Donald Trump obliterated Chuck Schumer with this tweet

Chuck Schumer thought he scored a major victory against Donald Trump.

The Democrat minority leader thought he successfully trapped Donald Trump into admitting defeat on the border wall.

But then Trump obliterated Schumer with this tweet.

Trump’s allies spent all day Wednesday imploring the President to reject the spending bill that did not provide the five billion dollars in border wall funding.

The President appeared to be listening when Thursday morning he sent out a tweet blasting the supposed “deal.”

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders then confirmed that Trump would not sign any bill that did not include money for steel slats or a border wall.

“At this moment, the President does not want to go further without border security, which includes steel slats or a wall. The President is continuing to weigh his options,” Sanders told reporters.

This statement energized Trump’s base.

Grassroots supporters already donated five million dollars to a Go Fund Me account to fund the wall in a showing of solidarity with the President to shut down the government in order to fund the wall.


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154 Responses

  1. Stubby says:

    The democraps authorized sending $150million, yes million to Iran for which we received, get this, nothing. That’s right, the same slimy penny pinching hypocrites that refuse to give the president less than one tenth of that for OUR security, were ok with sending that kinda money to a country that hates our guts. They really are a special kind of stupid.

  2. Sue says:

    The illegals were offered asylum and a work permit to remain in Mexico. They don’t want to do it because then they would have to work. No free education, housing and welfare.

  3. Someone needs to bitch slap Schummer to make him realize he is not really the brightest light on the tree.
    He called a flight attendant a bitch for making him turn his phone off on takeoff in a flight from NY to DC which is required by FAA as a result of Congress making this a law. Too bad he is to stupid to read his own legislation but like Nancy, they need to pass the law so they can see what is in it.
    How can anyone be dumb enough to vote someone like these two into office.

  4. Kara Wright says:

    President Trump was elected cause every things the DEM did was against the Americans and they never gave a reason for their poor judgement or maybe they we going to do the opposite of what Republications and President Trump wanted. We have all been taken for a ride and for all the good Trump is doing the DEM are always going to do whatever to make things bad. They are liars and thieves and you can’t trust them. They only work for themselves.It is a sad state because they will always ruin any good things that happens.

    • Navy PO2 says:

      The Democrat Party is a left wing hate group!

      • Beverly says:

        Yes, it is total agreement. Democrats are going to implode from the inside out! They only believe in MONEY and POWER. All that disgraceful Nancy cares about his her job in the majority. Schemer is no better! Al l they do is pontificate about what’s right for America, when really it is all about them and MONEY!

        • Bama Bill says:

          You have to understand the “Follow the $$$$”. Soros founded several “Open Borders” groups. The “Open Borders Foundation” he founded in 1985, and has give almost $40 Billion to since. It funds over 2,300 liberal groups in the USA, and in 140 foreign countries.
          Soros “OWNS” the Dems, media, Unions, and Rinos. He put Barry Soetoro thru college and groomed him to be POTUS, with much help from the Chicago Dems and unions. Nancy and Schumer are following Mafia rules, they both make “Deals youse can’t refuse”, or you have a sudden attack of Klintonitis.

  5. Fr Tom Martin says:

    Trump was foolish to believe the Democrats the first time. Do not sign without wall VETO EVERTHING.

  6. Bill says:

    Chuck Schumer is Nancy Polosi’s toilet paper , he can’t do anything without her permission.

  7. paulT says:


    • Victor Munoz says:

      With all due respect to your opinion…
      What people can’t seem to UNDERSTAND is.. The “Demoncrats” work for “The Globalist” aka The ELITE. They want “Their New World Order” in place.
      Question: At what point will you “Comprehend” what is happening in EUROPE with The Migrants their will happen here. [They want US DIVIDED] TOGETHER WE STAND…DIVIDED WE FALL. DO SOME RESEARCH..DON’T BELIEVE…”The Operation Mockingbird” Main Stream MEDIA they get paid by “The Deep State” CIA. Wake up from your “Brainwashed” State.
      Think about it.

    • Mary says:

      Someone is crying…..because Trump is calling it a wall. AND he called it Trumps wall. Well the wall is being built because Trump is the person that was smart enough to build the wall. Others just stood around and wrung their hands.

  8. anthony petruzzi says:

    Why does Congress get paid when there is a shut down???
    Stop paying them until they start doing their jobs………………………The see how fast the government gets opened.

    • Fr Tom Martin says:

      They passed a Bill years ago to protect their pay.

    • Melanie Andrejczak says:

      Stop paying Congress & Senate since they are not working for AMERICANS who put them in office.
      Term limits. Same Insurance and pensions we have= Zero.

    • JoAnne Roberts says:

      Great idea! Do not pay congress while Government is “shut down”–and don’t give them “back pay” when government reopens! They are not working now–so they get NO pay-period!

  9. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    I am ashamed of Donald, since taking office he has far from taken drastic enough measures to secure our rights as the genuine patriots of this nation, we are the only people who adhere to the letter of the law and principles of which our Constitutional Republic is built upon, the opinions of all those scrambled brainwave wallflower Looney Libtards indoctrinated by the their scrambled brainwave wallflower Looney Libtard teachers all of which whose minds were/have been turned to mush through use of Psychotropic and/or Psychedelic drugs and being further convoluted by the vomit spewed by the LSM mean absolutely nothing.

