the good of are country and shall provale and send those blacken souls to Hell were Satin awaits them!

  13. Alcira says:

    Schiff, Pelosi, and all the Corrupted, Traitors, Treasonous, Fraudulent democrats are being couched by the Obama-Cinton -Biden cartel. Sure they want to take down President Trump for having the courage to stand up to them and expose their CORRUPTION & put a stop into their continuation of steeling taxpayers money. Why did Obama paid over $36 Millions in Legal Law Suits??? Why he sent over $150 Millions in cash to Iran??? (MONEY TAKEN FROM TAXPAYERS, NOT HIS PERSONAL ACCOUNT) Why did Obama & Hillary allowed the people in Banghazi be killed?? Why did they ILLEGALLY sold URANIUM to terrorist countries?? Why Hillary deleted those thousands of
    e-mails & destroyed the servers??? Why Was not John Kerry investigated when he asked foreign country for help when he run for president??? Their newest noise & FALSE reports are a way to distract the investigation into Joe Biden & son Corruption. HOPE FOR THE SAFETY OF THE U.S.A. & CITIZENS this DIABOLIC SAGA FINISH SOON.
    President Trump won the 2016 Elections NOT BEING A POLITICIAN & DISPITE the billions HILLARY spent to buy the Presidency…

  14. nj says:

    I wonder if there will be a Dem party once all the fact are out on the table for all American to see???
    I used to vote for some Dem, but no more after watch and listening to the media and Nancy P. & Schiff.
    I gather most of your have never listen to most of the hearing other wise you wouldn’t be so proud of
    being Dem.

  15. KATH says:


  16. SAD TIMES COMING says:

    Let’s see if i got this correct !
    You claim to be Patriotic !
    You claim to be Pro-Life !
    You claim to love Freedom !
    You claim to hate Communisum !
    You claim to embrace Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and Freedom!
    You claim your not Racist !
    You claim your not full of Hatred !
    You claim you don’t like corruption !
    You claim you believe in Justice !
    You claim to know exactly who is the Deep State Players !
    You claim to be very Religious!
    You claim to love only God and Jesus !
    You claim to beleive in the 10 Commandments !
    You claim to hate soc######## can’t type word they won’t allow it basically take from the many give to the few !
    This is what most of us hear !
    You want to run out and K### anyone with an opposing view !
    You want to run out and K### inocent men women and children !
    You want to run out and K### anyone of Color !
    Your Pro Abortion if they just might grow up to be Democrats !
    You want to K### all Democrats !
    You hate the Constitution and Bill of Rights because you want to install a Royal Family Form of government of Trumpzilla !
    I’d like to know what form of God do you believe in that commands you to go forth and pursue so much Death and Destruction !
    I’d like to know who taught you to hate so badly i know in public school this is not taught my parents never showed me how to hate i think no churchs never teach so much Hatred but i could be wrong cause your learning it somewhere !
    I know groups like the Neo Nazi’s and KKK teach this Hatred do you belong to these groups !?
    And don’t even blame Democrats they left that and the South behind in the 60’s that’s why the South is now controlled by the red party !
    Do you even know what the color red represents Communisum, Blood, Death, Hatred, War, Satan, i believe I’ve made my point your not Human Beings i have no idea who you are but you can count many millions of us we’re not like you at all !

    • Anon says:

      Pretty much have it, Sad Times Coming. But I don’t think these are sad times, but times in which the outdated, racist, hateful ideas of KKK, white supremacist, less educated people will be driven back to the dark alcoves of venom and hate where they are most comfortable.

    • Jim C says:

      Everything you just said is exactly what the democratic party does. Groups like Antifa which the dems will not denounce. I don’t hate anyone and I don’t want to kill anyone not even you. What I do hate is the lies that are spread without any proof. for three years an investigation was done with no proof of wrong doing but all we heard was the president was a Russian spy. The only thing that was proven was that Clinton paid the Russians for information on Trump which turned out to be a lie. Now they call for an impeachment inquiry before she even saw the transcript of the call. The “inquiry” is based on second hand information by a dem who works for a leading dem and who went to the Schiff prior to filing the report. Schiff not only denied that at first but then gave a FALSE statement in front of the media about what Trump said which was also a LIE. Then he says it was just a parody. I think this would be to important to make fun of but Schiff wanted to get this on camera knowing that a good portion of the population would never actually look up the transcript and read it. I hope that the WH and staff do not cooperate with the house until a vote is taken to make it fair and legal. Then get the evidence and let the chips fall where they may.

