Donald Trump made a threat about the border that Chuck Schumer won’t like

Democrats think they can run out the clock on funding Trump’s border wall.

But before they take control of the House, there will be a budget showdown.

And President Trump wrote one tweet that sent them scurrying under a rock.

Democrats and weak-wristed Republicans have yet to fund Trump’s border wall.

President Trump is insisting they start funding the wall now to the tune of $5 billion.

And he is threatening to shut down the entire Southern border if they don’t.

Meanwhile, Sen. Chuck Schumer has threatened to shut down the government instead of prioritizing America’s safety.

President Trump is set to meet with Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi in the coming days to discuss funding the wall.

The Hill reports:

“Another Schumer shutdown would not surprise anyone, it has become the new norm in Washington,” said Meghan Burris, a spokeswoman for the White House’s Office of Management and Budget.

The federal government briefly shut down in January after a standoff over whether to extend protections to “Dreamers,” immigrants who came to the country illegally as children, and again in February over spending disagreements.

This time around, Congress has until Dec. 7 to pass seven appropriations bills to keep the entire government funded. Portions of the government funded in the five previous bills, which Trump signed in September, would not be affected by a shutdown.

We will keep you up-to-date on this developing story.


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95 Responses

  1. I`m way past a wall I`m going to court tomorrow to shut down a thieving Mexican for $15,000.00. What the county has done is look the other way because of his skin tone.

  2. Denise says:

    Shut the damn govt. down if the dems. want to be asses. I’m so sick of their lies and corruption.

    • Mary Tracy says:

      So I am I. Thank you.

    • Jeff says:

      Amen! I am sick to death of these people if they are even human by the way they act and when you take their evil intentions into account I am not so sure they are human but we need to rid all of these demonrats once and for all.

  3. Alan @ Sherry says:

    BUILD the Wall; Do not hesitate, stop the caravan, when the wall is done deport all illegals with crimes, if the entire families are criminals, put them all out, then go back to checking if they are eligible to get back in line and wait their turn, do not let any one in if they are looking for a free ride.


  5. john says:

    It’s the cart before the horse, DEPORT the 40+ million illegal invaders that have been squatting and raping America for decades and THEN build the wall, we don’t need a wall to keep the IN.

  6. Shut it down Shut it down Shut it down
    Build the wall Bulid the wall Build the wall

  7. Celia says:

    President Trump ran on a number of things, but especially building the wall; therefore the losing political party cannot allow the wall to be built. It is imperative that the wall be one of the measures taken to stop the flooding of our country with unknowns who will cost us our country in the long run. Financial, educational, medical, educational, etc. But that isn’t reason enough for the sick politicians to do what is right and necessary. Because they would be admitting Trump was right about something. They might get some more illegal votes out of it, but it is not worth the price the citizens of this nation will have to pay for their unforgiving stubbornness. These politicians are not working for the people they are supposed to represent. Somehow term limits should be applied to congress. It seems to be the only way. We want the wall! We also have laws regarding illegal immigrants that should be made active. All this hassle because the progressives don’t like the election winner. If you do not like to play by MY rules I’ll take my ball and go home.

  8. Gail says:

    California is the example of illegals taking over and out numbering the legal citizens. They brag to the world by the way of the media’s that they are illegal and yet they hold state senate and state congressional seats . Making laws against the citizens. While giving illegals what belongs to the people if California.And the federal money they distribute among the illegals . Invasion of illegals are what they are .It is a felony to come across the border illegally. While we have prisons with Americans who have committed felonies locked and and lose their rights to vote when released . The illegals all all committing felonies and are voting in our elections of which they have no right . If they had ever intended on becoming part of and a citizen.They would have come the legal way . Instead their goal is to destroy this country . And the democrats make sure they are bringing enough of them to replace free Americans .California is worse than a third world .

  9. WOOD, I assume that is the composition of your HEAD!! POS like you bloviate about what should be done , but never present any solutions!!Your diarrea of the mouth is typical redundancy, regurgitated by the left!! Have a thoughtful day!!

  10. merridee says:

    It is very IMPORTANT to STOP the invasion if illegal immigrations.. It is time sto STOP the democrats for all the damage they are doing to our nation and her people. and of course for their crimes that are coverd up and now being exposed. Build and defend the wall. We don’t have a choice by to secure our nation. They don’t want the budge passed, you can always cut their pay by a few a thousand and use that money they are over paid for the lack of work they do. I’d like income for doing nothing; no expense account, make them pay into Social Security, and pay for their own health insurance. Tax payers are have a field day that we pay for their retirement, health insurance and expense account,, this is unfair to the hard working Americans.