    Donald blatantly lied to us when he said the people of the United States would not have to suffer due to evil imposed on us by the Mexican government for the past 50 years as in actually urging their people to invade our nation, he said Mexico would fund the wall but that will not happen, as far as that goes any trade agreement with them does not benefit United States citizens in any way their impoverished economy could never balance trade between our 2 nations on a dollar value.

    • Gail says:

      You have forgotten way too much Ibama set everything up so he would be sued at every turn . Everytime he does something a rogue Obama placed judge makes a judgement its illegal . No president has ever been sued as much as this one has . And he hasn’t lied . He has kept 75% of his .promises Inspire of never having any help from the republicans I doubt if you could do any better .And I know for a fact you couldn’t stand up to the scrutiny he has .

    • Melanie Andrejczak says:

      This is the only President I have ever seen try to tackle every one of his campaine promises. Ever! He’s been fighting a Swamp of beurocrats who are not doing their jobs. Congress & Senate are culpable for gross negligence & dereliction of duty. They’re greedy, self serving, power hungry leeches, only interested in being re-elected so they can continue from feeding at the trough of tax payers hard earned dollars.

    • Bessie says:

      Craig Michael Vandertie, Why are you ashamed of our president? I am very proud of him! He has worked hard since day one to keep every promise he made! But the democrats and liberals, better known as Swamp Rats, have opposed him at every turn. They have lied on him, and lied to him. They have threatened him and his family. And really, few republicans have stood with him , because they have allowed the democrats to defeat them at every turn! You have no reason to be ashamed of President Trump. Be ashamed of the liberals, Pelosi and Schumer who are fighting to bring illegal aliens here who have been deported, some several times, because of crimes they have committed, so that they can take yours and my taxes and support them with free housing, free food, free education, free health services. And free anything else they may need. If you want to feel bad at someone, feel bad at the left!

    • R D Dukes says:

      Trump didn’t lie the Democrat party got in the way of America advancing distroying this country is the goal of the Democrats.

  10. Jeffory Sweat says:

    Just shut down wall street they will listen then. More hell will break loose then WWlll.
    Just a thought. Its a National Security Situation. Shut it down you have the power in Emergencies. This is now by some standards an Emergency for our Nation. Hell they will get paid you shut down the Government; its just a vacation to them. But you close Wall Street and their broker calls their dumb asses and says hey you can’t trade today they will freak out. Most every one of them on house & senate floor play Wall street.

    • Carl Smith says:

      NO! Shut down K Street and require the Congress to wear yellow vests with the LOBBYIST that are their HANDLERS sewn in such a way the whole world can see WHO is running the Show. The only one immune is the POTUS but he cannot empty the Septic Tank by himself. The real reason congress is a mess is because MOST are PROGRESSIVES parading as Dim’s or R’s. The other reason is The Donald is Just Not PLAYING according to the Swamp’s Rules and is NOT a Politician and he is upsetting out schedule of working one day and fund raising two and then going on taxpayer “JUNKETS” to Study a Problem somewhere in the World WE can screw up and throw some taxpayer money at. Adhering to the OATH they took is NOT on their agenda, since it’s just an OLD Ritual that makes for good Press.

  11. Banshee 803 says:

    There is not a single thing actually American oriented about the far leftist Progressive Democratic cabal seeking to rig every election AS THEY DID IN 2016 , BUT LOST ANYWAY.neither is the utterly leftist biased media and neither can be trusted to do ANYTHING with Integrity. The revelations of the watchdog Agency Judicial Watch over the FOIA requests which HAVE revealed the corruption and the attempted though failed rigging of the 2016 election and likely therefore every election since which has been of questionable result when stored votes emerge days after the election and recounts are sought. THE MUELLER WITCH HUNT IS EXACTLY THAT AND EVEN THE QUESTIONABLE THINGS FOUND AFTER 2 YEARS OF A WASTE OF TAXPAYER FUNDING ON ILLEGALS AND THIS EXERCISE IN FUTILITY AND FRAUD, PALE IN COMPARISON TO THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY OF THE FBI, COMPROMISED AGENTS STROZK AND PAGE, THE DNC, THE ENTIRE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN AND FOUNDATION!
    Trump did NOT mishandle Bnghazi,or kill Ambassador Stevens, he did not collude as did Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch prior to the DNC on an airport tarmac in an unscheduled meeting but were caught at it and may STILL have to answer for, Trump did NOT make $150 Billion taxpayer dollars available for use against the Great Satan , the disunited States of America , he did NOT give 20 % of our Uranium to ROSATOM,the Russian Nuclear Agency so, if there was collusion with the Russians it sure as hell came from Obama and Clinton, the FBI and the DOJ and NOT TRUMP! These traitors need to be held responsible and accountable and, until they are, establishment Washington, utterly FULL of incompetents and outright seditionists in BOTH forever be damned parties will NEVER have any credibility with REAL AMERICANS and if they push too far, They will be dealt with in ways they will not survive because it can indeed happen here when there are some 30 million veterans and most are constitutionally compliant and law abiding; MUCH MORE SO THAN THE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT,whose sole reason for being in office is to serve their American Citizen Constituencies,;NOT every foreign felon, drug cartel, MS-13 gangbanger or black market gun dealers, corporate Citizens or any other special interest Globalist threat with the money to grease their already slippery palms!Actions ALWAYS speak much louder than words and THEIRS condemn them ALL! We need to Cleanse our Houses of the terminal cancers occupying them and 2020 will be far different than 2018; IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE AND RETAIN OUR FREEDOMS, CHOICES AND NATIONAL IDENTITY AND ENSURE THAT OUR CHILDREN WILL BE FREE AND NOT ENSLAVED AS NEW WORLD ORDER STATE PROPERTY TO BE DONE WITH AS IS PLEASED BY THE DICTATORIAL U.N. UNDER IMPLEMENTATION OF WHAT THEY SEEK HERE: THEIR INFAMOUS AND UTTERLY SCURRILOUS AGENDA 21~!

