Donald Trump produced the one piece of paper that left Robert Mueller terrified

Robert Mueller and his rigged witch hunt reached a dangerous new phase.

The special counsel prepared for the end game in his quest to bring down Donald Trump.

But Trump produced the one piece of paper that has Mueller terrified.

Donald Trump agreed to submit written answers to Robert Mueller’s questions about Russian collusion.

Trump surprised Mueller by announcing he would turn over the answers by Thanksgiving.

Politico reports:

President Donald Trump will give special counsel Robert Mueller written responses to a slate of questions as early as Tuesday.

Trump’s lawyers set an informal Thanksgiving deadline for the president to finalize his responses on topics surrounding the Russian hacking of the 2016 election, and he’s almost ready to submit them, according to two sources familiar with the conversations.

The president’s written answers — which carry the same legal burden for truthfulness as an in-person interview — are likely to be submitted as Trump settles into his Mar-a-Lago club in South Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday. Trump is scheduled to depart Washington, D.C., on Tuesday afternoon.

Trump over the past week has spent several hours with his legal team, including Rudy Giuliani, Jay Sekulow and Jane Raskin, finalizing his answers to questions from the special counsel focusing on his time before he was sworn in as president.

Trump turning in these answers speeds up the timeline for Mueller to wrap up his probe.

Generally, prosecutors get statements from figures of Trump’s level as the last thing they do.

If Mueller was hoping to catch Trump off guard or in a trap, he was sorely mistaken.

Trump declared the answers were “easy” in a Fox News interview.

His testimony should put an end to the collusion portion of the investigation.


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86 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    This s/b the end of it. Let our President do his job. I’m tired of all the cry baby bs

    • Deborah says:

      If we have learned ANYTHING from this is that ALL Special Cousel agreements must be held to the “:4 corners ” of the investigation and make sure there are never again for either party any open investigations

  2. ELI says:


  3. Mott says:

    2 years and you have not found ANYTHING! It is time to stop this BS! You want to find “Collusion” look into the Clinton’s! There is where you will find some issues, Maybe not with the Russian’s but there is a lot of shady things going down there!

    • John Greer says:

      If Trump is innocent why hasn’t he met with Mueller…
      instead of using printed responses vetted through lawyers ?

      • Steel Magnolia says:

        INK Is ‘documented’. Therefore NO ‘twisting’.editing ‘ for the most part.

      • Todd Wells says:

        Probably because he has a country to pull back up out of the mud, thanks to Obama.

      • Jacquot says:

        Did Mueller ask him to meet? Nice try!

      • in the know says:

        That’s because of what Mueller did to Gen Maddox. Met with him said it was informal he would not need his lawyer. Then proceeds to ask him dates of when did this meeting take place? was that before or after this meeting? All of these questions were from things that occurred 3, 4 and 5 years ago. Gen. Maddox had filed reprots on these meeting with our government since they were meetings in witch the Russians were attempting to get information from Gen. Maddox. I’m not sure on the form # but I believe they called them form 934s. they are reports that he had filed and muellers investigators altered the dates on so when Gen Maddox said he wasn’t sure about the dates they produced the forms Gen Maddox knew he had filed. So he had no reason to question the dates on the forms. So when they asked him those questions he answered them incorrectly because it was a trap that the scum bag Mueller had set him up. I would give a years salary to lock Gen. Maddox and Mueller in a room without any weapons and let them at each other. Mueller would finally get what he deserves, He still has to answer to God that should be a short conversation before he get’s his justice. I hope he like it really hot.

    • Howard T. Lewis III says:

      Bust Mueller for blocking all FBI investigations into Bush criminal cabal involvement in the 9-11-2001 attacks.

    • Jim says:

      Mott you’re a dumbass like trump. Starr spent 4
      Yeafs chasing the clinton’s and all he got was a guy lying about sex. The same thing evefy pos tepugnant would do if caught.

