Donald Trump sent out one tweet that let the Deep State know its days are numbered

The Deep State’s allies in the bureaucracy thought they had Donald Trump boxed in.

Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein has acted as bureaucratic brick wall in order to thwart any effort to unearth the truth about the conspiracy to bring down President Trump.

Then Donald Trump sent out one tweet that let the Deep State know its days are numbered.

Conservatives are at their wits end with Rosenstein.

Members of Congress have sent repeated requests for documents pertaining to the FBI’s investigations into Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server and alleged Russian election meddling.

Now high profile representatives such as Mark Meadows are going public with their frustration and even threatening articles of impeachment.

Trump echoed those sentiments and went one step further.

He threw down the gauntlet and said that unless the Department of Justice cleaned up its act and stopped resisting Congress exercising its constitutional oversight duties than he would step in and clean house.

In an interview on Fox and Friends, Trump made it clear the only thing saving Rosenstein’s job was the Mueller investigation.

But Rosenstein can’t hide forever.

And Trump has made it clear he is itching to clean house at the Department of Justice.

Trump was elected to ignore Washington’s “norms” that enriched and protected the powerful while turning the screws on average Americans.

Ending the double standard at the Department of Justice will go a long way toward making good on that promise.


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53 Responses

  1. Gwyllm says:

    No ‘collusion’ found, President Trump NOT a suspect…WHY is this waste of DOJ time and OUR money still going ON?!

    • Fred Reo says:

      Because DOJ Are fighting for there Miserable Lives.They have been criminals for so long They thought they were above the Law.Mueller Obama and Billary will be in Jail within the next Year.

  2. Wilton Long says:

    Should have cleaned house on first day in office , fire them all and start over again with real Americans

  3. Jim Jones says:

    It always takes a dumbass to fix what a genius screws up. It is past time for us dumbasses ( WE the people) to fix what the genius’ ( govt) has screwed up. The govt. has shown that they can not fix anything so WE must fix it NOW.

  4. Cherie Davis says:

    The Democrats (and some Republicans too) are more corrupt than the Mafia. At least we know where the Mafia stands. The Clinton/Obama, (and company) Mafia hid their intentions by pretending to represent the American people, all while they were planning to destroy America and everything it stands for. Nullifying the Constitution would have allowed them to confiscate our guns which would have been the beginning of the loss of our freedoms and eventually would have ended up in slavery of every American patriot! They are as evil as any despot who has ever walked the earth and that is why they have so much hatred for President Trump. When he promised patriots, smart enough to see through their liberal smokescreen, that he would “Drain the Swamp,” the “Swamp Dwellers” knew he meant it. The President has overcome every obstacle they have thrown in his path and they know their days are numbered! Sooner or later, they will drown in the fetid swamp they have created for themselves! Perhaps then, they will pay the price for the traitors they are!!

    • Erich says:

      The only way these traitors will ever pay the price for the treasonous acts they have committed to the people of the USA, is for we the people to get involved and make them pay. Otherwise, they will scurry away under cover of darkness, as do all cockroaches and rats.

  5. You want proof of Russian collusion by Hillary Clinton, how about this?? You remember the $145 million bribe she got for her Clinton Foundation for the sale of 20% of American uranium to the Russians!! Nobody has looked at what she did with the money!!When the DNC was bankrupt and Hillary Clinton bailed them out, want to bet she used the Russian Bribery money to do ! Better yet, you remember $12million she paid the Russian government for the fake dossier on President Trump, she used the Russians own bribery money to pay them back, because she did not want to use her own money!! Now both of these are Russian/HillaryClintron Collusions that back fired on her when she lost the 2016 election, when you the American voters, threw a “monkey wrench in the whole plan by defeating her”!!! Let’s do it again to the Democrat Party in the 2018 election for they deserve it!!!…..

    • Erich says:

      Sorry, but the dems are going to cheat more than ever, because there lives depend on it. They are going to sweep us under the carpet, and our wonderboys heading Republican party are doing nothing to stop it.