    • Carl Smith says:

      Amen ! Are their any other POLITICIANS giving BACK their annual salaries? I’m still looking for an explanation of HOW a $170,000 annual salary can make you a millionaire? I guess Hillary’s White Water INVESTMENT Guru must still be handing out advice. Then WHY has NOT Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution been invoked to protect our Border from INVASION?

      • Arizona Don says:

        Obama left the office of president worth over 240 million. Yet no one asks how he got there do they? How was he able to come up with over 156 BILLION for Iran when Trump is unable to come up with enough for the wall. Why is no one asking these questions?

    • James Peelor Jr says:

      Your statement is without doubt one of if not the most intelligent starements I have ever read. It could not be more true. I wish more people could have your understanding of current affairs.

  12. JohnnyB says:

    Little Crying Chucky Schumer is wrong again as he usually is as are all Democraps…. ALL Democraps should go crawl back under their rocks until the work is done….

  13. Congress has a duty to submit a balanced budget each and every year. Congress began using Continuing Resolutions in 2010. This year is the 8th year Congress has used Continuing Resolutions instead of submitting a complete budget. Why is it that businesses are able to have budgets each year and the government cannot? In any business if employees cannot come together and submit a budget they would be fired. In the world of government they pack up and go home on vacation. A law needs to be made and put in place saying Congress will not recess for the Christmas holidays unless a budget has been submitted and signed by the President. If Congress is unable to pass a budget and have it signed into the law by the end of the year, each Congressman/Congesswoman shall be fined $100. per day until a budget is passed. A penalty would prevent the political posturing that goes on every year. There must be some sort of penalty for this poor behavior. For people who control and run the government to have no accountability is ridiculous. Even the lowest position in private sector employment has accountability for their job. I’m not sure how you feel about it, but I’m tired of all the politicical games and disgusting behavior by Congress.
    Also new laws should be made forbidding anyone in Congress/Government making profit off their Government employment. NO MORE MILLIONAIRES made on our dime/time. They are employed by us, not some company that pays them to represent their interests, which may be against of our country. Also they can not work for a company that does business with the U.S. for 5 years. No more taking their Classified Security Clearance with them when they retire. After five years of retirement if they find employment with a company that requires Security Clearances let
    them apply for the clearance like those of us who work in the private sector. Security Clearances are very costly. At cost of
    $3,959 for a mere background check to $15,000 for an advanced classified clearance. (Private contractors are required to pay for the cost of the clearance. However this seldom happens because they hire politicians who have complimentary (for working in government offices and are retired) clearances. For a people who have Top Secret Clearances (such as Comey, Muller, government department heads, generals, Congress members, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.)). They must be renewed annually and re-investigated every 5
    Years. Occassionaly some people are requested to consult on a problem, however that is a low percentage and it is usually regarding the military or State Department . It is estimated that there are several thousand of these clearances being used by people who are talking heads on news shows, working in the aerospace industry, advisors to the military, working for organizations like the UN, representing arms manufactures to other countries, and advisors to other countries governments and their military. Ask yourself why you as a taxpayer should you be paying for someone to make millions working for other countries?

    • Judy Mae Walters says:

      I agree with everything you have said but how do we get it done when Americans keep putting people in office who are not even qualify to be there.

      • Banshee 803 says:

        In a country with 30 million VETERANS, many of them combat vets from wars all the way from WW2 to the conflicts of today. an armed insurrection is not only possible, but likely if the attacks on the first, second, fourth. tenth and the Commerce clause of the 14th are continually under attack by those SWORN to protect them and to “defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States Against all enemies , foreign and domestic.”NOT TO BECOME SUCH AS SO MANY LEFTIST LUNATICS , namely Progressive Democrats have. I AM A 74 YEAR OLD DISABLED VIETNAM VET BUT HAD A DEGREE IN GOVERNMENT WHEN I SERVED IN VIETNAM AT THE HEIGHT OF THE WAR IN THE 1968 TET OFFENSIVE! That time was followed by my last 2 years assigned to the Combat Traumatic Multiply Wounded Wards at then Walter Reed Army Medical Center
        in Washington. D.C. and I will tell you from Harsh Experience: it was a swamp fifty years ago and it is a thousand time worse NOW and, even at my age, I would fight to defend today what I did then, because unlike those in Government, I am an Honorable man and the oath I swore in 1967, is STILL incumbent and in effect on me today as it was then. I honored my oath as they DO NOT and will again if
        necessary. Personally, I think NO ONE should be allowed to run for political office unless they SERVE in the Military as Freedom is not free and the price paid to maintain it is ALWAYS paid in blood, hardship and sacrifice unknown to professional parasites of which there ARE FAR TOO MANY IN OUR HOUSES OF GOVERNMENT. Such a requirement should give us far more honorable and dedicated congressmen than is evident by their thoughts words and deeds in today’s sorry reality where compromise for the benefit of the largest majorities of AMERICAN CITIZENS is unheard of by the slithering swamp swine.defiling OUR HOUSES with their contaminated infestation!

