Donald Trump made one announcement about voter fraud that left Democrats fuming

No one is better at getting under the skin of Democrats than President Trump.

They hate that he bypasses the media filters to speak directly to voters.

And his latest announcement about voter fraud left the Democrats steaming mad.

Democrats have accused Republicans of “voter suppression” for simply trying to protect the integrity of our elections.

But The Heritage Institute has logged some 1,145 proven instances of voter fraud recently.

So President Trump sent a tweet to put and end to all that.

Democrats claim that it’s “racist” to try and secure the ballot.

On his Sunday morning show, CNN’s John King tried to claim Trump’s tweet was a “racist” dog whistle.

But the truth is, they can’t come up with legitimate reasons for ensuring one person, one vote.

So they have nothing left but to attack it as racist.

The Midterms are only a few weeks away.

The polls in several key races – especially Florida, Missouri, Nevada, Arizona, Indiana, and Montana have tightened.

Control of the U.S. Senate is hanging in the balance.

And even just a few hundred votes could change the outcome.

Meanwhile, leftwing radicals have resorted to kicking elected officials out of restaurants and constant protesting.

Can these same people be trusted to follow voting laws?

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