Donald Trump made one phone call that spells big trouble for Barack Obama

Donald Trump has been in the hospital receiving treatment for the coronavirus since Friday.

But that didn’t stop him from working.

And Donald Trump made one phone call that spells big trouble for Barack Obama.

The Fake News Media tried to fool Americans into thinking Donald Trump was gravely ill and in serious danger of a bad outcome from the coronavirus.

It’s what they were rooting for.

But the doctors discharged President Trump on Monday night.

Earlier in the day, chief of staff Mark Meadows revealed in an interview on Fox and Friends that the President instructed Meadows to move ahead with declassifying documents from the Russian collusion witch hunt that Devin Nunes requested.

“This morning we’ve already had a couple of discussions on items that he wants to get done,” Meadows revealed on Fox and Friends.

“Candidly, he’s already tasked me with getting declassification rolling in a follow up to some of the requests that Devin Nunes and others have made,” Meadows added.
Nunes and Congressional Republicans have been after these documents for years.

They contend the documents will show that the Obama administration and the FBI tried to frame the Trump campaign for colluding with the Russians and that they then set about trying to undo the results of the 2016 election with this hoax.

But reports are now surfacing that CIA Director Gina Haspel has been working from inside the Trump administration to sabotage this effort.

And with just under 30 days until the Presidential election, time is running out for the President to get the truth out to the American people.

That’s why many Trump supporters breathed a sigh of relief when Meadows revealed that President Trump is pushing to make these crucial documents public.

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