Donald Trump just took the lead in this must-win swing-state

National polls show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by large margins.

But the race is much closer in the battlegrounds that will actually decide the election in 2020.

And now Donald Trump just took the lead in this must-win swing-state.

Florida is the must-win swing-state every election.

No candidate has won the Presidency without Florida since Bill Clinton in 1992.

And no Republican has any path to the White House without Florida’s 29 Electoral College votes.

Polls have shown Joe Biden with a small but narrowing advantage in Florida.

Now a brand new Insider Advantage poll upset the applecart by showing President Trump holding a three point lead in Florida.

Other polls released on Friday showed Donald Trump up four in Arizona, two in Georgia, and five and seven points in Texas.

It was the President’s best day of swing state polling in the entire election.

And it undercut the notion beginning to cement in the Fake News Media that Joe Biden was on track for a historic landslide victory.

National polls show Joe Biden up 10, 12, and even 16 points.

But those numbers do not jive with the most recent batch of swing state polling.

If Joe Biden was really up by low to mid teens, Donald Trump would be trailing in all of these polls.

You can’t be trailing by 12 points nationally and still win Texas by seven and Florida by three.

By comparison, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by two points and Trump only won Florida by a point and carried Texas by nine in 2016.

If the national polls were accurate, Donald Trump would not be running as strong or better in key swing states right now as he was in his victorious 2016 campaign.

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