Donald Trump made one late night decision that no one could believe

President Trump is facing one of the most important stretches of his Presidency.

The choices he makes will determine if he wins a second term.

And Donald Trump made one late night decision that no one could believe.

President Trump made cracking down on China one of his centerpiece issues in 2016.

The President made good on that with a trade deal that reoriented the balance of the relationship with China toward the United States.

Late on Thursday night, the President issued an executive order banning companies from doing business with Chinese-owned social media apps TikTok and WeChat in 45 days.

Fox Business reports:

Trump granted a 45-day easement for any company currently working with TikTok to end their business dealings, or face sanctions after the September deadline.

The president signed an additional executive order Thursday night, partially banning WeChat, a Chinese owned social media platform that facilitates messaging, social media and payment transactions.

The Thursday night order bans financial transactions with their parent company Tencent, one of China’s largest companies with more than billion people utilizing WeChat a month.

TikTok and WeChat are national security threats because the apps harvest users’ data and turn it over to the communist Chinese government.

Since Trump is running against Joe Biden – who supported China’s rise every step of the way by promoting their membership in the World Trade Organization and most favored nation trade status – the President is looking to contrast his record of taking a tough line on China with Joe Biden’s weakness.

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