        • legaly here says:

          Hmmm, You have smart people and dumb people as well as in the military as under the civilians. Under your rule only military folks may serve in a government role or as President. There are a slew of Presidents that never have served in the military leave alone in combat service. Then there are the liars that served in the military and say they were in combat (in Vietnam) Blumenthal is serving in Congress at the moment. So just wishes have nothing to do with the real truth. It is the brain washed non educated masses that put the yahoos in office that are the problem.

  14. R says:

    It is truly amazing how Obama could transfer $150 billion to Iran to pay off their losses from our enforced sanctions. Where did he get this money from? Was it a line item in the budgets that he never made or submitted, or was the money created out of wishful thinking and without authorization and due process and approval? You assholes in congress, can’t seem to grasp the concept of simple math and sum up all the cost of illegal immigrants costing the burdened US taxpayer. The cost of the wall is insignificant by comparison to (crime, disease, free medical, housing, education, food stamps, drug traffic and political payoffs, etc.) A number of you politicians are a wretched excuse looking out for your own benefit or super ego and votes by promising anything to get yourself elected. You are a disgrace to your pledge to upholding ther Constitution. Do America a big favor you leftist (more aptly should identify yourself as Communist) and leave America and propagate your leftist politics in country that is not based on democracy.

  15. Sherry says:

    I don’t mind a shut down as long as the Senators and Congressmen and women don’t get paid too. They make too much for doing nothing any way!!!

      • EttaMae says:

        Yes, they do get back pay & I was angry when I read that!!!! As long as the govt is shutdown, no work & they still get paid. This is just ludicrous. I will say that the other federal employees should get back pay as they didn’t cause the shutdown.

    • Dave churbuck says:

      Then you are goimg to mind it a lot , because they violate your self respect by the fact that they are there.
      For the entire duration of your life.
      Some stupid people actually think ? that they are smiling With you.
      NO, they are smiling At you, the same way anyone smiles at fools.
      And you vote for them to smile at you, Don’t you ? How do really feel now?
      All the people on the news smile at you because they know you are fools to believe them and their BS.

  16. Jeanni says:


  17. BYRON Yordanopoulos says:

    We need to have term limits for the senators and reps. The President has term limits and why not for those idiots occupying congress. Most of them have been there for ages. They see themselves as dictators. They do not follow the wishes of the electorate that voted Trump as our president. He campaigned to built the wall and got elected. Who the hell is PELOSI & HER SIDE KICK CRYING SCHUMER TO STOP THE PRESIDENT FROM FULFILLING HIS PROMISE!!! MOST OF THESE SENATORS ARE SO OL;D THAT THEY WALK AND FART!! GET THE HELL OUT AFTER 8 YEARS AND LET NEW IDEAS AND ENERGY COME IN!!

    • Dave churbuck says:

      Exactly why would you vote to accept anyone having control of your whole life ?
      When you vote you give up All your self respect and accept an enlslaving system
      that is destroying the world as it has always done and always will. The system murders people globally.

      • Clown Sissy says:

        The perfect reply for someone who wants the communist demonrats to maintain power. You don’t vote, NOTHING will change.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      The real swamp monsters walk the halls of Congress.

    • Hawk says:

      Excellent post we definately need term limits ,it is the only way we can get rid of these ancient relics who could care less about our country. Most of them are a waste of life and the people who keep voting for them are demented . I agree 100%.

    • Titus says:

      Yes. Term limits and caps on contributions from both individuals and groups. Legally remove the use of funds by George Soros as well!!!


    • Robby Dunbar says:

      That goes for all DemOrats
      Their doing everything THEY CAN to Destroy America
      DemOrats Started the first Civil War
      And DemOrats are going to start another one……. PERIOD

    • Betty says:

      A Corrupt Idiot & A Moron For Damm Sure. Who do these above words exactly describes, ”chuckles the clown” or more likely, donald the Hee Hawing, Braying Donkey? A chimpanzee in a monkey suit would undoubtly do a better job as president than that Blond Haired Orgutan Ape.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        So you’re okay with your legislators making and breaking promises repeatedly that put YOUR life, and those of all your kin at risk from invaders that hate America, because you hate Trump more? WOW! So why are you still here in America? Why haven’t you moved to a place where that’s the norm and people like you who like that live?

  19. Original Anna says:

    Interesting that Congress members are still getting their full paychecks while gov’t workers will not get their paychecks until the gov’t is up and running again. Congress members need to lose their paychecks also in order to make them work for the American people instead of working for their political parties and the power and money they get by being a Congress member .

  20. Chris says:

    The only thing he obliterated is the stock market and the 401K’s of the middle class! And his assine decisions regarding his premature pull out from Syria.
    He’s an IDIOT! Heaven help us with Mattis resigning or being fired!

    • Chief says:

      Look in the mirror fool and you will see the real IDIOT!!!

      • Scott27 says:

        Hey Chief… how’s your stock portfolio doing? But wait, don’t look there, look at the huge Christmas present your leader gave Putin with the Syria. Do you really want this country run by pundits on Fox News who are frequently misinformed? This country is going to hell fast with people like you supporting this nonsense.

