Donald Trump ruined Barack Obama’s year by pointing out this one fact

Barack Obama was hoping this secret would never see the light of day.

But Donald Trump was not about to grant him that favor.

And Trump just ruined Obama’s year by pointing out this one fact.

Donald Trump refuses to bend to Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s demands to abandon the border wall.

Democrats claim the wall is “immoral” and that it won’t work.

But Trump wanted people to know that, if those things were true, the why did Barack Obama build a 10 foot wall around his massive Washington. D.C. mansion?

Barack Obama certainly believes walls work as a security measure.

He would not spend money building one around his compound just for show.

The same principles should apply to America’s southern border.

But can Democrats come to the negotiating table?

Their base believes the wall is a racist symbol of white supremacy.

But Trump pointed out the absurdity of this position with his tweet about Barack Obama building a wall.

Democrats and the media figured Trump would have caved by now and agreed to a funding bill that gave him no new wall money.

Rather than fold, Trump continues to fight and highlight the Democrats’ bullheadedness by forcing them to accept ownership of the prolonged government shutdown due to their unreasonable demands.


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105 Responses

  1. cabezas says:

    Pelosi says walls are immoral. Butt disposing of full term babies is not. It is time for her and all her evil co-conspirators to be voted out. “Finish the peoples wall” God Bless this great country.

  2. A says:

    Nancy , I have one question for you. WHY DI YOU BUY YOUR MULTI, MULTI, MULTI MILLION DOLLAR MANSION IN A GATED COMMUNITY ???????? It has a wall around it, DOSEN’T IT. PHONY IS AS PHONY DOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mark says:

    Andy you give new meaning to what a dumb f**k is!!! Here’s the deal, we’ll publish your address with a note you have bribe money you can’t disclose which is hidden in the walls of your home. We will also mention libs don’t like guns so you’re probably not armed and make a good place for a home invasion by illegals and meanwhile we’ll instruct cops not to respond to any calls for help since you hate police, Ice and border controls so why should they risk their lives to protect an antiamerican, illegal shielder like you. After they have raped your wife and killed your kids a moron like you would probably try to spin it to blame Trump, the one trying to protect us starting with a wall and shutting down demonrat sanctuary cities. Every one of you lefties deserve that to happen to you , not to those of us who want our families protected. Better yet, tell all illegals about all the bennies they can get in Cal and encourage them to move there. Then we can throw Cal out of the Union and build the wall between Arizona /Nevada borders with Cal on the other side. After Cal goes BK refuse to let them back in and encourage Mexico to annex them!!!! We should then exile all the dumbocraps to new country Californication!!!

  4. Rickster says:

    Obama was a fake president from day one! Trained and schooled by George Soros, fake birth certificate made by CIA, biggest scam ever pulled over Americans in history!! Cant believe people were dumb enough to fall for it not once but twice!! But we all know who he played on!!! Now we know election fraud has been around a long time! All he ever was, was a trained speaker to brain wash america so George Soros and the deep state billionaires could do what they want! Pour Trump has al his messes to fix along with being fought ever step of the way!! Trumps a great man, let him do his job!!

  5. Catherine says:

    Not only the Obama’s just check all the others.
    16 countries depend on walls. We do need to secure our border people can come here legally my family did. They are Not all divine as Nancy has stated.

  6. Don says:

    The truth to me is that Obozo did his own ruining by his actions. Trump is just pointing them out for the many who haven’t figured them out for themselves yet. Obozo just like the rest of the Dumbascrap party are nothing but failures looking to be dictators.

  7. howard buckley says:


    • jug says:

      No, they are “Commiecrats”, and the quicker everybody learns that and treats them as such, the better!

      Now such certainly doesn’t prevent then from actually being “ASSHOLES”, as such is always the case with Communists!

  8. Ron says:

    Obama doesn’t want everyone to see he and his little Iranian midget friend on their prayer rugs bowing five times a day to the East !

