Donald Trump has one trick up his sleeve to deal with North Korea

The North Korean nuclear crisis is reaching a boiling point.

Some observers think it could result in World War 3.

But Donald Trump has one trick up his sleeve to put a stop to Kim Jong Un’s menace.

Reports indicate the United States may deploy cyber warfare to defuse the Hermit Kingdom’s rogue nuclear weapons program.

Breitbart reports:

“Foreign Policy magazine’s Jenna McLaughlin spoke to six U.S. intelligence officers who revealed that, while the military prepares for a potential conflict with North Korea, authorities are also developing digital infrastructure designed to target Pyongyang.

“The U.S. government for the past six months has covertly begun laying the groundwork for possible cyber attacks on North Korea in countries including South Korea and Japan,” the magazine wrote.

“This process involves installing fiber cables as bridges into the region and setting up remote bases and listening posts, where hackers may attempt to gain access to a North Korean Internet that’s largely walled off from external connections,” it continued.

The article also detailed how national security officials are reportedly switching the focus from current intelligent operations towards the North Korean threat, which has significantly escalated over the past year amid repeated threats of nuclear war.”

North Korea has been able to evade sanctions by investing heavily in crypto currencies.

Breitbart reports a U.S. cyber attack could hobble the communist nation:

“Experts suggest that the U.S. could initiate a cyber war by targeting North Korea’s cryptocurrency reserves, following reports that they successfully hacked exchanges from South Korea last month in a bid to access hard currency.”

North Korea’s financial reserves are at a breaking point.

Pyongyang was forced to scale back its winter military exercises because harsh sanctions by the Trump administration have exhausted their budget.

Any additional pressure could force North Korea to the bargaining table and lead to a peaceful resolution to this crisis.

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3 Responses

  1. JJ says:

    They are talking about a cyber attack, where it takes down the computer infrastructure of his economic, financial and power structure of the company, not a kill shot!

  2. Rodric Hammond says:

    I would rather they wait for his next big military parade where he and all of his cronies are in the reviewing stand and do a drone strike on the assembly. Get them all at once.

  3. Christiann says:

    Take out Kim with a sniper shot!

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