        • BigJoe says:

          The reason things look bad right now is because of the “resist” movement on the left. How’s that personal deduction on your taxes looking for 2019? In case you don’t know, it doubled. Not one democrat voted for it. You want to continue being a useful idiot for the left, that’s your business, but don’t even think about trying to convince those of us that can see reality that it’s anyone’s fault but the disgusting democrats.

        • scooch the pooch* says:

          Hey Scott, how’s Your Portfolio doing ? Enough to
          take care of Syria? Go for it, Be A Big Man.

          • scooch the pooch* says:

            ps. some word say: Soros ‘selling ‘short’. Lika when he
            almost broke The Bank of England & Acquired Massive $.
            He lives in USA, Scott. Cannot Leave USA – 0r Else.

    • gouchrcouch says:

      Your mother was an idiot!!!!!! She screwed someone then had you!!!

    • Dave churbuck says:

      So you would prefer that our troops stay in Syria and die? For what reason ?
      We invaded Syria, it is not our country or our problem.
      And it is not a threat to us and never will be.
      Syria never bothered this country.
      Mattis is a war monger, He represents death nothing more.

  21. Bruce Porter says:

    pelosi should have the wall around her house torn down and schumer should be the one to do it (don’t know if he has a wall or not) if ne does they should take turns.

    • Dora says:

      We should built a kennel run with four walls for that rotten pelosi.

    • George says:

      Obummer has a wall around his house DC
      The Pope has a wall around the Vatican
      Maybe he should keep the perverted molesting bums there and stay out of our wall business the Vatican is paying out millions for sex abuse instead of tending to the poor as the money was collected for
      Obummer has made millions how much of this is being sent south of the border to help the illegal immigrants before they get to the border Oh how they care how much of the Clinton millions is spent on the poor look up Margaret Sanger if you really want to see how much obummer and Hillary care about the poor they both received the Margaret Sanger award, read what she said
      These demon craps are the most HIPPOCRITS lying scum weasels they hate the lowly deplorable working class that they supposedly work for
      Please get the working people out to vote against the demon craps before they destroy America
      God bless America
      Trump is the only person that I have ever seen who is trying to do what he promised when he was campaigning

  22. Larry Herring says:

    i agree with dale bunce if we can’t stop the illegals herd them into los angeles and manhattan and let them pitch there tent along with the homeless we ignore and see how that works for pelosi ,schiff, schumer and all the other ignorant liberal dems acting stupid

    • henry says:

      Question moron, born stupid or spent your life becoming stupid? How stupid can you be to think that that moronic tweet had anything to do with anything. Now more on suck on this, it ain’t happening because he’s a liar. What was the lie you say, that Mexico will pay for the wall. That’s what he promises to get elected, and then suddenly when he becomes president we’re supposed to pay for it. I’ve never seen a wall anywhere including the Berlin wall that you can’t go under through or over. So let’s put a fence around our country after all it’s 2018 not 1818! Do you need 60 votes in the Senate can’t get them won’t get them, thus Schumer is going to win. Trump May Wendy stupid tweet word battle, but he’s not getting the wall, and he won’t get it unless in fact Mexico pays for it which of course they won’t. He makes promises but you know those are lies and his idiotic followers actually vote for him based on his life. It’s funny to have such a first world country like ours and then to end up having a third world country like Mexico laughing at us because they think that we are ridiculous by virtue of believing that they’re going to pay for something that we build

      • Dave churbuck says:

        This is Not a first world country, never was and never will be, Chech out other countries and history.
        The stupid wall will get built and mexico will pay for it one way ot the other.
        Walls that keep others out also keep you in. That is what it is really for and the stupid
        people cannot see it.
        Mexico would pay for the wall in ten minutes IF we shut all the ports of entry.
        When the people let governments do the work that the people should do
        you always get enslaved and have wars. It will only get much worse.
        He who controls the religions controls the world and every thing in it.

      • Gini says:

        I believe your comment was describing you, yourself. Mexico will be paying for the wall when we sent back all the illegals that we , the American citizens with our tax dollars, currently. Also with the American tax dollars we would be using to support the new illegals. You sound like you could be Hillary or Nancy or maybe even Chuckie.

  23. Dave C says:

    Pelosi should go back to S.F. and clean up the mess and take Schumer along.
    they should be forced to stay on the streets until they are cleaned up

    • Dora says:

      Send them to Calif to clean the streets of Calif. They are very good at dishing out crap why not send them to clean the crap in crappy city.

  24. Don says:

    Scummy Schumer is nothing but a monkey puppet of the deep state, NWO, Soros organizations. Time he was hung for his collusion.

    • Dave churbuck says:

      IF and when the collective people want Him and them gone along with the Swamp, only then will
      it happen And it will not ever be by the vote or prayer.
      The Swamp will never get rid of it self, The people are swamp food.
      And it will not ever be done with vests of any color.
      The sheeple really do not want to do anything more than bleat in this country.

    • Scott27 says:

      So, Don, you would prefer a puppet of a foreign country… a foe.. running things. Why are you all so fixated on this wall thing, but seem to not care that foreign governments are interfering in our electoral process. Who are the idiots here?

