Donald Trump made this big announcement about suspending his campaign due to coronavirus

Coronavirus is causing a stock market plunge and companies to cancel conferences and large public gatherings.

But there is one questions as to how it will affect the 2020 Presidential campaign.

And Donald Trump made this big announcement about suspending his campaign due to coronavirus.

Some fake news reporters are beginning to demand Donald Trump cancel his campaign rallies over fears of spreading the coronavirus.

So-called “journalists” want Trump off the campaign trail so Joe Biden can gain an advantage while campaigning across the country.

The Trump campaign answered questions about canceling rallies by informing reporters that the campaign would proceed as scheduled.

“What we’re doing at the campaign is proceeding as normal,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told the press.” Murtaugh added. “The campaign is proceeding as normally.”

Murtaugh declared the President traveling the country and being with the people would send a reassuring signal to the public not engage in unnecessary panic and hysteria.

“Americans want to see their president, their elected officials, their government acting in ways that protect the safety of the citizens and the national security of this country,” Murtaugh said.

Elected officials must always walk a delicate balance in these situations.

Putting the public health first is always their goal.

That is no different with President Trump.

But you have to show the citizens that – if they take the necessary precautions – life can go on.

The coronavirus is most deadly to older Americans with underlying health issues.
Unlike the 1918 Spanish Flu – which is the most deadly pandemic in modern history – coronavirus hasn’t been proven to be lethal for most young and healthy people.

The President’s campaign will continue to hold rallies and conduct business as normal until such time as the experts and public health officials in the administration say they must stop.

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31 Responses

  1. Donna says:

    Why are all these posts so old. With outdated information to boot.

  2. Don Henson says:

    Keith underwood you told exactly the truth even though there is a virus theres always something that has the potential of killing im 72 it effects older people well that just means we need to get closer to our lord and savier jesus christ and if it happens god knows best just keep the faith

  3. Darla west says:

    I am 60 years old and I certainly would go to a Trump rally if he were in a city near me. Any time you go into the public you take a risk from any where you go. IF God wants to keep you safe he will.

  4. Mary says:

    He’s good at damaging himself and need no help with that.

  5. JimNH61 says:

    This is yet another Liberal / Press conspiracy. Coronavirus much like the flu – IN FLU SEASON! Why doesn’t the country shut down EVERY flu season? Influenza is a MUCH bigger killer than this thing. But we live in 24-hour news. Would this be the drive-by media’s reaction if this happened during Obama? It took a million cases and almost 13,000 American deaths before Obama reacted on Swine Flu – ZERO press reaction… either live your life, or live it under a rock, because there will ALWAYS be some new virus. Life is evolutionary, always changing, better medicine and research helps when new strains of viruses enter the fray. Remember, if Trump cured cancer, the Left would STILL say, “IMPEACH 45…”

  6. I don’t freak out on this crap! “THE SKY ISN’T FALLING!” I believe in my faith. Our living God and his son, Jesus. No fear! Furthermore, our home church and congregation prays in constant prayer request for our President, and Israel. We will get through.

  7. a fool says:

    What a THOUGHTFUL PRESIDENT! Based on that statment, he should be re-elcted! !

  8. zee says:

    >>> Consumers ‘happy’ for gas price drop. Will
    travel more.

  9. zee says:

    Also FYI : Stock market ‘Big Correction’ IS DUE TO
    Russia/Saudi 0il ‘Disputes’.

  10. zee says:

    Should 0ld man Bernie / 0ld Man Biden
    ‘suspend Their campaigns???
    > Spreading ‘germs ‘ All 0ver Mi Today …

  11. Saltnlight says:

    Since the first coronavirus case was diagnosed Senator Schumer has lead the attacks to hindered the President’s efforts to help the country get through this crisis.

    In 2009 the Obama Administration economic recovery package cut $850 million that funded pandemic preparedness.

    Friendly reminder that Chuck Schumer bragged about cutting the funding for flu-pandemic preparation in 2009.

    on April 27, 2009:

    Sen. Charles Schumer (D) of New York reminded reporters before the Feb. 10 vote that that “all those little porky things that the House put in,” including money for the flu pandemic, were out.

    Senator Collins was one of the three Republican swing votes that helped the $779 billion stimulus package narrowly avoid a Senate filibuster.

    Monday, she circulated a Dec. 10, 2008, letter showing she supported a $905 million increase in spending on biological terrorist attacks and pandemic preparedness.

    “During negotiations of the economic stimulus package, Senator Collins always maintained that, though very worthwhile, pandemic flu research funding should go through the regular appropriations process since it did not meet the test of stimulus spending,” said spokesman Kevin Kelley in a statement.

    On Wednesday, the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on “Swine Flu: Coordinating the federal response.” The panel is chaired by Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I) of Connecticut; Collins is the ranking Republican.

    In the middle of an epidemic, the Democrats cut the funding to handle their pet projects causing people to die and crippling our ability to handle the crisis we are facing now.

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