Donald Trump shut down Barack Obama with these nine words

Barack Obama returned to the campaign trail.

The former President railed about Donald Trump.

But Trump responded with nine words that shut Obama down for good.

Obama ranted and raved about Donald Trump during a speech in Chicago.

Obama whined that he did not get enough credit for the economic recovery.

He also slammed Trump for being divisive and attacking the fake news media.

In addition, Obama also claimed Republicans should turn against Trump because they must value “honesty” and “decency” in government.

Trump responded to Obama while he was traveling to an event in North Dakota.

The President said he tried to watch Obama’s speech but that he “fell asleep.”

Americans elected Donald Trump to undo Barack Obama’s disastrous Presidency.

Trump got to work on day one to make good on his end of that bargain.

He’s ended Obama’s awful Paris Global Warming and Iran Nuclear Deals.

Trump also gutted the ObamaCare individual mandate.

The President ended Obama’s war on Christianity by rolling back Obama’s transgender bathroom rules and birth control mandates.

It’s not surprising Obama hates Trump.

Trump was elected to erase Obama from history and is well on his way to accomplishing that goal.


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260 Responses

  1. Jan says:

    Less not forget it is Reed and Nancy who help put Obama in office. I think all the deep south anyone connected should have to answer to all this crap. Another place they could be sent is California Nancy’s place with the nice tall wall. but under house arrest. During the day down town to clean the sidewalks from what is left from the homeless. I watched a movie called 2016 the theater was full when it ended everyone knew it was dangerous to elect Obama. We learned a lot about him from family in Kenya. He never helped his own family. We need to show the world will go without him just fine. I have never seen a President who didn’t just go on to live a normal till now.

  2. Karl says:

    obumma is a disgrace and the idiots who voted in two times should go to Kenya with him..

  3. Obama hated America and wanted to make this a 3rd world country. He was an Indoenesian citizen when he came to the mainland to go to college, so he could basicly go for free. His grandmother work for Social Security in Hawaii, that is how he got his #, a man from Connecticut had past in Hawaii but his # was never turned in, she gave it to him. Everything that Obama said was a lie, he is a pathological liar, he is EVIL. Our men in Benghazi died because of he and Hillary, they sold the guns to the terrorists. The man who delivered them was Mark Turi, he took them to UAE so they would be harder to trace. I feel he and Hillary may as well have pulled the trigger on the guns that killed our Americans. Go Trump/Pence, make America Great Again!

    • DRLJR says:

      Mr Obama was and is a US citizen, what is called a native born citizen, or simply citizen. He lost his Kenyan, Great Britain, and Indonesian citizenship at age 21 due to their laws – no dual citizenship allowed after age 21. But he has always been a liar from the history I have seen. And his grandparents are/were communist from the history I have seen.

      • OK> How his grandmother got him his SS#, was NOT legal and you are right about what they believed.

        • DRLJR says:

          So true – all she had to do was properly report his birth. But Social Security numbers were not given to new born children in the 1950s/1960s. And keep in mind I am only trying to insure people use accurate information. The Courts have ignored these fact in numerous cases.

      • Joann says:

        Obama nothing but a scumbag and he was born in Kenya worst president we ever had he did the globalists dirty work he needs to shut his rotten mouth

        • M says:

          Joann, You tell them about BHO. I absolutely, with my own two eyes, saw a video in which he said he was born in Kenya, the first man not born in America to be elected, the first black, and only in America could this happen (I took that as a slam to our intelligence).
          So what are all you Yahoo’s telling me that what I saw was a scripted movie starring BHO? There is a YouTube video, find it, watch it!

          • DRLJR says:

            Mr Obama always claimed to be born in Kenya until he ran for President. It is also important to refer to his ethnicity correctly – Kenyan-American. He has no Black-American ancestry. Calling him a Black-American is like calling an Japanese-American a Chinese-American. They are different ethnic groups. Claiming to be a Black-American is just another one of his lies.

        • DRLJR says:

          Mr Obama was never President and should never be referred to as President. He is neither a natural born Citizen of the US, nor was he a citizen when the US Constitution was adopted. Nothing he did while unconstitutionally acting a President is valid – all is null and void.

          • I like what all of you have said, DR.LJR, < M and Joann. Now we just have to find a way to take away his Presidential retirement, and make him shut up.

          • M says:

            Camille Gilliam, I so hope circumstances will allow that to happen. Someone just has to find the smoking gun hard evidence and make it happen. BHO looks and sounds so bad I wonder if it may be the result of HRC losing and things beginning to be brought into sunlight. He has aged 20 years and is pale as a ghost (or as pale as possible).

          • fancesca says:

            Obama comes from a wrecked family, his life is a wreck could only survive by having wrecked principle, hence his betrayals from the moment he entered the US, his fake marriage, fake fatherhood, fake president. A disgraceful individual no country will have, accepted by the democrats ‘only’ as an aid to destroy American life, whom saved from the ultimate punishment for treason.

      • fancesca says:

        Scandal after scandal follows the Obama gang, the lot of them, why aren’t they behind bars yet? What is America trying to prove?

        • DRLJR says:

          Because the “Progressives” have undermined our judicial system and we still have not gotten the corruption in it fixed.

      • Helen S. says:

        Absolutely, he most certainly is an absolute liar, they certainly don’t come any worse..

  4. zee says:

    Reply TO Kalia.

    September 8, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    I am a woman, a minority, and a lifelong Democrat. I do not fear Barack Obama or any black man. I loathe Obama because he was a lying, traitor who was only interested in furthering the cause of the Muslim brotherhood in America. Obama did NOTHING for the black community. He lied and people died. He was a no good sleepy politician who should now hide away in shame

    September 14, 2018 at 6:27 pm

    Kalia, you probably won’t see this reply (5 days old) BUT I Want it for
    ‘the Record’. THANK YOU & AMEN to YOU for ‘saying that’.
    > I am ‘ a pale skinned’ whitey lol. MORE Brothers/Sisters etc
    Seek communications w/me MORE than Ever, Since POTUS DJT.
    > E’one that talks to me FEELS a ‘Sense of Relief’ & Way More Free.
    > Our eye contact is Amazing & lots of ‘smiles’ . IT IS AWESOME.
    > Brothers/Sisters/ etc Have Actually ‘REACHED 0UT’ to me.WHY?
    Because ‘the VIBE’ IS THERE!!! & WE NEED MORE. God Bless
    You & Yours. TOGETHER, ‘WE’ SAVEUSA.

  5. Lucena More says:

    The loud mouth past non citizen president can not accept that he is over. Overstaying your opinion is not appreciated by the legal americans.!

  6. Joe says:

    Obama is as full of crap as a holiday goose! Worst President in the history of America!

    • zee says:

      ‘o’ Is Evile. LOOK At his face & eyes. Not to mention
      ConDescending ‘Tone’ of voice.
      > i have Nothing But ‘Wrath’ for that Negative/Destructive soul.
      > Physical Is bad enough.

      • zee says:

        Fernando, Nothing to do w/Race. I have Many AWESOME Brothers &
        Sisters. Oh yes!!! & MORE Talk Now & Are Friendly since ‘o’ is Gone. They feel
        a Sense of Relief & More Free’.
        > & I DO Know About Previous Pres. & what they Did 0R
        > It’s all good ‘brother’ 0nMany Levels – don’t get sucked In on the Dem ‘Race Card’.

