Donald Trump produced the one piece of paper that left Robert Mueller terrified

Robert Mueller and his rigged witch hunt reached a dangerous new phase.

The special counsel prepared for the end game in his quest to bring down Donald Trump.

But Trump produced the one piece of paper that has Mueller terrified.

Donald Trump agreed to submit written answers to Robert Mueller’s questions about Russian collusion.

Trump surprised Mueller by announcing he would turn over the answers by Thanksgiving.

Politico reports:

President Donald Trump will give special counsel Robert Mueller written responses to a slate of questions as early as Tuesday.

Trump’s lawyers set an informal Thanksgiving deadline for the president to finalize his responses on topics surrounding the Russian hacking of the 2016 election, and he’s almost ready to submit them, according to two sources familiar with the conversations.

The president’s written answers — which carry the same legal burden for truthfulness as an in-person interview — are likely to be submitted as Trump settles into his Mar-a-Lago club in South Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday. Trump is scheduled to depart Washington, D.C., on Tuesday afternoon.

Trump over the past week has spent several hours with his legal team, including Rudy Giuliani, Jay Sekulow and Jane Raskin, finalizing his answers to questions from the special counsel focusing on his time before he was sworn in as president.

Trump turning in these answers speeds up the timeline for Mueller to wrap up his probe.

Generally, prosecutors get statements from figures of Trump’s level as the last thing they do.

If Mueller was hoping to catch Trump off guard or in a trap, he was sorely mistaken.

Trump declared the answers were “easy” in a Fox News interview.

His testimony should put an end to the collusion portion of the investigation.

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85 Responses

  1. in the know says:

    That’s because of what Mueller did to Gen Maddox. Met with him said it was informal he would not need his lawyer. Then proceeds to ask him dates of when did this meeting take place? was that before or after this meeting? All of these questions were from things that occurred 3, 4 and 5 years ago. Gen. Maddox had filed reprots on these meeting with our government since they were meetings in witch the Russians were attempting to get information from Gen. Maddox. I’m not sure on the form # but I believe they called them form 934s. they are reports that he had filed and muellers investigators altered the dates on so when Gen Maddox said he wasn’t sure about the dates they produced the forms Gen Maddox knew he had filed. So he had no reason to question the dates on the forms. So when they asked him those questions he answered them incorrectly because it was a trap that the scum bag Mueller had set him up. I would give a years salary to lock Gen. Maddox and Mueller in a room without any weapons and let them at each other. Mueller would finally get what he deserves, He still has to answer to God that should be a short conversation before he get’s his justice. I hope he like it really hot.

  2. Dorothy Blueter says:

    I agree…their temper tantrums have showed America how childish they are…like the mean kids in high school.

  3. Dorothy Blueter says:

    Why are they all are upset with PRESIDENT Trump? If anyone needs investigated it should be the Clintons….all the way back to Ark.

  4. Dorothy Blueter says:

    Fully agree!

  5. Dee says:

    It is simple here. Those not believing in a God of creation and denine Christ are so hard hearted as to believe anything that is not evil. Trump is Trump and he is being used by God to achieve the plans God has for His people. It is written that God places and God removes Kings. This would be Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators etc……… So if you believe this good, your a follower of God Almighty and understand what s happening and coming. If you do not understand, you are a follower of yourself and your desires making you an enemy of God as He claims for those doing their things. Those not following God are unaware of the future and will be shocked at what is coming upon this world. I pray for you and your soul because you will be lost if you continue in your disbelief. These unbelieving people are the ones following these ignorant and unbelieving things that these people think is truth. Heaven help them because they are setting their salvation in a place they will not desire to be upon the end of the 7 years coming

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