    Bonnie L.
    December 3, 2018 at 10:37 pm
    Politicians spent our Social Security without telling the seniors and now Social Security is running out of funds for the elderly people who count on it to support them. President Trump should “borrow” the money that Congress is relying on for retirement to build the wall. Congress can also rely on the broken Social Security funding for their retirement. It cost the tax payers of America over 3 billion dollars to care for the illegals in our country. Would their country do that for us? NO! We would be shot! Illegals never pay taxes and the money they make under the table they mail home. Building a wall to deter them would save America billion dollars a year.a lot of them for five billion dollars then I am all for it! Democrats have seen the damage and people that were hurt, yet they don’t think we need to protect our boarders, that attitude is sick, perhaps we should put them on patrol at the boarder for a week, see how they would react afterwards. You can bet more democrats have boarders around their home then the republicans. God have Mercy on us and HelpPresident Trump and his administration weed out the trash who are so evil in wanting to destroy us more ways on oneg

  11. Michael says:

    STOP the invasion.
    STOP the Democrats.
    Build and defend the wall. We don’t have a choice.

  12. Bonnie L. says:

    Politicians spent our Social Security without telling the seniors and now Social Security is running out of funds for the elderly people who count on it to support them. President Trump should “borrow” the money that Congress is relying on for retirement to build the wall. Congress can also rely on the broken Social Security funding for their retirement.

    • Bill Moss says:

      The government over time has taken out over 2 trillion with a T dollar’s from SS that was not for them to spend. That alone would refund SS..

    • Audrey Jane Budzynski says:

      I agree. Certainly would be a different Situation if Trump borrowed the money back from all the Millions that they make that they should not be keeping. They give themselves raises every single year. Wish I could do that.

  13. Jeanni says:

    It costs us three hundred billion a year to take care of the illegals that we have here in our country already. Plus they don’t pay taxes and send any money they make under the table to their families in their countries. If building a wall to deter a lot of them for five billion dollars then I am all for it!

  14. Wood says:

    You frickin jerk’s act like two year olds ,no two year olds have more going on in there heads than trump and the rest of you dipsh*ts . come on this a country your suppose to build up not tear down like some spoiled kid . You do it my way or I will quit ! So quit and let someone in that can make it work!

    • lou says:

      what would you do. know it all? we have a great president with democrats that don’t want to do anything to help.

    • WOOD, I assume that is the composition of your HEAD!! POS like you bloviate about what should be done , but never present any solutions!!Your diarrea of the mouth is typical redundancy, regurgitated by the left!! Have a thoughtful day!!

    • Celia says:

      How much are you paid to make stupid statements?

    • Kep says:

      LIBERALS ARE COMMUNISTS AND TERRORISTS AND ARE NOT AMERICANS. The Democratic Party is now the new Amerikan Communist Party. AMERICA WILL NEVER BE A MARXIST COUNTRY, Commie vermin creature. ALL of you communist vermin need to be eradicated from America.

    • Gerry says:

      You mean let in all the doctors, rocket scientisits, lawyers, executive ceo’s, engineers camped out on our southern border — or let in all the dirtbags who just want to jump on our welfare train and get free housing,free medical,free education, free allowance — you mean thos epeople who can “make it work”. You either need to get off your medication or start taking some.

    • M says:

      Wood, If you think eight years of BHO was successful, you shouldn’t even be in this conversation. You don’t know the difference between success and failure!
      You are a typical liberal, you started your comment belittling and name calling. Then, you talk about we are supposed to build up the country, not tear it down. Ah Wood, that is exactly what DJT has been doing for two years, he has been building up what BHO tore down for eight years.
      Liberals are not able to comprehend that a wall on the southern border is the lesser of evils and will save money in the long run. Dems don’t care about logistics and making the country better, you people are licking your chops over having more votes so you can stay in power, have the govt. control your lives and give you whatever pittance from your money they want you to have. If you have any intelligence you will check the cost of your proposed social/welfare programs.
      My time spent trying to reason with Dem libs is wasted because you cannot reason with the unreasonable.
      The day Dems are in full control, you will continue BHO’s failed policies to drive America down the road to hell where BHO left off. These are not scare tactics my friend, these are facts!

    • bob jones says:

      you are helping the economy by being a third grade drop out and receiving a welfare check. soon with these immigrants drawing off your welfare check you will be left on the streets. might think about moving to california.