    • Wendy says:

      More liberal rantings…..sooooo tiresome!

    • Mike Sonnier says:


    • NM says:

      SAD TIMES COMING….. You are absolutely right so much hatred going on in this country, Rep & Dem have so much hatred against one another. I look at it that both parties that have been in office have done wrong. But us as citizens of the United States should be together not against one another. Let’s not hate on one another with all this hatred and wishing death on one another, that’s God’s job not ours. God Bless America

    • Eileen Trent says:

      Are u one of the witches that stormed the streets afterTrump was elected? They were furious the ‘QUEEN OF DARKNESS” went down in a ball of flames! Incase u don’t believe they are indeed devil worshippers, Tucker Carlson actually inteviewed one on his show.. Yes, Dorothy, witches still exist—and ur not in Kansas anymore! What did they believe (and they do believe) they could do to Trump, conjuring “spells” , banging drums, burning papers? They are “dead serious” in their satan worship. Hillary is a “HIGH PRIESTESS” in the church of satan. Can u say Abromovitch? Can u say sacrifices? Can u say spirit cooking? Now, tell me again how “evil” we as Trump supporters are . And, I’m quite certain none of the devil worshippers voted REPUBLICAN!!! These people are SICK!! MAGA!!

  17. reality check says:

    That is stupid, and the letter was not a legal one, it was vacuous any absurd. You ignorant Trumpers are grasping at straws!!

    • Jim C says:

      Really. The last three presidents that were impeached had a house vote to start the process legally. This sets legal precedent. The house should vote then both parties can call witnesses and request subpoenas for witnesses. This way BOTH sides can present their case, which is what this countries legal system is based. The reason the dems do not want to vote is because this would allow the minority of the house to also call witnesses and ask questions. If the dems think they have a case then call the vote and show the American people the truth for a change. We have had 3 years of trying to undue this president with no proof of wrongdoing. Based on the transcripts of the call there is no proof that the president did anything illegal. If anything Schiff should be impeached. As for upholding the constitution the entire house should be impeached for not enforcing the immigration laws in this country. Congress cannot pick and choose which laws to follow. I find it funny that prior to Trump being elected every leading member of the house including Nancy wanted border protection and a wall but once trump was elected it was a waste. Bidens son gets hired to work for a company in the Ukraine and then gets 1.2Billion from china and he has no experience whatsoever and you folks don’t think that there is something going on, not to mention that he was kicked out of the navy which in most cases makes it hard to get a high paying job but not for Hunter but you dems think that its all ok. You want to talk about ignorant RC. If you believe that the Bidens did not have the fix in your beyond ignorant.

      • Adam says:

        You are ignorant, the House changed the rules on that due to situations that showed they needed changes.

        • Jim C says:

          Check you facts Adam the house never changed the rules the constitution does not spell out how the impeachment inquiry does or does not need a vote. The precedent set the rules. You need to check your facts before you call someone Ignorant but then again that is typical of a dem start calling names and accusing people of things the truth is not important nor are facts. Just an FYI because I don’t think you know how things work the house can call for the impeachment but the senate has to impeach which will never happen. This is just a way to try and discredit Trump and I think run Biden out of the race. Just like the dems did to Bernie in 2016.

      • Will says:

        Another BIG reason that they do not want to take the vote is ,,,, because if they vote then that is recorded as to who is for it ,, and the freshman`s who won in the last election in narrow races ,, will more then likely be voted back out of office ,, and they don`t want that to happen

      • Mike Lee says:

        Well said Jim C but I’m afraid that’s a little too much REALITY for reality check!

    • PDW says:

      The constitution is quite clear about the process of impeachment is to be conducted.

      The WH letter carries more legal authority than the secret, one-sided illegitimate impeachment investigations (coup) by the democrats.

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        I thought the democrats were supposed to impeach Trump for Russian collusion?
        What ever happened with that? Why didn’t they move forward with that?