    • Dave churbuck says:

      And he laughs at everybody because he knows there is no way the sheeple will get rid of him or them.
      Because he also knows that praying and voting are useless to remove him.
      And the fact that he is there laughing proves it.

  25. Diane Suess says:

    I am so proud to finally have a President who does what he said he would do. I am in full support of President Trump. Pathetic Pelosi and Schumer have met their match. After the Caravan episode of late, what more proof do they need our National Security is at a major risk.

    • Scott27 says:

      Diane, our national security is far more at risk from foreign governments taking over our electoral process while you fixate on a wall that will never work. And does what he says? Is Mexico paying for the wall? Do you have health care that everyone loves and is cheap? How’s your retirement saving doing? Do you enjoy the nation being run by idiotic chaos? Feeling pretty secure are you?

  26. Martin says:

    There should never ever be any Government shut down if the people we send to congress do what we sent them to do and what they promised they would do. there would be another CR’s if they had a rule that that for everyday they went passed September 30 with no budget all congress would have $2,000 per-day deducted from the pay.
    All who voted against the allocating money for border security just proved they do not love America or the American People

    • Dave churbuck says:

      Some day far off the people may realize that the problem will only get worse with the vote.
      The vote is their life line. you will never get rid of the problem with the vote, That is why they
      allow you to vote. Can you put a fire out with the vote and prayer or prevent one ?

  27. Shirley says:

    I pray every night that God will do what needs to be done to “Flush out the Swamp”., and get rid of all the crooked Politicians who are stealing from the American People and lining their own pockets with our Tax dollars. Sending money to Central and South America, Venezuela, and God only knows who else without the knowledge or OK of the “AMERICAN PEOPLE” is not OK. This money is being sent to them regularly to strengthen their Government,. Yet their people are fleeing their countries and storming our Borders because of the bad conditions they are forced to live in. If that is so, where are the monies the USA IS SENDING THEM? There needs to be some serious investigations by some reputable people in order to start “CLEANING HOUSE IN WASHINGTON” and it needs to start with throwing Schumer and Peloci out on their ears, (and that’s a mild version of what I’m really thinking).

    • Dave churbuck says:

      God will never do the work that must be done by the people themselves IF they value
      children , the country, self respect and their lives.
      God is only an inspiration for people to do what must be done.
      Prayers should be thanks for the works you have done with his insperation.
      Asking god to do your work is insulting. So what can you show god what you have really done
      to make the world better for everybody and not just your self ?
      Voting is part of the system of things that is forbidden by god.
      Because it creates enslavement and never prevents it.
      Did the government ever offer you feeedom from it ?
      You can only vote For government, Never none of it.

  28. Eric Granberg says:

    Border security is important. It was important last year, the year before, the year before, etc etc etc. But “the wall” is a waste of resources that only in your fantasies will improve border security. If “Christians” would get their heads out of their collective asses and ask themselves honestly, WWJD, they would recognize they are acting nothing like Jesus wants us to act.

    • Old Pioneer says:

      Move to Iraq, Venezuela , or Afghanistan if you don’t like it here or YOU house all the illegals in YOUR home jack off !!!

    • Carolyn says:

      And you would know this because…….you were with Him as He walked the earth? God’s word says that we are to be subject to our government leaders because God is sovereign over all things. We are very generous to the people of other nations and have always been. But now they “demand” to be let in and live off of the generosity of the US taxpayers. I would hope that we take care of our veterans, homeless and poor first! That should be our first duty. Get off your high horse and adopt some illegals and pay for their keep yourself if you want. Do not demand me to take care of them through my taxes.

    • Dave churbuck says:

      As you see the world, with all of it’s religions, Would you please tell me how religion is not the
      root cause of all the problems ? Religion as it is, Is a violation of nature and common sense.
      It creates division and sloth. And it is mind control. It controls Your mind does it not?
      If, there was no religion, Exactly how would You fix the worlds problems ?
      The unpleasant answer is understanding Nature.

  29. BILL MARTIN says:

    while we are trying to get money together to build the wall, let’s make illegal entry into our country a felony, cut out all welfare benefits for illegals, fine all employers $ 50,000.00 for first violation, 100,000.00 2nd violation for hiring illegal workers.

    • Aimee Wilson says:

      Very good idea. It’s about time we need to to get our citizens to band together and tell Congress that we do not tolerate this anymore. We need to oust politicians who favor illegal immigration including Sanctuary cities. We pay taxes every year and it is sad that we find out these illegal immigrants are doing much better than we taxpayers. They eat better than we do . They even get free medical, free education free everything while we taxpayers work for everything we have.

  30. Joe Connor says:

    God bless this brave hero in Florida, please forward the address for the ,” Veterans Fund the Wall Effort”, we comrades can and will once more gladly join this fight, for” THE WALL”. I want to join the 80 plus team to build the wall.

  31. STEVE FLOWERS says:

    What GOVERNMENT SHUT-DOWN do you speak of? For all practical purposes this SHUT-DOWN can be considered as a ‘SNOW DAY!’
    You might want to call this justification, meaning when you called anyone in Washington for help or complaint, who belittled you, scorned you or was rude to you, consider this if you may, it is called ‘KARMA!’ THEREFORE RELAX, IF THERE IS ONE THING I KNOW ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP, ‘HE WILL GET THE JOB DONE!