      • Howard T. Lewis III says:

        Treasonous American British freemasons control both central republican and democrat parties. They will always act in loyalty to their ‘Grand Patron’, now queen Elizabeth. Expect nothing less until you are ready to take your country back. This will require a greater will than the pudgy little buggers and pedophiles with bad teeth now urinating on your lives and Constitution. Mueller, for his ‘Grand Patron’ and the jesuit pope has blocked all official FBI investigation into the 9-11-2001 attacks since he was hired to run the FBI 2 weeks before the 9-11 attacks.

    • Dorothy Blueter says:

      Fully agree!

  4. Patricia Overbey says:

    Enough is enough of this leftist B*** S*** & Mueller he is investagating the wrong person. Waste of tax payers money

  5. LAWRENCE BONI says:


  6. Guy Tuten says:

    muller should of spent all this time investigation hillary, and obama’s past getting all his hidden records opened so the people of this country could see how bad he really is instead of leading a democrat witch hunt against the best president we have had in many years who has turned this country around

    • David in MA says:

      He cannot investigate Hillary, Obama and some others as he would bring to view his involvement in their crimes.
      All these attacks on Trump is only to keep the gravy train for the established and to cover their asses from either being shot or imprisoned for life.

  7. david says:

    Mule face Mueller is a bona fide anti-Trump asscehole.

  8. Gerald Ladd says:

    LMAO…Mue-liar hates Trump with a passion. He can’t find anything on Trump, because there isn’t anything to find, but he can make others people’s lives miserable, and he enjoys that, not to mention he is being paid well, for his hate.

    • zee says:

      IFFFF << But CANNOT ‘be Fair’ AS
      HE WAS ‘INVOLVED’ W/ you know who & ‘What’. [Ahem. cough-cough.]
      > ‘Personal,’ including ‘cronies’ Diversion/ Deflection from
      ‘High Crimes’ at tax payer $$$. DO YOU ‘think’ ??? he Cares? NOOO!

      • zee says:

        words dropped, G Ladd. I SAID: IFFF ‘mueller’ WAS ‘FAIR’ etc.
        the rest is correct. (‘they’ trackme, u know. & i Don’t give
        a ‘F’) __ Happy Thanks-Giving. SAVEUSA.

    • Jim says:

      Jerry nutjob- go to hell you loser and take all your fat, ugly friends with you.

  9. Marilyn says:

    I agree with John and I see Richard’s point too. When is Hillary going to be harrassed like this? It has cost us the taxpayers so much money to carry on this witch hunt, it is just so wrong on so many levels and sad. I am ashamed of this charade and our democratic government and in my opinion they should not even be living in this great country, and especially should not be in the government. That goes for all the radical lefitist’s. They are all so so sad and the worst part they hurt our country which maybe is their goal.

  10. Arthur Laidley says:

    This investigation should never have started It is only a cover-up for Clinton and Obama corruption and murders

  11. Joe Maxwell says:

    Mueller could not follow the crumbs toward Hillary because that would lead to Uranium One and Mueller was involved in that giveaway of 20% of our uranium.

  12. gabby says:

    I’m starting to think that the 2 elections of 0bummer were fixed by the commie-demi’s! They thought they had another election fixed for HiLiary to win, and for whatever reason they underestimated the total vote count for Trump. That’s the reason for their resistance, they thought they had the way to fix an election, but it failed. Mueller was supposed to find something wrong with Trump, no matter what, so the mob could remain in power!

    • Kenneth Adams says:

      I see GOD’s hand in this. GOD ordained this at this time in history. Feeble man cannot change GOD’s plan for a nation. GOD bless Trump, all of us and the United States of American and the rest of the world as he/she sees fit.

      • Jeanni says:

        Amen! I also feel that God has his hand on our country and our President and that Trump was placed in the position of President to save our people and our country. I also think we are in the beginning of the End Times and we need to be ready because things are going to be getting a lot worse from now on. Just look at what is going on now in the World and with the progressive democrats. Look at what is happening in our schools and how they are brainwashing our children. Look at the migrants trying to invade our country and other countries. There is a lot of evil out there now. God said he would let Satan reign for a while in the End Times and this is what I see happening now.