    • Fernando Reynoso says:

      why you all “white ppl” always blame obama for all the mess that bush left before leaving the presidency? dont you all remembered who brought all this cathastrophies to america? why you all republicans always show racism and emphaty to minorities when it comes to talk the truth about these events that hurted the american ppl…and hispanic asian or black ppl are american ppl too. so dont take it on obama remember who was ocupying the white house before him and how he send this country to recesion time for his greedy personality

      • MARK says:


      • MARK says:


      • Richard says:

        I’m mexican American n Obama was taking away benefit from the veterans n I’m not a racist if any one it’s Obama

        • MARK says:

          Race relations were actually getting better in America until Obama was elected. The first thing he did was get on TV about the Cambridge police “acted stupidly” in questioning Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr. a black man. The police had been called to his house before for attempted burglary and they saw a man there again trying to get in the door late at night. This time it was actually the owner of the house, but how are the police supposed to know that without questioning him? As they questioned him, he gave them a hard time and got arrested. Obama just had to get on TV without any facts or due process and start his racial crap. Next up was Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Again, get on TV with no facts and stir up racial tension even though a black witness said she saw Trayvon “ground and pound” Zimmerman , who ended up shooting and killing Martin.. But that did not fit the agenda. Then there was Eric Gardner. Selling illegal cigarettes is not a big deal. But when confronted by the police (not the first time). he fought them, ended up in a legal choke hold and died, mainly due to really bad health. Obama once again had to get his ugly mug on TV and stir up the racial crap. He did not need facts, he did not care about due process, this was another chance to pit blacks and whites against each other. Then there was Ferguson MO. where Michael Brown was shot by a white cop. Never mind he just robbed a store, never mind he tried to grab the cop`s gun when questioned about the robbery, just get back on TV with no facts and further stir up racial tension. Truth is, Obama did not want the facts to get out before he had a chance to get on TV and stir up trouble. Because of Obama, Ferguson was looted, businesses ruined, cars overturned and set on fire, buildings burned. The carnage went on for weeks and then months because of court proceedings. Good job, Obama. He should have been charged with inciting a riot. Actually, by the time his eight horrible years were over, he should have been charged with a whole host of crimes and violations.

          • Alan says:

            Don’t forget the Baltimore incident with Freddy Grey a well known drug pusher in the neighborhood; which resulted in several days of riots. Black and White cops were both involved in that incident and, the black mayor encouraged rioting. Ferguson was used as an example for the riots. Obama did nothing.

          • DRLJR says:

            All true – and that is straight out of “Rules for Radicals”.

      • G says:

        Fernando R., Buddy are you for real? Never have seen any accent use the English language as you are. what country are you from?

        • fernando reynoso says:

          i didnt meant to offend anybody with my comment if i did….i apologize. am from mexico never went to school here in U.S.A but that doesnt affect the fact that am always trying to follow the rules and obey the laws so i believe that it dont matter if i was born here or in another country if am contributing to make this country better that gives me the right to share my opinion and like i said before didnt meant to offend anybody if i did i apologize…

          • zee says:

            IT’S 0K ! fernando. ‘we’ have a few ignorant ppl aqui. . Do Not
            listen to them. Tu es MUCHO BUENO !!! SI? SI !!! ♥

      • jim says:

        you are full of it

      • DRLJR says:

        President Bush-43 did not create the economic problems that occurred during his time as President. Schumer, Dodd, Pelosi, and I can not remember the 4th Democrat’s name, prevented Bush-43 from fixing what President Clinton created toward the end of his second term which is what seeded the problems. Review the real history.

    • Enrique Flores says:

      Obama was destroying our nation and I’m glad that he’s not our president no more ,all he did was Destroying America.

  7. Phillp Owens SFC Ret. says:

    Why is it that someone who provided a false and proven fraudulent Certificate of Live Birth was allowed to become President of the United States? Then to top it all off he has never been charged with providing a fraudulent document and violating the rules of running for the Office of President.
    Now he wants to spout off his mouth after he created such a mess in our country and also assisted in creating a great divide in our nation.
    This is my question and opinion, he is a FRAUD and A TRAITOR!

  8. Raymond says:

    I think this question was posted as a trick question.Because between president Trump,and the loser Obama.There can be no comparison .Donald Trump makes ( and it hurts me to say his name) Obama look like a crying baby in his wet diaper..But what ticks me off is the way FOX news keeps posting this creeps face up on the TV screen.I am so sick and tired of looking at the loser (Obama) that it makes me want to throw up..I have a suggestion for FOX News..Quit flashing this ugly mans face on my TV screen..

    • Pamela says:

      Raymond, I also agree with your comment. OBAMA and that so called wife IS NOT THE POTUS nor is SHE still considered the FLOTUS. As far as we are concerned, that so called man was NEVER a legal sitting POTUS. He was not an American born citizen but a FRAUD and a TRAITOR that was backed by SOROS’s money and nothing will convince me of anything different. Just like the last election with Hillary and all the proved fraudulent votes. The whole election thing makes me sick to my stomach that such fraud can be committed in this day and age, but THANKFULLY, Trump was proven to win the election by electoral votes. We are so lucky to have him our POTUS. Go Trump Go.

      • DRLJR says:

        Mr Obama was born a US citizen – a native born citizen. The law people try to apply to his mother does not apply since she was born in the US itself. However, Mr Obama is not a natural born Citizen due to his non-US citizen father, and birth in Kenya. Remember, he always claimed to be born in Kenya prior to the 2007/2008 time frame. And all he did while acting as President is null and void.

  9. Patt Scott says:

    Obama is full of himself. He spent eight years blaming his predecessor for everything that went wrong. He constantly bowed to foreign potentates and apologized for America. His policies and actions were detrimental to American business and the national economy. Now he wants to take credit for our progress and the improved economy. There are people that still love Obama but no one more than he does himself.

  10. ethel pruitt says:


  11. George Everhart says:

    don’t send me anymore of this crap

    • Louise says:

      Then unsubscribe from ALL sites. The only other solution is to not read anything in these types of websites, period.

    • RUTH ANN says:


  12. john says:

    O’vomit is the worst thing that we ever allowed to happen to America, but Trump is helping the black bastard by destroying environmental protections that were scientifically designed to protect the health of American’s. We need modern futuristic thinking in environmental protection, not someone who wants to travel back in time!

  13. David Carlisle says:

    Obama DESERVES CREDIT for his part in the ECONOMIC RECOVERY!! Without him being THE LAWYER OF RECORD in the suit against Citibank (on redlining) and him BEING ELETED CONGRESSMAN as a result he wouldn’t have been able to talk with his ‘friends’ on the Banking Committee. And without him talking to his ‘friends’ the regulations wouldn’t have been changed on banks ability to verify a loan recipients ability to repay the loan (especially if a minority) and the ECONOMY WOULDN’T HAVE COLLAPSED!!!! And without the COLLAPSE HE CAUSED Trump wouldn’t be able to (or need to) REVIVE THE ECONOMY!!!!!

  14. NORM OFSTAD says:

    why cant Obama just go home ?

    George Bush lives here in Dallas with Class .

    UMMMM Obama lives in D C with Crass !

  15. Jim says:

    Obama is really just a criminal who has managed to escape justice and has deceived the People long enough. He and his wife’s real estate dealings in Chicago to illegally raise money were steeped in deception and fraud. He is a hypocrite and a liar, and a minion of Satan whose greatest accomplishment is his ability to lie and deceive. Sadly, many people believe his lies and continue to listen to and support him, and are totally blind to the truth.

    • Jim, You are so right! Everything Obama did and says are lies. His SS.# is not one for someone from Hawaii, his Grandmother worked at the Dept. and when a man from Connecticut died in Hawaii the number was NOT sent back, and she gave it to him.
      Think of the picture of O and put a go-tee and horns on him and who is it a picture of? He is EVIL.

    • francesca says:

      He and his wife are owing millions to the state, should be made to pay back. Followers of the Obums are either blind to the truth, or he and his wife is used to the democrats’ advantage to destroy America. The democrats are in favor of the illegals for the same reason to finish off America.

  16. If Obama was found guilty of charges and was sentenced to jail, would he still be entitled to Secret ervice protection?

  17. Jerry says:

    Obama wouldn’t make a good pimple on a human’s behind.

  18. DRLJR says:

    Just a note, Mr Obama should NEVER be referred to as President. Under the US Constitution he was never President. He was fraudulently acting as President. The Democrat Party apparently knew he was not eligible since they did not certified as eligible – just as their choice. Think about that. Mr Obama fails both citizenship requirements in Article 2 Section 1 Paragraph 5 of the US Constitution. Note the following information:

    When one does the research we find the treatise “Law of Nations” written by Monsieur De Vattel and published in 1758 is the source and legal definition of the term. This is the document that was known to those who wrote the Constitution of the United States of America. In Book 1, Chapter 19, Paragraph number 212 it states in French

    Les Naturels, ou Indigènes font ceux qui font nés dans le pays, de Paren Citoyens.

    In the 1760 English translation of this work this sentence is translated as

    Its natives are those who are born in the country parents who are citizens.

    The later translations, 1773 and since, translate this sentence as

    The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.

    Nothing Mr Obama did has constitutional validity.

  19. herb portere says:

    The absolute WORST American President has the nerve to say anything about his replacement, belongs back where he came from, under that heap of dung!!