  6. Leo says:

    If potus does. Give us date, time & place. So all of us Americans that are over this B.S. Can stand with the President so are words can be HEARD!!!

  7. Donel says:

    Just like the old Russian Bolsheviks , The Obama / Hillary regime is as corrupt as anyone could possibly be.

  8. Krymson says:

    Democrats have wasted millions of tax payer dollars and hundreds of man-hours chasing the illusive “Unicorn” referred to as “The Trump/Russia Collusion” in an effort to prove this lie they started. If they seek truth, why not start by investigating Hillary Clinton’s callous treatment of emails from her Secretary of State office? Why not continue the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s heartless and insensitive handling of the murders of four employees of the State Department in Benghazi? Last (but certainly not least) why have Democrats spread so many lies about President Trump while ignoring facts showing former President Bill Clinton traveled thousands of miles from D.C. to discuss the email leaks by his wife, Hillary, with Attorney General Loretta Lynch? Why waste federal funds seeking evidence of a collusion which never existed instead of investigating Attorney General Lynch’s ordering FBI Director Comey to cease investigating the “Clinton Emails” just days after her meeting will Bill Clinton?

  9. Mike H says:

    Obviously there’s an idiot out there that still thinks things are fine.Well there not.Fire them all..

  10. truckman says:

    even civil service employees can be let go when they break the rule or law so get all obama supporters out you can

  11. Wayne Thurston says:

    Clean house

  12. Charlie says:

    I believe by now we all know the establishment had no idea Donald Trump would be the POUS. They put all of their eggs in Hillary’s basket with the understanding they would be protected by her. What now? No protection, no more getting away with lying to the people, no more hiding. Time to face the people boys and girls.

  13. These current actions by the DOJ are hostile to the American way of life. Those at DOJ have forgotten what and why they have their jobs. It was to administer that department so that ALL follow the rules established for a FREE Society. Sessions has been a big left down and his deputy is an out and out criminal, POTUS has little option but to nuke the whole department. We the people must have an honest DOJ or we have no justice!

  14. Mark says:

    It way past due for that department to be cleaned out. Start with the Rosenstien get a replacement for him and then get Sessions out, he is totally worthless in regard to helping clean out that cess pool.

  15. Radman says:

    Cut off Mueller’s funding if unredacted records are not turned over to Congress in one week. Have Articles of Impeachment ready to file…and file them if Records are not turned over! This witch hunt has gone on far too long!

  16. Jon says:

    Mueller and Rod Rosenstein should both be gone and yes clean house that would be the best thing that ever happened in Washington .

  17. Wildmann says:

    Muley Boy needs to have done to him, like they do to Crooked Political/Govt. Official P.I.T.A.S in the 3rd. world! He Need to be Disappeared!

  18. LeRoy Hayter says:

    President Trump is OUR last HOPE for Equality & Justice . Weed them OUT of

  19. D.H. says:

    When the septic tank gets full it’s time to pump it out. It’s past time to call in the pump truck.

  20. Eddie says:

    Clean house everyone of them.America we deserve better than the Democratic Party the next time a liberal suggest any different pop them in the mouth.

    • D.H. says:

      The democrats AND most republicans are not “all in” for America, our country. They’re “all in” for themselves… their fellow politicos. WE NEED TERM LIMITS! 12 years maximum!

  21. Emilio Sosa says:

    Today the FBI is totally discredited, it has become an extremist political party at the level of the KGB and the DSE of Cuba. It is a pity how big and respected the FBI was before.

  22. Bigfoot says:

    Nothing will ever change until president Trump fires Sessions. This should have been done the moment sessions recused himself. Trump needs to then appoint someone like Ann Coulter or Rudy Giuliani to clean house in the justice department. I would pick Ann Coulter, she’s an outsider and could care less about any of the swamp elites that need to be proscuted for their crimes.