  9. john furlong says:

    O’vomit, first U.S. president elected by the affirmative action vote!

  10. Linda Gibson says:

    Build that Wall. This is the voice of America!

    • Cathy Piscitello says:

      I agree. TIRED of the talk!! I live in CA we need border security. We need you to keep your promise Mr. President to stop Sanctuary States and cities. I do not feel safe and free anymore. If our dear police officers are gunned down by criminals from other countries, we American Citizens out there are fair game. This is common sense. Please start helping the safety of the non-military..!!!

  11. Frank B says:

    The Democrats, the lying media and the political swamp in DC think they know better than we do about running our lives. Poor brainwashed idiots like Andy listen to the fake corrupt establishment and believe that horse crap. The poor kid was brainwashed in college if he even went. It’s pathetic what these colleges are teaching our kids. It to respect that we are all one people given the great American dream to get rich like Trump. No the white man is bad and needs to be punished for his success. We are to feel guilty for some reason. If we disagree with the left we are racist. Trump offers opportunity for all of us. Bla k, white or what ever. The Democrats offer nothing but globism and suppression of free speech and freedom to think and say what we want. I know I grew up in the ’60’s and ’70’s and we most certainly believed in the freedom to say what we wanted. The pathetic schools have turned these kids into little snowflakes. Very concerning for our Country.

  12. Mark says:

    We have Obama with a ten-foot wall around his place and we have Kerry crying about his place in France not being secureand demanding security from people that are supposed to have open access to the beach by his place so it sounds to me like this is turning into a do as I say not as I do type thing. According to the Democrats it is okay to leave our Southern border wide open and allow murderers rapists and drugs to pour through our border but at the same time they put barricades around their places to keep them safe.Apparently all they care about is themselves and not the people that voted them into office.

  13. Truckman says:

    We want the peoples wall built Not Trumps Wall but Americas wall

  14. Lorna Rudnikas says:

    have I been blackballed….can’t seem to get my comments posted!!

    • Cathy Piscitello says:

      I think C. Thomas wife is in Facebook prison for her comments regarding “magical ballots appearing” when needed in elections; almost always Democrat and the result is in favor of Democrats. She legitimately declares rampant voter fraud. WHO IS DEALING WITH THIS ISSUE!!!

  15. Lana says:

    Look up Nancy Pelosi’s house.

    • Janice says:

      I was hoping someone would bring that up. Another big wall around a Democrat’s house. I wonder how many more have big walls around their property/house?

  16. Was Moochele/Michael’s wall approved by the Building Inspector and was the height a violation of local law ?

  17. Rod says:

    Not only dose schumer make me sick i get nauseous just seeing his fake stupid face. The man must take idiot pills. If I only had the power to see him gone.

    • Mary says:

      I swear, that anyone as cunning as Schumer is, has got to smell putrid. Just looking at him makes me need to vomit. THEN sly Nancy sits down next to him and I am totally sickened. These two have outlived there looks and their job.

    • Anthony says:

      lmao I wish they built a secret trap door so when Chuck the schmuck Schumer speaks his arrogant nonsense can be buzzer dropped down the shaft

  18. BILL MARTIN says:

    gosh, according to mr. andy walls don’t work, i wonder what that thing around prison’s are, maybe that don’t work

    • Andy says:

      Just means that those walls keep people in prisons . I don’t think there are any trying to get in Mr. Martin

      • Cheryl Hargiss says:

        YOU ARE CORRECT< ANDY. Notice the ones that do not work, you know welfare losers are the very ones that do not want the wall. You know the ones that love sucking drug. Do not let "THOSE IDIOTS" try to run you down. A veterans wife.