  20. Hey Mr. Past President you continue to lie, lie and lie. I wish that evil tongue of your’s STOP LYING for GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the WORST PRESIDENT EVER starting with our 1st President. You lie so much, hate so much that you think it is okay, right? Go back to Kenya and stay away from our beloved America that you ruined for 8 years, PERIOD……..

    • Bob says:

      Yes go back to Kenya put on your loin cloth and go hunt monkeys.. You did you best to ruin this country and now we have a President the tI hope is going to undo everything you have done to us…

    • Tonja Adreon says:

      Such blow hearts who know nothing about the truth. Just slamming people. So mature…

      • Kalia says:

        Obama was a damnation to the great country of America. He ruined us with the international communities, armed ISIS, dropped more bombs than any president in history, held the most secretive and corrupt administration America has ever known and now continues to work against the will and good of the People. These are the truths liberals and media deny and cover. This is the real Barack Obama. And he is the reason Dems like me are fleeing the party in droves.

        • Joseph says:

          Kalia, l certainly agree with you on him being a “damnable” character, and his exploits as a “failed American experiment” are an embarrassment and a deplorable(the bad kind of deplorable, not the good kind that voted for President Trump)and the sooner gone the better…BUT, I disagree with you on his “failed American experiment” of a presidency beingthe most scandalous and corrupt…The Clinton Administration wins that “title” by a landslide…although on second thought with the old Hag running it from the sidelines, his Administration can certainly be labeled Clinton 2.0…

          Tonja Andreon, shut up will you with yourrude little snarks,..!!!

        • Peggy says:

          Kalia, there r many dems fleeing that coven, we can no longer refer to the traitors as a party. welcome, we need truth seekers, such as yourself. if we can get enuf of the left over to the RIGHT side, think what this country could b. think, no nancy, no chuck, no cuomo, no soros, no bloomberg. by gum, i think we could live in peace

      • Shelly says:

        And just what is the truth Tonja?
        What exactly did Obama do that made this country better? Obama’s whole presidency revolved around one thing, being liked. I didn’t support Obama, but I did take the time to listen to him. I heard, identity politics in every speech, but what exactly did he do to elevate black people out of poverty? I listened to apology after spology for the United States. I saw no action against North Korea, but I did see palets of money given to Iran . I seen the rejection of Israel, our number 1 alli. I heard plenty of racism against white people in this country, but I seen no action against black on black violence in Chicago. Isn’t that his stomping ground? And last but not least I heard about all the injustices of law enforcement against blacks, despite the facts that what he preached wasn’t true. Obama preached bringing people together, but devided us further by separating us by race. Not to mention the total corruption that we now see coming out if his administration, his holdovers. So I want you to tell us what exactly did Obama due to deserve our support?

  21. Shadow of the Moon says:

    Does anyone out there really believe that Obama is not behind the Deep State? There is no way that these people in the FBI/DOJ were not acting on his direct or indirect orders. Why do you think he and his lovely (gag me) wife never left Washington? Please Mr. Obama just go away, you are no one to be preaching to anyone about anything. Your ass should be in jail awaiting trial for treason.

  22. BILLY miller says:

    obama & his mama are the scum of the earth.

  23. bagster53 says:

    the kenyan freak is a good one to talk about honesty and decency , the fraud did all his dirty work behind our backs, he’s the biggest liar and fraud i know , how many americans died because of him and his policies , no one will talk about that , either deport him back to kenyan or lock him up in gitmo

  24. We Trump voters don’t hate Obama because he was black (AND half white), but because he was a” pretender” to the throne. We still don’t feel he QUALIFIED to be considered for the office. WHO vetted him? Why was that party never uncovered? What proof of citizenship was presented? How was it he somehow qualified for a scholarship as a foreign student? Why has that remained hidden to the public? What were his grades and school data? Who remembered or even knew of him? What is his reason for all the secrecy? Why all the “errors” on that phony doctored birth certificate? Why is none of this addressed even to this day? Who Is/was this guy (for real)? Why after suffering with this egomaniac for 8-yrs. has no one come forward with answers to all this secrecy? No Mr. Obama, you are an enigma to the American people. Until this doubt is answered sufficiently to the American , and yes World, you and your “legacy” will remain in doubt to those who truly LOVE this country! You Sir, have so far, failed the test………………..

    • jerry peel says:

      very well said My Friend !

    • SusanL says:

      I don’t want to see or hear anything Obama has to say. He just needs to go away.

    • James Barton says:

      Many of us still want to see his education records. And get an explanation of the discrepancy of his social security card.

    • Sandra Kirk says:

      Pelosi was the one who “vetted” him. Enough said????

      • DRLJR says:

        Pelosi and Reid didn’t vet Mr Obama, they just said he was there choice. Mr Obama is a classic reason the US Constitution requires a natural born Citizen. Anytime any one deals with a “bill/law” signed by Mr Obama or a judge “appointed” by Mr Obama one should challenge it on the grounds that Mr Obama has not authority to sign bills into law, or appoint Judges since he fails the requirements to serve as President.

  25. K says:

    People think DJT has a big ego, right? From what I listened too, Hussein Obama has a bigger one, even trying to take credit for ALL THE GOOD Our Great CURRENT President has done. There is one big diff between Pres Trump & Hussein, Trump is not arrogant & condescending but Hussein IS & his ego is on steroids. Only 1 prob… Hussein nearly destroyed our Country, he desperately wanted to rewrite our Constitution & he ILLEGALLY passed the ACA & DACA. Hmmm, our current Pres has accomplished more in 2 years, undoing much of the BS Hussein strapped on us. If the masses had genuinely approved of him, HRC would have been elected to carry on his 3rd term. Nope, we had enough of that mess. Go away Hussein & take Michael with you!

  26. Pete says:

    Typical demorat. Doesn’t know anything about what our President has done for this country. All bozo did for America is to try to destroy it. He doubled national debt, sent billions of dollars to Iran that supported terrorism. Open your eyes and see what is going on,Trump is not a racist,not a nazi. Demorats support fascism (antifa) Trump doesn’t.

  27. richard jimenez says:

    Obama and Hillary should both be in jail !

  28. Lymon says:

    I’ve read a few comments and they are all filled with fear. Why do so many fear a black man who has held the highest office in the land.? Most that critize Obama benefited from Obamacare. Interestingly, fearmongers cannot blame his success it on affirmative action. America has voted him in office twice. He went into office without the assistanxe of Russia norattempts to curtail black votes. His whitehouse was scandle free. His administration did not reportable state that they are about to save the country and world from this child. Most Trump supporters seems to enjoy everything that Trump undo that Obama has done. But most of his supporters cannot say how trump has improved their lives economically. They still do not have health benefits. People, change is coming. Please don’t fear blacks. The President’ s wife is on her way to Afrrica. Mark my words she will be smiling when she returns.

    • Joanne Thauberger says:

      Scandal free? Where do you live?

      Trump didn’t get help from the Russians, some debate going on now about Obama’s relationship with them.

      Trump is not curtailing black votes. The Democrats used them and kept them dependant on the government. People do not fear Afro-Americans. I wonder how many of them have actually ever been to Africa to even claim an alliance with them. I am sure Mrs. Trump already has a deep respect for these people.

      Change has already happened. A change for the better. Thank goodness Clinton didn’t win or the USA would already be like the EU/UK who are struggling to save their culture, values, freedoms, and lives.

    • thomas bunnell says:

      his wife is a man queer like him

    • truckman says:

      you are a piece of work obama’s entire career was filled with intrigue and questions and there was voter fraud and imtemadations and there will always be questions as to his eligibility as to whether he was a true citizen of the USA as far as race he caused more race division than anybody else most of us wish that racist woman would stay in africa and obama join her they have stole enough from the people of this country

    • randyd64 says:

      What a fuc-ing rock have you been sleeping under? scandal free, you need to drug free and wake up, he was the worst president we’ve ever had, his DOJ, FBI, IRS were so corrupt justice and investigations would have been better done on the syfy channel. I was stupid enough to vote for him twice with total regrets. Actually voted against Mitt the twit then old man John. Kind of like our last election, I didn’t vote for Trump, I voted against Hillary, you got to pick the better choice even when neither choice is good.

    • RUTH SAAB says:


    • D D says:

      I, for one, have my job back because President Trump rescinded many of the rediculous rules on oil & gas drilling BHO put in place. And I know for a fact there are thousands benefitting from this one thing. I work with and around many of them.