  32. bagster53 says:

    i would go one step further now ,and tell congress i want to see 500 billion in funding cuts to their pet programs , unemployment is at an all time low, so where is the extra money going , there are billions there, people are working so where is the money for welfare and food stamps going , billions more, ,how much did it cost to take care of the illegals last year , billions more , and would tell congress you can spend billions on taking care of the illegals you can give me the 5 billion , so just what are these government agencies doing with all that extra cash, you know if they don’t spend it all they have to give it back , so they waste it

  33. Lola Collins says:

    Schumer seems to think HE is the MAJORITY LEADER in the Senate! McConnell is a do nothing, care about nothing, so called Majority Leader. His President Trump hate is showing. Does he not care that the liberals will win if he continues to act like a lost fool?

    • D.A.N. says:

      McConnell could have gotten it through if all of the Republicans had stuck together and around. Schumer is wrong in that McConnell could have used the nuclear option and pulled a Harry Reid. There is nothing in the Constitution that says at this point it has to be a 2/3rds vote. Or even a 60 vote vote. That is just a Senate rule that can be changed to a majority of those present. And that would have given Trump three victories. One, it would have told Pelosi that they did have the votes in the House as was proven. Two, it would have shown Schumer that there were enough votes in the Senate withou any Dems. Three, Trump would have not been blamed for the shutdown that the Dems caused.

    • Wumingren says:

      Correct. I’ve been upset with the GOP RINOs since 2000! Their choices for House Speaker and Senate Leader have galled me. I knew they were useless from the start.

    • Wumingren says:

      Correct. Thank you. I’ve been upset with the GOP RINOs since 2000! Their choices for House Speaker and Senate Leader have galled me. I knew they were useless from the start.

  34. Lilly says:

    Ryan H I am with you all the way. I was a Democrat all my life until Trump was the candidate. Now I even don’t trust any Republicans because they are so interested in their future political goals, they aren’t giving President Trump their full attention. Why? I don’t know. All I do know, if the President loves out country and will fight like our forefathers and make sure that this swamp we live in, will be cleared from all the scum.

  35. Kara Wright says:

    The worst things about elections is they are rigged as long as the DEMS are involved. I am very sure they have only won when the rigged the numbers so
    I do believe the reason Hillary was the DEMS got a little to sure of themselves
    and did do enough rigging for Hillary to win. That a good thing. They will find the
    next election of any kind they can’t get there way cause we now know just how crooked and criminal they are willing to be . God please bless our President and our country and all those who live here legally.

    • Wumingren says:

      All “found” ballots must be confiscated by the FEC. They must not be counted. When the chain of custody is broken for evidence in a lawsuit, the evidence cannot be presented in a court of law, because it could be tainted or planted. Neither must “found” ballots be used as evidence of the “people’s choice,” because the chain of custody has been broken. Anyone could have stuffed the ballot box.

      Doesn’t anyone have the least suspicion that the Democrats wait until the ballots have been counted before they know exactly how many ballots need to be stuffed for their losing candidates? Al Franken stole his Senate seat by using the “found ballot” ploy, as have many more Democrats in recent years.

  36. RTC says:


  37. Katee says:

    The democRATS need to grow up and fight for all the American citizens, not the illegals!

  38. Greg says:

    If we were to restrict the path of illegal immigrants’ access government benefits and eliminate their ability to vote, I believe the left would eventuall sing a different tune. Unfortunately, the Democraps seem to believe in “selective” application of the rule of law, and can NEVER be trusted to do what they say they will do.

  39. Ronald Rundio says:

    POTUS is Right On Target!!

  40. Katrina says:

    President Trump is a man of his word. We need more like him to help with running our Country. I am in dis- belief over what is being acted out in Washington, D.C. President Trump will win this battle because his base are with him in this battle!!!

  41. Cabin 1954 says:

    — Robert Higginbotham — I whole heartedly agree. I will add this. I am a President Trump fan simply because President Trump is NOT a politician He is not under any circumstances your typical District of Corruption politician. Personally, when President Trump was on television, I had a strong dislike for the man. Just about everything I had read or heard about him did not impress. However, since he is President Trump and not a politician I will support him.

  42. Courtney Allen says:

    I was inWW11 and recalled to the Korean war. We were victors in WW11 because the nation was behind the winning with a total victor. We were beaten in the Korean war because we were run off and settled for far lest than victor. We are at war again, but a different one this time. We will win this war with out blood being shed because we have Mr. Don Trump as our general and PREIDENT.

  43. Irene says:

    Its hard to believe we have people here in America that don’t care about her CITIZENS We do need the border closed

  44. James P Hutchins says:

    Screw the liberals and democrats pelosi and shummer they are scumbags and they care more about the illegals than the American people.

  45. Robert Higginbotham says:

    I have decided that I am neither a democrat or a republican. I am a solid Trump supporter because he seems to be the only one in that cluster of miscreants that actually cares about my welfare and that of the hundreds of millions of citizens in our country. Calling Pelosi and Schumer members of leadership is a bad joke, that goes for RINO Ryan/McCarthy and McConnell also. There are a few, very few in congress such as the Freedom Caucus that are more concerned with this country than their egos. For the rest, they are as useless as a teat on wart hog.