        • Steve says:

          Jeannie,your post is right on. Many don’t believe the bible so they don’t know that this was predicted many years ago. I too believe we are living in the end times! God bless you and our nation! Old deplorable cultist AF vet!

          • Pamela says:

            Thin, I agree with your comment 100%. I don’t know what the hell has happened to this world, but it isn’t good. I think we have more communist than Americans. Why is that?

        • Pamela says:

          Jeanni, your comment is right on. I too believe that this is the beginning of the END of TIMES that my mother used to preach to me back in the late 60’s and I didn’t want to listen because I was young and had my whole life to live. She was baptized a Jehovah Whiteness while I was in my teens and I wasn’t. I have to admit, EVERYTHING she preached to me back in the 60’s are coming to light. I find it to be really amazing and guess that she knew what she was talking about back then and I didn’t listen to her. She passed many years ago now, but I can now see all the changes in the people and in our world that she warned me about.

          • Howard says:

            Relax. God says the earth stays, and The Jehovaha’s Witnesses were founded by the Khazarian gang to compound the information overload pushed by the new Council on Foreign Relations, begun in 1911 by J.D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan(both Rothschiold agents) and Paul Warburg, a European Rothschild agent. Domination of U.S. media was the goal. The sinking of the Titanic’s sister ship, the Olympic in 1912, was their first scam. The IRS, Federal Reserve System, the Spanish flu, WWI, etc. all within 2 years of each other provided enough panic and stress that the CFR carried the day to the detriment of the U.S.. Communism was never supposed to work. It was merely meant to give peasants in Russia, China, and elsewhere the confidence to kill off their own governments, thus leaving them without leadership and susceptible to extreme debt with the Rothschild bank. The 9-11 attacks on the U.S. combined with HAARP weather attacks and Fukushima radiation are meant to send Americans into panic and the loving arms of the pope and the Church of England and the British monarchy. It is quite damaging to the world but these Old World royalty sons of bitches are caught at it. The internet watches their every move, and expertise in EVERY field of endeavor is made possible with the internet, PCs, and expert counseling. God says “THE EARTH STAYS. MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE”.

    • CCblogging says:

      Obama’s re-election was accomplished by voter fraud. Obama’s first presidential election was accomplished by the gullible fools who voted him in.

  13. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    It should end the Witch Hunt but it will not, Mueller on behalf of the Demoncommiecratshariaideological party members (i.e.) bother Democrats and Rats will continue to indict people connected to Donald on everything but Donald colluding with Vladimir to steal the election from Hellary in Hope’s they lie to frame Donald.

    Every time that component of toxic waste Meuller charges someone connected to then candidate Donald Donald should pardon that person.

  14. Helmut Kern says:

    Why does anybody deal with this illegitimate probe. I’m surprised Mr Trump hasn’t told everybody to stuff it

  15. Ruben Palacios says:

    Mueller will never be credible until he fully investigates the known Russian collusion with the same tenacity and nonrelated prosecutions involving Obama, Hillary and the DNC!

  16. Jan13 says:

    I hope President Trump asked Mueller a question on the bottom of the inquiry:
    When are you going to investigate Hillary and the DNC?

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Now that our corrupt education system and propaganda services have completely poisoned the minds of our youth and more and more come of age to vote every day the evil running rampant among us truly cognizant patriots will spread like the most terminal viral pandemic.

  17. Richard says:

    Once the President answers the questions Mueller should wrap up this investigation pronto. But will he?

    • truthistruth says:

      Some of you on this site have said the inquiry is legal – – if not, why would Trump cooperate? it is fully legal and supported by Congress, and not just the Democrats. Mueller is a lifelong Republican, but FBI, DOJ and even judicial branch see themselves as representing the public, not any party – -you can support any position, but leave it at the door when you come into work. I would expect conspiracy charges against Don Jr., Jared, Manafort and several obstruction of justice charges. This thing that Trump tried to do, get the DOJ to go after his political enemies shows how Trump does not respect the rule of law.

      • Joe Maxwell says:

        Putin wins his fixed elections. Hillary needs to visit him again and learn how its done to win.

