Donald Trump ruined Barack Obama’s year by pointing out this one fact

Barack Obama was hoping this secret would never see the light of day.

But Donald Trump was not about to grant him that favor.

And Trump just ruined Obama’s year by pointing out this one fact.

Donald Trump refuses to bend to Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s demands to abandon the border wall.

Democrats claim the wall is “immoral” and that it won’t work.

But Trump wanted people to know that, if those things were true, the why did Barack Obama build a 10 foot wall around his massive Washington. D.C. mansion?

Barack Obama certainly believes walls work as a security measure.

He would not spend money building one around his compound just for show.

The same principles should apply to America’s southern border.

But can Democrats come to the negotiating table?

Their base believes the wall is a racist symbol of white supremacy.

But Trump pointed out the absurdity of this position with his tweet about Barack Obama building a wall.

Democrats and the media figured Trump would have caved by now and agreed to a funding bill that gave him no new wall money.

Rather than fold, Trump continues to fight and highlight the Democrats’ bullheadedness by forcing them to accept ownership of the prolonged government shutdown due to their unreasonable demands.

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104 Responses

  1. cabezas says:


  2. cabezas says:

    Pelosi says walls are immoral. Butt disposing of full term babies is not. It is time for her and all her evil co-conspirators to be voted out. “Finish the peoples wall” God Bless this great country.

  3. A says:

    Nancy , I have one question for you. WHY DI YOU BUY YOUR MULTI, MULTI, MULTI MILLION DOLLAR MANSION IN A GATED COMMUNITY ???????? It has a wall around it, DOSEN’T IT. PHONY IS AS PHONY DOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mark says:

    Andy you give new meaning to what a dumb f**k is!!! Here’s the deal, we’ll publish your address with a note you have bribe money you can’t disclose which is hidden in the walls of your home. We will also mention libs don’t like guns so you’re probably not armed and make a good place for a home invasion by illegals and meanwhile we’ll instruct cops not to respond to any calls for help since you hate police, Ice and border controls so why should they risk their lives to protect an antiamerican, illegal shielder like you. After they have raped your wife and killed your kids a moron like you would probably try to spin it to blame Trump, the one trying to protect us starting with a wall and shutting down demonrat sanctuary cities. Every one of you lefties deserve that to happen to you , not to those of us who want our families protected. Better yet, tell all illegals about all the bennies they can get in Cal and encourage them to move there. Then we can throw Cal out of the Union and build the wall between Arizona /Nevada borders with Cal on the other side. After Cal goes BK refuse to let them back in and encourage Mexico to annex them!!!! We should then exile all the dumbocraps to new country Californication!!!

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