  19. David a Williams says:

    Andy you are a moron, truly you are the definition of ignorant. The government has spent 9 billion on sound barrier walls on highways alone,what’s more important, neighborhoods protected from highway noise,or the nation protected from drug cartels, criminals and terrorists????? Pull your incredibly stupid head from your dumb ass.BUILD THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andy says:

      Well Mr. Williams with the highway noise it is just that noise you can stop noise with almost any type of material . But terrorists, criminals, drug cartels and illegals will do anything to get into this country they have what is called a brain and I think they know how to use it very well. Hence a wall will not work.

      • Joseph says:

        Right again, Andy…I say shoot their stupid asses one and all…women, children, the sick, disabled, drug pedalers, shoot every last one of them, and stop this crazy business of a WALL…you shoot them on the spot!!!They have been warned to stay out and keep their drugs, and diseases over in Mexico…no more chances, THEY HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!NOW that is what I call using OUR brains, don’t you, asshole?

  20. Bob Rice says:

    I don’t believe obozo spent one penny of his money,on the wall around his house,I’m thinking OUR GOVERNMENT paid for that wall as security for that no good son of a bitching moslime !!!

  21. Sgt. Preston says:

    Much rather see Odumma in jail for treason than for him to be out on the streets. I think that’s more fitting for him. Also, I’d put Horrible Hillary there (enablement of her hubbie’s rapes), Pelosi for her instigation to murder.

  22. Marie says:

    Hey all I gotta say is walls, fences and or razor wire sure work great around prisons! Very few criminals escape so you idiots that day it wouldn’t work have no idea what they are talking about .

    • Bama Bill says:

      How about we throw the Dems into prison, and let them demonstrate how “Worthless” the fences and razor wire are at keeping them in? They said it, now let them prove it!

  23. Gail says:

    People wake up .What just happened to those two Danish girls will happen in America And if the rhinos and democrats are still in both houses doing the same thing we will be fighting for our existence. . It is not about us being protected or even being a sovereign country anymore . It is about our deaths at the hands of those they have brought into America to replace and kill us . Look around ! Dumb American women are following Linda Sarsour to help get Sharia law into affect . They are too stupid to know they are the first ones she aims to cut their heads off .We have been bombarded with people who never will assimilate into our culture . But the democrats are pushing us into theirs . Every place they move into no matter what part of the world they destroy it. Are we ready to lay down like kittens without even a voice ?

  24. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Those who vote Democrat are mindless automatons and should not be allowed to vote as for our election system why did not Donald demand a thorough investigation into the results, and improvements that were slow in coming on the 1st place will start backsliding under the control of the combined Communist and sharia ideology party.

  25. Ken says:

    I dont thank Andy knows much. OBAMA HAS HAD HIS WALL FOR OVER A YEAR NOW. SO ANDY GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR as##. And get with the right things in life

  26. Andy says:

    Yeah with all these thugs and bad people coming into this great country you would think that our borders and airports would be full of fearful people trying to get the heck out of here like in the countries were the fearful people are coming to this country from.

    • David a Williams says:

      Andy…society should ban people who are mindless fools like you from speaking, and voting.if you’re too blind to see the facts,lack a shread of common sense,SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!!!TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!

  27. Mary alderson says:

    Build the wall .it is my money to .I want to be safe .

  28. Edward Osler says:

    Let me get this straight. Are the Democrats saying that Americans who want a border wall to keep out illegal aliens, migrants, murderers, gang members, drug cartels, and thieves, should all be considered white supermacists because they are concerned for the safety of themselves, their friends and their families? With that said, are the Democrats saying that there should be no borders and we should simply invite everyone into our country because they all want a cesspool to call their home? Give me a break!!!

    • Andy says:

      NO what we are saying is spend the money smart. Don’t waste it on a DUMB WALL that will not work. Way to much money!!!

      • Steve says:

        You seem to know what will work, how about sharing.

        • Andy says:

          Well lets just look at what history teaches us . A wall in and of its self isn’t going to make us any safer. Look at East and West Germany were they any safer? No What about our forts on the western frontier were they safer ? Not really . I think it was the people that made things safer.

          • Kamkoz says:

            The great wall of China stood for decades….. hmmmm. Must have been for decoration.