    • Rodney Berglund says:

      Hey Ly(lie)Mon, pull up your pants because you’re talking out of your ass

    • Kalia says:

      I am a woman, a minority, and a lifelong Democrat. I do not fear Barack Obama or any black man. I loathe Obama because he was a lying, traitor who was only interested in furthering the cause of the Muslim brotherhood in America. Obama did NOTHING for the black community. He lied and people died. He was a no good sleepy politician who should now hide away in shame

      • zee says:

        Kalia, you probably won’t see this reply (5 days old) BUT I Want it for
        ‘the Record’. THANK YOU & AMEN to YOU for ‘saying that’.
        > I am ‘ a pale skinned’ whitey lol. MORE Brothers/Sisters etc
        Seek communications w/me MORE than Ever, Since POTUS DJT.
        > E’one that talks to me FEELS a ‘Sense of Relief’ & Way More Free.
        > Our eye contact is Amazing & lots of ‘smiles’ . IT IS AWESOME.
        > Brothers/Sisters/ etc Have Actually ‘REACHED 0UT’ to me.WHY?
        Because ‘the VIBE’ IS THERE!!! & WE NEED MORE. God Bless
        You & Yours. TOGETHER, ‘WE’ SAVEUSA.

    • Steve says:

      What in the hell are you smoking? The only reason none of his crimes ever seen the light of day is because the commies running the news cycle were in bed with him to sell us out to the NWO! Get a clue! The fact he was black has nothing to do with it,character has no color, and he did everything in his power to turn us into a 3rd world country. You idiots are just mad because true Americans that foot the bill for all this nonsense finally had enough and elected someone who wasn’t part of the swamp. Make no mistake my friends,there are plenty of swamp creatures that are do called Republicans. Your first clue should have been from those that attended McCain’s funeral.. The swamp is not one sided, we have enemies on both sides of the aisle!

    • Iris says:

      Scandal free is easy when you have the head of FBI and DOJ and the AG bought and paid for. They have proved that bunch is as crooked as obummer and killary. Amazing what payoffs can get you. His whole existence is one big coverup. And his whole charade IS COMIN OUT!

    • G says:

      Lymon, I don’t personally care whether you’re red, yellow, black or white however your comment is full, from beginning to end, of the most stupid words and lies I have seen in a great while and, that’s
      going some. You obviously don’t understand or know the truth. Such a shame!

  29. Sharon says:

    I need to know why anyone would listen to Obummer…he has nothing to say and when he does talk it is all a LIE…wake up people. He ruined our country…it is taking President Trump to undo everything Obummer did to us. You have to be a moron to listen to anything Obummer says…He lied to get elected and continues to lie. People who voted him in twice need to get an education!!!! Are people that gullible to believe what that moron said or says???? Get with the program, VOTE for President Trump and Vice President Pence ….you will NEVER be sorry for that decision. Look what is happening already with our wonderful President. God placed him in for a reason….to fulfill His plan.

    • Joseph says:

      Sharon: in response to your comment, I have come up with 3(there are probably are many more) reasons that we voted Barrack Obama in as President, and I have weighed each with caution,and without prejudice…
      1. I truly believe that the majority of Americans believed with their hearts that Obama would be a better choice than the man opposing him…why else would he have been elected twice? The Republicans were reeling with the mess that they allowed the Democrats to cause under the Bush Administration, and really didn’t have a very “strong” candidate…

      2.I truly believe, the first election round anyway, that people(the electorate) allowed their hearts to overrule their heads, and wanted to prove to themselves(?)AND/OR others(?)that they were neither racist or biggoted…

      3.I truly believe that the American people did not trust the “elitist” to run our government anymore…we tried, and then re-tried an “experiment” that ultimately failed…Obama was not removed far enough from his roots(African-American) nor his prejudices…he sympathized with the Islamic countries and their injustices, and could not remove himself far enough from them to institute policies that were pro-American…

      Let me try and assuage your fears a small bit, may I? I am talking to you, as a fellow American, and a concerned citizen…We allowed this “failed American experiment” to happen to us, and I believe in my heart that those who elected Obama president did so as well, that they had the interests of the COUNTRY on their minds…he antagonized the US with his UnConstitutional Executive Orders, and used the power of his office to undermine many policies that benefitted himself…That being said, let me remind you, and every other American who is concerned about the direction of our Country…Remember first, that America is not just a COUNTRY, we are also a unique IDEAL…no one person, no one group, or no one race can ever “destroy” us because of that fact…No other Country can say that about themselves as staunchly or resolutely as America can..Why? Because to destroy us, the World KNOWS that they cannot exist in true form as a nation as we do…Not China, not Russia, not Europe, and certainly not Mexico, or Canada….The reason I say this is because “as goes America, so goes the World” and twice we have proven that..WW One, and WW Two…

      When we to to the polls in November, I have faith in the American people, and the unique way we have of recovering from every “crisis” that is handed to us..or should l say US?*smile…Remember we say “One Nation Under God” NOT “One Nation Under Trump, or Obama, or Bush etc. and the Bible says that GOD is eternal…

  30. Ben says:

    It’s to bad we can’t send that black peace of crap to prison and his man wife with him.


  32. Jim says:

    I don’t understand why people still refer to him as Barack Obama when he has sealed records and never has proven who Barack Obama is. Looks like his last known proven name was Barry Sotoro so that should be the name we use to reference him if we want to be politically correct ,oops did I steal a term from Lefty.

  33. Ron says:

    The narcissism and hypocrisy of this jackass is beyond belief! And he has the nerve to say the Republicans must strive for “honesty and decency”! Something he can never be accused of! I guess honesty and decency only applies to Republicans! Sure as hell doesn’t apply to Obama OR his party!

  34. Believer says:

    Shows the Obama’s have NO PRIDE they keep making FOOLS OF THEM SELVES. AND ONLY FOOLS LISTEN..

  35. OLD VET says:

    obama will burn in hell for all the lies he has told during his presidency and is still telling .he has done nothing for this country except divide the people democrates have turned commie this is a scandel because they lied to the people while they stole there money and now are angrey because MR Trump has put a plug in there piggy banks its getting harder to fill .OLD VET

  36. Pat says:


    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Well, Pat he is very popular, and the press did not have to put up with his verbal attacks and calling the press, protected by our constitution, “the enemy of the people.” One day, even some of you might wake up and become aware that no successful president attacks the press (Nixon was the last one to do it) or the US intell agencies and thrives. Taking on one was ignorant enough, but taking on both of them will cook your goose. The intell agencies, like Putin and like David Pecker who had a safe of dirty laundry on Trump (which will be coming out soon since he was given immunity by the special counsel) had tons on Trump.

      • James says:

        Dr. of what? STUPIDITY?
        Pres. Trump only speaks the truth when he “attacks” the left leaning media, and he is only reflecting what all of us real patriots think and say!
        As far as “cooking his goose” I don’t think he has anything to fear there either. When all is said and done the Mueller BS will prove the media; the dems; and the DOJ/FBI were all in collusion. If not with the reds, than at the least with one another to usurp a legally elected President; unlike the last poser!

        • Joseph says:

          James: I am not trying to be antagonistic to you, nor trying to undermine your extreme prejudice, and with everything I feel inside me, I loathe saying this, but Dr. J.D is right…President Trump is very “valiantly” opposing a very strong and “Constitutionally protected” press Corp…and I believe if you could ask President Trump, he would tell you that he very emphatically knew they would attack him with everything that they can…President Trump also knew that it would be a very difficult task to undertake, and the fact that they use their “medium” so vehemently to oppose all he does is their method of “revenge or payback”… The press on the other hand know that its the ” blackmailed slaves, the welfare driven, and the social outcasts” that are the only ones believing their BS…thus the reason for CNN,ABC,CBS, NBC having such a drastic drop in viewer ship…FOX on the other hand, having a more Conservative, and “fair and balanced” form of News, is having an unprecedented spike upwards in their viewer ship..As far as the Putin/Pecker comment, that’s just another one of the “faux news” articles, along with the op-ed, and the Stormy Daniels, lines they hope and pray to their “media gods, and goddesses” will uncover something that will be devastating to the president…I mean when you can get “DeepThroat”. Bob Woodard to trash the President, well then who knows they might get Jesus Christ to interview next…Got anything else you want to say Dr.J.D?

