Donald Trump revealed James Mattis has this ace up his sleeve to stop the caravan

Donald Trump had a high stakes meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

He wants funding for the border wall to stop future migrant caravan invasions, but the Democrats are resisting.

But, just before the meeting, Trump revealed that James Mattis had one ace up his sleeve to stop the caravan.

Trump is demanding five billion dollars in border wall funding.

Schumer and Pelosi are offering $1.3 billion for fencing that Congress previously agreed upon.

For Trump, that won’t do.

He knows with the Democrats set to take over the House this could be his last chance for at least two years to win approval for his signature campaign promise.

To put pressure on the Democrats to agree to his demand of five billion dollars for the wall, Trump tweeted:

“Build the wall” remains a signature chant at Trump rallies to this very day.

Trump knows that when he runs for re-election the Democrats and the fake news media will batter him for failing to deliver on this promise.

So he is prepared to pull out all the stops to make sure this is a promise he made that he is able to keep.

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135 Responses

  1. Rebecca Gray says:

    Love it

  2. Rebecca Gray says:

    Great comment, my friend.

  3. Rebecca Gray says:

    Make the fee 100%. At that rate, it means the U.S. has gained only 50% of previous loss to Mexico. Also legalize drugs under a special program (set up by common sense) under a qualified physician to curb the illegal drug trade. That way, big pharma is happy, the druggies are happy and the only ones hurting are the drug cartels operating out side the U.S.

  4. zee says:

    From what i understand, Chinese tariff’s
    40% to 15%. That would be ‘Good’. @
    POTUS et al ‘negotiations’.

  5. Walt says:

    Americans that love the USA are not going to allow the Democrappers stop the wall from being funded. The illegals will not be approved for asylum since they have broken the laws by illegally entering the USA. Instead, they will be deported. The wall should be built to stop the illegals migrants & drugs from pouring into the USA. “Build That Wall”

  6. Folks, here is a way that President Trump can fund the WALL completely not use any taxpayer money doing it either and drive the criminal Democrat Party Mob totally “nuts” and also not shut the government down!! Right now we have Chinese tariff money coming into America for the trade war they have with America by the billions which President Trump is applying to the national debt!! Why not use it to FUND THE WALL and since it is not taxpayer money, it does not have to be approved by Congress for its use !! It would be worth it until he gets the $25billion first, before he makes a deal with China and lets the tariff money keep rolling in until it is paid for the WALL!!Everybody wins but the Congress and they cannot stop him from doing it !!!!! …..

  7. Dee: I watched Piglosie and Shumucker make fools of themselves. They showed their TRUE colors when they impied, by their intransigence, ILLEGALS are more important to their NWO than OUR Constution.

  8. Dr? JD: How much of that Nobummer Kool-Aid have you been drinking? Please don’t drive while you are impaired, you might kiil someone or more than one someone

  9. scooch says:

    Pelosi/Schumer WERE Clearly NOT Happy, WHEN they discovered
    0pen Camera. Go back & Review the Beginning. It Was a ‘hoot’. haha.

  10. snark says:

    $30 -50 Billion ??? NO. Not True.

  11. snark says:

    jd, a trained LEFT-Wing researcher.
    > Check & Quote Rasmussen polls.

  12. scooch the pooch* says:

    Dumb jd. a Non PATRIOT. A sad case, jd IS.
    >Always 0n a USA ‘drag down’. &
    ‘Seems’ to take ‘low-line ‘ pleasure
    in Doing so.

  13. Child Prodigy says:

    Yes. & Saw, the upset Pelosi & Grinch, when they realized, 0pen cameras.
    Both were quite rude & dis-respectful to President. Also dis-respecting
    the 0FFICE .

  14. snark says:

    30 billion IS an ‘false’ statement. Stop it.

  15. JackHandy says:

    YES. & the WALL IS FUNDED.

  16. Dr. Poobah. says:

    N-0. N0. MichaelSavage ‘suggested’ US citizens contribute.
    ( IF. you have ‘loose’ $’s) Many Do NOT.

    ‘Funding’ the WALL, IS >>> ALREADY AVAILABLE. <<<
    KEEP YOUR $.

  17. The Real M says:

    Betty, You are.nothing but a dumb stupid TROLL! You are useless and.beneath anyone taking time to reply to you and I won’t again!

  18. Jersey Prophet says:

    The estimate for the welfare, medical and education costs for illegals here is upwards of $135 billion yearly. And that doesn’t scratch the surface of jobs for citizens lost to illegals.

    I don’t know who taught you basic accounting, but money is fungible. 135 billion saved by deporting those still here, or making their staying here economically untenable, causing self-deportation will more than recompense the cost of the wall.

  19. Carl Smith says:

    Article IV section 4 of the Constitution DEMANDS the Feds Protect the States from Invasion.. Posse Comitatus was passed to Prevent the federal military from interfering in DOMESTIC VIOLENCE . The Governors still retain the DUTY to call out the Militia [aka the citizens of the State] to defend against insurrection and Invasion. Any Questions?
    The 5 Billion is chump change compared to the BILLIONS Obama Gifted to the most dangerous sponsor of Terror in the World –Iran– Question ? Are We a Sovereign Nation or just Venezuela and Paris in waiting?

  20. WD says:

    Dr J. And about 4 million of those votes where just found some where trunk of a car , dead people , voting 6 or 7 times. I can go own !!!!

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