            There was a wall between east and west Germany …. Must have been for decoration.

            Wall between North and South Korea…. yep, more decoration.

      • Carolyn says:

        What kind of stupid are you Andy? The wallwould keep the criminals out of our country! Maybe you would like to house all these criminals yourself!

      • David says:

        Why did Obams bild a 10ft high fence around their Wash.DC home?

      • Dale Kwarciany says:

        There is a wall around the Vatican. There is a wall at the Israeli-Egypt border. John Kerry has a wall around his vacation home in France. Apparently, there is also a wall around Pelosi’s residence in California. If walls do not provide security, then let’s ban ALL walls in this country, starting with the Democrats first. After that, let’s drop off all illegal immigrants at the front doors of all Democrats.

        • You know the military does not want that information disclosed for very good reasons. Why are you willing to hand that information out to strangers on the web. You can indeed be traced . Marksman in all branches do not give that out. I know.

      • Norman says:

        The wall is the one SURE way to stop the invasion. Electronic surveillance is fine but subject to technical glitches from time to time but would be a good backup, the wall NEVER suffers from technical glitches, it is still working all the time. The cost is a drop in the bucket compared to what our government spends each year for the care of illegal immigrants, the wall 25 billion, care for illegals 150- 300 billion each year. Quite a bargain if you survey the figures!! Wise up.

      • John says:

        The only reason they want to come here is because of the welfare system. If they come into this country fine but no welfare, free medical, or free housing.

      • John says:

        The only reason they want to come here is because of the welfare system. If they come into this country fine but no welfare, free medical, or free housing. Post my comment or are you against Trump like the rest of the damncraps.

      • David a Williams says:

        Andy you are a moron, truly you are the definition of ignorant. The government has spent 9 billion on sound barrier walls on highways alone,what’s more important, neighborhoods protected from highway noise,or the nation protected from drug cartels, criminals and terrorists????? Pull your incredibly stupid head from your dumb ass.BUILD THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!

      • Terri Newman says:

        you ask need to ask Israel how well their wall works!

  29. Andy says:

    What a load of crap this is.

  30. Every Wealthy person with a WALL needs to be MADE TO TAKE IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IF a wall is for nothing ,then get RID OF ALL WALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT INCLUDES ALL DEMORATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND all people living behind a wall NEED IT TORN DOWN!!!

    • HIGH PROFILE PREACHERS HAVE 1 or more feet ;thick walls at their homes. And, bullet proof windows. One that comes to my mind was the one in, South Carolina. Should that explain it all?

  31. Robert says:


  32. Bob says:


  33. Dennis says:

    Who really paid for Obama’s wall-Taxpayers or Obama?

    • Andy says:

      Who cares. What I would like to know is whos paying for Dumps DREAM WALL?

      • Mimi says:

        Watch your comments about the President of the United States ????????It seems you have our RESPECT PS Incase you don’t realize it WE THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS PAY ALLJ THE FREEBIES THE ILLEGALS GET!!!! NOT THE LYING 2 FACED POLITICIAN HYPOCRITES WHO LIE AND SAY THEY ARE GIVING IT !!!! DO YOU GET OR UNDERSTAND THAT??????

      • Gail says:

        Dumbo it’s Americas wall . And by the way the I see you haven’t got a clue as to how to keep our people from being raped and murdered and sodomized . And we are tired of our country kissing their behinds while our people die . I worked for every dime I made and I am sick of these scum getting freebies !!And apparently you never leave your neighborhood . Well I have been all over this country and every. town and big city has become a cesspool of filth. Maybe one of those new diseases that the CDC has never seen before will take you and your lived ones out . You know the one the caravan are bringing in ! Give them your house not mine .

