Donald Trump picked up a surprise endorsement that has Democrats in a panic

Photo by Trump White House Archive, Public Domain, via Flickr

Donald Trump keeps building his base of support for the 2024 Election.

Even Americans who supported Joe Biden in 2020 are now disillusioned.

And Donald Trump picked up a surprise endorsement that has Democrats in a panic.

One of the emerging stories in the 2024 Election is the trend of former President Donald Trump picking up more support from black and Hispanic voters.

A New York Times/Siena poll of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania found Trump leading in all five and winning the support of 46 percent of Latino voters and 22 percent of black voters.

Black voters are the most loyal group in the Democrat Party coalition.

But decades of broken promises and failed policies are causing a re-examination.

The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha God – whose show is a destination for every Democrat with national ambitions – told Fox News Digital that he doesn’t regret voting for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in 2020, but that he regrets endorsing them as they turned out to be typical Democrats who only care about black voters in an election year.

“I don’t regret voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris just because it kept Donald Trump out of the White House. What I regret is endorsing them,” Charlamagne stated.

“They come around and they court you, and they tell you sweet nothings and tell you all the things that you know you want to hear,” Charlamagne continued. “But once you get in a relationship with each other, they don’t really back up a lot of those promises.”

Rappers endorsing Trump is also one of the emerging pop culture trends this cycle.

Benny the Butcher endorsed Trump last August.

In an interview with Charlamagne on The Breakfast Club, Benny the Butcher said he voted for former President Barack Obama but that turned out to be a disaster and that his expression of support for Trump was a way to send a message to Democrats that they needed to stop taking black voters for granted.

“People in our position ain’t supposed to speak on their political candidates. That’s what I learned,” Benny the Butcher told Charlamagne. “And I also learned everybody voting for Trump, y’know what I’m saying? Only President I voted for was Obama, so I really was just talking sh–.”

“A lot of times, African Americans — we vote Democrat and what the f— that been doing for us? That’s all I mean, like what the Democrats been doing for us? I was expressing my frustrations on that,” Benny the Butcher continued.

“I don’t know who I’m voting for,” he added.

Meek Mill posted a clip on social media from one of Trump’s recent rallies and declared that Democrats had no idea that more black voters than normal planned to support Trump.

Any Republican winning more than 12 percent of the black vote spells doom for Democrats.

Years of supporting amnesty, defunding the police, and prioritizing issues like abortion have alienated black men and set Democrats up for a potential debacle in 2024.

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