          • zee says:

            Soo, joseph – based on what you said: WHY? WOULD You give
            the ‘adulterated’ Press’ a FREE Pass. WHO the ‘F’ IS the Press Anyway. Sanctimonious??? I THINK NOT___
            > For 0nce IN 200 yrs. ‘WE’
            have a POTUS that STANDS up^ to ‘them ‘ ( & U ‘know’ the
            Press IS Entirely Controlled by the Left) Rite? oh man, i hope so.

        • M says:

          James, Dr. J.D. is Diane the troll. Please dismiss her like the sewer maggot she is and tell her to shut up! Her purpose in life is to intimidate and insult Republicans so you will reply to her so she can be paid her troll wages!

      • C. Hogan says:

        If Dr. J. D. Thinks the prev. Pres was good for our country, I would like to know what he is Dr. Of. Make sure when you pick a Dr. They do not have these initials as. I would be fearfully of their treatment. They are not smart enough to know Obama was not good for our country at all. He was all for dividing our country and trying to make it very ununited. Trump is a very good businessman and is doing a very good job on his promises that we voted for.
        Did not want the lies of the Clinton campaign. Thank you.

      • Ken of mo says:

        No he only spyied of the press a had one put in jail he also had a rant about fox more than once. Trump never said the press was the enemy of the people. he said fake news was the enemy of the people. Why you libs always get that wrong. Looks like the intelligence agencies have a lot of dirt on them some pointing at obumba and his crew. It’s the dumocrats that needs to wake up. Trump has done nothing to hurt the constitution. But according to the record the surperm court ruled that obumba disregarded the constitution on several occasions.

      • M says:

        Dr. J. D./Diane, rides again. You must not be dry behind the ears if you can’t remember BHO had a reporter arrested after having him illegally electronically monitored and tried to ruin his life. If there had been any way he could have shut down Fox News without looking like the bad guy you bet he would have. Another thing you can count on is liberals have selective memory phobia! You only remember what you want and only in the way that best suits your agenda! In other words ALL liberals are liars and some of you, Dr. J.D./Diane, maggot sewer worm, are worse than others. BHO is nothing more than a Chicago street thug and criminal and he, most of his administration, the Clinton cartel, plus plus plus belong in jail. The story goes on and on, doesn’t it?

        • zee says:

          you didn’t mention/ & INCLUDE ‘the infamous’
          “BATH HOUSE BARRY” 0h, also the ” CHOOM GANG”.

          • M says:

            zee, I don’t know about Bath house Barry and the Choom gang (although I have an imagination and I don’t like that mental pic)! I have seen it mentioned in blogs but did not ask. Can you clean it up and tell me if it is other than the gay thing. Got to be more to it???

          • zee says:

            0h god M, please don’t ask me here. re’ ‘barry’s Bath House Activities in Chicago & w/ ‘rahm” U know who ‘rahm e ‘is rite? ‘ Mayor of chicago thatwill not re-run. & Left WH when barry was there, & voted? in as Mayor. ( u Should know re ‘bath houses’ in General.) NOT GOOD/ TOTAL BAD & Against
            ‘ the BIG ‘G_D’. Some men Came Forward. ‘others lied’ to cover
            their arse?? (heh -literally). I Cannot ‘clean this’ up for U. Just
            Too Much. WELL, now u got me on aroll & i guess’who Gives a
            flying ‘F’ at this point. (an aside:my phone Remains ‘tapped’ due
            to my Sis w/DoD in Alaska. now retired 1 yr) up to 5 nieces/nephews in Military, 1 in Turkey. Still tapped. i say no more.
            g’ damn it. ) butt,u know what – i don’t give a rat’s ass, & i’Curse’
            ‘them’ 0ut E’vryfrickin time i hear the beeps. We hang up & call back. boy, i really said it now. hmmm. ‘knock -knock’ – i’m prepared. 0nwards –
            >’Choom Gang’ = in Hawaii, young barry (late teens) smoking ‘the weed’ + whatever else. – TOTALLY 0UT of it laying on ‘couches’
            W/ —- ]]] photos of the ‘straw hat’ Are ‘infamous. Perhaps ‘scrubbed’ on internet by now.
            >Also, his mother Ann D.= A Huge CIA op.
            >speculation includes MKUltra ‘programs’ re barry thru mother/cia. (& don’t forget J. Marshall) & something called the ‘jump room’. I learned this ‘stuff’ in ’07 (as nominee). & WAS APPALLED. &( Especially
            when Condi endorsed). 0mg. SHE KNEW ‘all this stuff’ & ifshe didn’t, she was a dumb-ass, which i highly doubt. Anyway – this Total REPROBATE Has been ‘groomed’ for a long time.
            > Know his ‘mentors’. 1 Last Terrible thang -KNOW re
            ‘pizzagate’. IN DC (trump ‘knows’ & so does e’one) pedo<<< barry (young boys) & whole lotta KrAAP
            goin' on in WH basement. 0h GOD, enuff. hope u see this. &
            now many others have, if they come back. 0h ps. did U see my
            new 'trash' remark from this 'new richard Lat whatever. & Diane
            or that DJD, 'finally' replied, called me 'ignorant'. LOL. She
            Will Absolutely NOT 'address' me. DBL LOL. Am going to 'back off' RR. So somehow, we need to stay in touch. hmm. U 'know'
            my 3 aka's rite? ( in short, z/sm/ sch) So U, Dan, BUTCHY KEEP 0N!!! GOD BLESS EVERMORE /SAVE USA. ♥
            pps. McCain/Bolton re NYT op-ed – V.V. Badio, & dragging Pence in. (hmm – i've Never Trusted pence from the git go). oh god, make me stop. I Did___ later.

          • zee says:

            ps. my man. i cannot get involved w/ these diane/dJd/richard lat characters, for the most part.

          • zee says:

            &&& ‘o’ WAS ‘groomed’ To CONTINUE What he IS doing, ritenow.
            eom. (endofmessage) ♥u man. rite? 0K !!!

    • Ken of mo says:

      Yes and the bushs are no better. All of them are globalist.

    • Paulnam67 says:

      He has the big ears from being the one to use in the bath houses of Chicago.

  37. Ron says:

    Obama says the Republicans must value “honesty and decency” in government? Something HE never can be accused of! I guess honesty and decency only applies to Republicans! Sure and hell doesn’t apply to Obama OR his party! Good lord, the hypocrisy and narcissism of this jackass is unbelievable!

  38. Peggy says:

    Obama was the worst president in my lifetime. He needs to shut up and go away.

  39. Phillp Owens SFC Ret. says:

    It is amazing that someone who cannot prove he is a US Citizen is making such noises! Barack Obama has NEVER PROVIDED A LEGITIMATE CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH to prove he is a US Citizen. The Certificate he has provided HAS BEEN PROVEN FRAUDULENT!

  40. Rex says:

    If you ever been to a zoo, chimps love to play with their feces. That is what Obama likes doing. Monkey see monkey doo. Him and Hellary should be put on a firing squad for their treasonous actions. Even as I speak the Traitor is endorsing a very well known grandson of a PLO terrorist to run for Congress.

  41. RightWriter says:

    That’s just nonsense. Former presidents USUALLY avoid commenting directly on their successor’s efforts, but OF COURSE IT’S “ALLOWED.” Former Presidents are covered by the FREEDOM OF SPEECH just like everyone ELSE. It IS accurate to say Obama didn’t have the CLASS to keep his YAP SHUT, as George W. Bush had done so often (and to be fair, so had Bill Clinton), but to say he’s not “allowed” to say whatever he PLEASES just betrays YOUR IGNORANCE of the U.S. Constitution.

    • Marlene says:

      Soros funded Obama. Obama was just a puppet.

    • Marlene says:

      Other than yelling fire in a crowded theater or speaking publicaly of national security means and measures any idiot can babble to their hearts content. Free speech is guaranteed in America. Even though the left is trying to silence conservatives. Unfortunely they seem to be succeeding.

    • Joseph says:

      Very well stated, and I applaud you on your veracity of Constitutional rights and privileges!!!Thank you for being civil, and to a certain extent less biased than other Liberals…It is the RIGHT of every American to excersize their RIGHT to free speech…On the other hand, precedence is a very strong, and certainly a very dignified form of “free speech” because in Obamas, and to a lesser extent Bill Clinton(I certainly disagree with your comment that he kept his YAP SHUT, on the contrary he was very “vocal” in support of his wife for President)their voices were heard from “mediums” that opposing candidates didn’t have…their voices were heard over and above the voices of other candidates endorsees(hmmm, I really not sure that’s a word, but you get my drift)…I am certain that if President Bush had pushed for John McCain as hard as Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama did for Hillary Clinton for President, the MSM would have crucified him…Obama was by who all that mattered the “chosen, and Golden Boy” of the MSM on the other hand, and they just silently turned their heads…THANK GOD FOR FREE SPEECH!!!!