      • Kamkoz says:

        The same people that are paying for free handouts to all of the illegal immigrants every month. Tax payers. That’s who. And I, for one, am sick of paying over $80 grand in taxes per year so they can feed a bunch of deadbeats who claim they can’t get a job because they have either crapped out 10 kids, or don’t speak english, or say they are too old to work, when I’ve personally seen US citizens working at Wal-Mart and Sam’s club that are well into their 70’s.
        But they don’t get free handouts…. their skin isn’t the right color. Their pensions don’t afford them enough to retire because social security has been drained by the pathetic democrats and used as a bargaining chip on the floor of wall street.
        That’s why a wall needs built. That’s why people are sick of paying for these non assimilating individuals.
        It’s a one time fee vs a lifetime of paying for their free excuses. I’d rather pay the one time fee. If you can’t find a reason to see clearly on this issue, then you either, don’t work, or you are one of them.

      • Joseph says:

        I’ll help!!!…about 200,000 have now pledged support on the #Go Fund Me page…last I heard it was up to $17,000,000 plus? Next question?

    • Nancy Stubbs says:

      What do you think .He really got rich as the president. Just saying

    • there is no wall around the Obama’s house, another lie as usual…

      • Kamkoz says:

        What planet are you from…. Obama’s new mansion in DC does, in fact, have a 10 foot wall around it’s parameter.

        • John says:

          Check Snopes and you’ll see a photo of Obama’s DC mansion with no wall. Mainstream media covered the phony story which I think was planted by one of Putin’s trolls (you, Kamkoz?), but people will believe whatever they want to believe. “Facts? We don’t need no stinking facts.”

          • malft says:

            Snopes was discredited years ago as a coverup of liberal crap.

          • Lola Collins says:

            NO, you need to get fir of SNOPES as your ”go to” for correct information. They are so left leaning they are about to tip over! That has been know for years. I would bet you also heard that from CNN or MSNBC?

        • Lee says:

          That is OK he works for CNN

  34. Clifford Schrader says:

    No, Obama is not a hypocrite, he is much much worse than that.



    • Sgt. Preston says:

      AMEN to that. Odumma was the pits as far as a president is concerned. (I won’t even capitalize his title because he was so bad at it. His goal was to see this once great country destroyed by the Muslim forces.

  35. Nikki says:

    Most of the anti-Trump senators/governors have a wall around their mansion and we (tax payers) paid for it.
    Why can’t we have a wall around our homeland??

  36. Deplorable Ricky says:

    Hey , let’s charge a border TOLL
    Let not only Mexico pay thier share but the entire world will pitch in.
    We charge tolls on roads to pay for the construction.
    Cross our borders , in or out , collect that toll and we won’t have to cave to a bunch of flip flippers

    • Cathy Piscitello says:

      What a great Idea!!! Even if it is a buck.

      • Marsha says:

        Cease double payments for the illegals. That should pay for THE WALL. CENTRAL AMERICA GETS FUNDING FROM THE GOVERNMENT! THE FUNDING IS SUPPOSED TO ASSIST IN DEVELOPING AND GROWING THEIR COUNTRY AND PROVIDING JOBS. Then they all come here for us to PROVIDE/SUPPORT them in billions of dollars every year. They also get free medical care and medicine while Americans are dying because they can’t afford it, free housing, food, clothing and perhaps education. Americans have to pay for ours! DOUBLE JEOPARDY!! BUILD THE WALL

    • Hicusdicus says:

      Sell illegal immigrant hunting licenses with a no bag limit.

  37. Bill says:

    Obama should have to live like the rest of us; we are all vunerable to the criminals and drug dealers and gang members pouring in through the unprotected border. If the citizens of the USA are not worthy of a wall for protection then Obama is no better than the rest of us. Tear down his wall now and all the Dems walls in gated communities.

  38. gary says:

    The anti-American rhinos, especially the democrats and their tool for their anti-American agenda the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES! Your American President of the United States of America sure does a lot even with much opposition from so-called fellow Americans! Imagine those who oppose him doing the reverse and support him how much great can be done for American and you Americans!

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