    • John says:

      You need a reality check, have all you dems crazy cause it sure sounds like it to real Americans.

  18. Rex says:

    I agree time to lock n load demoncrats have gone on way too long. It all started with Bill Fellatio Clinton and his impeachment. Nancy didn’t like it and swore to get even for one of her own. All Presidents have engaged in some questionable phone calls even John Kennedy and the list goes on. Even I have been on the phone about how I would love to defecate in Pelosi’s coffee so she could think it was a large marshmallow. Yummmmmm to you Nancy. Enjoy!!!!

  19. Fox News poll on impeachment. 51% is for impeachment and removal. 4% for impeachment, but not removal, and 40% no impeachment. In July, it was. 42 for, and 45 against. FOX NEWS POLL!! The is a large change for 2 months. . Pelosi is not who Trump has to worry about. His Base is crumbling

    • Timothy says:

      totally true, Fred!!! Another poll showed only 24% strongly favored Trump but 44% strongly disapproved of Trump! More and more people are saying this corrupt president should be impeached and removed!

      • Jim C says:

        Yea the poles had Clinton winning by a landslide in 2016 and we see how that went. If the poles say it, it must be true.

      • Mike Lee says:

        Wrong Timothy more and more people aren’t saying Trump should be Impeached. The Democrapic Party, RINO’S and Mainstream Media are saying that Trump should be impeached. Keep tuning in to CNN and the Liberal media and they will happily continue to blow smoke up your A _ _! By the way, all this talk about Impeachment. What is this Impeachable Offense?

    • PDW says:

      Both cnn and fox polls are a load of BS. The loudmouth bushpig rosie big dumb o’ Connell did a poll on impeachment of Donald Trump. Of 272.582 people 58% voted against impeachment and 42%’voted for impeachment.

      Bushpig rosie big dumb o’connell then deleted the poll. You liberals are going to throw another temper tantrum, stamp your feet and scream at the sky.

      Donald Trump 2020

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        I wonder if any of these polls ask respondents why they think the president should be impeached?
        On what grounds? Certainly not Russian collusion. Obstruction? The Ukraine call? What specifically? Just because they think Hillary should have won?

    • Mike Lee says:

      Dream on Fred, don’t you wish. I noticed you didn’t mention the Polls showing Hillary winning by a landslide!

    • Pat says:

      Polls are very skewed toward Democrats. Why does anybody believe polls after their 2016 polls blew up in their faces?

  20. tinker68 says:

    This isn’t an impeachment it is a soft coup, Americans know this.

    • The True Grit says:

      Dear Nancy:
      Screw you and the horse you rode in on.

      • Thomas G says:

        Another classic venom statement from a brain-dead Trump cultist!!

        • Mike Lee says:

          We’ve never heard any venomous statements coming out of the brain-dead Democraps. Does Republicans are Deplorable ring a bell? Point the finger all you want but every now and then look in the mirror.

    • Cliff says:

      How about charging the Dems with Treason and just jail them, they are worthless at this point !!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      I agree this so called impeachment is nothing more than a tempted coup which is treason. I have never seen so much hatred coming from the Democratic party against one non political president who is for the American people. It’s time to kill the ideology of the Deep State.

      • NM says:

        Sharon Jenkins….. that is NOT TRUE both parties have lots of HATE not just Democrats.

        • NM 2.0 says:

          And muslims have lots of HATE too.
          Along with Antifa, also filled with HATE, and black lives matter too.
          And then there are the black racists like Farrakhan and Sharpton that are filled with HATE.

  21. Joe says:


  22. Shelba says:

    Why should the president co-operate with peloser she is not going by the book for impeachment, I guess she thinks Trump is dumb as a rock and doesn’t know beef from bullfoot, peloser is trying an end run around the rules which is illegal

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      Mr Trump should cooperate with the impeachment inquiry to prove his innocence once and for all. He should have testified in the Mueller investigation for the same reason. Trump should release his tax records so that questions of tax fraud will show that he is a reputable American citizen. By doing these things, he can end all the speculation from the democrats about obstruction of justice. My question is why, in all his infinite wisdom doesn’t he just step up to the plate so the country can move.on.