  15. S B Taylor says:

    Do you really think a wall will stop those people from entering the USA. If you can’t go over then go under. Do you really think all of the border can be guarded? Gpod luck with that! we are talking hundreds of them. Waste of money.

    • Sorry you believe idiots if you believe that

    • Randall Clark says:

      Odumba gave IRAN over $104 billion dollars, so they can build bombs to nuke us with!!! $25 billion SHOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM!!! CONGRESS NEEDS TO GET UP OFF OF THEIR BRAINS AND FUND THE WALL!!!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Hey doofus with the amount of troops we have we could more than secure the border, illegals are a foreign threat, a clear and present danger therefore the POTUS has all the authority he needs to to place troops there besides that wall being so easy to dig under or crawl over that is bullcrap as well, a good thick concrete foundation and electrified barb wire I think will be far from easy to breach, 1 might very well say impossible.

    • Ken says:

      Talk to Israel theirs was 99 percent success.

    • marshmil2 says:

      So SB Taylor you want to flood the USA with foreign vermin! Let them
      live on your property and YOU pay their upkeep.

    • lou says:

      if it takes more than a wall, so be it.

    • lou says:

      so you think we should roll over and don’t do anything to protect our country/citizens? I wouldn’t want to be on a battlefield with you. As soon as the enemy attacked you would roll over and surrender.

    • Leon says:

      SB… So your plan is like Schumers, Pelosi’s and most of the other DIMS in power…. Do nothing and just let anyone and everyone enter our country and then let the tax payers support them with FREE MEDICAL CARE, SCHOOLING etc. I suggest you open your own front door, wallet etc., and take care of as many as you can. Bet that won’t happen ever!

    • Kep says:

      You communists want open borders. It makes it easier for you vermin if America is destroyed so you can pick up the pieces and mold our country back into a Marxist country. Not going to happen Commie vermin creature. LIBERALS ARE COMMUNISTS AND TERRORISTS AND ARE NOT AMERICANS. ALL need to be eradicated from America.

    • bob jones says:

      better to waste the money on a wall than let them enter the country and waste your money on the welfare system.


  17. Barbara says:


  18. Tom Curry says:

    Our President needs to go after these special interest groups and get laws passed that will put them in prison if they do anything that goes against our Constitution, for anyone funding or harboring illegals in anyway will be held accountable and prosecuted and given no less than 10 years in prison and anyone smuggling illegals into our country will also be prosecuted and given no less than 20 years in prison!!! This has to be enforced for what these people are doing is completely a crime!!!! We also have to go after these liberal communist activists that commit violence or harassment for it is against the law to protest in a lawlessness manner!!! We all must demand from our politicians take serious action on these lawless citizens, for tearing down statues, destroying public property, beating up citizens, or harassment is nothing but breaking the law and goes against Constitution even hate speech is UNConstitutional!!!! These politicians need to be also held accountable for their neglect of duty for these Democratic politicians have created nothing but hate in our country and so has the bias media, MSNBC and the CNN’s of our country have also added to the division in our country and if continue to allow this crap to go on we are going to have one hell of a civil war, for this is were all this is heading and the death toll is going to be enormous!!! The left really should be taking a very hard look at what they are infore and if the Democrats think for one minute that they can win such a war they are going to be in for a huge disappointment, for just our military alone is never going to stand with these Democrats and they should know this and if not then they are really lost or dreaming!!!!!

  19. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Duck Femocrats. Declare open season.

  20. M says:

    Shut down the entire southern border until the wall is funded! Do not make bad deals on immigration laws to get the wall funded. Stand your ground Mr President!

    • cr wells says:

      Use the Obama Illegal System of just “Taking $150Billion and give it to Iran. Did he do it with approval of Congress, is so, who where the RINO’s and DemocRATS who helped him. Put them in jail
      Trump must DEMAND $25Billion to Build the Necessary Border Wall. If the D-RATS and RINO’s complain, DON’T SIGN THE 2019 BUDGET…. until the $25B us approved.

      • Harold says:

        Settle it once and for all time – hold a nation wide Plebicite, and let the voting peop;e decide. I bet it will pass in a landslide. I believe the Democrats put water points in the Sonora Desert to help the illegals survive. That shoul be reconsidered as well.. Next they will require free flights from Tegucialpa etc.

    • Karen says:

      EXACTLY! No deals- at all. Do NOT let schumer and the witch (error in spelling) win. PUT THAT WALL UP NOW!

