Donald Trump revealed a truth the Deep State doesn’t want you to know

The Deep State launched their boldest attack on the President.

An anonymous agent inside the government published an op-ed stating a resistance inside the administration staged a coup against Donald Trump.

But Trump crushed their rebellion with one truth the Deep State doesn’t want you to know.

The Deep State agent’s op-ed claimed Trump is a raving lunatic and the administration is a three ring circus of incompetence.

That description doesn’t square with the reality.

Trump tweeted out his impressive list of accomplishments.

Trump would not have won so many victories had the Deep State agents presentation of Trump been anywhere close to accurate.

Most Americans don’t care about the inside baseball of Washington.

They want to know if they have a job that pays wages to allow them to put food on their table.

Americans want the border secure and the government to defend the country from Islamic terrorists.

Trump passes this test.

The swamp has made multiple attempts at getting rid of Trump.

Every one failed.

Now they are resorting to openly staging a coup.

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63 Responses

  1. vernon says:

    i like your idea

  2. Alan says:

    I say line up all the democrats and republicans and see which side can better back up their positions with facts not opinions.There should be a debate with President Trump asking the questions.

  3. Getting rid of Trump would no doubt start a civil war here that no one expected!

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