  23. gregory john geise says:

    All these old Nancy Pelosi’s need to turn their resignation, when Trump wins the next election.

  24. BIG STAN says:


  25. DEEP STATE says:

    You poor conservative losers, read your vitriolic ravings. As punishment, God deprives people of reason and TRUMP is prime example.

  26. renato says:

    see, I told you the liberal democrats are all lunatic and all they want is power and control so that they can
    loot or steal the taxpayers money and they will spend the way they want it like open border/abortion/
    health care for the illegals/green new deal food stamp and that will lead to one and only BANKRUPTCY of our great nation. SO PEOPLE, I URGE YOU TO VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP/PENCE IN 2020

  27. Steven Crosby says:

    Just look at all the idiots running around protesting. Lip rings and all kind of garb. You talk about deplorables.. These asshole liberals are the worst excuse for human beings. There all for abortion. This is one time I agree with them. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABORTED. Now we all know why Obama didnt want Biden to run for President. He knew of his pay for play schemes and he knew they would be investigated and his sorry ass would be exposed. He knew all about these deep state schemes . He created and weaponized all the FBI and Judiciary as as well as the IRS..

    • Ed says:

      Lip rings are definitely better than swastikas, like trumps anti-gay followers.

      • Billy Stephens says:

        KMA Ed.

      • Kenneth says:

        Ed Sounds like you like to take it in your
        POOP shooter by some POS with lip rings.

        SEMPER FI

      • David says:

        Little give head Ed. Why are you so angry with your mother. Just because you disgust her with your felonious cox$ucking and attempting to swallow the evidence, doesn’t mean you have to direct your anger at a solid American like trump. Or maybe it does if your mom is Turkey neck Pelgrossly, or her ugly sister Maxine.

        • Jonathan Conover says:

          To Billy,Kenneth,and David

          Do you guys realize how truly stupid and ignorant you sound? Nothing personal, but the posts about sex with your mother, toilet humor etc are not funny or even remotely relevant. Try to post something semi intelligent next time, I have faith that you can.

  28. Jacque Turley says:

    Mr. President:
    It is about time you went after Nancy P. and all her phony people who are running after her OLD SKIRT hems. She needs to retire as well as the OLD one who is a Federal Judge sorry I cannot remember the ladies name. But she is Old. Time for her to retire. Time for many of them to retire they are old enough to be my grandfathers. I am happy that you are doing something finally to the other party of people who have been after you from day one. By the way can you go after Hillary as well and her crew of bad people also. They all need to be in jail two years ago and be in there for the rest of their lives and I don’t mean a luxury room in some prison. I mean a women Fedreal Prison for that is where she and the rest of her group should have been long ago. I live on Social Security sir are I would send you money for your running again but I don’t have much sorry cannot help you out other than say many prayers to our Lord for you and you dear family. Wishing you all the best sir, and please be safe it is not hard for any one to hire a gunman to shoot you and do away with you just like they did John K, & Bobby K. Be safe keep well don’t burn the light in that office to long you do need rest sir. I thank you for what your doing your best doing and trying to do. May the dear Lord watch over you and keep you from any harm or your family.

  29. Lavina Clark says:

    I am sick of the democrats lies and accusations against our duly elected president Trump. He and his family have endured more than any president in history . Its getting really old. Leave him alone so he can do his job. If democrats worked with him as hard as they do against him , imagine what they could have accomplished.

    • Deborah Lazaro says:

      Right on!

    • Amen says:

      Yes, Lavina, and for the simple, tiny reason that Trump continually violates the laws of the USA. He is a spoiled little sh*t that Daddy had to rescue over and over through the years, and is a notorious conman that lies and takes advantage of people. Is president Donnie Dufus’s job to betray out allies, and let the Kurds be slaughtered when they helped us be victorious over ISIS?!?