  21. Gene Whitney says:

    President Trump can declare Martial Law if he has to, but get the Wall built. The Dems and Rhinos can take a flying leap at a rolling donut for all I care. For my money the Democrat Party in it’s entirety should be abolished. Then we could have a new replacement called “THE CHRISTIAN PATRIOT PARTY” Named to honor our forefathers who started this Christian Nation.

  22. Gene Whitney says:

    President Trump can declare Martial Law if he has to, but get the Wall built. The Dems and Rhinos can take a flying leap at a rolling donut for all I care. For my money the Democrat Party in it’s entirety should be abolished. Then we could have a new replacement called “THE CHRISTIAN PATRIOT PARTY” Named to honor our forefathers who started this Christian Nation, that the Dems and Rhinos are tearing down. I say throw them all out.

    • I like your idea, but not all people who claim to be Christians or Conservatives. Many are false Christians and wolves in sheep’s clothing. The instructions Book for ALL Christian is the KJV Bible and written on a 5th Grade reading level, and if our forefathers could read and understand it — we should be able to also! My Email: — My humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. —Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, Huey helicopter ‘door gunner.’ “Iron sharpens Iron.” Proverbs 27: 17.

    • buddylea says:

      With paying congress a base salary of 172K $$ a year for almost
      6 months of work, many of the senior members with years of
      service being paid extensively much more, they act worse than
      school children that just can’t get along.

      It’s time to ban the republican and democratic parties.
      Start all over with an American congress with term limits.
      No parties, no platforms. People elected to congress that
      have integrity, morals, and truthfulness to work for the
      American people. Lobbyists need to be banned from congress
      with their corrupt attempts to gain favors.

      • Cynthia says:

        look at all the money that could be saved by having one party. Look at the billions in election funding that could go to better causes like our vets and homeless.
        We need to take care of our own before we allow more immigrants in. It’s a question of sustainability. There are only so many resources to go around. Already there is the selling off of agricultural land for housing. Great you have houses, but now you can’t feed the masses.
        It’s stupidity.
        The illegals are bring in diseases with them, they don’t have health insurance, so we end up paying for it. They aren’t educated, so we end up paying for it. They get social security, a program that they haven’t even paid into, and again we pay for it.
        With all that the democrats aren’t doing to legislate (they’re protesting President Trump’s policies), they get paid regardless if the government is shut down. We are paying these idiots to do nothing.
        Things are getting insane and we are losing our country to the communists/Nazi organizers.

      • Michael W Clark says:

        I like that idea.




    I and all citizens of the United States of America appreciate that citizens from other nations want to come here seeking better lives for themselves and their families.

    We embrace those desires, but we will only give permission to enter this nation if a potential immigrant utilizes the proper applications, procedures, and protocols.

    There are people from all over the world who are properly applying for the authorization to enter.

    It is reprehensible, immoral, and unethical if we were to allow anyone to enter without going through the same procedures as others are undergoing.

    Please be safe, go home and work to better your lives and your nations and if you still want to emigrate to the United States apply at the consulate in your home nation and if you are one of the more than one million authorized immigrants we allow each year, we will happily accept you with open arms.

    Specifically, to those adventurers in the caravans; we don’t want you or the people of Tijuana to suffer further hardships, therefore we will offer transportation back to your home nations.

    The United States of America steadfastly will continue to be a good neighbor to all nations and as such will assist your nations for the goal of better conditions for their citizens.

    I, sincerely, thank you for your understanding.


    Employing the rhetoric about bad guys allows the default to allow non-bad guys to enter. Absolute INSANITY.

    Michael Zitterman
    11/19/2018 updated

    • JoetheNobody says:

      You go tell that to the MS-13 boys and see how far you get.

    • M says:

      Michael Zitterman,
      Your statement was beautiful.
      Now, if those people only cared about doing things the right way!
      They have been told America is the land of milk and honey and we have a wonderful welfare society with lots of free stuff! That is their goal! Welfare and free stuff!
      The are not dummies, they have been taught well by Soros and company!

    • truckman says:

      they have been told that and that there is a bunch ahead of them and that’s not good enough for them they want to have their way and get in now to heck with the law and us

    • Jan13 says:

      Very nice & to the point. Only issue I have is giving them a ride, they found their way here, they can return the same way….????

  24. Mime says:

    Every politician that votes against the funding should loose all benifts and be forced to let a a dozen illegals live at their home.

  25. Thomas Delaney says:

    Shut the board down and put high tariffs on gm vehicles coming into USA from Mexico and Canada! Force gm to pay back the bailout! Also hold all congress pay and services until they do there job !!!