  42. SammysDad says:

    The Dems ar so desperate they dig deep into the scum to bring up a poor excuse for a president to use flowery nonsensical and derogatory lies in order to attempt to help the floundering blue wave!

    • T-pac says:

      HERE THE LIB nut cases to with the “ Race “ card which will b non stop until November and beyond.
      BECAUSE they have nothing else to run on ??? Or will it to be get rid of ICE Or JUST open up our boarders to everyone. Don’t c how anybody could vote for that type of an agenda

      • Joseph says:

        Have faith in our system of Government…tomorrow the Flag will fly over the “Land of the Free, and the homes of the Brave”… As long as I live it will!!!And to all the NFL anthemn kneelers, I would like to take the time to say this, ” May God continue to Bless you, but I REALLY, REALLY FEEL SORRY FOR YOU…!

  43. James Pogue says:

    Obama is a liar and a thief. What does he have to do to convince liberal America that’s true?

    • RightWriter says:

      Maybe AT LEAST be ACCUSED of lying and/or theft? He never HAS been, you know.
      I AGREE with you, but CHARGES don’t PROVE ANYTHING in the American system.m, and Obama’s never been accused, much less found guilty of ANY crimes. So the average Joe out there, who doesn’t pay much attention to politics, may have NO IDEA why you (or I) think he HS a liar and a thief, We need a few dozen more conservative lawyers in the Justice Department — which means we need a NEW ATTORNEY GENERAL, since Jeff Sessions seems INCAPABLE of doing much of ANYTHING. THEN maybe we can bring charges and have a trial or two. Meanwhile, it’s hard to blame not-very-well-tuned-in Americans for not knowing what they never hear about!

    • Joseph says:

      James, not to be trite with your indignance, but quoting Hillary Clinton:”what difference does it make now?” Obama is no longer President, and neither is Hillary Clinton…they don’t matter anymore, and that to me and to every other American, IS THE BEST NEWS WE CAN HAVE!!!Let me tell you, and everyone else on here what does matter…and that is that we never, ever AGAIN let them matter!!!As long as you and I and everyone else give them an audience, it gives them a platform!!!Slap them in the face, like we did on election night in 2016,/and then watch the silly little Democrat/Liberal faces smug, self important, and egotistically arrogant, turn into hurt, cast-down, confused, and humbled countenances…EVIDENTLY, they didn’t get the picture, or still have their blinders on, when the American people spoke then, let’s bet Real LOUD, and real PROUD in November, 2018…GET OUT AND VOTE, AND VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!

      • zee says:

        Joseph, What ‘they’ ‘o’ & ‘h’ DID, DOES MATTER __ HERE & NOW.
        ‘they ‘ Propagated ‘the Great Trojan Horse’ of WW Mass immigration.
        &&& IRREVERSIBLE at this point. Better take a look at World Map, &
        Events. ‘they’ HAD a’ Chance’ for Correction. ‘they’ DID NOT. & i Surely
        Hope you ‘understand’ what i just inked. IF you do not ‘understand’ this
        short ink, well then – Try to find your Way 0ut of ‘being Lost’. Thank you.

        • Joseph says:

          In the short term we felt to a degree the effects of “o” and “h” but in the long term we can “correct” the negative effects…”TODAY is the first day, of the rest of your life” and the way that you use the time, IS WHAT MATTERS…Obama and Hillary’s agenda was to drag the US as far out of mainstream thinking as they could, and then hope that the rest of the World would permit them to be “rulers”…They had everything that mattered backing them, MSM, money, and the good majority(?) Of the electorate!…what they didn’t have was the support of freethinkers nking individuals like you and I…we are the anomaly that keeps radicals like them from doing the dangerous things they tried to do…Now, we can cry, and whine, and bitch about the mess they left, or like President Trump is doing, roll up our shirt sleeves and get busy cleaning it up!!!

          • zee says:

            Joseph. i Do Appreciate your thought. However –
            ‘The TROJAN HORSE’ @ ‘o’/’h’ re MASS WW
            IMMIGRATION > IS IRREVERSIBLE at this point
            in Time.
            > No ‘kumbaya’ Is Going to Reverse ‘their’ Action(s).

  44. Heywood Jablomi says:

    The Art of the Troll.

  45. Tommy says:

    Well fools follow fools. WE had only a few good presidents in all our Sick governments. People do realize this is still the same Gov that filled 95 % of all the Native people that lived here. Sadly when we vote we have to vote for one of the rich fools running. They don’t allow middle class people to run?? Ever wonder why. Second to that all campaigning should be set the same for who ever is running . Never a prejudice site saying who is winning.

    • D D says:

      What are you talking abou? Obama’s family was just as poor as mine was growing up. That was the problem with him running for President. It takes money and lots of it to launch & sustain a campaign like that. To know who these politicians are beholden to and, therefore, what agenda they will push, you have to follow the money. Didn’t vote for Hussein Obama for that reason; we didn’t know then where the money was coming from. We’re learning now, though. He’s a One World Order politician. Sorros funds and funds from his Middle Eastern friends who he repaid with our tax payer money. They all just had a huge One World Order confab on the Arabian Peninsula. . Even Robert DeNiro was there. Google World Government Summit.

    • D D says:

      You need to retake Colonial American history & figure out which countries had power over the New World during those centuries.

    • Joseph says:

      Tommy, only godless men are “fools” (Psalm14:1)…but you CANNOT blame THIS Government for what happened to the Native Americans…Plus any American(native born, American) who has attained the age of 35 years can run for President…rich fools(?) Like Abraham Lincoln, and Andrew Jackson? And unfortunately, SOMEBODY has to win.

  46. RightWriter says:

    President Trump’s response to President Obama’s comment was clever, but it certainly DID NOT “shut down” the ex-President! In fact, it COULD be read to suggest that President Trump is beginning to show his age, and can no longer stand up to an Obama assault.

    This is particularly true given that President Trump has so often bragged that he doesn’t need much sleep — three hours a night is plenty — so was he SO exhausted he couldn’t listen to 20 minutes of Obama? I’m NOT saying I think President Trump was wrong, or that he SHOULD have stayed awake to hear Obama, but his rejoinder was NOT an effective response to Obama’s speech. I’m also not blaming TRUMP for the comment: it’s Patriot Pulse that said he “shut down” Obama when he DIDN’T.

    • oldkoreanwarvet says:

      I think you totally missed his point! BTW, have to wonder who is paying for Obama’s travel expenses?

      • Bender says:

        $77 million in tax payer $ for trumps golfing so far. $300000 in golf cart rentals alone. 25% of his days in office Trump has played golf.

        • Ronald Long says:

          Trump owns those golf courses it does not cost him a dime to go there to golf. Are you so uninformed that you don’t understand that

    • Marlene says:

      Honey, no one could shut Obama up even in a dictatorship. Is he allowed to say whatever he want, obviously. The only limits on our free speech is something like yelling fire in a crowed theater or national security threats. Other than that, any idiot is free to babble all they want.

    • Joseph says:

      RightWriter, construe it anyway you choose, but bottom line, if someone told me that they fell asleep “watching” me give a speech that I paid several people to write for me( no telling how much that cost!!) it would be a very “stinging” rebuke if it was coming from the POTUS…just my opinion…C’mon, your just stringing these people along with your comments praising President Trump, and then dumping on him in the next sentence…Stop riding the fence!!!

  47. Shirley Ann says:

    Obama was able to Monkey Around with Our Great Country for 8 horrendous Years, & By The Grace Of God, we rose up & elected the Greatest President of All, Donald J. Trump.
    Obama is a Failed Ex-Prez, who can not understand that his Big Race Card was Punched Out, Long Ago!
    It’s a New Day In America & President Trump has completely obliterated the Debris of the Obama Marxist Regime.

  48. John King says:

    Would someone just poison Obama already . . . should be easy enough to do . . . no wait, he has a litmus test for everyone about everything! It a wonder he’s got anyone to work with/for him . . . let’s see, are you a Muslim, yes, check . . . are you gay, yes, check . . . do you think my wife is a man, yes, check . . . do you hate Trump, yes, check . . . OK you’re good, welcome to my party I mean security group!!!