    • PatriotSoul says:

      Agree wholeheartedly. Just sent a scathing letter to my congressman, saying just that. How dare they have the audacity, the gall to accept their salaries, benefits, office budgets & golden parachutes for doing NOTHING‼️
      BUILD THE WALL ‼️‼️ #TRUMP2020

  46. George says:

    Republicans should advertise the go-fund-me way to get the money for the wall. 44 million Trump supporters could get 5 billion together quickly

    • D.A.N. says:

      The Wall Fund on gofundme is just shy of 15 million now after only 5 days.

    • Wumingren says:

      Yes, they need to properly vet the Go Fund Me account and post the link on the official GOP website. Otherwise, how many accounts might pop up, and which, if any are real wall builders? I don’t trust social media enough to believe the account holders are truly Trump supporters. Seems that any Democrat could set up a scam account to drain money away from the intended cause. Recall that Florida Democrats ran “Tea Party” candidates to dilute votes for Republicans back in the day. Yikes!

  47. Dale Bunce says:

    President since they don’t want walls just let all the caravans in, but with one condition they have to go either to California or New York to live. Then cut off all funds for the two states and let the slut and chuckie gravel in it

  48. Secora says:

    Don’ t give the Dems a thing until you get the five billion dollars for the wall.

  49. david says:

    Granny goose Schumer and ‘piglosi’ stood in front of a mic Thursday and made fools of themselves attacking trump personally questioning his mental abilities; he is kicking their assce and they know it.

    • D.A.N. says:

      She said there weren’t enough votes in the House to pass it. Like usual, she got shown that she was wrong again. She and Schumer should do the US a favor and resign.

  50. Bob Dostal says:

    screw chuck and nancy

  51. Dead Snakes says:

    Its the Schemer shutdown! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  52. barbara sandlin says:

    At last a president with balls!

    • Clarence Clark says:

      veto every bill the dem’s try too pass——-see how they like what they do to us people of this Country. Wish a way was possible to rid us of the Dem’s.

  53. BYRON Yordanopoulos says:


  54. Mike says:

    What do you think of a party that doesn’t care that Millions of illegals come into our country and put a burden on our social security systems.Open borders there would be no end to it. We would just be transferring South America to the United States. Can you imagine the outcome of that in the long run.I would like somebody to tell me how great this is going to be for our country I can’t wait.

    • Dave churbuck says:

      What exactly do you think of the population that stands there and lets it happen ?
      The answer to that is reason for All the problems.
      IF, They were in Your yard uninvited what would you really do about it it ?

      In the way old days on the farm they never came twice, as they turned into organic fertilizer.
      Today because gawd says so we give them everything for life including Yours.
      They discontinued cans of real Whoop azz , now you gotta make your own.

  55. Cliff says:

    As usual the DEMOCOMMUNISTS are showing their “true colors”.
    They were all good at calling for Border security when there was a DEMOCOMMUNIST in the White House, (PROVED BY OLD VIDEOS) but NOW they are acting like spoiled children because we have a REAL commander in chief that wants to protect AMERICANS, and our country from those ILLEGAL “VOTERS” (that the DEMOCOMMUNISTS want so badly) (and YES, they ARE not only “allowed” but ENCOURAGED to do so no matter what the “fake news” talking heads say)

    • Gerry says:

      There problem is Cliff — that President Trump WILL actually get the wall built– whereas when obozo the fraud was in office — he would have talked about it but NEVER get it built. One reason they hate Trump so much — he is a doer not a talker.

  56. mjack says:

    Nasty Nancy and Wee chuckie are the ones who are fit throwers. They are not good winners and they are certainly bad losers. They are so power hungry that they cheat, lie, sell themselves and America where they can. Compare them to a whore and pimp. Wonder which politicians all got where they are. I say its a whole like any other business activities. No respect for them!

    • Hicusdicus says:

      They are Obama babies.

    • Betty says:

      Never once on or off TV has Nancy & Chuck thow any sort of a fit. However, CRAZY donald is an entirely different story. Threating something as serious as a goverment shutdown if he didn’t get his way, 100 percent. So typical of that Bullying Sick Minded Pile of Walking, Talking Pile Of Oval Office Gutter Trash. Mr. & Mrs. d. trump, White House WORTHLESS WORM, White House WORTHLESS WHORE!

      • Dave churbuck says:

        Who is making the country better ? Nancy & Chuck or Trump ?
        There is a method to his ways.
        I personally wish he would shut the whole government down and the military and do away
        with it all forever.
        Then the sheeple would have to figure it out for themselves instead of having nannies to
        abuse them because they are sick of the peoples childish crap.

    • Dave churbuck says:

      Do you give up your self respct by voting for any of them ?

  57. Dee says:

    I don’t see why grown men and women have to act like children we’re supposedly fighting for America and Americans you need to get your head out of your butt and look around you we have men and women fighting in wars and in foreign countries and no one wants to bring home Syria Afghanistan Africa yes we do have troops in Africa

    • Gerry says:

      The difference Dee is that most of us are fighting “for” America and the American citizens but the libtard demoTRASH only fight for their party and their own power & greed and couldn’t care less about America and her citizens. They prove it everyday.

    • Dave churbuck says:

      It is because the schools and the system of things have turned the children / people into
      brain dead genderless woosies addicted to their screens filled with the blitherings of idiots
      and with smut and perversion and mindless chatter. War is good peace is bad.
      All the easier to make them compliant products to be farmed and blessed by their gawds.
      Monkey see Monkey do. See monkey vote.

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