    • Amen says:

      Yes, Lavina, for the silly, petty reason that Triump continually violates American laws and his oath of office. Leave Trump alone so he can take taxpayer money and divert it into his own pockets, which he has already done to the tune of over $110 million DOLLARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • George says:

        Hey amen, despite the fact you don’t step in a church, for fear of a lightning strike What you said is kind of like you blowing the whole New York Giants football team and saying you did it for one dollar you stupid beech. Drop dead you Liberal POS. It’s scum like you that I look forward to when the revolution starts

  30. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party,RINOs,Fake News! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them! If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s Commie party traitors to America continue to go unpunished(Hollywood ,RINOs etc)! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

    • ABC says:

      You are off your meds again, and out of your refrigerator box, N! Your BIZARRE combination of political ideologies shows you are a deluded street person who lives in a box and occasionally comes out to rant on street corners. Life is good IF you get some meds to help with your problems.

  31. Mike Flanagan says:

    You can’t shut a DC like Po-looser-c they just keep keppen on blabbing away because if she stops here lower lip will fall off.

  32. Ed says:

    The democrats claim it is their constitutional duty to protect this country and by all means if Trump was breaking any laws then prosecute to the full extent of the law. The problem is the democrats refuse to follow the law and they use false accusations over and over to hinder the President and attempt to overturn the peoples choice.

    When this is done repeatedly with the purpose to overturn 2016 election results, how is this not an act of war and treason to their oath to protect the constitution? This is high treason and to change whistleblower evidence to allow second hand knowledge while doing it means it was planned. How else can you view Democrat’s actions other then a planned coup with manufactured evidence?

    Government do your damn job or resign so someone willing to live their oath can serve. The law is the democrats bringing false charges are committing treason. DOJ charge them and give them a trial, and when they are found guilty complete your duties and apply the approved justice. Enough of this kangaroo circus to deceive, and enough of this law not applying to all equally.

  33. Karen says:





    • Michele says:

      Well said!

    • ABC says:

      Karen, you have never been known to be very smart, correct? You are about as astute as a lump of coal, and far less useful. You are so hung up on 2016, whereas your ignore 2018 and the stomping you will get in 2020 with the criminal you know as Demented Donnie.

  34. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I think that all of those people with their impeachment lies and false accusations should be put on trial, and executed for what they are doing. You can’t be accuse someone of obstruction of justice if no crime has been commited that’s why Trump is refusing to cooperate with Nasty Pelosky and the communist democratic party because he knows he has done nothing wrong.

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      That’s just the reason Trump should demand to be allowed to testify. His total truthful testimony will show the Democrats how ridiculous they have been by falsely accusing him of all this total nonsense.

  35. Steve says:

    The dem party is nothing but 100% organized crime criminals now . – they ALL deserve GITMO / military justice for many sedition & high treason sentences EACH ! Not to mention theft of trillions of taxpayer funds & America GOT NOTHING POSITIVE IN RETURN !

  36. They had all this time to state their case. It is obvious that it is all a game. One that will never happen. EVER! The President has been patient and respectful. He has been treated terribly. No President of our country deserves this curse upon them. We pray it back to where it came from. The old devil himself! I have been patient and waiting for the White House to take action. These low lige demolitions need to take a good deep look into their souls. What do they want the American people to remember them ? Certainly not what they’ve accomplished thus far. “NOTHING!” It is time for the White House to take stance. They have the resources and power to intervene. The Nancy Polosi group need tp do the right thing and back off.

    • Ric B says:

      Keith, the investigation is producing new evidence every day! You just want to dismiss as “NOTHING” be cause you are a biased Stepford cult member who would still support Trump if he murdered someone on 5th avenue. You have no integrity or morality. Some cult members wake up and can lead productive, healthy lives . . . . TRY IT!!!

  37. Jim C says:

    It’s about time. After 3 years of BS now its a new accusation. Nancy P announced the inquiry before she even saw the call transcript. Another fishing expedition, unless they hold a vote in the house the Trump folks should not respond to anything the house puts out there. If they hold the vote then release and testify.

    • Fred C says:

      That is a lie, Jim C – – – begin to question the right wingnut propaganda! The ship, Trump, is going down, and unless you want to drown, better wake up soon!!!!!

      • Jug says:

        Fred, you have been brainwashed!
        Fell for the COMMIECRAT lies!

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        Trump won’t go down…..I would like to see Trump declare Martial Law…. build the southern border barrier, deport all illegals, construct the building of our infrastructure, reduce the deficit, improve education, energy, create a fair trade agreement and eliminate duplication and irrational regulations from government.

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