    • Jeffrey Cahoon says:

      We the People are certainly trying to erase Obama from history, that is why we elected Trump! But, Obama is like a bad penny, he keeps coming back, making a fool of himself in typical Democratic fashion! This is a man with more balls than brains, if he had any sense at all, he would disappear forever, and let We the people get on with our lives! Only a fool would not see that, so why in hell can’t he? Stealing the title of the movie, “Get Out”! Get out and stay out!

      • Peggy says:

        Well said.

      • Joseph says:

        Jeffrey, although I feel your indignation my brother, we SHOULD NOT ever attempt to “erase” our History, like the Liberals are trying to do in the South( vandalizing, removing, and tearing down statues, and Civil War monuments)NO, NO, NO…LEARN from it and NEVER repeat it again…again Obama doesn’t matter, unless we allow him to!!!He’s a part of History, that we must NOT repeat!He’s not holding a gun to your head, he MOST certainly is not your President, so take your own advice “and get on with your life”!!!

    • Joseph says:

      Goodness John, your animus toward EX-president Obama is kinda dangerous don’t you think? Remember what they did to Kathy Griffin for saying half as much as you have…I heard she was investigated by the Secret Service! Is that what you want to happen to you? Let it go, man. He no longer matters, unless we let him…plain and simple!!!Let your rage,and your indignation speak in November…VOTE!!!

  49. Randy says:

    As was already said osoma obama needs to carry his sorry a s s away and let Pressadent Trump dig us out from under the crap the Dems. and that traider have buried us in

  50. Tim says:

    Obumer is a Muslim terrorist. Plain and simple.

  51. Ray says:

    I’m with President Trump.For once, its nice to have a President that stands up for his country and countrymen rather than some leftist that makes apology tours

  52. Merridee says:

    The America history has never had such a rotten president as Obama, nor has there ever been a former president to interfere with the current administration like Obama does. He wants to take credit for the work that President has Done for AMERICA, obama had a chance to do good, but chose to take tax payers money and ship it by pallets fulls to terrorist countries so his Muslim friends could build warfare and guns against others so they would take power over all countries. No other president has freed prisons from a country like cuba and allowed criminals to invade America. I wonder what corrupt Obamas ties are to the Russian meddling, after all he knew about the uranium deal.

  53. Sharon Viggiano says:

    What gives Obummer the right to get any coverage at all. He is the worst president we have ever had. All his information is sealed…does that tell anyone anything? Come on Demoncrats, wake up. Trump is a blessing to our country and God put him in as President. God has a plan and President Trump is fulfilling it. God is blessing him and our country. What you all need to do is VOTE for President Trump and pray that Obummer and his transgender wife goes away!!!! People, get on your knees and pray that President Trump fulfills all his promises…so far he has done that.

    • Kara Wright says:

      I fully agree with you and as for the transgender once first lady I’m glad you brought that up. It really will be another day for celebrating when the REP take the Mid Terms and 2020 should be a slam drunk. Keep
      the comments coming.

    • Joseph says:

      Sharon, (holds up a mirror)…YOU are one of the reasons “Obummer” has the audience, and the platform he stands on!!!Take it away from him…don’t pay attention to it at all…Believe me,we are the reason that the Democrats get the attention that they(particularly Obama, and Clinton),but in everything you do, let your voice be heard…Remember in the Bible, when Jesus told us to “be angry, and sin not”… well I believe with all my heart that he must have been talking about circumstances such as these…let our lifestyles, and our voices show our indignation, and as a people, use our ” platforms” to diminish their prominence in our lives…the Bible tells us that “wisdom is crying in the streets”and few who can hear or find her.

  54. Russ says:

    Obama talking about “honesty” and “decency” in government, what a joke! Obama was brought in by the dems to bring this country to its knees as they socialized it and worse. Obama needs to shut his mouth and face the facts! America is FREE!

    • Kara Wright says:

      I fully agree.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Anyone who usurps an office, by fraud and collusion, to which he is NOT Constitutionally qualified, simply because he wants it, in order to DESTROY the nation, is NOT someone who has any business lecturing another about ethics or morals, since he’s proven he knows nothing about the subjects.

  55. Mike W says:

    It always amazes me that the left wing loons think that President Trump the guy who built a multi-billion dollar fortune – who does business all over the world – who employs about 34,000 people – who takes NO presidential salary – is an idiot – a buffoon – and this goddamned idiot Obama – who made his money inb so called government service – who NEVER really had a job in the private sector – unless you call community organizer a job – who wrote 2 books before ANYONE ever even heard of him – who supposedly was the editor of the Harvard Law Review and a brilliant lawyer – so brilliant he had to surrender his law license for lying on his damned Bar application – seems he forgot about his books where he talked about his different names and past illegal drug use – cocaine etc – to try to be cool – when he applied to the bar and they asked him about prior drug use or any other names put down NO – the genius could not keep himself from lying – even though if he had answered truthfully it probably would not have mattered – but once a liar always a liar. The left wing loons think the man is a genius- he’s a total fraud and a fool. He has been propped up by George Soros – possibly since the day he was born who knows? His whole life is nothing but a damned lie. They come forward with pictures of President Trump’s past almost every day – yet has anyone EVER seen a photo of a pregnant Michelle Obama – she(?) is more likely to have testicular cancer than a baby! When will the lying stop?

  56. Bill says:

    Dorothy – To quote a favorite TV show of the snowflakes, SNL: You are one ignorant slut!

  57. Dorothy McDowell-Metzger-Strinka says:

    I do not understand these persons at all. MR Trump is not fit to be a President or any office, he needs medical help. Yes I am a retired Nurse.

    • Rob says:

      I would hate to be treated by an ignorant nurse like you you’re nothing but a ignorant liberal Democrat open up your eyes and see what a president did and what the past president didn’t do but hurt this country and now this President is bringing it back

    • Dan says:

      Dorothy you definitely have issues. You talk down about President Trump when you have a lying thieving ex president..lying thieving wanna be president..
      Evidently to you Uranium One and skimming millions thru the Clinton Foundation is okat.
      Maybe you might be the one in need of mental help.
      Let somebody lie and try to undermine you at every
      After the acts of TREASON committed against
      President Trump Obummer and Crooked Hillary should be unable to lobby for votes unless it is
      Inside a federal prison.
      Obama did more to set race relations back than
      You want open borders..illegal aliens..and Democrooks go ahead and think as you do.

    • Kara Wright says:

      He is not a President for you but if you do cast your vote for a DEM you will have wasted your vote thats like not voting at all. You being a retired nurse has nothing to do with voting but you will have to see what DEMS might not do for you. Good luck.

    • Gary MD says:

      Thank god you are not a doctor, you must’ve been one helluva nurse. Don’t you think if there was something medically wrong with him it would have been brought out. Your expertise at making a diagnosis without any concrete proof is amazing. Do you realize what a dumb statement you just made?

    • judith faurie says:

      Thank goodness you are retired. I think you missed a couple of classes.

    • James says:

      You must have been a poor one at that , but real point is you’re not a Dr of the mind Dorothy

      • Joseph says:

        James, have you read all or many of these comments on here? What have we become, if we are no better than the Democrats/Liberals who’s whole platform, if you want to call it that, results ultimately in shouting and calling people names, trying to humiliate them, and violent outbursts, when someone DISAGREES with them…FOR GOD’S SAKE PEOPLE DON’T BE LIKE THEM….!!!!Listen and Learn, don’t shout down, and out at a person merely because they say things that differ from your opinion…THUS, ONLY THUS can we have a chance to change their minds…Dorothy is a human being, and not a dog, or a disagreeable donkey, that you kick and shout at…she deserves the right to say anything that she pleases, and as adults we should treat her like one!!!That’s what the DEMOCRAT/LIBERALS DO…Remember, free speech works both ways.!!!

    • zee says:

      Dorothy McD. YOU ‘scare’ Me. &&& V. Glad you don’t know me,
      per medical help. No Thank you. I would much rather SEE G0D,
      than you.