  26. Lucy Lance says:

    Obama GAVE 150B to Iran. Trump needs 5B for the wall. Terrorist and illegals matter more than not only us but our Republic for which it stands. Enough is enough. What a shame it has come to such state. God bless America.

  27. Mike H says:

    We have always helped other countries in our history. But why do we have to turn the United States into South America? What’s going to happen to our country when they’re all here? Third World just like the ones they came from

  28. Carl Smith says:

    Since a Government Shutdown ONLY gives the UNNECESSARY a Paid Vacation, Lets proceed and take the names and job titles of the Non-Vital/Necessary for future RIF’s that will become necessary with a 5% reduction on ALL agencies/Departments ( I’m not talking about a 5% reduction of the 15% increase) Since Congress is now useless we can start by reducing their Staff to one person to answer the phone, one to answer E-Mails, and one hundred to handle their sponsors, aka Lobbyist. I still think making the elected representatives for the Lobbyist be required to wear emblems like NASCAR.

    • cr wells says:

      Obama gave Iran $159 Billion Dollars in the silent of night and under the table TRANACTION, ILLEGALLY, and Trump is only seeking $25 Billion for the needed BORDER WALL
      Who approved the $159 Billion approval’

      Trump should obtain the sum he needs to build the wall, with or without the vote of the RINO’s or DemocRATS.

      Just do it. You’ve got the support of the People, who really are Americans and love America. Keep America Safe Again.

  29. Ken Sroka says:

    Humpty Trumpty’s WALL is another of his ‘Sheerly Idiotic notions, not even worth calling an “idea”!!
    The country has REAL needs, but Trumpty ignores them, does not understand them, and fails to do the REAL WORK of his job!!

    • Beverly says:

      UR one of those dumpster babies who need to get a life. Ur precious HELL-ERY didn’t win because she is so corrupt, she never tells the truth. She has over 25+# of Federal Laws she’s broken. She needs to go on trial and off to jail. Slick Willy needs to go as well. Maybe the entire Obama Admin. Chuck Schemer has not done one thing of any importance for all the years he’s been in Congress. He is nothing more than doom and gloom himself. Become a grown-up and better person if you destroy the attitude of yours.

    • Celia says:

      You are so silly, he has done more for this country than the prior president did in 8 years. This wall is vital for the safety and security, health and financial welfare for the citizens of this country. What democrat paid you to write such nonsense?

    • M says:

      Ken Stroka, You are too dense to understand that building the wall will SAVE money. You are not a financial mind or you would realize the wall is cheaper than supporting all these people who want in our Country. I just read there are another 10,000 people in a new caravan headed this way! Nah, you know, you are a liberal and want America to become a banana republic. It would make it so easy to slide right into being globalist, U.N. one world govt.

    • kathy says:

      and what is YOUR real work Kenny scrotum?asswipe?

    • ArtM says:

      Picked up from the Democrats Talking Points Book.

    • You are just plain stupid, this mourning a report acknowledged that 118 billion is lost on illegal immigration a year. These funds could be going to House our homeless vets and help our own needy people. So $25 billion would be well spent! The report went on to say 65 percent of welfare went to illegals compared to only to only 35 percent for citizens. Build the wall or Pay TJ a sufficient amount to keep asylum seekers in Mexico while their cases are considered. Only 10 percent qualify for asylum.

  30. Mead Carlson says:

    Shut the border tight. Keep the invaders out and off the American Free Ride. Let Mexico who should never have allowed them to walk in and gave them passage to the northern border see how we have felt for years. Mexico can deal with their invaders. How does it feel Mexico?

  31. Michael says:

    Chuck Schumer is not a congressman,Chuck Schumer is an obstructionist.

  32. Rodney says:

    Let the Dimwits shut down the unfunded portions of government. One of those agencies being Homeland Security, that would really drive their popularity in the wrong direction. Another appropriation needing funding is Disaster Funding (Cali fires). Yes, let them shut down government.

  33. Truckman says:

    dam the democrats build the wall by pulling money from all there pet projects and pull all security details that are protecting them tell them they are no more important than the American people and write a executive order on gun carry is legal in all states and cities unless they back you and fund the wall but we need national carry rights anyway

  34. Dave Miedema says:

    The Communist Democraps are more concerned with the lives of illegal aliens and diseased migrants than with the lives of American citizens. If this move has to be made by Trump, then I support his decision fully.

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