      • Joe Maxwell says:

        President Trump is hated by the deep state that has run our country and both parties for many decades. Mueller being a Republican does not convey his agenda. There are a lot of never Trump Republicans. Who owns who and who pulls the strings.

      • Steve says:

        Mueller IS NOT A REPUBLICAN, he is a RINO! PLEASE DONT DISGRACE THE REST OF US BY CALLING HIM A REPULICAN! More accurate description is RINO POS!!!!!!!!! Why don’t you continue your witch hunt pursing the wicked witch of Arkansas!!!

      • zee says:

        NWO. ]]] Hate to scream at ya, ‘tit’, BUT ‘What’ part of ‘this’
        Do You NOT ‘Understand’ . ( Too ‘young’ ? / 0R too ‘OLD’
        to ‘get it’__. )
        > ARE You ‘a PATRIOT /SUPPORT USA ??? > Or ‘NOT’__
        ‘Bottom Line’ .

      • zee says:

        I see.hmm. ‘tit’. > No answer to comm.

  18. bernadette says:

    Rosenstein was the one who employed Mueller, so he should be fired. He probably lied about wearing a wire to record Trump. What a shady character he is.

  19. Lt. Robert Polans ret. says:

    Mueller is a traitor and criminal, this is how he’s escaped a firing squad so far. If you want him gone, start a petition for POTUS to pardon the 2 innocent men he has in prison. There were two more, but they died. Why did he do it? To please the mob. Not mob as in lunatic lefties, but mafia.

    • William Kittinger says:

      Agreed, Mueller is not a dummy. He thought all along he is more clever than Trump and could rely on our corrupt media and the oblivious public to run this shell game . Trump and his supporters are politically astute. They follow the thread of Herman Munster Mueller and the little rat face Rosenstein. Lindsay Graham is still suspect cause he’s been yakin out of both sides of his neck. He acts like we’re supposed to respect this fake ass ” investigation”… That’s showing his true colors.

      • Ric B says:

        You are are right, Mueller is smart and respected across the aisle. And he plans like a chess master and has always been several steps ahead of Trump. Trump is too dumb and lazy to realize he has already lost this match.

        • Joe Maxwell says:

          Trump is a brilliant 3D chess player and way smarter than Mueller. Look up what Q says about how trump works and gets things done. Trumps actions are over the heads of most people and apparently you included.

          • zee says:

            RITE 0N, Joe Maxwell !!! ( re ‘Q’) of which
            POTUS IS ‘fully Aware’. ]]]Saw some WH ‘photos’
            of DJT ‘receiving’ a Some ‘representative’. YEAH>
            ~ Happy Thanks-Giving ~

          • zee says:

            ps Joe.
            RicB /Eric G. / ‘jd’ / etc. Are Just Not ‘capable’ To
            ‘understand Stuff’. Be careful re info here. ( i have
            refrained) Altho, PPL NEED ‘Know’. ‘we’ Do NOT
            NEED ‘further censor’. Capish, no ?

        • zee says:

          Mueller IS 0NLY ‘respected’ (cough-cough) BY
          ‘dems’. Get ‘it’ ??? SAVEUSA RicB. You live here, rite?
          >POTUS DJT IS ‘helping’ YOU /Yours, Right NOW.
          > BE THANKFUL.

  20. John J Duka says:

    Mueller and his team should be sued and have to pay back all tax payer monies used in this fiasco. He and his team are unconstitutional, and he should be fired immediately.

  21. Navy PO2 says:

    I’ll be that Mueller lives in some fancy ass neighborhood with a low crime rate!

  22. David says:

    As a conservative Republican who generally supports the president, I am glad the he has answered Mueller’s questions in such a timely manner—as he should. By cooperating with this legal investigation, the president is able to shoot down most Democrat complaints against him—especially claims of obstruction. (Of course, I realize that the truth will be ignored by rabid Democrats.) Nonetheless, as a person being investigated, anytime the one being investigated cooperates with the investigator, the court (in this case, the Senate should the House impeach the president) recognizes the individual’s cooperation and it pushes the tenor of the investigation and the court into his or her direction. This is equally true of President Trump. Mueller was counting on the president to refuse to cooperate so that the tenor of the investigation would be pushed into Mueller’s direction and to Mueller’s advantage. This cooperation will undermine Mueller’s credibility before the US Senate and will result in the Senate failing to have the votes necessary to convict the president and they will be unable to remove him from office. Of course, if Trump commits perjury as Bill Clinton did, then there will be legal action of some sort that will hound the president once he l eaves office whether in 2021 or 2024.