      • Joseph says:

        Zee, where did she offer you medical help? WHY does she scare you?I’d bet my lasted penny, that if you met her on the street you would have plenty to chat about!!!JMO

  58. Michael says:

    I think my dog would be a better president than Obama…my dog is wayyyyy smarter too….and my dog is not a muslim like Obama…Mr Donald J Trump, thank you for the Great economy…Obama, no thank you for better then DOUBLING the National debt….doubling the size of the government…Raising taxes to pay for it…who the hell do you think upu are wanting credit for the booming economy you Paper Pushing community organizer, Muslim….I nevet saw BinLadins body, the seal team that supposedly got him are conveniently dead…i think all that cash you sent to Iran went to make Bin Ladens life comfortable… The thats money you didnt reinvest in the economy you want credit for…you foriegn born terrorist loving piece of crap Obama

    • Marlene says:

      Obama spent over one trillion dollars a year while he was in office. His lavish vacations could account for a few billion but where did the rest go? I think the federal government wants to know too.. I do know he funded several organizations with terrorist ties. He did it knowingly as he was advise on those ties.

    • zee says:

      My ‘rescue birds’ ARE ALSO waaaay smarter/savvy than ‘o’.
      haha Michael, you got it.
      ps. in the past, (when Tv is on (rarely) when ‘birds’ heard hilly or ‘o’
      they screeched. Not kidding. It was too funny. The ‘birds’ KNOW
      ‘Voices’ & Truth.

  59. Dan Gibson says:

    Trump’s most identifiable asset is that you know where he stands, and you can expect that he will BE decisive (hopefully for the best) Obama ? Bush ? I think not. “Mr.” Obama, please move on. Your own party does not look toward you for leadership…

  60. Rick says:

    Has it not bothered anyone that this Marxist, manufactured by the communist party Chicago,
    has all pertinent and informative records sealed and hidden. No one knows who the hell he
    really is and not one American demanded he present these documents. He truly is an anonymous

  61. ke says:

    Where have you been? Why would you think Obama has ties to Russia? Trumpie loves Putie!

    • Grizz Mann says:

      Uranium one?

    • Rob says:

      Open up your eyes it’s Obama that kiss Putin ass with his stupid plastic reset button did you forget that famous whisper after he got elected in 2012

    • Rob says:

      Obama did was hurt this country during his presidency, you forgot he won’t even salute to the American Soldier or our flag and he wouldn’t even where the American flag on his collar in the beginning until he was embarrassed by the American people

    • lolajmay says:

      To a ”hot mic”, obama says ”I’ll have more flexibility after the election”. Hmmmm, must be some kind of connection, including URANIUM ONE. You must have missed the hot mic thing, and the little intimate pat on the knee obama gave the Russian guy. Spoke volumns!!

    • James says:

      ke your a liar he only talks to him , because he is the head of state you libs continue to show your stupidity !

    • Joseph says:

      Hmmm, the “open mike” scandal, the “reset button” scandal, the absence of any military response over the invasion and annexing the Crimea, the “line in the sand” nonresponse to the Syrian bombing of Allepo…how many more do you want? UraniumOne, treason? Read your own freaking newspaper brother, you don’t need to get on here and ask!!!

  62. ke says:

    You gotta be kidding. Trump is losing it. He ranted incoherently for 1 1/2 hours last night, slurring his words, rambling off topic, repeating himself endlessly, bragging about his “great” electoral college win and his ” great ” health and his “great” speeches, comparable to Abraham Lincoln’s. And by the way, Obama spent 8 years on making the economy great again, fact, not fiction. Trump can’t rewrite history to suit his pleasure. This is not Russia or North Korea.

    • JoePalooka in Texas says:

      Hmm? Maybe you need hearing aids, ke. I understood every word, but then English is my first language and was taught it in several schools. You Lefties are losing it, but if you lie enough and long enough you start to believe it yourself, like many O’s. Pick any.

      • Larry and Edna Boddy says:

        ke, Joe is correct. LOL!..

      • Ric B says:

        Ke, Joe Palooka has taken too many hits to the head. Trump uses no notes, and so his speeches are continuous babbling where he says a LOT — a lot about himself, always repeating for anyone, about his electoral college victory, ALWAYS about how great he is and how bad anyone is who tells the truth about him (Woodward, whom he said was a “credible journalist” – – look it up). So many errors, grammatical and factual. If you like Trump’s speeches, you must not be on a level of his staff who have been quoted as saying: he’s a moron (Tillerson), he’s an idiot (Kelly), he is the dumbest goddamn student I ever had (Professor at Wharton business school), Trump’s erratic nature, his relative ignorance, his inability to learn, as well as what they consider his dangerous views (Senior adviser of Trump) and John Dowd, Trump’s former lawyer about Russia probe, said Trump should not testify because “he was incapable of giving simple factual answers.”

        • Joseph says:

          RicB, add me to the list of “taking to many head shots” also…President Trump, throughout his whole 18 months of campaigning, refused to read off of the teleprompter, why is that news to any of us? My eyes got tired listening to the silly stories, that all of these so called “professional writers” would insinuate and inject into the speeches for their party’s candidate…your right, President Trump does ramble, and rant a lot(maybe a boring and “canned” speech is what the American public doesn’t want to hear)…Are you aware, that’s President who won the Electoral College by 306 votes, and was BEHIND by 12 points leading into the election, and was given just a meager 5% chance to win by the NewYork Times on election night, pulled of the biggest election upset since Truman beat Dewey…FFF’ing a right I would be bragging…!!!Your also right, our President does get testy, and easily riled at times and uses colorful language(sh*thole countries, moron, silly idiot, Crooked Hillary, Fake Tears Schumer)but again this just endears him to his base which I am proud to be one…He DOES NOT however have them meet “accidents, and fake their suicides)which even you can admit isn’t very endearing to anyone…the rest of your ramblings don’t make sense, cause well I just don’t give a damn about what others say about him, most of us actually NEVER HAVE and probably NEVER WILL….Like I said earlier, when it comes down to it your ultimate responses are humiliation, name calling, and innuendo…

    • M says:

      ke, You are drunk or stoned, maybe both. You haven’t been living in the same galaxy with the rest of us.

      • Randy Miller says:

        I don’t know if ke is drunk or stoned or maybe both. I do know that it would be hard for him to hear and understand Trump ’cause his head is up his ass.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Ke, you should be VERY thankful you are NOT in the same galaxy as M. These Trumpons live in their own world and get hyperbolic when someone does not think their way. They cannot handle different thought, and love to put it down and actually think, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that the majority of the population think Trump, the criminal, is great.

      • M says:

        Diane, is here everyone showing her stupidity this time as Dr. JD. Made much trolling money today sewer maggot?

    • D F says:

      Seriously, Ken? How old are you? Too young to remember our last recession ( which, btw, was on Obama’s watch and directly attributable to his economic tactics) or are you old enough to be suffering from a debilitating case of dementia? We watched, saddened by the economic losses our neighbors were experiencing as oil rig after oil rig was shelved in the storage lots: each one of those well meant 100s of jobs lost from roughnecks to toolpushers to mudders to geologist and landmen and truckers. Hotels closed, diners and restaurants closed: all those jobs lost. People lost their cars, their houses, their 401Ks, their retirements. That doesn’t even touch on the losses in the coal industry. And don’t give me that crap about wind power being a better alternative. It’s less reliable, less efficient and more expensive. And electric cars? They require rare earth minerals, which we don’t mine in the U. S. But China does. Want to be dependent on them? And you think our last president was “building” our economy? Puhleazzze!

    • Fr Tom Martin says:

      But, who won the election. Regardless if your false opinion he won. Now move on as Americans have done in the past. Put your effort toward winning in 2020. Grow up!

    • Larry and Edna Boddy says:


    • Rob says:

      Your right that’s why he got over 20, 000 people that go to to hear his speechs
      That’s the trouble with your Democrat liberals You Don’t See how good the countries doing did not for your country your for your party and that’s bad too much hate with the liberal Democrats you need to grow up

    • Kara Wright says:

      I guess you have seen nothing from what the President has brought forward in the last year. I know we never saw a thing from Obama he was and is nothing but 8 years of wasted time and watching him go on vacation with all the rich people he can sponge off of. You are in fiction and no facts. Sorry your vote will be wasted.

  63. Ellie says:


  64. Bill says:

    That sorry asshole did everything he could think of to send America straight to hell. All of his policies were failures and he was the worst president we ever had. It’s too bad Secret Service was able to protect his ass so well. He would have made a good target to be wiped out. Send his sorry ass back to Kenya where he belongs.

  65. Cp123 says:

    Never in the history of this country has a FORMER president been allowed to meddle in an election. This tells me plenty. I will vote with the red tsunami. What are Obamas ties to the Russian meddling, I wonder. It’s no different.

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