    • Gfphillips says:

      Have heard several lawyers weigh in on this one. All agreed that Sessions did not have a choice after the Democrats accused him of colluding with the Russians. The Democrats are not dumb. They covered all the bases.

  23. Robert Ewing says:

    See Mueller touch his mouth with his fingers?
    Body Language translation. He is a liar.

    • Erich says:

      I thought he was using hand signals to his god Obunghole, that he will be available for circle jerk in 15 minutes

  24. Bob says:

    Yes, this is a crazy time we are living in. Never have I seen such scewed politics! Will it ever get better? Doubt it, but Trump is a bit of fresh air. Will he be able to make it better? Don’t know, but if anybody can he will! God bless em!!!

  25. JMichael270 says:

    I keep calling my US Representative John Duncan and keep asking the same thing. Seems as if no one has the Balls to stand up to the Deep State and really push but President Trump.

  26. Mr. AR says:

    Washington use to fall for the 3rd world countries stillings and killings, but now… They are not just ignoring these countries wrong doings but adopting and mastering such to us Americans. FLUSH THEM.

    • D.H. says:

      We just finished up with an eight year assault on our constitution, our very way of life by a third world puppet. What’s one to expect? The maggot was groomed by the global elite’s best. Groomed, financed and had his elections bought and paid for. But then again, according to him we needed to apologize to the world and we needed to humble ourselves publicly.

      I’m sick of politics myself.

  27. Steve Cooper says:

    ANY BODY involved in any sedition against America & Trump , should be in GITMO – FOREVER . Otherwise they will be out , doing MORE sedition ! They can never be trusted again !

    • D.H. says:

      We have to win the battle before we can win the war. Right now the global media (including our mainstream media) and the global elite are all in for destroying our republic, our culture as we once knew it… and currently, they’re in the driver’s seat from what I’ve been witnessing. The “republicans” who consider themselves “conservatives”? Heck, they seem to be enjoying this assault on our republic by the left. It’s almost like they’re trying to hammer home the argument that we need them… we don’t. We need each other. The left and the RINOs (for want of a more appropriate label) are our nemesis. Take all of those freaks on the left and the RINOs and we don’t have much left to work with in order to ensure our republic remains a free, representative republic like it used to be not so long ago. IMHO

  28. charlotte says:

    When are the Republicans stand up for our President and stop all garbage that the Dems are trying to get Trump IMPEACHED?
    Mueller is grasping at straws to try and get rid of Trump. We the American people voted for him and the Dems do not like that.
    Get over it. You guys LOST!!!!!!!

  29. Absolutely time to clean up the DOJ. Sessions got himself into a bind by recusing himself from the Mueller investigation. Made him ineffective, but not necessarily a bad person. Tough call on that one. The public doesn’t have all the facts available to them to make an educated guess.

  30. pastriesqueen says:

    Sessions is Trump’s biggest mistake. To reverse the mistake, Trump needs to fire that deep state sessions….once & for all!

  31. Keith Mutz says:

    Why are Hillary, Comey, Obama , Lynch, & all the others in the deep state NOT being prosecuted for their crimes, and leaking of classified information ===they should ALL be in jail. The Mueller investigation should be canceled=They have NOT found ANY collusion on President Trump, and only have ties to the Clinton campaign!!!!
    I cannot believe how the liberals are NOT in power BUT continue to control the Dept of Justice

  32. Carlos says:

    As long as Jug Ears Jeffy is AG, the Deep state isn’t going anywhere!

  33. Mike says:

    It’s past time to drain the swamp!!! Fire Sessions first. He’s like a ball and chain around Trumps neck.
    Expose everyone of them for the corruption in government.

  34. True Believer says:

    Yep, the time has come. Don’t you love our President. Finally we have a MAN who is running our country like a business, not a country club! All in due time.

  35. Tom Martin says:

    The only question I have is now the time. Sessions should be the first to go and then continue down the emplyment record cleaning them all out that are not civil service protected. He should not stop with Justice department. Put the fear if Gid in them all.

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