Donald Trump shut down Barack Obama with these nine words

Barack Obama returned to the campaign trail.

The former President railed about Donald Trump.

But Trump responded with nine words that shut Obama down for good.

Obama ranted and raved about Donald Trump during a speech in Chicago.

Obama whined that he did not get enough credit for the economic recovery.

He also slammed Trump for being divisive and attacking the fake news media.

In addition, Obama also claimed Republicans should turn against Trump because they must value “honesty” and “decency” in government.

Trump responded to Obama while he was traveling to an event in North Dakota.

The President said he tried to watch Obama’s speech but that he “fell asleep.”

Americans elected Donald Trump to undo Barack Obama’s disastrous Presidency.

Trump got to work on day one to make good on his end of that bargain.

He’s ended Obama’s awful Paris Global Warming and Iran Nuclear Deals.

Trump also gutted the ObamaCare individual mandate.

The President ended Obama’s war on Christianity by rolling back Obama’s transgender bathroom rules and birth control mandates.

It’s not surprising Obama hates Trump.

Trump was elected to erase Obama from history and is well on his way to accomplishing that goal.

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263 Responses

  1. Lymon Smith Jr says:

    Why is Presixent Obama favored nationally and internationally more than the criminal family in the white house today?

  2. All Obama ever did was lie, just like the rest of the Demonrats.

  3. Keith J. Trawick says:

    Things are coming out about Obama that I never knew about. BAD!

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