    • William Kittinger says:

      You’re analysis is based on a totally false premise. That is that this was a legal and legitimate investigation in the first place. It was corrupt and criminal from jump street. So to respect this investigation is to sanction criminality. Trump knows it’s all a charade and is playing along to make them look silly.

  23. He and the dossier are Democrat lies. Stop wasting my money.

    • Zee says:

      Most of the material collected by Steele, that make up the dossier have been confirmed by further evidence. So, you are wrong. By convicting Manafort, he had to surrender $millions, which compensated for more than the costs. You are making up things – -it was approved by a Republican and headed by a Republican.

      • Joe Maxwell says:

        Zee, where are you getting your information? From the Democrats that are still claiming CO2 will make the earth warmer? If you believe them, you will not be able to make it through the next 8 to 15 years due to the Eddy Minimum. You don’t have a clue, do you? It may already too late to save yourself.

        • Realzee says:

          JOE M. This IS a ‘FALSE post’ . Notby me, (the Real)zee. )
          My ‘name’ has been Usurped. ( & Now Here).
          IF you’ve Read Enough of
          MY Posts, You would ‘KNOW’ , that crap above, IS NOT
          from me, (the Realzee). LOL to you jerk-offs, YOU Will
          NEVER ‘smear’ my name.

          • Realzee says:

            & ‘I’ WILL Correct ‘FALSE Posts’.
            > 1 clue, Joe M. = Realzee IS just ‘zee’
            NOT Zee. & Now the pricks know sp.
            ‘I’ WILL Deal W/it. To you Joe etc. ‘ALWAYS’
            Ask or make comment . I Will ‘back-up’
            E’thing i Ink. Do not be ‘fooled.’ 0pposition IS
            Going to get ‘worse’. ps,Have ‘surnames’ *
            > Learn ‘code’ *. ‘Some here Have ‘learned ‘code’. Capish.

          • zee says:

            ps. Joe. >Times< posted ARE 'important'. Capish.
            & now, the 'Morons' may figure that one out.

          • zee says:

            pps. Joe. what you see Is Called ‘shade’ &/0R
            “GasLighting”. & E’0ne Else HERE – ‘Take Heed’.
            > LMAO . & ( POTUS. KNOWS (this ‘type of ‘stuff’)

  24. Rodney says:

    Robert Mueller has done enough damage to our government. There was never anything there and the seating of Mueller was not done by law. If Mueller had been following the crumbs as he should have been, Hillary and the DNC along with their co-conspirators would be on the hot seat, not President Trump.

    • Pamela says:

      Rodney, you sure have those FACTS right. Hillary is the one that should have been under massive investigations for many of the crimes that she committed. What the HELL, are people really that STUPID? She is the one that sold the Uranium and collected the money from the RUSSIANS. The government must think we are really STUPID and IGNORANT. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

      • Dee says:

        It is simple here. Those not believing in a God of creation and denine Christ are so hard hearted as to believe anything that is not evil. Trump is Trump and he is being used by God to achieve the plans God has for His people. It is written that God places and God removes Kings. This would be Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators etc……… So if you believe this good, your a follower of God Almighty and understand what s happening and coming. If you do not understand, you are a follower of yourself and your desires making you an enemy of God as He claims for those doing their things. Those not following God are unaware of the future and will be shocked at what is coming upon this world. I pray for you and your soul because you will be lost if you continue in your disbelief. These unbelieving people are the ones following these ignorant and unbelieving things that these people think is truth. Heaven help them because they are setting their salvation in a place they will not desire to be upon the end of the 7 years coming

  25. John says:

    I don’t think President Trump should have answered any questions from that crooked SOB! Why legitimize that SOB!

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